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27 Feb 2017


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Rolextra n,v; to go into a store with the intention of buying a certain lower priced item, but instead you end up being sold way more than you wanted, feeling almost as if you were somehow magically 'rolled' by an overly aggressive opportunistic salesman   



I’ll be right back, just gonna buy one Seiko or Timex and that’s it

(2 hours later..after a long conversation with the salesman about the wife and kids etc)

Youre late bro!!

Sorry,  rolextra man!! I cant believe it, he sold me not 1 but 3 Rolexes! Ill never go back to that store again


by lyle

06 May 2017


tapscorinater;n; master tapper, terminater of scoring, an extremely bold, swift, pro-active, action taker; one who doesn’t hesitate, usually because of tremendous amounts of practice which makes a tapscorinnatere's game look natural or 'innate'


tapscorinnate adj; the innate ability to keep from holding back and to find a happy place in clutch situations, usually by a forged, hightail, persistent, advancement into a finale; capacity to‘tap’into anything ventured e.g industry and ‘tang’(women) or ‘pang’(men), and come out scoring, winning most of the time 

tapscorinnate; ability to make great combacks and to thrive in high pressure situations without cracking under stress; to step up and perform stronger even when the chips are down

A tapscorinater engenders the confidence and trust of others not only because of their amazing feats of accomplishments, but a legacy of, 'never giving up'



cori; heart, gentleness



rinate plural of rinato; rinascere, verb, to be revived, to resprout, to be born again



nate; fr nato, I stream, I flow


ater; fr Latin attinere; to attain 











hey tap-scorinater! how do you keep winning at everything you do??

First you gotta practice like theres no tomorrow, until it looks natural,  something you're born with, the ability to tap into your, innate, then balance it between a strong, yet gentle heart, but dont hold back, dont hesitate, u gotta find your happy place, to be the ace, and then just 'tap it in, give it a little tappy, tap tap taparoo!!!'






by lyle

17 May 2017


dailing; ailing(having an extra, excruciating, katzenjammer from excessive amounts of alcohol and lack of sleep) on a work day; a desperate attempt to act normal which not only impairs the ability to work, it raises the stress level  causing one to break into a cold wet beaded-face sweat along with uncontrollable shakes

dail; to ail from drinking


Hey are you dailing again today? Its starting to become a daly thing with you.

No im not gonna do another dail, but i am gonna bail


I cant function properly at work and i feel its gonna be a lucky day at the races tonight

Why do i feel another Don Jaily coming on???





by lyle

21 Jun 2017


appsent-minded adj; absent minded, because of excessive multitasking between apps on phone, pc and other gadgets, causing ‘stimulation overload’, which further pushes the brain into overdrive making one to not only forget how to talk and focus but no longer able to enjoy the more simple organic activities in life such as visiting friends in person or just calling them to talk instead of text

appsent-minded; to pretend to pay attention to someone while holding a hand phone, texting or waiting for a text,  rather than e.g, holding her hand, looking into her eyes, sincerely listening and hearing what she is trying to communicate to you

appsent-minded; consumate multitasker, which really only amounts to just, ‘splitting one’s own brain’ into what researchers have called, “spotlights”, making the brain frantically switch back and forth, focusing only a few seconds on  each activity, thus being less productive

appsent-minded; multitasker, considered to be very bad because they are less productive and skills like filtering out irrelivent information declines



waz up my main man??

Ahh, not much, why did you want to meet and why are you talking so strange?

Well, I thought we should meet cause its been so long(about 6 months) since ive used my vocal cords, almost forgot how to talk, kinda forgot what my best friend and business partner looked like, and im multitasking so much, im becoming, “appsent-minded”, im actually seeing the spotlights in my splitted brain, like a fire-pinball game… We’re not accomplishing much because were relying more on machines than our own brain power which is making us less productive, dumb  and numb to the world around us…

So what else is on your mind?


by lyle

09 Nov 2017


weat?(interogative) short for "what time, or when do we eat?"

Used by coal miners of West Virginia who don't have the time or luxury of saying, "what time do we eat?" Which is appropriately Trump Esq because time is money

In the White House

Paul Ryan: Yo Mr P, weat?

President Trump; weat after we seal the deal!!

by lyle