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28 Nov 2016


woffie n; wine and coffee hybrid, or coffee mixed with alcohol such as wiskey, kahlua etc

v; to accidentaly mix two different substances and then to drink it

"mom, you just poured your glass of wine into your cup of coffee!!!??"

"oh, oops... i guess i just did a "woffie"


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29 Nov 2016

bye uolls


bye uolls! n, used in parting during a conversation to confirm all is 'OK', express good wishes, and to give 'blessings'

literally; " 'ok, 'olls korrect', so goodbye to you all, with 'blessings' "

And then you can blow most peoples mind by telling them the origin of "OK", Ever wonder why we say, "OK'?


'OK' is ...
A deliberate, humorous corruption of all correct, dating from the 1830s, recognized as one of several possible origins for the term OK
'i think we've covered it all, so 'bye uolls'??
'ya, bye uolls!!"




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02 Dec 2016


Image result for flying bug

flug n, any unidentifiable, 'flying bug', especially a flug that bugs

flug v, to annoy or bug

'That frikin flug!!




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04 Dec 2016


 Image result for a girlfriend rant in public cartoon


galfrant v; out of control, public, girlfriend rant, against a boyfriend or friend. usually drawing a lot of on-looker attention.



"Yo bro, what was that all about, with your girlfriend!!??

Ya you just witnessed her infamous "galfrant"! my ball n chain gets totally out of control in public!! why can't she wait until we get home to rant!! she loves to galfrant to show everybody how she controls me, im such a dick!!

wow wow wow!, now don't you start having a 'faglrant' yourself!!".....

check out this galfrant youtube clip




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05 Dec 2016


Image result for fear of castration cartoon

onaboblerbit v; the act of sleeping on the stomach for fear of emasculation (castration)

onaboblerbit n; afraid of waking up without a penis usually because of living and sleeping with an extremely jealous partner who threatens to castrate if she catches infidelity

v; fear of fellatio because of the thought of getting bit


Ona boblerbitch n; a cock chopper; any female who threatens to castrate her man, for any reason



dude, im 'onaboblerbit' !!! she said she'd cut my pecker clean off if she ever caught me cheating"

"So dont cheat!, break up with your 'Ona boblerbitch' now, she's psyco!


ona; without, lacking


ona; to ruin, spoil or to sin
ona; variety of bat
bob (v.1) Look up bob at

"move with a short, jerking motion," late 14c., probably connected to Middle English bobben "to strike, beat" (late 13c.), perhaps of echoic origin. Another early sense was "to make a fool of, cheat" (early 14c.). Related: Bobbed; bobbing. The sense in bobbing for apples (or cherries) recorded by 1799.



  1. To bob up and down.
  2. (US) To make a mistake in


bobler; one who moves unsteadily side to side

"a horse's tail cut short"

Catherine Kieu Becker

In 2011 when this real (crazy) housewife of Orange County’s husband Glen asked for a divorce, Ms. Becker had what her attorney called a “break from reality.” She spiked his soup with Ambien. When he passed out, she tied him to their marriage bed. She then grabbed a 10-inch kitchen knife. She turned on a tape recorder in their bedroom and taped herself shouting, “You deserve it!” three times before cruelly and brutally dismembering his member and grinding it to tiny penile chunks in their garbage disposal. Glen would never regain his penis nor any meaningful sexual function. He also required surgery just so he’d be able to urinate


Easily the most famous penis-severing aggrieved woman in modern times, this Ecuadorian-born Virginia housewife performed The Slice Heard ’Round The World in 1994 when in a fit of madness, she mercilessly separated her husband from his schvanz. After removing her husband's shlong she left their home—penis in hand—and drove away until she realized she still had his penis in her hand. She threw the bloody phallus into an abandoned field.

Police later found the penis and delivered it in ice to a hospital, where it was reunited with her husband during what was undoubtedly a grueling and hilarious operation.
At trial, she had reported  that her husband routinely raped and abused her. Jurors believed her and found her not guilty by reason of insanity. Both would later be arrested in separate assault incidents.
Her husband would go on to star in two porn films......












