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08 May 2017


pornasictater(porn-assic-tater); aka, ‘The master-tater’, (male or female); exemplar of the mantra he or she who hesitates, masterbates; usually one who pornasictates, doesnt attempt to accomplish anything, rarely going outside the house to meet anyone, so ends up being known as a,  ‘sick, stay-homer, porn watching, couch potato, loner boner, stoner



hey whatever happened to your friend Donald ?

Ya he donald ducked outta sight and mind after that last break-up..  He's been pornasictating in his room for so long they call him the 'pornasictater' a sick addiction to not trying to live anymore, a master 'hesitater', only wants to be a lazy stay home 'porn' watchin couch potato, its pretty sad.. 


by kullexpat

09 May 2017


ratscoinapter!; used to express annoyance because of creative hesitation; e.g., to think of a new idea about anything, especially coining new words and app ideas but because of hesitating too long to actually legally retain the idea, you find someone else had already officially created it via some form of publication

ratscoinapter n; one who is terrible at setting goals and fulfilling them but is a master of ideas, hesitation and being a coward

ratscoinapter; to have a creative idea, kept in secret(usually for a long period of time) and for one not to share the idea with anyone, not even closest friends or family, for fear of someone else stealing the idea, but then to one day discover someone else had the same light bulb go off in their brain, but the only difference is that they went out and executed the idea

ratscoinapter; a bolted, wide awake, blood pumping, panic that courses through the veins when one finds out their idea or invention had already been taken, usually causing the hesitater to, go ballistic, throwing and punching things, yelling and screaming out expletives, aching with regret, envy, and a prolonged bout with insomnia 





There are countless stories of people(artists) experiencing ratscoinapter mostly because of the fear of failure and shame. So to combat this self destructive instinct an artist can keep some kind of inspirational quote close to them, something powerful enough to keep you going, such as the quote below by Goeth   


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events ensues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”



I cant beleive it!! Someone already created my idea!!

Ratscoinapter bro!! You cant hesitate when you think of new ideas, or new words, you gotta coin it right away by publishing it, not "apter" someone else does

Ya youre 'appsolutely' right!! ratscoinapter!! big time, i had 12 years to execute my idea but failed to do so, so its all me on me.. never again!! 





by kullexpat

25 May 2017


Image result for fundraising soldiers sporting charity events cartoon

folgier n; (pronounced like 'soldier'); aka, folgier of fortunes; a fundraising golf soldier; any person, entity or organization who supports raising money via golf charity events, and then gives all the  proceedes to people who are in need, e.g the long running partnership between the four seasons and Byron Nelson golf events that has positively impacted a community by helping to raise more than 150 million dollars for Momentous Institute which has impacted over 100,000 lives


folgier; a fan, friend, follower and supporter of any professional game, especially golf; to be mad (in a good way) about golf, but with only the experience of playing miniature golf

Note; a folgier is usually well read in any Game followed with a keen eye to discern pro stats, so then is able to folgern, the game more accurately than most pros; a gambler of sports


folgern; conclude, deduce, infer 

A folgier's cougher; one who makes a noise or 'coughs'(a cougher) right before a golfer's shot 


folgier(pronounced like "vulgar") one who dresses in a vulgar display of color clashing golf-wear, but has absolutely no aptitude for playing the game; a yuppie want to be golfer    



folger; follow


 folg n; follower of golf, not a player

Middle French

fol; mad, insane, silly, crazy


gier; genitive plural of ‘gra’; game, play 




Hey you wanta play golf?

Nope, Im just a folgier, you'd be chasing my balls all day, as i order you to be my gofer..

And I'd probably do a big folger's cougher, right before you tee off by yelling out, "drive safely!!!"  Ill be your 'folg' guy but not your 'golfriend'....



by kullexpat

16 Jul 2017


Image result for blowgart

Image result for sexy birthday girl blowing out candles cartoon

blowgart; What to say to a sexy girl on her birthday while she blows her candles out

blowgart;  When a sexy girl is slow to share a joint or bong with someone, so instead of saying 'dont bogart' you say. 'dont blowgart'                                        

blowgart v; to bogart a blow job, usually seen in adult film threesome scenes








hey bambi, dont blowgart!!

Ok, thumper, heehee, youre right, sharing times a happy time!

 Related image





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17 Jul 2017

Hump-free Blowgart

Related image

Hump-free Blowgart;  a no obligation, no questions asked, extremely prolonged, 'bj', out of nowhere, with no strings attached, except for maybe the string in the middle that keeps her from going anywhere further than just a BJ NOB...

hump-free blowgart; a free bj with no obligation to return the favor for the person who gave it to you which means they really like you and or really like giving NOB bj's

NOB; No Obligation

Thank you for the hump-free blowgart baby!!, go ahead and blowgart to your hearts content

Ok, honey im almost finished bowin up the raft, now you gotta go out n catch me some fish and then u can blowgart me tent up,,,,  


by kullexpat

17 Jul 2017

Humphrey Blowgart


Image result for blowing out smoke rings cartoon

Humphrey blowgart; one who blows out smoke instead of inhaling it in usually because one is more interested in showing off blowing their smoke rings 

Note; Bill Clinton was a self proclaimed, Humphrey blowgart, as he professed to never inhaling


Humphrey; peaceful warrior; one who would lead a 'peace' pipe smoking powwow sesh





Yo, dont blowgart!!! dat sht expensive bra!!

ya but i be an up n coming blowgartist!!!





by kullexpat

17 Jul 2017

Hermuphy Blowgartist

Image result for blowing out smoke rings cartoon

Hermuphy Blowgartist n; a female, smoke ring artist



her-MUPHY: A parallel MUlti PHYsics/scale code for high performance bio-fluidic simulations based upon the microscopic, molecular dynamics of a sexy girl blowing hydro-kush smoke rings and a method featuring the translocation of biopolymers through nano-meter sized, multi-pore configurations, taking into the sexplicit account, her hydrodynamic interactions of the translocating molecules with her surrounding saliva, a parralel implementation, sexibiting, a sexellent, sexability platform that includes techniques that may improve sexability and efficiency in other complex multi-physics parralel smoking applications such as hermodynamics, targeted drug deliveries and others..




