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04 Dec 2017


Image result for half as lovely, twice as true

hovely-twu; (short for; “half as lovely, twice as true”)

when a man’s love is greater than the woman’s, so the man proclaims that he would accept if she were just half as lovely(hovely)if that would make her twice as true(twu) so that they could be together


hovely-twu; (short for the saying;  ‘if you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife so get an ugly girl to marry you”


I love you, I love you, too much it seems, for any fool can see,
With your heart so crowded with other dreams, how can you dream of me?”

Wow, hovely twu, two times!!!!

Whats that?

Oh the girl i had is much too sexy and popular with all her men for me to compete, 'hovely twu', i wish she were half as lovely, twice as true..... 

by artigs

04 Dec 2017



Image result for twice the fun

twun n, v; twice the fun!, double the degree of pleasure ‘That’s What’s Up Now!’


TWUN; That’s What’s Up Now


You know i always have twun when Im with you?


Twice the fun

by artigs

04 Dec 2017


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twu(motto); ‘twice as true’; The idea that you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself or until you are “twu”  


TWU; That’s What U-do, being true to yourself and others, allowing your truth to flow through you and into the world.


when you are frightened to do something again because you had an unpleasant experience doing it the first timeTWU; That’s What U-do







I don’t know if I can make it amongst the sharks!!


YoY o, just stay twu man!!




Ya, but “twice as true” which means, be true not only to others but to yourself as well…….

by artigs

04 Dec 2017



twight n; if you’re ‘twice as true’, you’ll be, ‘twice as tight’, a couple who got that going on, gonna be twice as ait!!





Man yo guys are always together! 

Ya, dats because were not just tight, we "twight", twice as true, gets us twice as tight!!!


by artigs

10 Dec 2017


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Bangpire;  a ‘Dev-ill’ in disguise(see bux fuddy) a lady of the night and or day(originating from the Bangpire Bats gang of CJ's bar Mula-iya! and 'Bats' Shag-rilah' hotels of Indonesia, ) much worse than any vampire because they are very real and unlike vampires they don’t want your blood, they want the guy to suck their blood and are extremely clever with tricking the guy into drinking the bangpires first blood taste like a powerful potion that conjures a spell the guys will feel theyre falling in love when theyre really on their way to cinta(love) monyet(monkey) hotel hell


bangpire; when a girl, especially a prostitute, seduces or tricks a guy into bed without warning the guy before he continues and when its too late even though he notices the red in bed the spell compells him to go ahead 

A  bangpire will play guys into an emotional feel by banging and mashing them down, destroying love and taking hearts is a bangpires favorite thing to steal


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by artigs

10 Dec 2017


patookong n; tattoo on the boob(payudara) and one on the butt(bokong) origin; the bangpire-bat gang, bar girls, CJ's, Bats in Jakarta, Indonesia


pattoo; tattoo on the payudara(breast)


tookong; tattoo on the bokong(butt)   







dude, better be careful, shes got a 'pattookong', and that means shes a bangpire!

Whats that?

The new vampire, but a bangpire is much worse because they really exist and shell get you to suck her blood, once that happens, its all over!! Shell tear your heart out!!

Just what im looking for bro

by artigs

12 Dec 2017



Image result for shake it with tequila like a drunk prostitute cartoon

Image result for shake it with tequila like a drunk prostitute cartoon

ashek Ittaqullah; a Turkish/Arabic phrase that doesn’t mean;

“I shake-itwith-tequila!!!, like a drunken prostitute, it means……


Ashek!‘be bright’ (be smart, not a dumb, light, 'air-head', bangpire, bar fliar)


Ittaqullah!‘fear God’, embrace the spirit of love and be faithful (not the spirit of slamming back shots of tequila, while leading a reckless sex life 


The husband tries to explain to the wife the real meaning of Ashek-Ittaqullah....... 







Image result for sexy naughty flight attendant cartoon

Husband: " Sweetheart Im sorry but youve been a flight attendant now for almost 10 years, you're gone flying around the world most of the time, so i think its about time you quit and come home to your husband and 3 kids, we miss you and need you

 Wife; How dare you request such a thing from me!!? You were the one who left me 5 times every week, and before you left the house every morning you would tell me you were going to 'shake it-with tequila, drinking with girls all day.... ive just been doing the same thing you have but just around the world, with men!

Husband: Baby!! First of all, I was going to the office, to work, you know provide for the family as we do? And, when I said, "Ashek Ittaqulah" it was to remind you to, be smart, fear God, love your husband and kids, and be faithful!! You are a Muslim you know.

Wife; Oops, my bad, I guess, but your timing is not so good bb, ive just been hired by the new airline, Girludah-Air and was already personally promoted to the Mile-High, 'Tight Afflendant' club, by Captain Spitt himself, in his, super cool, Bad Spitt cock-Pitt,  which means I get to wear a sexier, tighter fitting, uniform and visit more exotic countries etc, and i cant just quit like that, Id have to first break up with all my "Foreign friends, with benefits" if you know what i mean, (they've earned a lot of miles with me), I couldnt do that to them, you know im a nice girl!!

Husband; I think its time for a divorce

Wife; What did I do this time honey!!?? You know i cant cook!!? ....


by artigs

12 Dec 2017

Bux Fudy Bar Flie


Image may contain: one or more people

bux fudy bar flie; (originating from, cj’s bar, “Mula-iya!” and Bats “Shag-rilah”, jakarta)


bux fudy bar flie; bar fly girls who actually end up looking like actual ‘flies’, “filling” heads, with ‘lies’, while they hypnotize you with their fire of desire, aka ‘bangpire’, a spell that can make lies fly 

flies; filling heads with lies

flie; a lie that wont  fly


bux fudy; menopausal nymphomaniac; a sexual vampire, unleashed after years of sexual fidelity; the most devi-stating, sexually powerful, skilled and sought out for kind of prostitute who is more interested in the, ‘bux’(bule-expat sex, and thrill of the experience, not all the experiences of course) and the endless parade of unimaginable pleasure than any money she may get from it, although a bux fuddy will always say they only do the sex biz for the money which is just an excuse  


Profile of a bux fudy bar fliar 


A bux fudy is devastatingly sexy and insatiable at the bar. An overly sexual, bar-fly, nympho female, usually, middle aged, divorced mothers with flabby mommy tummies, who pick up many strange men every week in hotel bars, giving a lot of unprotected, xxx, ‘bux’(bule-expat-sex) sex with strange foreign men, many times for free which is why a bux fudy is usually in debt


A bux fuddy enjoys(addickshun) to being a prostitute so much they can never quit, even if offered a way out, in order to quit that lifestyle, including a regular job that pays better, or even if someone offered their hand in marriage, they would rather buck any offer in order to keep on buxing like a prostitute


A bux fudy will insist she’s not a pathological prostitute and that she doesn’t like having sex with strange men every week and that she desperately wants to get a husband. However, she’ll use the excuse that no one will want a widow with kids. But the real reason a bux fuddy will never try to get another job is simply because she doesn’t want to. She’ll say she’s either too old or that there are no jobs available or shell make up any lame excuse for not trying.


