15 Feb 2017



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“she who loses key actually gets nookey”

leym; nuf-damental bang matters; unsuccessful at getting laid (pronounced as, 'lay-em', 'lay them', as in, 'laying eggs'; one's, 'lame', unsuccessful attempt at getting laid


leym; a lame, 'one night couldnt stand' where the man regrets and the woman begets

leym; after a night of drinking at a bar, waking up to find someone elses car keys in your shorts which for a minute makes you feel as if you actually got laid for once, even craving an after sex cigarette for a minute (and you don’t even smoke) until reality sets in and you realize that you not only didn’t get laid but the girl who gave you her keys to hold at the bar most certainly did, with someone else

leym; drinking too much, matters; of a certain kind of big bang theory

leym; to spend large sums of money at a strip club just to look at girls when you can do that at home for free on the internet


nuf; no muff

damental; any matter involving dames which make a man mental

ey; fear terror, an egg










Example use

Bro, leym!! It's no use, I dont wanta score with any of da strange here

One more drink and then we'll go

If we dont go now, I guarantee you leym! youre waking up with a cow... and remember what happened to midget Mitch??

Oh ya!! poor mitch woke up married to a frikin 'bow', an ugly bitchy cow!! Leym!!!!










Word came from

ylem (in the Big Bang theory) the primordial matter of the universe, originally conceived as composed of neutrons at high temperature and density


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by truble