Wow baby!! You are a natural blowgartist..... you blowgart that girl!!





by kullexpat

17 Jul 2017

HP Blowgart

Image result for bowing smoke up ones pee hole
HP blowgart ; 'figurative/idiom,' to 'blow smoke up ones 'pee' hole'(euphemism for 'blowing smoke up ones arse' which means, 'paying insincere compliments to someone' ) but much more sever because blowing smoke up one's pee hole or urethra could not only cause him or her to have a wide variety of urinary tract infections, it can also cause an air embolism
blowing smoke up ones arse; idiom, for paying insincere compliments

Note blowing smoke up the anus was once a medical practice

 HP; Hole, Pee or 'Pee-Hole'


Your looking mighty fine today

Dont HP blowgart me! Dont blow smoke up my pee-hole Just because i provide your smoke!!





by kullexpat

19 Jul 2017

sharin stoned

Image result for sharon stoned cartoon


sharin stoned v;  "sharin" weed and getting high with your bowl mate

sharin stoned n; a 'gesamt kunst werk' OF 'sharin' stories, sharin funny things, to the sharin of more serious, life strife, shocking stuff, while, stoned

sharin stoned v; sharin a doob with a nice, 'PEACE of ARST'(A Radical Story Teller), 'werked' up

sharin stoned;  sharin a, 'pow-pow sesh' with a friend in silence, while just watchin the wheels go round and round, and really loving to watch them roll, no longer riding on a merry go-round so you're without a ho, but youre happily sharin herbal 'endol' with a friend, and never ever diggin the blow


gesamt kunst werk; a 'complete piece of Art work', 'Universal Artworks', 'synthesis of the Arts' all embracing art form is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so, eg elements of music, drama, spectacle, dance, comedy, mala-propisms-spoonerisms, anagrams, linguistics, spantrosing and web-stiring , to the language a dolphin uses in order to communicate, sing, pray and love


Mr 'Hairin'; aka, 'HR puff n stuff'; Sharin's, pow-wow partner

Miss Sharin; HR Puff n Stuffs pow-wow partner

sharin; eye dialect of 'sharing' as in 'sharing times a happy time' or 'share and share..... I like"...


sharin; wheel





sharinImage result for sharon stone open leg scene basic instinct cartoonImage result for sharon stone open leg scene basic instinct cartoon Hairin

Hey Hairin!! R u stoned??

Ya Sharin, and yes, im also starin???

Why you starin Hairin??

Ya, cause u be sexy Sharin and your thingy has 'showned'!!

Oh ya!!?? So I guess that would make us famous then!!!

Hows that??

Cause we be 'sharin stoned'!!!??

fur enuff~



by kullexpat

23 Jul 2017

gobart with a gokart

Image result for bart on a go kart cartoon

gobart, with a gokart; phrase used when one wants the person holding the joint to keep it no need to pass it back

gobart, with a gokart ; a 'green' light permission phrase from someone to another, to go ahead and finish off anything, e.g, a joint, food etc..




No, no, it's ok, im already gawn, so gobart with a gokart!

Wow, thanks im gonna ride this gokart all the way home until its gawn and im gawn



by kullexpat

23 Jul 2017

what time you, 'combing over'?

Image result for the comb over cartoon Perry Comb-over

"What time you, combing over?" ; A rhetorical question, used against one who has the audacity to make a negative comment about someone elses hair/style when they themselves have serious physical flaws, especially a very obnoxious, receeding, thin haired, comb-over artist with a rather large protruding santa belly to boot


 comb-over; hair that is combed over a bald spot in an attempt to cover it.






The great all knowing and powerful, but extremely jealous older brother with serious comb over issues, says to his brother 

  "Hey knucklehead, your shaved head hairstyle is way off, i think you need to do this and that with it etc.....

The modest brother who takes care of mom responds with..

"Ahh OK, Thanks for that brother, huh by the way, 'what time you 'combing over', Perry Comb-over?

The great all knowing, powerful, but extremely jealous brother with serious comb over issues, doesn't say a word

End of Story, game comb-over!!!








by kullexpat

23 Jul 2017

Perry Comb-over

Image result for perry comb-over cartoonImage result for perry comb-over cartoon

Perry Comb-over n; an obvious comb-over artist; a very outdated style

Perry Comb-over n; one who cant get over the fact that they are going bald, so they try to comb over their thinning hair to hide the balding areas

Perry Comb-over v; figurative, to 'comb over' the truth because of not being able to handle the truth




Hey Perry Comb-over!! What time you combing over??

Man, just shave dat sht!! Get over it dont comb over it



by kullexpat

21 Aug 2017

tootal erips of the bun


 tootal erips of the bun; ‘asstrocomical’ alignment of a, black hole and Uranis, during a full moon which unleashes a big bang explosion while landing right ontop of someone’s sleeping face

tootal erips of the bun ; unexpected, toot or fart in the face; A RIPP(Rest In Peace Prank) rip on the face of someone trying to rest or sleep in peace



tutol erips of the bun; a homeschooling tutoring, tut-tut, tool, used to wake up the student where mom sits on the student's face and farts    

col-assal erips; a cabbage gas fart on the face so smelly(stronger than sniffing glue), it could cause a black out or even a grandma to have a heartattack

colassal erips; a Dutch oven prank gone wrong, gas so toxic, it usually takes about 30 seconds to kill someone

colassal; a colossal, cabbage and rotten egg, ass gas that explodes out, extremely rancid and toxic fumes from the deepest parts of a colon   



tut-tut; an expression of disapproval


tut; car horn, or honk


tut; death








David Ross experiences his first tootal erips, Dancing With Stars 













so did you learn at homeschool with mom today?

ya, im gettin 'tutored' by mom alright. I learned i should set my alarm next time

why is that? 