A bux fuddy will lead a guy on, making him feel sympathetic towards her in order to get as much sex and romance as she can out of him because that is really what she’s after. And no matter what the client offers to help her quit being a prostitute, she will buck and block any offer in order to continue to be a common bar fly prostitute. She actually doesn’t want a permanent man even if it would make things somewhat less hotel like


Its the hunt, the catch and the wild bux sex, is what a bux fudy girl most desires and is why she doesn’t demand that much money for the sex. And sometimes, she won’t accept any money in order to make her feel as if she’s leading a normal life. And if she picks up a certain top performing guy who has the most time to satisfy her the way she wants it, she will bux him for months for free until the bule-expat finally realizes she actually has no intention of ever quitting having sex with many other strange men every week.


A bux fuddy only wants enough money to pay for nasi goreng and occasional movie tickets for her kids who have no idea that mommy is a bux fudy, bar fly, bangpire, addick, and will always be a bux fudy, as long as she can attract the bux, but as soon as the looks are gone, the bux stop there.




bux; bucks from bule-expat sex


BUX; Bule-expat Sex


BUX; Buck Up Xpat(to make a foreigner happy in order to get laid )


bucks; oppose or resist (something that seems oppressive or inevitable)


bucks; to make someone more cheerful; cheer up, pick up, take heart, perk up


buck; dollar




fud; (vulgar) cunt(vagina), an idiot


fudy; fouled-up female sex buddy, addicted to the prostitution life



FUD; Fear, uncertainty, and doubt





dude i wanta marry her, im serious!

Dont even go there bro, shes a bux fudy bar fliar! They are like homeless jobless people who live on the street and even if you give them a job, a home and your love, they will be right back on the street homeless again because its in their blood, just like bux fudy bar fliars, they fill your head with lies and hypnotize and then youl see they arent so pretty, they end up looking like nasty flies, and then youll see right through their 'flies'

by artigs

17 Dec 2017

Oliver's Twisted

Image result for Oliver Twist on crack cartoon

Oliver’s Twisted; an 'Oliver Twist', on crack, character; The Oliver who got left behind became 'twisted' beyond repair ; an Interfamily-thief; someone who steals (see grimrolae) from friends and family. A delusional, sociopath thief who suffers from a Personality Disorder thats full of jive, convinced he has a right to all his mother’s possessions and money while she’s still alive







Hey did you hear about the new play where a man reeks havoc within his own family and always saves the biggest heist for the xmas holidays when he rigmarolles his own mother?


Whats it called?


“Oliver’s Twisted”

by artigs

17 Dec 2017


Image result for Hillary dressed as the "fly" cartoon


flie; a lie that won’t fly



FLIE; Far Left Idiot Eagle; AKA ‘Sitting Eagle’, a bird so full of sh..t, it cant fly    








Shes so frikin sly, shes 'flie' , no matter how kool her school iz, her lies just wont fly

by artigs

17 Dec 2017




Image result for lies that come back to hit you in the eyes

flie; a lie that flies only until it comes back to hit you in the eyes


flie; situation when someone (a ‘fliar’) tries to ‘f’ up someone’s life with a tricky lie, all wrapped up in a, rigmarole of high-teched super-sleuth, but when the ‘lie’

won’t fly, it always comes back to destroy that girl or guy who started the flie, just by sticking to the simple truth











If Hillary's Indian name is 'Sitting Eagle', because its for a bird whose so full of turd it cant fly, since she also got away with all that money shouldnt her new Indian name be,  

'Flies Robbin FLIEs'.... Flies Robbin Flies....up up to the skies the limit apparently....

by artigs

18 Dec 2017



Image result for lies that make you barf

barf-flies; facebook-relationship-braggers;

Couples who display, over the internet, a lot of markers for narcissistic personality disorders known as the least secure in relationships; 2 flie couples who brag about their relationship are the ones most in trouble as they are only trying to mask their own insecurities, and at the same time seeking reassurance from others  

Not available

by artigs

20 Dec 2017


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Ponta-chaos;(see cona-opaths) a ‘red dinger’; opposite of ‘dead ringer’

Ponta chaos; puncted by a 'Polka-hauntus'(sing and dance that comes back to haunt you)


Ponta-chaos; someone who doesn’t have enough Native American heritage to claim minority status


Ponta-chaos; (see, ‘shingal-slot’) a fake, one who doesn’t even look anything like the real thing but tries to ‘wing it’ anyway which eventually leads to the chaos or, ‘shit hitting the fans’; a negative controversial result of a claim that ends up damaging one’s credibility rather than bolstering it


One who causes controversy for claiming to be a minority in order to use an unfair advantage by exploiting unsubstantiated ethnic roots, especially politicians and lawmakers; ie Elizabeth Warren



ponta m f (plural pontas)


  1. (soccer) winger


Old Portuguese






puncta; punctum,

punctus or punctum


  1. pricked, punctured, pierced, having been pricked.
  2. marked with points; stippled.
  3. stung, bitten, pinched, having been affected sensibly.
  4. vexed, annoyed, grieved, troubled, disturbed, having been vexed or annoyed.




red dinger; a cracked shot attempting to claim being a minority native indian  


Hey did you hear the one about the rodeo clown, a poverty pimp and a cherokee Indian walk into a bar?

No, what happened?

It was a 'Ponta-Chaos'; after their sing and dance, they left the bar without paying the bill, realizing youd been punct by a 'polka-hauntaus'

by artigs

20 Dec 2017


Image result for elizabeth warren dances with crooks cartoon


polkahauntus(polka-haunt-us); a sad, insincere song and Indian dance, aka ‘a poor-trail of jeers’ that always comes back to haunt us


Indian names


“Dances with Crooks”

“Haunts us with Perjury”


Not available

by artigs

20 Dec 2017

High Butt Cheek Bones

Image result for plumber butt cheeks cartoon

‘High Butt-Cheek Bones!’; Elizebeth Warrens, 'Cherokee' Indian ID card

Name on the ID card : "Chief High Butt-Cheek Bones", showing a blood relative honorary plaque, a photo of a ‘plumber’ exposing high butt-cheek bones, that only proves the, 'Cheek-rocheeky' Indian fraud is really high on butt-crack.



Skooter(AKA Chief High Butt-Cheek Bones): Hey shorty, i think my ancestry may be Indian

Shorty; Yes, Chief High Butt-Cheek Bones, your "incestry", ancestry filled with incest, has evolved into a, "Hills have eyes, trailer trash of nomads, yes I guess you could say a kind of very ugly Indian

by artigs

21 Dec 2017


Related image

scroothie n; a scrumptious, sumptious, smoothie,or anything extremely delicious and rich, sweet as a cookie. 

scroothie; truly scrumptious, silky smooth, beauty

scroothie v; to do a 'scroothie', is to make a sudden final decision to scram ie; while standing in line at Starbucks, to screw( leave) go home and make your own scrumptious, sumptious smoothie, usually a much  better and cheaper choice

scrumptious; extremely delicious 


sumptious; something splended and expensive looking.

to screw, v; slang, To leave or go someplace else Also a way to tell someone else to leave Urban Dictionary

Originally comes from WW2 navy slang.

Used by older folks mainly in Mass and NH.



Husband and Wife waiting in line at Starbucks :

Honey if you wanta make that movie we better do a 'scroothie'

Groovy, we can still watch the movie and then have my favorite homemade, 'scroothie', much better and cheaper, but better not be another stupid b movie!  

