18 Feb 2017



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tiagaro!(tia-garo, tiag-aro)

tia-garo; Thanks In Advance’ from a hungry wolf (garo) e.g used by a patron at a sushi bar or any restaurant to thank a chef or waiter before getting served

tiagaro; what to say right after smelling and tasting glorious food, especially sushi

TIAG, 'There Is A God', 'Oh my gosh! There is a God!!

aro; short for aroma; a heavenly 'aroma' and 'taste'

tagia-ro; suprise me("jing xi" means 'surprise' in Chinese)any favorite chef recommended  sushi,'roll' or anything that's so delicious,it makes one weep/cry in ecstacy, or anything packed with too much wasabe or hot sauce    


tiagaro; a pet's way of saying Thanks In Advance e.g, a happy wagging tail and salavating tongue in gratitude before chowing down like a hungry wolf

TIA; Thanks In Advance


garo'; hungry wolf


tagi; to weep/cry

















Example use

And will that be all sir??

Ya, tiagaro!!

What does that mean?

It means Im a garo, (hungry wolf) 'Thanking you, In Advance', in hopes that may be you'll bring the food out quicker!!??


After the waiter brings the food

Oh my!!! tiagaro!!! tiagaro!!! This is just heavenly, Its so delicious now I know....

There Is A God!!! TIAGARO!!!!!!

Would you like another roll sir?

ya, give me the house favorite tagia-ro, but easy on the wasabe please!!

Tiagaro Tiagaro!!

Thank God for Osaki Sushi & Hibachi in Duncanville Texas no need to go anywhere else!!

















Word came from

arigato; thank you, Japanese


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Domo arigato is a Japanese phrase meaning "Thanks a lot" or "Thank you very much".














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