20 Feb 2017

dingle beedge



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dingle beedge n; a technophobe who rejects using most cutting edge devices; unwilling to keep up with the pace of advancing technology, believing more progress actually makes life more stressful, rather than more simple.

A dingle beedge would prefer using no hp at all, but if they have to will use the most simple, cheapest, no frills flip phone believing the 'benefits of tech advances are offset by an onslaught of hassle, worry and tension that turn simple earthly pleasures into muddy, tasteless chores'

dingle beedge v; to avoid using contemporary cutting edge devices in order to spend more time with friends and loved ones 


Why 'dingle beedge'?

First, within a dingle beedge type character, eventhough there's, 'dingle'(like 'dingleberry' that denotes a certain ineptitude towards IT matters and devices) it can also mean a dingle beedge can have more intellegence in other areas and can also have a high SQ, spiritual intelligence as they choose to reject most cutting edge advances, unless the cutting edge technology somehow made it easier for the dingle beedge to spend more time with mom at home, or with visiting friends outside of town, recreation etc, but unfortunately thats not happening, its just the opposite

A dingleberry is also, 'a partical of fecal matter attached to the anal hair of an animal' which can represent a dingle beedge's preference to use more simple, outdated, 'pieces of shit' devices and hand phones instead of using suppossed, 'smartphones' because a 'dingle beedge' believes a smartphone to be a 'dumbphone' as advances in smartphones makes it more difficult to do things they'd like to do, and that's not smart, its dumb, according to a dingle beedge.  

Finally, the antonym to the 'dingle beedge' character would be a  'dongle boob' character. And a 'dongle' is a computer related item,  non organic devices, vs the organic dingle activities and things .......

So since a dingle beedge type of charcter prefers to do more organic types of activities then anything to do with cutting edge technology. e.g. dongle devices, smart phones etc can make a dingle beedge to,   'be-edgy'(beedgy) or uncomfortable with the prospect of hanging out with any 'dongle boob' cutting edge tech savy person

However, it is possible for a dingle beedge and a dongle boob to hang out and be best friends only if they meet somewhere in the middle, with equal respect for each other, without any bad ego

 dingleberry; foolishness or ineptitude

















Example use

Id rather be a dingle beedge, ugly flip phone owner, spending less time at work and more time at home with family, friends and recreation than to be a dongle boob gomer, swamped down by a smartphone's bleeding latest advances... but that's just me.








Word came from

bleeding edge

Bleeding edge technology is a category of technologies so new that they could have a high risk of being unreliable and lead adopters to incur greater expense in order to make use of them. The term bleeding edge was formed as an allusion to the similar terms "leading edge" and "cutting edge".

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