No worries we can always do another scroothie, scury and hurry to make something even more scrumptious,  sumptious and humptious...

Dont be presumptious!!..


by artigs

21 Dec 2017



goninsanyutic, n(gone-insane-you-tick) no where close to being part of something

 goninsanyutic, n;  in no way blood related; to be part of rigging a system that benefits the rich and then to complain about how the system is being rigged to benefit the rich

goninsanyutic; euphemism for "a few feathers short of a headress"


goninsanyutic v; (from,  a gutsy, crazy, insane, 'American steps to success', story) an application, poli-ticks process used when applying for an extremely prestigious job such as, let's say, Harvard Professor:


first, #1, ‘yutic’(you tick) whatever box it takes to get you the job, ie claiming to be a Native American even when you are far from it.


#2. Then just because yutic the minority box, Harvard, eagerly accepts the claim!— as they could tick off two boxes to show diversity: female and minority which is just as insane! 


But then it comes back to haunt you like a 'con-sanguinity',  Pocahontas ghost in very-close vein, yutic off not only the real natives but your own party of constituents as well, and so your rep will never be the same, in fact, it’s already gone, game over! You fell.....You've, ‘goninsanyutic’, trapped in a ‘poli-ticks’ kind of hell!!!!


goninsanyutic; an attempt to associate or attach to a group of people without rationale for doing so, except for maybe personal gain knowing that trying to pass off such claim would make them, ‘infamous’, looking as if they’ve gone insane to claim such blood relative minority status, especially native Indian, when there is absolutely no resemblance or any documented confirmation, and then ‘yutic’ off the real natives you claim to be portraying, and get offered ‘brook deals’( shady past, crooked past, book deals)

yutic ; you-tick off peole like a lunatic because of what you always tick

Yutic-Dinian;  do-do bird Indian; a fake who ticks people off 

Dinian n; relentless, loud, screetching, two-faced, dodo-bird, 'USAnian' who fakes being a native "Indian"

yutic; you-tick off people like a lunatic because of what you tick;





goninsanyutic n; any lunatic with absolutely no blood relation but still attempts a ‘poor-trail’ of jeers proclamation anyway because no matter how bad it gets, being a dirty infamous cheater, gets the most, “brook deals” (crooked made book deals).  No matter what had to be done to get there.


And that’s what its all abou


Her next brook deal, “Brook She-yields”; How to be a crook, in order to sell a book, make lots of money, and be off the hook, no matter what it took or what the look



Yo bro what category do i tick?

Youre in America, Bobby Rigged!! So 'goninsanyutic'!, "go on, be insane", 'yutik' whatever it takes to get you there, even if you have to lie, dats the name of the game...

by artigs

02 Jan 2018

Yellow dented yoni-heater(aka 'Little Bird with Big Balls')

Image result for bird with balls

Yellow dented,Yoni-heater AKA ‘Little-Bird-with big balls’

Indian name for a brave, political dodo bird, with balls; the original ‘angry bird’; one who can’t fly like an eagle because she’s only a head with no body but big balls to support her preach, but she still tries to pull it off by pretending to sing like an eagle when eagles don’t even sing, they either soar or they screech


yellow dented yoni heater; one who shows absolutely no ‘consanguinity’(resemblance or blood relation)



yellow-dented; bellowed yelly-suck-sapper(opposite of yellow bellied sap sucker); brave because of having a dented brain but dumb, loud and proud with balls too big to fly above the cloud 




yoni-heater; ‘wild cat in heat’; female who incites and annoys





by artigs

07 Jan 2018

capped diem

Related image


capped-diem; seize the day, while trying not to get your ass capped by a gun massacre shooting



Concerning gun massacres; There are more public mass shootings in the United States than in any other country in the world, according to a study published recently.


Not available

by artigs

07 Jan 2018

carpe me-diem

carpe-me-diem! Seize half a day, work less, but get more done for #1(me)


 carpe-me-diem! Literally, “This time, shut up and do it already! do half as much talking, do more the walking!


To seize the day with more silence, less words; in other words, slow down, take a breath, no more talk, it’s time to get things done while having fun, time to walk the walk



Not available

by artigs

07 Jan 2018

crap dium

Image result for crappy diem seize the crap cartoon

crap dium; don’t do crap today, just shut up, clear the mind, and carpe the crap out of that shit tomorrow


crap dium; get shit done, enough talk already


crap dium; sees the dung! Have a great poop but don’t tell me about it; situation when someone announces having to take a crap when no one needs to know about it








“throwing plans and routines to the wind and becoming more experimental in the way we live. We need to liberate ourselves from our electronic calendars and booking up our weekends weeks in advance, and recover a more unplanned approach to the art of living which existed before the Industrial Revolution, when we weren’t constantly checking the time and obsessed with being “efficient” and “productive”.

"hedonism – in healthy doses – has been a route to human wellbeing for millennia: when the conquistadors arrived in the Americas, they discovered the Aztecs tripping on magic mushrooms. Downing a few tequila slammers or smoking a joint under the stars can sometimes help us with our troubles just as much as a trip to a therapist" 

sorry, I gotta take a crap!


Well ‘crap dium’ bro! get outta here take your crap I don’t want to hear about your shii !!

by artigs

10 Jan 2018


My name is Army!! You like my chia-pits??

Image result for crazy mexican chick cartoon


cuntspiculous(cunt-spic-ulous); when a ‘stupid, abnormal, Mexican chick’ with ‘balls’ and whoring rep, conspiculously displays a ridiculous, rude and unpleasant behavior; characteristics of an unsavory, disrespectful foreigner, that inspires a country to secure its border with a more, ‘impenitrumple’ wall  


cuntspiculous; when an out of line, ‘amyloidosis, disease causing, character, a hispanic chick, usually a waiter/hostess at Applebees who is so conspicuously out of line flirting with customers, they only last a couple of weeks until they’re waxed off(fired)


‘amyloidosis disorder’; (a bad waxy starch build up that results from degeneration of tissue and is linked to various diseases)


‘amyloidosis disorder’; juan percent Mexican, 99% amyloid wax


Warning; cuntspiculous Mexican chicks, are like a kind of amyloidosis, disease causing, wax build up, a type of wax that can cause serious damage and so should never be, “waxed on”, but if one should ever encounter a dose of her wax, immediately avoid being annoyed by her amyloidosis and ‘wax it off’ (avoid the cuntspiculous amyloid at all cost and go the other away)  






dude you know that cuntspiculous chick that you had lunch with is full of diseases!!?


Ya, I know, that’s why I only bought one cheap burrito, then i cut the burrito in half that way I could have my piece and she could have herpes!!!

HAAA!! Good one bro, Amyavoid her at all cost!!!

by artigs

11 Jan 2018





Amyxican’t (a mixican’t); any rude cuntspiculous, Mexican chick using an American name such as, ‘Amy’, but can’t pull it off, only ends up acting like a 'merk', a mexican jerk


Amyixcan't is similar to when a white guy tries to act black which would be ‘wack’


Merk; a mean, Mexican jerk




Urban dick




merk: noun; some one who goes on 4chan all day, avoiding their necessities of life, even in causing stress, drama and anger in other peoples lives.