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06 Dec 2016


Image result for male prostitute cartoon
olofzie n;  male prostitute, gigolo, playboy or 'hungry wolf"
olo; international male symbol
fzie; grazie for the favor friend
 Sranan Tongo

olo; hole












"hey r u lookin for some fun?"

" well see here, if you're just an olofzie looking for some bed n bread, you're climbing down the wrong chimney..... mr hole in yr head!!"












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08 Dec 2016


Image result for i dream of drinking you

"I dream of drinking you, while im 'inu', waiting for the 'drin drin', while I drink you in"

drinu v;  to mind wander, daydream or yearn for a sweetheart, usually while sitting alone drinking
drinu; to drink in a sweetheart

Hawaiian Maori Tahitian

inu; drink

German  Novial

drin; inside


drin drin; telephone ring



drin; drill

Zulu Sasak

inu, 'nina', female, woman


Verb drink in - be fascinated or spell-bound by
OR to absorb eagerly every aspect of something with the mind and senses







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08 Dec 2016

slar kella

 Image result for all clear

slar kella; (as a response, affirmation, statement to "everything ok?")

slar kella; Solid Like A Rock, Standing like A Rock, warrior

slar kella; Stay Loose And Ready warrior

slar kella; So Long Alright, warrior


The meaning of the name Kella is  Warrior




Wog adaptation of the word killa(killer), which is also there word for something which is cool.




From Old Norse slá from Proto-Germanic *slahan¹, from Proto-Indo-European *sla- (?to hit, strike, throw?).




1.   hit, punch or beat (someone); to give a blow.

2.   strike; to hit, especially with some kind of tool.

3.   defeat; win against; to beat

4.   break a record

5.   to become a hit, to become very popular









" Did you see that World Cup match!!??"

"slar kella!! You bet I did!! and it was awesome!"

"So Alls clear??"...... slar kella!!!"

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12 Dec 2016


Image result for black eye cartoon

bluli n; black and blue eye from a 'tormentor'

bluly n; any mark or sign of physical abuse on a person




blu; shy, unassuming

blu; blue



  1. black; blackish (any dark color)






'hey, is that a 'bluli' i see?'

 'no i ran into a tree' 

'Really??, i may have been born on a Tuesday, but it wasn't last Tuesday. my dear'






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12 Dec 2016


Image result for love a bully


"just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"

lubly v;  choosing to react with love against an attacker; to love the unlovable; to reverse the cycle of hate


lubly v; to turn the 'hate' one feels towards someone into genuine 'love' instead.


lubly n;  a person who hurts as the one who needs 'love' the most


lubly n; a 'bullying' support group




From Proto-Slavic *ljub?, from Proto-Indo-European *lewb?os, from *lewb?-(to love); compare Proto-Slavic *ljubiti(to love) and *ljuby(love).

Lower Sorbian

luby. to love


bly; happy


ammunition for a firearm
Probably from a dialectal variant of blee

 From Proto-Slavic *ljub?, from Proto-Indo-European *lewb?os, from *lewb?-(to love); compare Proto-Slavic *ljubiti(to love) and *ljuby(love).


"when we love the unlovable, lives are changed. It “reverses the cycle of hate, breaks the back of bullying, and launches us into a new cycle of life.

it is important to understand that a bully is often the victim of hate themselves and to feel better they try to assert hateful power over

someone else. That’s why you could be the start of a new cycle. You could choose to react with LOVE. Love that is a choice an action of the will..."  Dawson McAllister










Stop Bullying! This heart-breaking poetic animation tells you why


this bully will punch you and then make you hug him





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18 Dec 2016


Image result for peace out to my peeps cartoon

paups!(as an interjection/exclamation encouragement or exultation)

'peace out to my peeps!(people)

time to relax, 'smell the roses'

enjoy what is ignored

paups!;  'oops!(ups) 'pardon' me (as an apology)

paups!; flowers of apologies, for being 'gal' (crazy mad insane)

paups!; freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations; roommates living in peace

paups; relating to 'pauper'; 'meek' not 'weak',  appreciating what you are blessed with, achieving as much as possible within the constraints you have.