Because mom likes to rip a nasty van winkle right on my head every morning to wake me up! Shes always loved to tut her own horn but this has got to stop.. 

So your first lesson was science and you experienced a, 'tutol erips of the bun', .... you best set the alarm boy if you dont want a colassal erips from daddy because that can be lethal, itll drive u batty!

'Once upon a time i was falling asleep,

But, now a bomb wakes me up in the dark!!

Nothing i can say, butt a tootal erips of the fart!!!....' 












by kullexpat

31 Aug 2017



A 'bi-trumpissan' vs 'bi-pratisan' Party  

kicking ass  Image result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoonImage result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoon

 =   kissing your ass         =respect               

bi-trumpissan; the stronger party winners, who turn the 'pissing contest' into a 'kissing conquest', bi-kicking-ass

pissing contest; a contest or rivalry in which the main concern of the parties involved is the conspicuous demonstration of superiority.


Victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy.

An act or instance of overcoming an obstacle.

the winning of favor, affection, love, etc

the act or art of gaining a person's compliance, love, etc, by seduction or force of personality 

a person, whose compliance, love, etc, has been won over by seduction or force of personality

Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French conqueste, from Vulgar Latin conqu?sta (unattested), from Latin conqu?s?ta, feminine past participle of conqu?rere to seek out, procure; see conquer

trump; beat (someone or something) by saying or doing something better

a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage

early 16th century: alteration of triumph, once used in card games in the same sense.


Image result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoonImage result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoon


bi-pratisan; AKA bi-asskissin = your, "little beatch bender"

dependent, most irritating, least intimidating, bi-kissing ass, party

a pusillanimous, sub-par-sittin, presidential, ass-kissin puppetry administration; displaying only mastering the art of political lip service, while wandering about golf courses, as the most, ‘asstute’, prat talking, arrogant speaker, a party has even seen  

PRA; President, Royal Asskisser   


PRA: ‘Puppet Reared, Asskissenger’


tis; it 'tis' what it is, and what it is, is, a ‘trifle’, ass-kissin party 


bi-pratisan; a ‘rat-pissin’ (allowing to be pissed upon by enemy rats) party, legacy no better than ‘parsittin’(sitting, goffer, golfer)




bi-pratisan; a dark, dull, insignificant, tar-pissin party (first African American to take a pissing contest)bent-over chicken style, ‘bi-ass-kissin’

‘Pratsident of the United States; Little beach bender(eg of the United States or any country with a prat for a president) 


prat; A buttock, or the buttocks; a person's bottom. [from 16th c



A fool.




1. used with op) focused, bent, fixated


2. (obsolete) proud, haughty, arrogant


A pride, arrogance




prat; Speech, talk




prat; hope for




From Proto-Indo-European *preh?- (to bend).


From Middle English prat, from Old English præt, prætt (trick, prank, craft, art, wile), from Proto-Germanic *prattuz (boastful talk, deceit), from Proto-Indo-European *brodno- (to wander about). Cognate with Saterland Frisian prat, Dutch pret (fun, pleasure, gaity), obsolete Dutch prat (cunning, strategem, scheme, a prideful display, arrogance), Low German prot, Norwegian prette (trick), Icelandic prettur (a trick). Related to pretty.





 Obama; Origins. Luo word Obama means "to bend".

Obama is also a Japanese surname literally meaning "little beach".

 The Luo dialect, Dholuo (pronounced [d?ólúô]) or Nilotic Kavirondo (pejorative colonial term), is the eponymous dialect of the Luo group of Nilotic languages, spoken by about 6 million Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania, who occupy parts of the eastern shore of Lake Victoria and areas to the south.











hip hip PRAy!! hip hip PRAy!!! Keep on Trumpissan all the way!!

You mean hip hip hurray!!??

Ya, but PRAy, like, 'pray' as in pray that we never have a  PRATisan, little beatch-bending party, ever again!  












by kullexpat

13 Dec 2017


Image result for rigmarole cartoon


‘rigmarolled’ v; to get rolled, (robbed) through a series of long rigmarole stories, excuses in order to delay, or avoid, usually from people who have promised to either complete a service or to pay back a loan but never intended to pay it back 




Hey whats going on with the website??


Its been over a year of excuses, a variety of long winded stories each time, from the guy I paid and now I finally realized, ive been rigmarolled!!! 


by kullexpat

13 Dec 2017



Related image

grimrolae (grim-ro-lae); to be ‘rigmarolled’ for the last time; of a certain, grim, and final, under-handed, “taking”; to steal, deceive or ‘roll’, especially one’s own, elderly, disabled, mother, ie, suffering from, dementia, stringing her (the victim) along, with outlandish, long and drawn out, rigmarole stories



Good Grim Riddence! Good, Grief, the grim-rolling is finally Gone



 A grimrolae is usually the last heist written off as a LAE(Lost/Loser Adjustment Expense)  the family member or mother who got ripped off realizes its actually a fortunate window of opportunity, and so considers the loss to be what it cost to get rid of a son who will never stop torturing her; the deal of the century, very worth it indeed









grim, taking 


  1.   ugly, unsightly
  2. nasty ghastly disgusting, gross and sinister


GrimRo-LAE-Off’; A Restraining Order to ‘lay off’ for good; to fire, terminate, or exterminate a Repeat Offender’s, Relentless Onslaught of Remarkable ‘Flies’ that Go way Beyond the Edge of the Observable Universe, and the vanishes into Oblivion






Its time for the grim-rippter-hoff to GO!