To diss, to intellectually injure someone.


to "creep on" or stalk people (or a certain person) via the internet, usually on a social networking site like facebook


Merk is a combination of mean and jerk. A merk would not understand what they are being called because mean jerks are not intelligent. You can also combine other words to make your own insults that not many will understand; insulting them on a new level and not explaining your madness behind it. You're welcome.


by artigs

11 Jan 2018

dumb wetter

Image result for a slutty waiter cartoon


dumb-wetter; a very ingnorant waiter, like wet behind the ears but just lower and between the legs, usually fired within a couple of weeks because of her constant, promiscuous behavior flirting with customers


dumb wetter; (see “cuntspiculous”) 




harlesden slang for a promiscuous girl.a female who loves having sexual extreme cases,possibly numerous times, with different bres on a daily basis. UBD


Used to define someone who crossed the border illegaly and thus wet his back crossing the Rio. UBD






what a 'dumb wetter' she is!! She's handing out her telephone # to every guy customer who enters the restaurant!!

Yep, and she's a mexican named, 'Amy' wearing a blonde wig,  definitely a cuntspiculous, pocho chick! She wont last long !

by artigs

14 Jan 2018




Image result for ARK Acts of Random Kindness cartoon Diam



ARK diam!, Seize the day!! With…..


“Acts of Random, Kappiness!; happiness from speading ‘Kindness’; have a diamond day!


ARK--diam!: ‘deize the ‘say!(seize the day, watch what you say) performing at least one act of kindness in a day spreads ‘kappiness’ the happiest kind of happiness there is 


Trusting much on words we create today will most definitely benefit tomorrow


Where ‘carpe diem’ is the more hedonistic, ‘just do it’, master-celebrator of; just, ‘enjoying the present while trusting little on what tomorrow may bring’


then, ‘ARK- diam’ would transcend that mantra to remind us we can do more than just enjoy the present, we can trust what tomorrow will bring by what we do today, spreading kindness, as it plays a most important part of many positive tomorrows and all the beauty it will bring; And that is priceless, much more precious than the world’s most valuable, ‘diamond ring’


performinging a single, random act of kindness while seizing a day, will not only generate ‘kappiness’ (a much deeper, more gratifying joy that goes way beyond mere happiness)it will also insure a better tomorrow, as people and words are more precious than any, ‘diamonds are forever’

ARK-diam, a seized day employing, Kindness/Kappiness is a language where the ‘deaf’ can hear and the ‘blind’ can see, add to that miracle, ‘Infinite Intelligence’ whose always watching, and you’ll get the power of 3, so we trust those good words used today, like good deeds in reaping what we sow, will benefit many more tomorrows as we go


ARK-diam; seize the day, in an energetic, competitive and have fun, sevousplay', kind of way,


but be ready to get cut like a diamond for what you believe in today….


for as long as you balance it all with a random act of ‘kindness’, that’s it! Youre in! Youre a precious, refined, ‘diamond king pin’ ….


which basically means no matter what happens to you that day, it'll always be recorded by the power of 3 invested in thee, as a bonafide, “Arkapp diamant”, ‘seized ‘win’


The ‘kapp’ in ARK?


seizing the day spreading ‘kappiness’, goes beyond the enjoyment one gets from just pleasing oneself to be happy, kappy is more precious than diamonds


ARKapp-diamant!’ kappiness mantra (preferably used first thing in the morning, look at self in mirror, raise right hand as if you were tipping a hat to yourself) then confirm the following:  


“I am a precious diamond; a chunka, chunka, burning love, smoldering coal that did very well under pressure, so nothing can break me or my destiny, or even this dreamy day, as long as I remember to be, ‘kappy’, which goes way beyond just plain ‘happy’ when measured in ‘kind’…


ARK-diam!!! Enjoy your day, and don’t forget kappy!!, You don’t have to be cruel to be kind!!”


ARKapp diamant!!; Successful end to an ARK diam day…..

Kappiness;  kind + happy = ‘kappiness’





kapp n (genitive singular kapps, no plural)


1.  zeal, eagerness


2.  energy, effort


3.  competition




kap (first-person singular past tense kapa, participle kapur)


1.  grab


2.  catch


3.  grip




kap; to get, to receive




kap; catch




dei, dey


1.  inflection of deyja:


to die



deize(day + seize); short for ‘seize the day’(carp-diem), with God


deize, dei deus! Seize the day with God and be ready to Die for what you believe in


Nobiscum deus ("God with us") was a battle cry of the late Roman Empire and of the Byzantine Empire. The name Amadeus translates to "for love of God". The genitive/dative dei occurs in such phrases as Roman Catholic organization Opus Dei (work of God), Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) and Dei Gratia (By the Grace of God).




Not available

by artigs

15 Jan 2018



Image result for kappiness


kappiness; the idea that, ‘Kindness’ makes one ‘happy’, and ‘happiness’ makes one ‘kind’.


kappiness; to have slowed down because the highest ‘kind’ of happiness which had been trying to catch you, has finally caught up with you and caught you 


kappy; kind + happy; kind in happy, happy in kind, if feeling good makes you happy, kappy makes you feel better and also soothes the mind




kapp n (genitive singular kapps, no plural)


1.  zeal, eagerness


2.  energy, effort


3.  competition




kap (first-person singular past tense kapa, participle kapur)


1.  grab


2.  catch


3.  grip




kap; to get, to receive




kap; catch




kappy; a ‘kind’ of elevated, spiritual, happy that makes one really able to finally relax and unwind, just from being kind


by artigs

15 Jan 2018


sillencer(sill-encer); silencing silliness;

inhale seriousness’, exhale ‘silliness’ …… ‘silence’  

sillencer; any means capable of handling, out of control silliness and excessive self-criticism by using a healthy dollop balance of serious fun and silliness


sillencer; any means to muzzle or silence silly negative thoughts from your inner critique


Just like a computer, you can reprogram your mind based on the software(wording) that you put into it



"Excessive self-criticism tends to backfire, because it leads us to focus on our so-called failures instead of the “small ways that we could have improved,” says psychologist Tamar E. Chansky, PhD, author of Freeing Yourself From Anxiety. And over the long term, studies show, self trash-talk is associated with higher stress levels and even depression




teacher; wow! Now that’s the sound of sillence, silliness being silenced!!”! Howd you get this crazy silly class to be so silent?


A lot of practice, and I have a ‘sillencer’(a secret weapon silencer for out of control silliness) 


by artigs

15 Jan 2018


sillence(sill-ence); silliness, silenced  









whats wrong teacher??

Oh, nothing class, im just enjoying the sound of "sillence"

You mean silence!!??

Nope, 'sill-ence'


What's sillence?

Well, it's a sound, so good to a teacher, its the sound of silence in a room full of, dangerous, dynamite, silliness! ...

by artigs

15 Jan 2018


Image result for silliness finesse


silnesse(sil-ness); silliness finesse; using the right degree of silliness mixed with seriousness



"A playful state of mind helps create options instead of pressing harder on tactics already tried.


