19 Feb 2017

Debbie Copperfield


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Debbie Copperfield v, n; a mother/grandmother who can make things disappear like a David Copperfield magic vanishing act.





Example use

“ladies and gentlemen!!! lets hear it for Debbie Copperfield again!!! mom, you just had your hand phone in your hand, now its gone, how do you do it!!??

Well, Ill tell you son, there is an unwritten rule amongst magicians to never reveal how a trick is done, but what I can tell you is that I don't use any hidden strings or secret traps....Don't worry i didnt lose it, i just cant remember where i put the stupid thing.... what is it we’re looking for again?




Word came from

My loving mother, Paula J Ross/Anding

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 note mom also created

"flug" and "woffie"



by truble