The time for all the


RO; Relentless Onslaughts


RO; Repeat Offender


RO; Ripped Off(his mother)


RO; Run Out(time)




RO; Restraining Order(given)


RO; Roll Over(days of rolling mom are over)


RO; Right-side Out(your mom is done with you, shes 'Right Out)


RO; Remittance Order (the loan)


RO; Ran Out already (time you had to pay has expired)


And so now you have expired and are at best a,


RO; Remarkable Oblivion


LAE; LOST/LOSER/Adjustment/Expense 








Are you going to let your son get away with stealing your 5 grand??


Grimrolae!! The little rabbit can have it! Im so tired of his lies and rigmarole, its better to it let go, so I never have to put up with him again. He didn’t get away with it, he knows and God knows what he did. At the end of the day hurray, hurray, Grimrolae, I finally got rid of that nasty kid.


He’s not my son. He’s actually more a combination of a, Dark Night Trilogy, where, fear Chaos and Pain, is mixed with a toxic character con-fusion of an, ‘Oliver Twisted’,


and the -brother murdering, ‘Atila the Hun-dread’.


He’s caused me so much pain and anxiety, Id rather be bludgeoned on the head than to go through all his rigmarole bull stories again and again I dread, so no worries its all Kool! Ya, sure he’s got my money, but who do you think is the real fool?          


by kullexpat

16 Dec 2017


Related image


Grim-Rippter-Hoff; aka Jacked the Rippter; (see “grimrolae”) despicable, demented, delusional, two faced, actor; a grotesque, false face, disguised and covered by a mask that’s just as grim and sinister; an ugly monster, alcoholic who can rip off his own mother and threaten to kill his own brother




Probably derived from Old English *Gr?m, Old Norse Grímr (literally “masked person”).





Is there anybody worse than a Grimrippter-Hoff

Maybe 'Oliver 'Twisted'

by kullexpat

18 Jan 2018

Under Seeds

Image result for fall out over hawaii false missile alert cartoon
Image result for under siege hawaiian false missile fallout

Under Seeds; "Under the Influence of Seeds" a staranoia-stevia-seagalia(star stoned paranoia) episode caused by the most potent strain of Hawaiin sensimalia hybrid Kush seed there is; kush, Ak57, Green Beret-b-banner, Missle Launcher, so extreme it's like a metamorphosis of, Bruce Bannercannoid turns into,  'Steven Seagal' avenger star

Effect: a psychospasmatic, Sudden Impact reaction, and feeling of being Above the Law,  a desire to cause an uneccessary massive fall out, (ie, fall out over hawaiis false missle alert) 

starts from someone etremely stoned, cranked, 'under seed' while watching the film, “Under-Seige” several times a day for several days during an AMC Steven Segal movie marathon, Plus the fact that NK’s Nuclear Program wargames is having the desired effect of scaring the absolute crap out of some already wacked out Americans, add to that a variety of anti-depressants mixed with alcohol so  he just flips, warning, and convincing friends that theyre really ‘under siege’, spreading panic, mass hysteria by telling of an impending missle already launched and directed to hit Hawaii in about 20 min, explaining how it could incinerate one million people in a half a second which causes families to hide underground in sewers and charter boats to deserted islands   

Under Seeds; to be completely wacked to a mind altered paranoia state

Under Seeds; name of the most potent mindboggling psycotropic strain known to mankind in HAwaii


SEEDS means "Marijuana seeds"





Billy and Skooter at the control panels in Hawaii while watching the last quarter of Under-Seige, the penta'gone' scene…

Hey Billy

Ya Skooter?

Billy(B); You thinkin what Im thinkin?

Skooter(Sk); Ya, billy we better find a place to hide, and warn people cause that missle is headed right die-rected to hit us big here in Hawaii.

B; Yep, and you're directed to hit us big, headed right here, right now bra! Gimmi dat!

SK; What??!

B; Don’t bogart, Gary Abusy!!!

Sk; Look whose talkin Holdie Gone!! Youre holdin it in your left hand and you don’t even know youre, William 'Holden' it!, Until its gone!. Now da doob’s  fires out!!

B; Ok, Gone jeelgud!! Tone it down lone toke!! Jommy Lee Tones!! Wristopher Cockin!! Speakin of fire!!? We better hide!!

Sk Billy did you already send out the, Ballistic Missle Alert that we are'Under Siege' ??

Yep but, I cant move i cant hide i cant even see

Billy, thats because we aint,  "Under Siege" .......

We, "Under Seeds!!!!"






by kullexpat

28 Jan 2018


Image result for snowman living inside a refrigerator cartoon

snidget n; a snowman-midget, usually kept snug in a freezer or fridge; small snowman, with potentially the longest snelf-life span ever

snelf-life; a snowman's shelf life span in a freezer 



mom: Billy what's that little snowman doing in the freezer?!

Billy: well, mommy when there is only enough snow to make half a snowman, you make a snidget, then you put the little snidge in the fridge, but if you want him to last all summer long, youll have to make him ‘hooler’, so hed be ‘happier, even cooler’,


mom: And how do you do that?


Billy; By making him another snidget, because then hell have someone to snuggle with, his very own, ‘popcicle sweet heart’ and that would be a, ‘gidget’(his snow-woman, girlfriend, snidget)


Mom;  Billy, r you sick ?


Ya, ‘I-sickle’…..psyclicle!!!


by kullexpat

29 Jan 2018



gidget n; midget snow-woman(see snidget) usually made to accompany a snidget in a fridge

gidget n; gay midget


hey i see you have a 'gidget' snow-woman in the fridge but where's her snidget boyfriend?