The play mindset, Diana says, stimulates creativity and connection, which are essential qualities for high-performing businesses. Emerging science shows that people who are in good mood are far more likely to develop innovative or creative thoughts and solve  "





Just like, Adriano Panatta, the great Italian Tennis player, has great court finesse, a great teacher, in the classroom has a masterful ability to balance silliness and seriousness with great finesse, and that is, silnesse 


by artigs

15 Jan 2018



pretrumptuous; powerful, righteous, presumption that is so consistantly right it doesnt seem proper, usually from one who takes the x-factors of momentum and winning into account


pretrumptive; a presumptive winning streak; the presumptive winner; usually the one who is doing the presuming is most brazen, ends up trumping them all, infuriating even further the opposition 






P"resident Trump has the right to be ‘pretrumptuous’ because more than often, when it really counts, he’s right; a ‘pretrumptive’ force (most often, presuming right (correctly) the presumptive winner, in one word, ‘pre-trumptive’) one to be reckoned with unlike never before


by artigs

15 Jan 2018





haltch(hawtch); to half watch something, ie; to do something else more interesting or more important while watching tv etc..  


haltchers; aka, ‘unreachables’; millennials and gen xers who don’t watch any traditional tv anymore which incites a creative wake up call for advertisers to adapt to the changes in the world of tv

haltcher; a gamer who plays games on one half of the screen while watching something on tv


Almost half of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a new study by Omnicom Media Group agency Hearts & Science.


It's pretty scary," says Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn, referring to the group as "unreachable" by marketers. "We are not reaching young audiences effectively, just over-indexing on older viewers on TV."








Hey did you see that tv show, its only the most popular tv show ever?


Sorry, Im a haltcher, I never watch tv, at most just half watch some cable shows etc..

by artigs

17 Jan 2018

rigally sclewed


rigally sclewed(rig-ally-sclewd) 'ripped off and given the boot by a more powerful,  rigged, legal system that fights against you, an evolved, ‘whoever has the biggest stick wins’, that is now, whoever has the highest paid lawyer, wins, with the advantage that no matter how much you use a lawyer, it won't snap into pieces as nobody seems to really care whether you actually did anything wrong 

Unfortunately, if you don't happen to be the wealthy sort, the system is stacked against you and you will be ‘ex-sclew-dead’, rigally!



rigally; royally ripped off by a rigged legal system




sclewed; one way street to being properly and royally screwed by an American justice, so called legal system that doesn't care less about principles 


So your elderly mother who  clearly got robbed, cheated out of many thousands by Lifestyle lift/aka Fresh Image, Chase Bank and Clear Choice and the attorneys cant do anything!!??

Nope! She's 'rigally sclewed', ex-sclewdead!! And even if she died it wouldnt be enough for her to win because the big guns control the attorneys bro....

What a 4th world country we live in!

by artigs

17 Jan 2018


Image result for trump superior genetics cartoon

genetrumptics n(gene'-trump-ticks); superior trump genetics, with heart; race horse like genes of a blessed, winner so powerful, it ticks off anyone with bad genetics


genetrumptics; genetics of one with extremely, high energy, above average exercise capacity, and a sustenance, dream diet of a teenage boy with an overall cleaner lifestyle that trumps unhealthy habits, especially one with the benefit of never smoking, drinking or succumbing to excessive stinking thinking which is the worst things one can do for health, and can also explain why one with genetrumptics doesnt need as much sleep, and can potentially live up to 200 years of more winning in remarkably, smooth and glorious, pulchritudinous, stealth  


(genetics) A theoretical unit of heredity of living organisms ; a gene may take several values and in principle predetermines a precise trait of an organism's form (phenotype), such as hair color



gene; Something that bothers; a nuisance.


In Wiradhuri language 'gene' or 'geen' means 'heart'

The Wiradjuri people Wiradjuri southern dialect pronunciation [wira?j?u?raj]) are a group of indigenous Australian Aboriginal people that were united by a common language, strong ties of kinship and survived as skilled hunter–fisher–gatherers in family groups or clans scattered throughout central New South Wales.



     (literary) Having great physical beauty.


Urban dictionary


stealth; remarkable, exquisite, glorious, awesome, smooth, bodacious, fine, tremendous, pulchritudinous    



So how can Trump beat all those professional politicians, without much sleep and then get the people of the United States to vote for him to be President?

Its called 'genetrumpicks'

But CNN says he's got heart disease??!!

Ya thats what they hope, its more like "dart his-ease", he will easily dart, like a missle, any signs of that with ease, just wait and see... 

by artigs

20 Jan 2018




 The following words contributed by fwz to help celebrate spreading ‘happiness through kindness’….


Starting, Sunday, January 21


National Hugging Day 2018 in United States of America…. 

                                     "Don’t be “coytoxin!!!"


Image result for don't be shy cartoon




coytoxin; Being too shy, or coy, keeping your, talks in”, reduces the powerfully healthy hormone, oxytocin, which increases the dangerous stress hormone, cortisol, and that builds up to a deadly toxin, not good for you, or for us all




"Don’t be "coy-toxin!" Release the Oxytocin, give a hug, get rid of the cortison bug!!"


‘Coytoxin’ in a word, reminds one not to be ‘coy, or too shy for too long


Make sure to give a hug, a smile or at least a happy high 5, release the powerful, magical, medicinal, love hormone, oxytocin to stay happy and healthy while being alive


The stress hormone, cortisol, is public health enemy number one. Scientists have known for years that elevated cortisol levels: interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease... 


















Boy; Hey do you know its Natatonal Hugging Day!

girl; you just want a free hug you flirt!!

boy; dont be coytoxin, release that oxytocin, i was gonna give the hug and a free chocolate dessert!!

girl; oopps my bad!!


by artigs

22 Jan 2018


Image result for generating oxytocin, makes good sense


koi-tinox (koy-ee-tee-nox) show kindness, friendship, and love by preventing one from doing something irrational or crazy like drinking and driving; a huge oxytocin releaser




koi; friendship and love



  1. most, more (intensifier)


Portugese  / Spanish

tino; sound judgment, good sense, tact, sensitivity


tinox; skill and tact of using good judgment in a more thoughtful, ‘pense’, not only boosts oxytocin levels, it reels in even more good fortune,‘ti’,  for the one employing the ‘tino’ , in a very big, ‘sense’

tinox; any action that generates oxytocin, makes good sense


KOI-tinox; ‘Kind’ of Over It; kindness from forgiving makes good sense which generates the oxytocin that keeps out the toxin


showing koi (love and friendship) stimulates The Well-being, a Tri-effecta of dopamine, oxytocin and seratonin that gets rid of the poisons, cortisol or toxins


In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means "affection" or "love"; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan.




