15 Feb 2017

Geneva hoot


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Geneva hoot; to kick off an "apres-ski" party by skiing halfway down a mountain to stop at a chalet, bar or restaurant, relax, sunbathe, breath in fresh mountain air, all while taking in heavenly views, having a beer or any 'Geneva spirit' of choice and having a hoot to boot(note: can substitute with any other non alcoholic beveridge such as hot chocolate, coffee or ‘snogo-slyter’(water mixed with untouched, heavenly  mountain, snow, with a lemon or lime slice :)

geneva hoot; to sunbathe outside in freezing temperatures while being refreshingly warmed from hot rays reflecting off the snow which intensifies a tan

apres-ski social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day's skiing

a hoot;a good time

 “The best part about a ski trip is the apres-ski preceded by a Geneva hoot to kick it off officially and after an eventful day of skiing, there’s nothing better than relaxing at a slope side restaurant or bar slamming drinks in all your ski gear at a bar at the top of a mountain, its heavenly. (Or the middle of a mountain kicking it off with a Geneva hoot) The only thing to remember if you plan on partying on the mountain is that you still have to make your way down the mountain afterwards!

Etymology of Geneva

gin, especially jenever, switzerland













Example use

hey there looks like you're having a 'Geneva hoot' all by your lonesome, can we join!?

Of course, and then how bout we race to the bottom?

ok, whoever makes it down last buys the drinks !!

Ok, bottoms up then!!

Remember girls! When drinking and skiing you must never keep the knees together whatever you do, it's very bad

why is that????

I'll tell you later at the partytongue-out


















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