We'll he didnt want to raise any baby gadgets, he couldnt afford anything but a tiny freezer, so he just left, got himself some hands and went North, the little, ice-hole, geezer!

by kullexpat

15 Feb 2018


Image result for # 1 mass shooting country cartoon

Related image


cap-asscity n; The Divided States of Amaimrica

Maimed in America; a Mass-shooting hysteria, desire to be, ‘maimous’(mass-shooting, maim,fame); A country with more mass shootings than any other country in the world because of reaching a certain capacity


any place, or country that has reached its capacity to handle its own civilians due to a variety of factors such as, gun control failure, easy access to guns everywhere, millennials not marrying until much later, a widespread chronic gap between people's expectations for themselves and their actual achievement, suppressing oxytocin, taking more anti depressants, no face to face human interaction, mixed with alcohol and other drugs which creates a copycat phenomena; a fanatical, psychotic desire to be ‘maimous’; fame from mass murdering noteriety  


cap-asscity n; of a certain, very dangerous capacity where one is compelled to just start ‘ busting caps’ (shooting people)



(CNN)When it comes to gun massacres, the United States is tragically exceptional: There are more public mass shootings in the United States than in any other country in the world, according to a study published recently.

the number of mass shootings in the U.S. has skyrocketed



Home on the Range with Mamous and Andy

Andy; 'hey billybob whats u doing der with dat 'gamera'(gun/camera)? R u going to a shootin?

Ya, you can call me, 'Maimous', on my way to a shootin range to be famous... that hotel over-yonder looks to be in good of the world ma, thank God Im livin in cap-asscity USA! Ive reached cap-asscity, im gonna be maimous!!


by kullexpat

16 Feb 2018


Image result for maimed in america cartoon


maimous; famous from causing mayhem, or mass-murder shooting masacres; claim to maim, fame, the new, Amaimrican passtime


maimous; Maimed in Amaimica; maim to fame



maim (third-person singular simple present maims, present participle maiming, simple past and past participle maimed)


To wound seriously; to cause permanent loss of function of a limb or part of the bod


CIA agent #1

"The desire to be 'maimous' in this country is just out of gun control!! Its getting worse everyday!!

CIA agent #2

Just keep the guns away from Schummer and Pelosi, whatever we do, thats our main objective, theyve just about reached cap-asscity, and together they can explode like shotgun cannon, in our own house, a much higher priority than Korea or Iran..   


by kullexpat

16 Feb 2018

capa cee-tee

Image result for report suspicious behavior cartoon

Image result for report suspicious behavior cartoon

capa-ceetee v(capa-see-tee); to ‘cap’ a ‘caper’ (stop or prevent a caper before it reaches cap-asscity, and something bad happens) capa, ‘c’(see) and TEE ‘tell’, Everyone, Everywhere if you see something or someone suspicious before they reach a dangerous capacity 


CAPA CAPA CEE TEE; Put Your Thinkin Cap On, Cee and Tell, Everyone eveywhere 



‘capa ct’ means to keep a careful eye, catch, cues to ‘c’ (if u see anything disturbing, tell everyone, everywhere) Report suspicious activity


CAPA; Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA, also called Corrective Action / Preventive Action, or simply Corrective Action) 



cee; carefully, catch cues to see


tee; tell, everyone, everywhere


why don’t people report suspicious activity until it is too late to prevent an attack?


1 first, they look, they see, they ponder the strange unsually behavior, they just store it in the brain, and forget about saying anything until its too late, and when something happens they usually love to get in front of a camera to tell all they know


2 fear, too scared, being labeled a snitch


3 or they take the attitude,‘its not my fault or responsibility, that’s what we pay the cops for








cápa (plural cápák)


1.    shark






  1. Alternative spelling of see


cee (plural cees)


  1. The name of the Latin-script letter C/c.
    • Hast thou [] suck'd Philosophy, ate cues, drank cees




cue (plural cues)

An action or event that is a signal for somebody to do something

yo dont boil over to cap-asscity...


ya, if i do, you better show some cajones and capa ceetee in my butt before its too late!! 


by kullexpat

02 Mar 2018

Capa Capa Cee Tee

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Capa Capa Cee-Tee; A sort of, ‘Coat of Arms’ forority (visually, vigil), ‘visualante’ club(for guys and gals) signifying honor and chivalry; a crime preventing drive marshalling an expedition to fully conquer the mass shooting copycat dilemma/phenomena




Capa Capa Cee Tee; a ‘visualante’; a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertakes a wide awake, visually vigil, enforcement in their community especially to prevent mass shooting incidents


Motto; do something that matters, pay close attention to borderline, ‘mass-shooting, mad-hatters’, aspire to see and tell, report the suspicious behavior or, do nothing and see your country go to hell


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by kullexpat

02 Mar 2018


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visualante n; see (‘capa cee tee’)

a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertakes a wide awake, visually, vigil, enforcement in their community especially to prevent mass shooting incidents

A visualante is not to be confused with 'vigiliante' which means one who takes the law into their own hands without legal authority

A visualante does not take the law into his own hands rather he takes his own carerful attention to assist the law by using a capa cee tee approach which is before a situation or person reaches a certain capacity, 'cee and tell'  , see by 'carefully catching cues, then tell everyone everywhere 









visu    (colloquial, dialectal) careful, precise






1.    The action of looking.


2.    The power of sight.


vis (plural vires)


1.    Force; energy; might; power.


1.    wise, knowledgeable


2.    certain, not to be doubted


by kullexpat

06 Mar 2018


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Image result for mass shooting heroes cartoon

visudante n; a visualante, real, dante super hero, one who either prevents a mass shooting caper via a (‘capa cee-tee’, ‘see and tell’; visus; ‘the power of sight’) or one who sacrifices their own life to save another during a mass shooting




visudante; one who has survived a mass shooting, or lost family or friends, stripped of everything but refuses to give up, and then fights on with even more determination to help fully conquer the mass shooting copycat dilemma/phenomena


visudante;one who tries to help save lives during a mass shooting








1.    (transitive) To give, to transfer the possession/holding of something to someone else.