From a Polynesian language, related to Hawaiian k?.


ti  The good luck plant, Cordyline fruticosa





  1. sensibleness; intelligence; reasonableness; moral integrity; good sense of judgeme



nox nox!!

whose there??


koitinox who?

koi-tinox, me, a friend who wants to buy you a cup of coffee or tea and keep you from having another dweee!(DWI)

by artigs

23 Jan 2018

Flake News

Image result for flake news cartoon


Flake News; aka‘Clake and Forker’; tastless, worthless orts, pieces of cake eaten with a forker; self sabotaging news


 ‘Clake and Forker’ is what anything negative Corker or Flake says about, Trump, he just devours and poops out as if it were a slice of ‘clake’, a dry, flaky, cake of candied corker; a lovely, pulchritudinous desert that Trump just gobbles up with a silver ‘forker’


Flake news; any self promoting, ‘expussay’, news that only uncovers dirt on the flashy flaker who made the statements


expussay; expose from a flake, usually having the opposite effect; uncovering that the expussayer is still a pussay


Flake News; news from one whose horrible approval ratings are so low, its actually called, ‘underground missle siloh ratings’


A Flake news report is usually a hail mary, go for broke act where, one craps on their own people, pretends to hate someone, let’s say, like, ‘Trump’, and then does the Romney act, defames the president, just to sell his new book



hey did you hear Trumps got heart disease and theyre gambling in vegas against if hell get impeached before dying from a heart attack

Ahh, just more Clake you eat with a Forker bro!! Flake news!!

by artigs

23 Jan 2018


Image result for draining swamp


S-hole; synonymous to drain the swamp; a democrap’s,  ‘s’ we dump, and the ‘hole’, to get rid of it, is the soul in the hypersphere ‘torus’, brought to you by the best President ever, Donald J Trump whose always been for ‘US’


S-hole; a Torus, hypershere, donut ‘hole’ provided by Trump so that all the ‘s’ can be dumped


The ‘s’ represents all the Trump hating demo-‘craps’ 


hole; a way to drain the s out of the demcraps


 ‘S’ show; just another demo-crappy show; an attempt to sabotage a winner




Not available

by artigs

24 Jan 2018

Clake and Forker

Clake and Forker; tastless, worthless orts, pieces of cake eaten with a forker ; minced meat cake, eaten alive




‘Clake and Forker’ is what anything negative people like Corker or Flake says about, Trump, he just devours and poops out as if it were a slice of ‘clake’, a dry, flaky, cake of candied corker; a lovely, pulchritudinous desert that Trump just gobbles up with a silver ‘forker’


by artigs

26 Jan 2018


Image result for self-righteous indignation cartoon


outrighteous; outrageous, self-righteous, indignation; contrived outrage that makes ‘fake haters’, sanctimonious hypocrits


outrighteous; to accuse and judge without corroborating evidence, a paroxysm of moral outrage from people not known for a pietistic lifestyle themselves; absence of a hater’s sincerity



"If you describe someone as self-righteous, you disapprove of them because they are convinced that they are right in their beliefs, attitudes, and behavior and that other people are wrong".


"To hear Democrats react to the Trump accusations of impropriety (that are unproven and specifically denied) is just ‘outrighteous’; enough to gag a maggot.


“There is no defense of Trump’s vile, vicious, even vulgar comments but for Democrats and RINOs to weep, whimper, and whine about his statements is like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath. 


Trump-haters prefer to focus on his, shall I say, unusual personality, rather than results


by artigs

26 Jan 2018

Donut Trump

Image result for donald trump and the 3 torus


Coming Soon


by artigs

26 Jan 2018



fake-hater n(sounds like ‘vacater’) any ‘fake hating’, “outrighteous”, hypocrit who has vacated a position just because they prefer to focus on a leader’s unusual personality traits and foibles rather than their results


Eventually, any fake-hater gets sucked into the powerful, hypersphere of a, ‘Donut torus Trump'; doing its swamp drainin thing, by taking another nasty democrap dump 





Wow the fake hater is finally gone!

Ya, he couldn’t take the loss and the riducule anymore so he went on a sudden, ‘vacate-shunned’, he aint coming back 

by artigs

26 Jan 2018



vacate-shunned n; a supposed ‘vacation’, used as a disguise to vacate a job for fear of being shunned and fired upon retuning to work


embarrassed and shunned, a trumped hater decides to just leave and never return to the place of work, where they’re considered to be an ‘outrighteous’ ‘fake hating’ jerk






what happened to the fake haters who use to work here?


They went on an, extended, indefinite, “vacate-shunned” never to return again. Unfortunately, they neglected to logically think through their brash promises of moving to another country if Trump won, Canada wouldn’t even let them in because their immigration is even more strict


Why didn’t they just go to Mexico, anyone can get in there?


Because they didn’t want to pay for half of Trump’s Wall

by artigs

26 Jan 2018



vaca-shun(vah-kah); a fake-hater’s (ie Trump hater) extended, indefinite vacation, “behind bars” (drinking then throwing up in the alley, behind the bars) until actually waking up one time, ‘behind bars’, in a Vacaville California prison full of Trump loving inmates 



So what happened to the guy who voted for Hillary and hated Trump?

He went on 'vaca-shun', he couldnt handle it so he drank himself into jail 


by artigs

28 Jan 2018


Image result for baby eating dessert

desserted v(dee-zerted)

to desert a diet because of a particular, very tempting, scrumptious looking dessert

desserted adj; because of a dessert so tempting one forgets about being on a diet until almost finished with the dessert



Women who ate small desserts four times a week lost 9 more pounds than those who enjoyed a larger splurge whenever they wanted




What happened??! Youre on a diet!!?

Sorry, i 'desserted' it, I admit, Im a total desserter!!! But im back on it tomorrow!! I promise!! Believe you me!!!

by artigs

29 Jan 2018

D Trumpliribust TudaMoonum

Image result for Trump The wizard of beating the odds cartoon

Image result for Trump The wizard of beating the odds cartoon


D Trumpluribust TudaMoonum; In God We Trust, to the moon with Trump, or Bust

 "The wizard of beating the odds"  : A Modern Day Wizard of Oz

E pluribus unum was considered a de facto motto of the United States


IE  Pluribus Unum still appears on U.S. coins even though it is no longer the official national motto! The United States Congress gave that honor to In God We Trust in 1956 by an Act of Congress (36 U.S.C. § 302.)


In the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz, the Wizard gives the Scarecrow a Diploma from The Society of E Pluribus Unum.

They travel along the Yellow Brick Road (the gold standard) to see the Wizard, who could represent President Grover Cleveland or William McKinley. (“ Oz” itself is the abbreviation for ounce, which is the standard for measuring gold. The green of the Emerald City represents the dollar.)







1.     in that direction, that way, there, thither


SSlovak Czek


um m


1.    skill, art,




um; mind ntellect wit


Not available

by artigs

30 Jan 2018


trumple v; A righteous, “Right”, “trample” and “trump’(win) against an opponent


trumpler n; one who gets trampled on but still manages to come out on top trumpling the trampler who attempted to trample


trumplervious; impervious, impenitrumple, trumpler; trumpling any trampler  


When someone gets trumpled, the losers pull out their hair, hysterically shouting out in final breaths of air, “Unfair, unfair! Not my President! He didn’t win, it’s theft!!” until the trumpling, trumpet drums, end, and theres no one, ‘Left’ except for the last man standing, the most admired, in devinity and deft




Wow he really trumpled them good!! Served them right!


You mean, “trampled”?!

No, if you trample without a good righteous cause youre just a tramp, trampling, but if youre a righteous winner it’s a trumple……

by artigs

30 Jan 2018



Image result for trump man of steel cartoon

Trumple-Steelskin; Man made of steel-skin; thick-skinned winner, yet sensitive to critisism, just the right balance of empathy and steelskinned, fortitude that can win any man or woman a presidency

trumplesteelskin; skin made of iron, bones made of steel, thick skinned, with spirit and feel; sensitive to criticism and any nasty attack but has the courage to fight back.




So if Hilary had won, she'd be trumplesteelskin too?

