24 Feb 2017



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Jaleftant v; a desperate, distressed, ‘Jackass’ to ‘elephant’ conversion or ‘red eft left’ to the winning side 

Ja-leftant; Jackass + elephant  = an even bigger jackass  

Any Democrat, ‘JA’ jackass who rallies to destroy and berate the opposition party’s candidate throughout an entire race but gets ‘eft’ losing the race, and then suddenly, conveniently claiming to have 'left the left' to be a true Republican, “elephant”,  is really just a bigger jackass; a red eft newt, or an insigmificant little red ant until they prove worthy


jale; grief sadness, distress


jale; they, plural of JA; jackasses(democrats)


jal; envy, malice

JA; Jackass

eft; after, euphemism for getting f'd

Yola and OLD English

eft; newt

newt; small slimey land dwelling lizard(lissotriton vulgaris)

The term "red eft" is used for land dwelling juvenal stage of a newt

EFT; Epic Fail Thread

LEFT; Liberal Left's, Epic, Failed, Term

The Left has finally Left the building because there was nothing left which was clearly the most Right thing to do








Example use

Mr Tight(Texan RIGHT); Hey mr dupnit, (nitwit duping pundit), I thought you said you would leave the country if Trump won, so now youre all of a sudden a Republican!!??

Mr. Cleft(California LEFT!) Ja!! (yes) I changed to Republican, im an elephant now, Im even moving to texas to get rich

Mr. Tight; Well hold on there, its not that easy, since you conveniently changed ‘after’ the race was over that would make you just a, ‘jaleftant’, an even bigger dumbass, eft donky, jackass, not an elephant yet, just a red eft slimey newt, at best an insignificant little red ant until you earn it!!! Now git!!,go out, get a job, n work! you wanta be Newt-get rich lazy jerk!!










Word came from

'ja' jackass + elephant + jale+eft+ant = jaleftant

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by truble