21 Feb 2017




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olobiver n; a happy night, ‘surprise ending’ between boy meets girl, at bar where the olo(boy) and the biver(girl) warm each other up sharing a final ‘bivvat’, olobiver,‘night cap’ before leaving the establishment

olobiver; when things start getting hot(figuratively); a final beveridge before, 'putting out the fire'

olo; international male symbol; boy

biv; beaver, or biver ‘beverly’; girl  

Northern Sami                                                                              

bivvat; to warm up; become warmed

night-cap; an alcoholic or hot drink taken at the end of the day or before going to bed.







Example use

ok, time for the olobiver

so whats your olobiver beveridge of choice?

up to you



Word came from

boilover; a surprise result in a sporting event

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 boilover is also: type of fire refererring to an extremely hazardous situation



by truble