Consider the first and second Star Wars trilogies; Ask yourself whether more resources always equal more creativity?



paups!; a shout of hurray for finishing something or for destroying a competitor 



pau; peace


  1. (stative) finished, done
  2. destroyed


  1. The time after work. It is considered a time for relaxation, informal socializing with friends and family, and enjoyment.

pau; spotted dragonet (fish)

Norwegian Nynorsk

gal; crazy mad insane wrong incorrect








"wow dude, paups!! im sorry i ate the last slice of pizza!!!"

"Paups!!! no worries"



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22 Dec 2016


Image result for rock hudson doris day

gumbel-dorisday (exclamation);to be gobsmacked by sudden news and realization that some very unsuspecting person is gay

gumbel-dorisday!(exclamatory statement) what to say when you find out someone is gay










"What!!?? Well, gumbel-dorisday!!!, I had no idea that guy was gay!!!.. all this time, It should have been me up there with Ms Day!!!

Image result for barney gumble cartoon

Gumble; "YAAA, Yaa!! Ay caramba!! Hip, hip hurray! Today is the "Day"!! I finally "dumbled" across the final door, I'm one step closer to my very special, and patient Ms“Day” amour. It just buttons me up, I don’t know what to say. It's not just about the lay or some kind of American gigolo doin it just for the pay, I've waited a long time for this, its more about the “de-lay-”, I just can't believe it, all those lonely nights spent without my Day?!!  And now to discover, Rocks always been out of the picture!! Way out of the way,,,,,,,, IS he really gay ?????


voice from heaven >

Image result for rock hudson cartoon


Rock; "Hey 'Dumbel', it’s me, "Rock", yes, I'm really gay, sorry about the, "delay" and for  disrupting your lady killing, "gumbption" way, but you really weren’t misled, I'm afraid it’s simply because you are a certain kind of "fibliobile", extremely illiterate, not too well read. Today is also the day you discover Ive been out of your picture for 'dickaids' because I've also been very dead!! I may be just a spirit still faggen, but it looks again as if you've fallen off your dumble-ass wagon…..”



Gumbel: ok! I get it!! i guess youre really gone, i just hope doris will still have me after waiting for me for so long. Im so sorry doris!!!

gumbel-dorisday!!!! i never new that guy was gay!!!








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27 Dec 2016


Image result for draw of picture from the word 'lady'

drow v; to draw a picture using, letters, numbers or words

drow; to turn a word of something into a picture or cartoon

 Example of how to 'drow'



drow ‎(plural drow)

  1. (fantasy role-playing games, countable) A member of a fictional race of dark elves in various fantasy settings, such as Dungeons & Dragons.



drow; a soldier




Yo can you "drow"?

ya i can 'draw'

no, i said 'drow'

What do you mean by 'drow'?

It means to 'draw' a picture or cartoon from letters and numbers


ya you got it!! WORD


by truble

29 Dec 2016

meetu ao

Image result for i love you too

meetu ao(mitu-ayo); Literally, ‘Ya, ‘I love you too’; Lovely meeting/seeing you!

Or as, "appreciation" for sharing intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

'meetu ao' can also be used just to remind one to stay 'strong', 'balanced', 'fearless', and to keep it flowing 'from the 'heart' with 'love'

mitu: [mé-tü]

a) Sanskrit word meaning strength in communion

b) Bengali word meaning balance

c) Japanese word meaning lack of fear

d) Thai word meaning from the depths of the heart

e) Spanish contraction of the words mine and yours

f) English phonetic for “me too”




meetu ao meetu ao!

what does that mean"

 means i 'love you too'

But i didnt say i love you?