2.    (transitive) To yield, to bear, to give, to produce, to return.




1.    giving


2.    offering, rendering

yielding, conceding


"While accidental gunshots get national coverage, few people have any idea how often concealed handgun permit holders stopping mass killings."


"The lack of news coverage allows left wing media outlets, such as Mother Jones which should know better, to falsely claim: "In not a single case was [a mass public shooting] stopped by a civilian using a gun."




Examples of visudante heroes

Let’s look at some of the recent cases that should have gotten some national attention.


-- New Holland, South Carolina: Earlier this month a man started firing a gun and threatened to shoot into a “crowded fire station parking lot full of children and firefighters.”  Fortunately, two volunteer firemen at the scene drew their permitted concealed handguns to stop the attack.  They forced the gunman to put down his rifle without them having to fire a shot.


-- Chicago, Illinois:  More than three weeks ago, on a Friday night, an Uber driver stopped a man who opened fire into a group of people on a Logan Square busy sidewalk.  According to Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn, the Uber driver, who had a permitted concealed handgun, “was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others.”


-- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: In March, NBC Channel 10 described how “Police say a man likely saved the lives of several people when he shot and killed a gunman inside a West Philadelphia barbershop.”  As luck would have it a concealed handgun permit holder was walking by the barbershop when the attack started. 


-- Chicago, Illinois:  Last year, gang members were angered when a woman removed a cup of liquor that one of the gang members had placed on top of her car.  The gang members opened fire on four people who had just left a party.  But luckily one of the four was in the military and who had a permitted concealed handgun.  That permit holder was able to wound one of the gang members and allow his friends to escape.


-- In Darby, Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia in July 2014, a convicted felon, Richard Plotts, opened fire in a hospital, killing a caseworker.  Fortunately, a psychiatrist, Lee Silverman, had his own gun and returned fire, hitting Plotts three times and critically wounding him.  After Plotts was killed, he still had 39 bullets on him, bullets that he could have used to shoot many other people.


Other recent cases involve permit holders stopping shootings in malls, churches, stores, down city streets, and outside courthouses.  Permit holders have stopped knife attacks as well as attacks with guns and bombs.  They have saved police officers lives in these attacks, such as a case in Early, Texas.


There are probably many more cases, but nobody knows for sure as many news stories probably don’t mention when a permit holder has stopped an attack.  Even when dramatic cases get news coverage there is often only one story mentioning a permit holder stopped the attack. The website for the Crime Prevention Research Center, where I serve as president, has a list of cases.


Between stopping attempted mass shootings or scaring off potential attackers, there is a reason why, with a couple of exceptions, all the mass public shootings in the U.S. keep occurring where general citizens can’t use guns for protection.


Of course, the unwillingness of the media to give cases where mass killings have been stopped news coverage is only part of the story.  Defensive gun use stories of any type don’t get news coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. 


Local news coverage is better, but even that often doesn’t do a very good job.  Earlier this month a permit holder saved a police officer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who was being savagely beaten by a burglar who taken away the officer’s baton.  Even there it wasn’t until the third day of local media coverage that one of the local TV stations briefly mentioned the heroic permit holder in a single paragraph. 


The gun debate would be dramatically different if the national media carried even some of these dramatic stories.  Covering these cases would not only give these heroes the recognition they deserve, it would also give potential killers second thoughts before they attack.




John R. Lott, Jr. is a columnist for He is an economist and was formerly chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission. Lott is also a leading expert on guns and op-eds on that issue are done in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Research Center. He is the author of nine books including "More Guns, Less Crime." His latest book is "The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies (August 1, 2016). Follow him on Twitter@johnrlottjr.


by kullexpat

07 Mar 2018

'FaceWordZ a Glossauricon of words pumping and pulsating through the veins in all languages '



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Palpitating bodies, rhythmically, resonating, throbbing together with


better words, vibrating oxytocin, zigzagging through our viens, transcending master brains which is like bustin a cap in the amount of all the mass shooting insanes























Face your word with... 


an Image, (optional)


stored in a




Glossauricon;glossary, thesaurus and lexicon(where your new word is kept for all languages to use)





by kullexpat

05 Apr 2018


delligerents n; deliverance + belligerent + parents


Aka “pooh-back time”


(like ‘payback’ but concening the mom who had to change your shorts, and put up with all your sh** first)


Time in one’s life when the oxytocin hormone of love starts to really kick in…..


recalling parents loving you in your own deliverance, keeps you hopelessly devoted to them, even throughout all their belligerence






So hows taking care of mom?




“Ahh.. thank you for asking…The delligerents cycle runs full circle, is how it ‘begends’; the beginnings and the ends intertwined as cycles, a full circle-hyperspherical, combined, within a 4th dementional never ending reality is simply…….. sublime




What the heck does that mean?!!




It’s called,


 ‘Delligerents’, its like a very scary ‘deliverance’, except, theres ‘no Burt Reynolds escape’, from the parents, its like being


caught in some kind of paradoxical, love house, of mommy’s belligerence….   


You gotta just love it!


by kullexpat

06 Apr 2018

Fled Frin-stoned

Image result for flinstoned


Fled Frin-stoned; to be so extremely ‘gone’ that you are ‘fled’ in yourbed’ from all the Frin-gilla droning; crazy buzzing, gone on in your head


Flying high, like a crazy, humming, buzzing, FINCH bird, you realize youre completely


fled; freakin lost, fried to an emergency code red, so you run away from the danger, thinking about it first in your head, but then decide the safest route is to just stay right where you are, on the floor, as if it were your frikin bed








fled; fried to the floor as if it were your bed, best way to avoid danger, be well read and fed instead






frin (plural frins)


1.    finch (bird family




Frin-gilla; to drone, hum, buzz)




gila; crazy






frin; A portmanteau of fiend and grin. It's usually used when something sinister comes into mind.





lets go bro!