Yep!. Any trumplesteelskinned person that has bite is much worse than a Rumplestilskin rattle and would absolutely destroy any annoying GOP or Democrap goblin in any battle


by artigs

30 Jan 2018


Related image

Related image

trater n; ‘Trump hater’

trater n; one with serious behavioral problems and a psychotic denial of defeat

trater n; typical American far left liberal voter who doesn’t do or even know how to do any kind of detailed fact-based analysis 

trater v; to argue, like a traitor, against ones own country without considering the facts and truth, dangerously defaming, implicating, and inciting violence against someone undeserving of such cruel and hatred treatment

As soon as a knowledgable, fair and balanced, 'trump supporter' argues the facts with reason, it causes the, trater to trumplode(explode with anger, running away shouting, treason, treason!!!) 



trater; (transitive) to treat (to handle, behave toward in a specific way)

to try, to attempt 



trater  'trata' ; to quarrel 


Clinton lost because she was a weak candidate with too many liabilities and too many people simply didn’t want to vote for her. Even if she’d been a man I think she would have lost


Hey, i got a date!?

Great! You better find out if she's a 'trater' because if she is, chances are, you'll never mate her 

Ok, Ill tell her i love trump in the morning, after she makes me breakfast

good idea! 

by artigs

30 Jan 2018


Image result for quotidian cartoon


outqidian v(out-kiddian) to go out and be a kid again, at least a quarter of your day


outqidian n (out-qi-dian, out-kee-dian) of the right amount; a daily dose of, 'meditation and fun' by playing outside the box at least 4 times per day


outqidian v; to engage in at least 4 pleasurable activities is the key to having a heavenly day




outqidian; a prescription; to go outside at least 4 times a day, meditate, and be a kid again








Abbreviation of Latin quater (or quattuor) in die.


QID ‎(not comparable)


(pharmacology) Four times a day






qi m (plural qis)


chi (philosophy) A life force in traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, medicine, etc. related (but not limited) to breath and circulation




Scottish Gaelic


 dian (comparative dèine)


1. passionate, enthusiastic, zealous, fervent, eager, keen


From Old Occitan dia, from Vulgar Latin *dia, from Latin di?s, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *dy?ws (“heaven, sky”).




dian; devine


ian; gods gift



Not available

by artigs

31 Jan 2018


Image result for trump wall cartoon

This word is dedicated to Trump and his first state of the union speech, January 30th 2018 

Trall; Trump Wall


TRA’ALL(tra-all); Threat, Reduction, Aligned, with Love, in Life for All, wall


Trall; The great, transcendental, transcultural, enthralling wall of, ‘leadership’ towards a ‘safer, free-er world’, for all; a ‘tralala’, all mighty, trumpet-humming, wall that can’t be seen because it’s not even built yet, but like a transom, beaming window into the transpicuous, border wall of the soul, it traverses, transduced energy, most certainly heard and felt, reverberating around the world, as just the ‘pretrumptuous’ talk or even idea of building such a, transubstantiated, ‘impenitrumple’ wall has not only transpierced into the heart, a significant reduction of border crossings, raising a transpiration of nervous illegals to sweat more since Trump’s inauguration, it’s also transmitting a positive transvalued interest into more highly advanced, transmogrification border wall technologies, that even the most remote, transmontane regions of the world are now considering as, trans-possible which is definitely something to transponder 




Trump's wall hasnt even been built yet but its already there!


Its called a "Tra-All" you cant see it but you can feel it and its transcending love for US All!!

by artigs

31 Jan 2018

trala-lala-la, talk to the ‘Trall’

Related image

"trala-lala-la, talk to the ‘Trall’; Talk to the ‘Trump Wall’; euphemisism for, ‘talk to the hand’ because ‘im not listening to you’, but talk to the Trall is specifically used to avoid confrontations with obnoxious Democrats who are like trying to talk to a wall, so you just wave your hand in front of you to indicate a Trump-wall that protects you from their attacks, and say tralalalala talk to the Trall 


  1. meaningless syllables used when humming a tuneNorwegian


  1. used to vocalize a melody or a cry to express joy




Man! Trump’s an out of control racist! Tell me one thing he’s done so far??


Ahhh, Just look at the Nasdaq? yo I don’t need to convince you about Trump because he already won, so get over it, you’ve been trumpled, trumped, and dumped… So ‘Talk to the Trall’ punk!!


I dont care what you say, Trump's a racist, liar, hitler, bully, rough around the edges and blablabla...(cut off by the, trala-lala-la...) 

.."Trala lala-la, trala-lala-la, talk to the Trall, talk to the trall, trala-lala-la, trala-lala-la, talk to the Trall, talk to the trall!! Now look whose walkin Trall loser!"




what you say when you are insanely bored. a way of changing the subject.

Norwegian Nynorsk



  1. imperative of tralla

to sing casually, wordlessly, (sing tralala), to hum


by artigs

05 Feb 2018


Image result for shoes that look like jaws cartoon


shaws; extremely worn and torn, especially shoes that look like, ‘jaws’


by artigs

05 Feb 2018


Image result for shoes worn out jaws


shoews (‘shows’, sho-ews); shaws, worn without socks, so that the toes show


by artigs

05 Feb 2018




Image result for poor makeshift shoes cartoon


shoerns n(‘shorns’ but can also be pronounced ‘show-erns’! )


extremely worn, and ‘torn to shreds’; make shift ‘shoews’ dwindled down to looking more like sandals, revealing dangerously sharp-cheezy smelling nail daggers called ‘taggers’(long sharp dagger like toes nails) a foul smelling force that causes most anyone to immediately shear out in the opposite direction, but also, obviously ‘shows’ the unfortunate one wearing them isnt ‘earning’ much


show-ern v; a show of concern for those who don’t earn; the idea that we really cant understand someone unless we walked in their shoes; any, ‘show’ that reminds us to be grateful for what we got and what we ‘earn’, so that we can show a little concern for those who don’t earn


shoews; shaws(shoes with jaws) worn without socks



by artigs

11 Feb 2018


Related image


bombardon me; a bomshell pardon 

what to say after after bumping into a bombshell


bombardon me; what a bomshell says after burping, or after making any other unintentional miss-hap  

bombshell; slang, extremely sexy, a 'dish', a hot, rad, honey babe 






patron at Bomshells sports bar in Dallas bumps into a bombshell waitress


"bombardon me! Butt, I think im seeing double, double D's!??"


"youre not seeing double sir, this isnt, Hooters, its Bombshells what youre seeing are booters;bombshells with 'booty hooters'!

by artigs

18 Apr 2018

blud coolahol


Image result for weed in blood cartoon

blud coolahol n;

‘bud in the blood’, no trace of alcohol; keeping, ‘cool’ is where its at   


blud coolahol; keeping it just, ‘bud’ in the blood






  1. where




blud; bud(sativa etc) in the blood
















yo, yo bro, whats your poizen?




Yo man just watchin my, ‘blud coolahol’, stayin cool is all, keeping the ‘bud in the blood’, as snoop-dog is my judge, no trace of alcohol

That’s whats up!!  



man!! you be trippin!!! drink this malt liquor sukah!



I dun told you blud !!! My blud be cool!!!..... ahol!!!


by artigs

21 Apr 2018


Image result for bud-alcohol level cartoon

bud-alcohol; blood alcohol level/ratio where theres a higher amount of bud in the blood than alcohol









2018 Colorado Cannabis Festival


'Cross Town Reehfer Brown' traffic Officer says to Patron;

"Hows it going this evening, sir?