 You will....




by truble

31 Dec 2016


Image result for sexy cute beautiful cartoon


sceautiful n, adj, (pronounced, scee- ah- you-teeful);

sexy, cute & beautiful; a treasure , "dame-fully" employed 


Old English from 5th century until 11th century

sceatt; meaning,  "wealth" or "treasure"


sceat; projection, lap, bosom









"honey you are priceless, absolutely 'scea-utiful'!!!!







by truble

12 Jan 2017

hoto nevage

Image result for go to heaven

hoto nevage; wishing one to the ‘highest part of nirvana’(antonym to ‘go to hell’)

hoto nevage is a‘ super, empyrean  blessings of


Health Of The Oceans(for optimum health)

Heart Of The Oak

(reminding to stay brave, and have a valorous spirit)

and ‘nevage’ (‘neva’’age’, ‘never age’, e.g. stay young at heart), ‘neva’ give up

and as a reminder to, ‘Not Have Ego’, have confidence, for all the sufferings are caused by the worries of greed, hate and ignorance and all the worries are caused by the root of holding to the concept of ego

 “opening up to yourself about death so that you're no longer shielding it from your mind (which you're likely doing unconsciously, as that's how most of us were brought up in the West) can begin to be a great source of peace and help you appreciate the many joys in your everyday life.”


HOTO; Health Of The Oceans

HOTO; Heart Of The Oak

hoto ;  Japanese for ‘male’ and ‘female’

nevage(nehva-gey’) never age

nevage; neva ‘never’ quit ‘ge’


ge;to give up, to surrender, to quit 










EGO: Ya dude once everything falls into place, Ill finally be at peace

spirit: HOTO nevage, lego the ego, be at peace and everything will be in place











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15 Jan 2017


Image result for playful flirting cartoonImage result for playful flirting cartoon

plurt; to plurtake in playful, polite flirting; when the flirter already knows the flirtee 'aint free', as in, 'already taken', but regardless, the two happily plurtake in the 'plurting',  until the plurting can't go any further, it actually starts hurting  

plurting; flirting with disaster usually ending with someone getting hurt

plurt; when the flirting turns into cheating and hurting

plurtake; to partake in "plurting"







hey dude did she just lift her skirt??!!

ya and i replied with a plurt!!

Why didn't you keep it going, why were you so curt??!!

Because it started to frikin hurt, that's her boyfriend over there dude, be on the alert, she's just plurting!

plurts sooo good!!







by truble

16 Jan 2017

snogo slyter

Image result for sneaky kiss cartoon

snogo slyter v; to outfox, edge out a competitor or a friend in order to catch a fox

an attempt to get passionately close to someone, especially a sneaky vie for a passionate kiss
to 'sly for the fox' in any way, doing whatever it takes, especially to score a kiss

"slyter of hand"


snogo slyter; a bar drink; sno "snow" mixed with ogo 'water'; ice water,  a 'slyce' of lemon or lime can be added(optional)


steal a kiss : to kiss someone in a quick and sudden way <She stole a kiss (from him) and ran away.>




  1. (slang) to nick, to steal



ogo means water in all the languages below


snog ‎(third-person singular simple present snogs, present participle snogging, simple past and past participle snogged)
  1. (Britain, slang) To kiss passionately.
  1. Artfully cunning; secretly mischievous; wily.
  2. (having a positive sense) Dexterous in performing an action, so as to escape notice; nimble; skillful; cautious; shrewd; knowing
  3. Done with, and marked by, artful and dexterous secrecy; subtle
    a sly trick
  4. Light or delicate; slight; thin.








Hey mr saboteur of foxes! before you continue with the snogo slyter moves you better buy me a drink!!


Ok, here you go!!!


whats this??

Its a snogo slyter!!! Its snow mixed with ogo, ho!!!


Hey this is ice water, we aint good to go!!!

hmm, well golly snoster ill just have to take you off my snogo roster!!








by truble

18 Jan 2017


bathers-klite n; premeditated excuse, before being asked out on a date

a deliberate hint, to turn a date down with a lame excuse

bathers-klite v; a scramble to avoid an obvious jabberwocky


klite; a polite, 'klutsen', plight; a get away from a rambling kluts


klutsen; to scramble or get away









So whats up with you this weekend?