I cant!! Im totally Fled!!!


You flin-stoned again!!! ??You Fled head!!


In yabadaba-doobudly!!

by kullexpat

08 Apr 2018


Image result for a boob shock cartoon



Closest thing to Hooters, in India

Just ask him where you want to go and what you'd like to eat, and you'll get that plus a tour guide, all in one, for rather cheap













So do you like India so far?

Ok I guess but i wish they had a Hooters


Note; Apparently Hooters is planning to open in India, coming soon... 


Im tired of the smelly, 'Heetoors'!!

by kullexpat

08 Apr 2018


Image result for a boob shock cartoon

              ROOTHIES; grandmothers who love eating good food at Hooters

roothies; euphemisism for 'grandma hooters'; noting proudly, in support of still having them





ruth; Something which causes regret or sorrow; a pitiful sight. [13th-17th c.]




Not available

by kullexpat

17 Apr 2018


Image result for smoking bud is wiser than drinking beer

Image result for cannabis infused beer

Budswiser; smoking bud is wiser than drinking alcohol

budswiser v; smoking bud, while drinking a bud, with a bud, reduces the amount of, 'alcohol' in the buddies  

budswiser v; to smoke bud before going to a bar in order to refrain from having no more than one or 2 beers


Yo bro you up for a budswiser!?


Of course!! if u got the bud, i got the beer! 

by kullexpat

17 Apr 2018



Image result for tremendous trump cartoon

trumpmendus(Trump + mend + US); a tremendous, emphatic,win-win, usually one that involves momentum towards mending a broken or corrupt system

trumpmendus; a win that pays off, one that helps put a country and all its people back on the global map, fair and competitive again


trumpmendus; a tremendous, humongous, slap in the pompous and pampered's faces; the supercilious, elitist, liberal left, Hollywood traters still going through a 'troma'(Trump Coma)



Now its clear, with proof positive, progress, to see that Trumps win was not just tremendous

ya, youre right, it's Trumpmendus!!!


by kullexpat

17 Apr 2018




stwamina; trumpmendus, tweeting stamina; the ability to stay up all night to tweet an opinion


Not available

by kullexpat

17 Apr 2018


Image result for enema tweet cartoon


twenema n; moving tweets; tweets that make you ‘move’; drinking coffee while reading a moving tweet


twenema; a series of prolonged, jarrng tweets that eventually work like getting a coffee enema up the butt, tweets that may keep a nation, up all night thinking, but its simple truth, acts like a jet stream fluid injected into a system’s rectum that causes evacuation of unwanted swampy waste and toxins.




From Late Latin enema, from Ancient Greek ?νεμα (énema, “injection”), from ?ν?ημι (ení?mi, “I inject, send in, put in”), from (en, “in”) + ?ημι (hí?mi, “I send”).






Can you believe all the political turmoil going on??


Yep, it makes sense, it was certainly a dirtier house!! No pain, no gain, Washington got its first enema, thanks to Trump and his ‘twenema’, house cleaning, campaign   


by kullexpat

17 Apr 2018



Image result for hillary clinton loss

troma (tromatized); ‘Trump coma’; when elitists passionately avoid reality 


triggered by a traumatic loss to a winner so despised or hated, it causes, a ‘tromatic’ stupor, reality black out, where the trater (Trump hater) makes absolutely no sense at all


However, if lucky, the trater eventually starts to come out of the troma, going through a kind of metamorphosis called, ‘meenow-morphortrump-osis, a cathartic, trumpsformation and ascension back to reality, and a higher, 4th dimention, our natural, spiritual place


Fortunately, coming out of a self induced tromatic, head injury troma can actually wipe out the 'weight' of a traters 'hate' which leaves more brain capacity room for increased intelligence   


Before eventually coming out of a, troma, the liberal trater goes through a sort of hibernation, purgatory, healing process that not only makes them smarter, and more sensible when they come out of it, it also decreases the swelling in their brain





troma; weight





troma; celluloid


celluloid; a fake person, ‘app’sentminded, always stuck to the phone, hobbits, lesbians and geeks= democrats until they come out of the 'troma'



A typical, ‘Trater’(before and during a Troma);


 “Trump is a mean, cold, bully ice-hole!




After coming out of a Troma…


Doctor asks; So is Trump still a mean cold bully ice hole?!


Trater; Yaa, he certainly is, but he’s our mean, bully, ice-hole!! Just the right man to protect our land, from the real evil ice-holes of the world… With such “Trump-mend-US” power, he’s helping US to unite our states, ‘for Americans’..not ‘of America’


Doctor doctor!!! the trater’s IQ has soard off the charts, he’s brilliant!!


Doctor; He’s not a, ‘trater’ any longer, hes, a ‘trainer’, on the Trump train, the ‘troma’ helped make his new choice a no-brainer …


What if the Trater fails to come out of a Troma?


Im afraid that would be the pitts, if its a guy the Trater would turn into a, ‘retarr’, if it’s a girl


Shed be a, ‘tarter’, forever stuck together, like tarrbaby bras, in the Bra-lea tarpits!!!   




‘enjoy your troma, ‘be it that comas heal… beeatch!”