Oh, aah, a lot, i gotta shave my doggy's butt tonight"















by truble

21 Jan 2017

Domdatre plun

Image result for blind date cartoonImage result for blind date cartoon

Domdatre plun! (dom-dot-trey-ploon)

Domdatre plun n; dominant dater and builder of things; to flourish like the palm tree, 'three' times a charm

"domdatre plun!"; as a toast or cheers, or between couples on their first dates for luck

domdatre plun v; no fear: to live like there’s no tomorrow, go out and ‘plun’, have ‘plenty of play and fun time with poon’(Lord Almighty); date as much as possible in order to increase your chances of success

Domdatre plun; denotes a mantra, an idea that regardless of past failures, whether in business or relationships, as long as you don't quit and keep trying, you will reach the pinnacle of success

domdatre plun; prudent modal; to flourish like the ‘palm tree’ with ‘style’, wisdom, good judgment, common sense, and shrewdness

Domdatre plun; most alpha of males; self-confidence, success, moral and physical strength

By ussing a, "domdatre plun" mindset is similar to how in the film, Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray finally decided to 'let go and have fun playing', 'doing what he loved over and over again until he got it so right', he 'triumphed' and pulled in his soul mate



denoting a state or condition.


datre; date, fruit of the palm, "three"

plun; plenty of play and fun with poon(God) at your side



  1. lord; master
  2. image of a saint


















Bro youre on fire! this is your 5th date this week!

Domdatre plun bro! youre never gonna meet anyone if you stay home alone, its really hard to find that right one person in your life so you might as well have fun with all the wrong ones until you meet the right one!!!

 That actually makes sense!!

Symbolic Palm Meanings

  • Honor
  • Truth
  • Value
  • Vitality
  • Warmth
  • Fertility
  • Expansion
  • Protection
  • Aspiration
  • Attainment
  • Unification
  • Resurrection
  • Singleness of Purpose



"The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree," said the psalmist (Psalm 92:12). And there is very good reason why that tree should be taken as a type or picture of the righteous man; there is also excellent reason why the prominence of the palm tree in the prophet's vision should picture the truth that man's goodness is the fair and excellent result of much communion with God.  

Domdatre plun resembles the sacred palm tree in terms of:

ITS UPRIGHTNESS. Some trees are irregular, they are twisted and tortuous in their growth; some hug the ground before they rise; but the palm rises straight toward heaven, it stands upright among the trees. Like "skyscrapers" or "Like some tall palm the noiseless fabric grew." The good man is well figured here; he is the man who does not stoop, who does not bend and bow earthward, who stands erect, who moves in one heavenward direction, who is governed constantly by true and abiding principles. And these he gains from God and from his house. There, in the sanctuary, he is sustained in his principles, is reminded of them, gains fresh inspiration to illustrate and adorn them.

ITS FRUITFULNESS. The palm, as a fruit-bearing tree, bearing a fruit which is remarkably nutritious - for the date will sustain life for a long time, without any other kind of food - is an admirable picture of the righteous man. He bears fruit; he is expected to "bear much fruit," and fruit of many kinds: excellency of spirit, - love, joy, peace, long-suffering, etc.; worthiness of life, - consistency, blamelessness, practical kindness, etc.; earnest effort to do good, - patient, prayerful endeavor to awaken the slumbering, to elevate the fallen, to comfort the sorrowful, to encourage the feeble, etc.


ITS BEAUTY. The palm tree lends a great charm to the landscape when seen standing in clusters upon the heights against the sky; and its evergreen foliage makes each particular tree an object of beauty. The righteous man is he whose character is fair, excellent, admirable. When he is what his Master calls on him to be, and what he actually becomes when he seeks the strength and refreshment to be found in communion with God, then the more he is observed the more he is admired. Those qualities are found in him which are "lovely and of good report;" he is unselfish, pure, considerate, open-handed, patient, brave, loyal, loving. His goodness, like the foliage of the palm, grows not near the ground, where it can easily be soiled and lost, but high up, where lower things cannot damage or destroy it.


IV. ITS ELASTICITY. The fiber of the palm is so elastic that, even when loaded with considerable weights, it still grows determinately upwards (see Smith's 'Dictionary of the Bible'). The good man may have much to depress him and to hamper his growth, but if he "dwells in the house of the Lord," he will rise, notwithstanding all that would otherwise check him, to a noble height of virtue and of piety.

V. ITS ULTIMATE TRIUMPH. It does not promise much at the beginning. "It is rough to the touch and enveloped in dry bark, but above it is adorned with fruit... so is the life of the elect, despised below, beautiful above;... down below straitened by innumerable afflictions, but on high it is expanded into a foliage... of beautiful greenness" (see 2 Corinthians 4:17; Hebrews 12:11).






Still dont know where Domdatre plun comes from??





















by truble

22 Jan 2017


Image result for thesaurus rex

glossauricon; a slick, global collaboration of tanslingual bits; international vocabulary for all languages to use



Wow! callipygian!!!

Ya, we do have lots of pidgeons in Cali!

No, i said, 'callipygian' which means you have a nice behind in Greek!!

How do you know that?

from a glossauricon!

What? A shiny leprechaun??





by truble

22 Jan 2017


Image result for Triumphant Trump  cartoon

rimtym-teon; to get rimmed, eat major crow, and then congratulate, apologize and suck up to the same person one tried to destroy 

RIMtymteon; Revenge In Motion, big 'tym';  after a barrage of vicious 'teon' attacks

(As a victorious acclamation) rimtymteon baby!!

 An ass kissing, crow eating period of humiliation from anyone having been proven wrong after taking a strong position against an opponent that simply had more 'tym'(character)


In 'tym', the one who truly and completely embody's all the characteristics seen in the powerfully packed, Ancient Greek word, 'tym' is a fighter who never quits and shows greater;

'breath of life', 'heart and soul', 'spirit', 'courage', 'mind', 'temper', 'will', 'anger', 'wrath' and 'fire' power, will most certainly defeat or 'smoke' any vicious 'teon' attack, opponents void of character, tym after tym, is the one who truly has the greatest chance to really win, 'big tym





rim; to beat someone badly
rim; smell, odor
Ancient Greek θ?μ?ς ‎(th?mós, “breath, life, soul, heart, spirit, courage, mind, temper, will, anger, wrath”        fire

Old English


  1. to accuse

teon; to hurt, damage, insult
teon; a peon attack that shrinks and shrivels

Anglo-Saxon Meaning:

The name Teon is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Teon is: Harms.

teon; a puny, peon, 'teon' attack that shrinks and shrivels


  1. A lowly person, a peasant or serf, a labourer who is obliged to do menial work
  2. (figuratively) A low-ranking person.









 "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. He has been wrong – very wrong – every step of the way….......

"Are we still on for dinner Donald?"


oh its on!!!....rimtym-teon baby!!!

"Yo bro, its cool, rimtym-teon!, sorry bout your loss!! you got smoked, you got rimmed, 'big league' and you are the one that tried to break my flow??!! No need for me to hate cause you took the blow and ruined your own show. But look here now whose eating the crow ??!! look at you beg.......  hey ! don't touch that last frog leg!"  

"ok, thanks for my last meal Donald, now  revel in your victory and savor it like the cat that catches a mouse and then bat me around with your paws for awhile, until I die, i deserve it....for now I'll say you're the apple of my eye... and you've certainly proved a powerful message to the world that you are not hostage to the darkest parts of your character, turns out you're my guy, the one i tried desperately to 'mitch', so can you please for-give me a job and make me your main minion suck up bitch?! "








by truble

31 Jan 2017



Image result for to ruin oneself cartoon

‘God gave man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time’


rewenai n; 'dill' fated, repeated decisions that eventually ruin; Olympic level stupid

rewenai; a man’s consistant and conscious acts of stupidity that eventually ruin lives usually because of an out of control, 'ai' penis; much worse than being a dick

rewenai; one once judged as rational and intelligent but turns out to be unashamedly stupid.