“Call me when you come out of the Troma..”


by kullexpat

30 Apr 2018

fake snooze

Image result for fake snooze


fake snooze; the general consensus that when someone offers tales about their sex life, bragging about who they slept with, it’s not only very annoying and boring, its probably,

‘not true’


fake snooze; 'fake news' ; predictable/boring news that's now putting more people to sleep than anything else


fake snooze; to avoid waking up, in order to get ready to see all those fake 2 faced,  

traters (Trump haters) you dislike intensely 


fake snooze;  to extend, 'play' with a quicky, usually between the sheets of lovers 


fake snooze; pretending to be asleep, usually in order to avoid something or someone


Not available

by kullexpat

30 Apr 2018


Image result for leaker liar comey cartoon

lieker(lie-ker)n; one who is usually well respected or liked at first, until there's no doubt that the proven, 'leaker' and 'liar' is a 'Trater'(Trump hater) which only gets that lieker, licked later


lieker; self confessed leaker; especially one who tries to be liked in order to sell a book




lieker; a corrupt, lying, scuzball











1.    3rd person singular present indicative form of likt








1.    (transitive, intransitive) to lick






licked; beaten






1.    leaker A divulgation, or disclosure, of information previously held secret.


The leaks by Chelsea Manning showed the secrets of the US military.


2.    The person through whom such divulgation, or disclosure, occurs.






“Comey is crisscrossing the country to promote his memoir A Higher Loyalty, which paints Trump in a harsh light….”




"James Comey’s Memos are Classified, I did not Declassify them," Trump tweeted April 21. "They belong to our Government! Therefore, he broke the law!"




Verified account @realDonaldTrump


Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump




James Comey is a proven, (‘lieker’) LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and



"what do you think about the lieker comey???


"any well liked, powerful, and respected FBI ‘ric’…


who ends up becoming a ‘leaker and a liar’ which gets him fired…


is just another mainstream, well licked, lieker, dick!!!"


by kullexpat

05 Jun 2018




Image result for humorous beach fun cartoon


tanchix n; literally,

‘start having a smoking life, with ‘tanchix’

tanchix represents a way of life; anything non-pharmaceutical, non-alcohol, only 100% natural


tanchix; unlike the dangerous drug, 'Chantix' which may help to quit smoking but causes many other adverse side effects, especially if mixed with alcohol

tanchix represents the idea of having more, face to face, social interaction/fun, ideally, outside of your own country, with indigenous people from around the world who will appreciate your stories etc    


tanchix is 100% natural


NO adverse side effects




The only ‘black box’ warning on tanchix is:


Positive changes in behavior

No depressed moods, hostility, or  suicidal thoughts


‘tanchix’, in a word, is a simple reminder or mantra, to have a fun filled, healthy/’herball’, life; a non pharmaceutical life of, natural activities


tan + chi + kicks(as the idiom, 'get your kicks)


The word, ‘tanchix’ can also be pronounced as ‘tan-chi’, the x is silent but represents the intersection of at least 2

Although Tai Chi was originally a Martial Art it is mainly practiced today as an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits. The words Tai Chi Chuan mean Supreme Ultimate Boxing, used as an exercise for health it would loosely translate as Supreme Ultimate Exercise or Skill.Dec 30, 2011

The concept of the taiji ("supreme ultimate"), in contrast with wuji ("without ultimate"), appears in both Taoist and Confucian Chinese philosophy, where it represents the fusion or mother[1] of yin and yang into a single ultimate, represented by the taijitu symbol Taijitu - Small (CW).svg. Tàijíquán theory and practice evolved in agreement with many Chinese philosophical principles, including those of Taoism and Confucianism.


A 'smokin' life: slang idiomatic phrase meaning, 'a fantastic life'


 tan etymology

green/oak/thigh/wood/cranberry bush

chi(x) life force,breath/ kicks


X (mathematics) An unknown variable. “intersex or non-binary/Used between the names of two characters to denote a ship


X; two people hugging; excellent, experience, short for ‘kicks’





1.    (dialect, rare) The second, cardinal number two formerly used in Celtic areas, especially Cumbria and parts of Yorkshire, for counting sheep, and stitches in knitting.[2]






Cornish/ Breton




tan m (plural tanow)


1.   fire










Cognate to Silt'e [script needed] (tan).







smoke (from a fire)









1.  dream








Haitian Creole




1.  time






1.    until


2.    under


3.    while






tan (definite accusative tan?, plural tanlar)


1.   dawn, twilight, sunrise, daylight













(countable) A belief or tenet, especially about philosophical or theological matters.




chix; plural for babe, baby, baby doll


A word to describe something that is just outstanding when no other word comes to mind. Urban dictionary





"chick" comes from the Spanish word "chica" referring fondly to a young woman

chi; life force, breath








How do you keep looking and feeling so good?


Honestly? As soon as i got to Indonesia 20 years ago,  I started having a smokin life with tanchix…




by kullexpat

29 Jun 2018


Related image


Troid n; Trump-roid; ‘Trump You Up Roids’

Troids; steroids on Trump


 Troid; a fight with Trump as being, no contest; AKA a losing battle


A Trump-roid(Troid), is like Winning, on steroids, but its all natural, more potent and effective than any steroid, and comes from 100% pure determination and fight


Troid; Trump priming roid; any sweet-gale tweet, rallies, speeches or anything Trumpesque, will pump you up like steroids on Trump








From Old Irish troit (“fight, battle, quarrel”).




troid f (genitive singular troda, nominative plural troideanna)


1. a fight




troid (past throid, future troididh, verbal noun trod, past participle troidte)


1. quarrel, squabble, row, fight (usually verbally)


2. chide, reprove, scold



"Going into battle against the most powerful man on Earth is a 'Troid' one should definitely avoid"

by kullexpat

30 Jun 2018

The delete

Image result for trump defeats elites cartoon


deletes n; elites, defeated and deleted


The delete n; fat cat elites, reduced to undersized cabinet post, egg heads



delete; deterioration and destruction of 'dem elites'


The ‘delete’ represents the defeat and retreat of the elite; Trump’s Presidency marking the defeat of the elites as well as the global eroding of elitism  


de-lete; of dirty sludge





liete (“silt, sludge”).





1. undersized, dwarfish, short




by kullexpat