Note the word, ‘rewenai’ can be used between dudes as a, ‘REW’, a ‘Reminder Early Warning’ to not let the ‘ai’, as in ‘one eyed snake’ ruin a life!

rew; variant of ‘rue’, have sorrow, regret

rew; a ‘sexcession’ of dumb indescretions; in a row

REW; Reminder, Early Warning


ai; he

Apalai  a Caribian language spoken in Brazil. Approximately 450 people speak Apalai

ai; penis








bro, rewenai!! rewenai!!, time to go home, its late and you've had one too many already, so skip the strip club!! you got way too much to lose!! Its not worth it!!

Ya, you're right!!! thanks for the rewenai!!

No worries thats what friends are for!








by truble

07 Feb 2017


Image result for mr jump the gun cartoon

bahlwerg v,n; to leave a ball game early and miss an amazing comback usually because of a lack of faith in one's team

bahlwerg; to blame someone else for having to leave an event too early, especially blaming the youngest of kin

bahlwerg; to jump the gun and miss the fun




1. An exclamation of disgust: yuck





indicates astonishment, resignation and despise; usually used after noticing or hearing something you don't like or you don't know what to think about, to avoid commenting or giving an answer to a question.



1. indicates disdain or unbelief

Word Origin and History for bah

exclamation of contempt, 1817, perhaps c.1600, probably from French bah, Old French ba, expressing surprise, scorn, dismay. Perhaps simply a natural exclamation in such situations; cf. Greek babai!, an exclamation of surprise.


WERG; short for;  We R Going






awful, terrible






Alright ive had enough, werg!! werg!!! were out of here, we have no chance to comeback


But daddy it aint over til its over, don’t do another “bahlwerg” on me again!! jumpin the gun and missin the fun!!??

You look sick and I miss Ted, lets beat the traffic and get you off to bed

Ok dad but if they comeback and win its on you and Ted, so how bout you go ahead instead cause im a loyal fan, im not a jump the gun, bahlwerg, teddy goober!! so I think i'll just wait until the game is over and then ill take an uber  !!!







by truble

12 Feb 2017

doles wong

Image result for don't ask for money

doles wong(dol-es-wong, or ‘do less wong’); stop asking for the dollars! At least do less of it. Stop doling out the pain!

doles; ‘selod’(slowed)to a stop

DOL-es wong; Dream On Loser

doles wong! ‘Jangan minta duit lagi!’

doles; do less

When to use   “doles wong”or  ‘doles’ ?

Use “doles wong” when it concerns, ‘wong’ ‘uang’(money, dollars) when bargaining, especially for expatriates in Philipines or Indonesia or while in other countries where the value of the US dollar is high

Use “doles ” when you want someone to not just slow down but to stop doing what they are doing because you don’t like what they are doing


doles; to stop causing ‘dol’ (greif, or pain)

doles; (dol-less)to decrease the ‘dol’ or pain by an even more slowed down ‘woles’(slow or slowly)

Latin/ Catalan

dol' sorrow, pain; doldre; to hur; dolus; trickery deception; evil intent, embracing malice and fraud


dol; crazy

Old English

dol; foolish





“please mister!! beli dong!! beli dong!!!

buy it for me please… give me dolla give me dolla!!!!"

“good grief!!  doles wong! doles wong!!!”









by truble

13 Feb 2017


Image result for messy chocolate cartoon

cakau n,v('choc' 'au') naughty or disorderly with chocolate



Caka; to be content, to shine

Caka, untuk menjadi konten, untuk bersinar


chosen one ... derived from Arabic origins ... form of Chakir

Arin language

au; you




au; I, me, my.


Dutch, finnish

au; ouch!


ou; An exclamation of awe and surprise; wow.


au; I, me


au; bright and cheerful





Oh my astaga!!!?? cakau cakau!!??

ya daddy, cakau! cakau! heehee!!




by truble

13 Feb 2017

panis wiro

Image result for pay in kindness cartoon  "Panis wiro!! because that's the way wiro!

Heres how it works, I teach, you learn, and then you share it!"

panis wiro;literally;  "I can dare to pay you with my, ‘panis’ (politeness + manis, 'sweetness') because that's how wiro" ('we ro' = 'we roll')

panis wiro; to pay with being ‘polite’ and manis ‘sweet’ at first which can turn into other acts of kindness 

can be an intimate and sweet response to a request for payment or as a bargaining phrase to help get the price down to a reasonable figure

panis; polite + manis ‘sweetnes’

wiro; we 'roll', thats how we ro, or thats how we do things

wi; we, together, yes


ro; peace, tranquility, quiet

RO; Room Only
















hey you still need my help?


how much you dare to pay me?

panis wiro adja dong!!!! If you can take my panis for now! then 'wiro' baby, we're good to go, cause where im from, that's how wiro...!

apa si!!? ahh! puspa! kacau!!! gimanasi!!!?? bule gila!! = you crazy !!"

Im sorry but, no 'panis'?? no ro dong!!!...... dats da way wiro!!














by truble

15 Feb 2017

Geneva hoot

Image result for apre ski Image result for apres ski party cartoon

Geneva hoot; to kick off an "apres-ski" party by skiing halfway down a mountain to stop at a chalet, bar or restaurant, relax, sunbathe, breath in fresh mountain air, all while taking in heavenly views, having a beer or any 'Geneva spirit' of choice and having a hoot to boot(note: can substitute with any other non alcoholic beveridge such as hot chocolate, coffee or ‘snogo-slyter’(water mixed with untouched, heavenly  mountain, snow, with a lemon or lime slice :)

geneva hoot; to sunbathe outside in freezing temperatures while being refreshingly warmed from hot rays reflecting off the snow which intensifies a tan

apres-ski social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day's skiing

a hoot;a good time

 “The best part about a ski trip is the apres-ski preceded by a Geneva hoot to kick it off officially and after an eventful day of skiing, there’s nothing better than relaxing at a slope side restaurant or bar slamming drinks in all your ski gear at a bar at the top of a mountain, its heavenly. (Or the middle of a mountain kicking it off with a Geneva hoot) The only thing to remember if you plan on partying on the mountain is that you still have to make your way down the mountain afterwards!

Etymology of Geneva

gin, especially jenever, switzerland













hey there looks like you're having a 'Geneva hoot' all by your lonesome, can we join!?

Of course, and then how bout we race to the bottom?

ok, whoever makes it down last buys the drinks !!

Ok, bottoms up then!!

Remember girls! When drinking and skiing you must never keep the knees together whatever you do, it's very bad

why is that????

I'll tell you later at the partytongue-out


















by truble

15 Feb 2017


Image result for chocolate russian roulette

hocalocte n; chocolate Russian Roulette; using 12 chocolate bullets, eleven containing delicious nut filled, praline centers, but one chocolate bullet conceals a seriously red hot chilli pepper, guaranteed to blow your head off, a great valentine game

hoca; early version of roulette

locte; to place; to set in a particular spot or position.









ok, hocalocte baby, your turn to bite the bullet!!

ok..... oh, oh OUCh!!! It burns!!!! give me water!!!! You win!





by truble

15 Feb 2017


Image result for worst hangover

“she who loses key actually gets nookey”

leym; nuf-damental bang matters; unsuccessful at getting laid (pronounced as, 'lay-em', 'lay them', as in, 'laying eggs'; one's, 'lame', unsuccessful attempt at getting laid


leym; a lame, 'one night couldnt stand' where the man regrets and the woman begets

leym; after a night of drinking at a bar, waking up to find someone elses car keys in your shorts which for a minute makes you feel as if you actually got laid for once, even craving an after sex cigarette for a minute (and you don’t even smoke) until reality sets in and you realize that you not only didn’t get laid but the girl who gave you her keys to hold at the bar most certainly did, with someone else

leym; drinking too much, matters; of a certain kind of big bang theory

leym; to spend large sums of money at a strip club just to look at girls when you can do that at home for free on the internet