"Just keepin it, 'bud-alcohol', sir, high on the bud, low on the 'hol' is all...


Cross Town Reehfer Brown;

"Cross Town Reehfer Brown, like that sound!!!"


Patron; that's whats up!!!



by artigs

28 Apr 2018



smilfie n,v; to take a selfie with a milf or milfie




milf; Mother I’d Like to Fraternize (euphemism for ‘Mothers Id Like To F’




milfie; Mother Id Like to Find; a very sexy lady




IE; Inhernest Explorher, Intelligence, Exciting= Instant Errr-ection…oooops!!!




i.e an abbreviation to specify, clarify something




fraternize; To have an intimate or sexual relationship with a forbidden member of the opposite sex; as, in some cases, football players with cheerleaders,




urban dictionary

milfie; A highly prized attractive woman who is desired by most men..

by artigs

02 May 2018



Image result for dna serial killer

Note: this is not the reservoir dogs guy from the movie, he's a real killer who was recently danakhilled 

danakhil(dan-akhil); 100% proof positive, evidence; busted

A danakhil can be ‘the missing ‘link’ in a chain’ of unsolved cases as well as

‘the final nail in the coffin’ 

Like the powerful divergence of a triple junction, tectonic plate, ‘Danakil’ eruption, located at the hottest place on earth in africa;  a danakhil(noun or verb), combines ‘DNA’ and ‘link’ and can be used in exaltation when a case is finally solved; a ‘win’ or ‘kill’, if you will in the name of justice, via using an advanced, DNA linking technology that transcends the crime solving business, to an exact science.




The danakhil can bust reservoir dog like criminals who got away with murder many years ago when crime busting technology wasn’t so advanced.




DANAKHIL can also be used to clear suspects and exonerate persons mistakenly accused or convicted of crimes




dan; to give, or to give or get ‘dna’ used towards solving a case




akil; intelligent, reason


akhil; complete, 100% proof positive












“one who uses reason.”



the Sanskrit word akhila is "complete", "whole".[








NCIS crime officer and his boss






‘I got the DAN boss!!!’






‘you gotta be kidding me!!!?? You got the dan?!!! If we got the ‘dan’ very soon we’ll have, ‘akhila’!!!….




Yep, that be another, ‘danakhil’ under our belt boss!!



by artigs

10 May 2018

Ms Libeall

Image result for female slime ball cartoon

Ms libeall(miss-lib-be-all); female ‘slime ball’; extreme, liberal leftist, so blue that she becomes green with 'evilny'(evil, malicious, envy)


Ms Libeall; fibber-maggie, know it all, slime ball

beal (third-person singular simple presentbeals, present participlebealing, simple past and past participlebealed)


1.    (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) To gather matter; swell; come to a head, as a pimple; fester; suppurate.







‘she ‘be all, actin like ‘miss libeall’, up in yo face….. actin all high n mighty, like, she knows it all, puttin you in yo place!!


by artigs

10 May 2018



Image result for cheesed off

fraudencheesed; to get enjoyment from seeing fraudulent people get, ‘bloody well cheesed off’



fraudencheesed; enjoyment of seeing righteous winners defeating self-righteous losers




cheesed; stop (what one is doing), run off," 1812, thieves' slang, of uncertain origin. Meaning "to smile" is from 1930 (see cheese (n.1)). For meaning "to annoy," see cheesed.


Not available

by artigs

12 May 2018


Image result for smart alec cartoon

Image result for smack in the face

smaleck v(sm-aleck);smack a smart alec’s face! (figuratively) 


smaleck; can be used directly after a smart alec's last remark as if to smack the smart alec's face


-proverbial ‘smack in the face’, especially for smart alecs.


smalec n; short for, 'smart alec' 



Aleck is a nickname for the male given name Alexander. The phrase "smart aleck" is possibly derived from the name of Aleck Hoag, a 19th-century con man and thief.




smartaleck (pluralsmart alecks)


1.    One who is given to obnoxious or insolenthumor; a wise guy.


2.    One who is pretentious about their own cleverness or knowledge; a know-it-all.


3.    One who is obnoxiouslyself-assured; a show off.





'why are you such a smalec!! always making fun of others more successful than you!!??'

'Because im jealous and blue, thats what we do, and if i quit doing that what else could i do??! '



by artigs

14 May 2018



Image result for outwitting evil

smevious; smarter than devious, able to expose the schemes of evil enemies

-able to deviate from a, ‘supposed, straight way’ in order to outwit evil, and go the ‘right way’


smevious; deviously smarter in order to deafeat or smear the ‘smevilous’ souls of the world, one step ahead, keeping the power, maintaining the peace 




Skilled at recognizing, ‘smevilous’, underhanded tactics, via learning from doing, living in the trenches, having to play the game; to do or use whatever it takes to protect a cause, no matter how, cunning or underhanded the tactic






God’s Word reminds us that we should be ‘smeviously’ on gaurd at all times to protect us against the ‘smevilous’




“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).


“Satan is the real foe we face. And he’s not just some guy in a red suit, pitchfork in hand. Don’t be fooled. He’s far more deceptive.


He wants you to fail; he wants you to quit; he wants to render you completely ineffective. His main goal is to steal, kill, and destroy.


He seeks to gain ground today in as many lives as he can, and in every corner of our world, for he knows his time is limited.


But we don’t have to let him win.”



'How does smevious outwit and smear the smevilous?'

'Because a smevious person who outwirs and smears the smevilous is always one step ahead, then backed by divine providence of course'

by artigs

14 May 2018


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“evil morty torcher”


smevilous, adj; secretely smart, dangerously, devious  




'We are sure lucky to have the Toughest craziest dough making nut representing US...!!'

'Ya, but isn't he 'devious' ??!!

He's one step sharper and smarter than, devious, he's 'smevious', he's got the chops to deviate for US against evil; our only chance to outwit all the 'smevilous', deviously evil, people in the world is to be smevious 


by artigs

16 May 2018


Image result for smart but kinky cartoon


sminky adj; extremely smart and sweet but secretly kinky


sminki ; smart in ‘ki’, life force philosophies; a breathing and circulation master, but secretely, can be a horny dog, bastard






smink; make-up, to smooth over or cover with foundation or 'ink'



schmike or schminken; make-up, to paint ones face



chi; life force(Chinese philosophy)  






'you know, i see you under your smink, i know what youre schminken!!'


'Oh ya, so what do you think im schminken?!'


'I think youre, 'sminky', youre very smart and sweet... But secretly, you be kinky.."


by artigs

18 May 2018



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kushups v; pick you up puffs;exercising the right to use an Uplifting Power Source, 'kush' in order to enhance mental and physical performance

1 drag of kush  = 1 kushup


kushups can provide an uplifting sense of focus and determination, releasing a euphoric endorphin rush while calming the central nervous system for optimal training



kush; miracle plant from GOD, 100% natural

UPS; Uplifting Power Source



'how many kushups can you do?'


'depends on the kush!'


by artigs

22 May 2018

I have a kush on you

“I have a kush on you”; aka 'krush'; crush on someone who likes kush(see krush fwz)




Not available

by artigs

22 May 2018


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Not available

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22 May 2018






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Coming soon...................


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22 May 2018


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kusheimerz n(kush-high-merz); to forget the place where you put the kush because of ingesting the kush in the first place


kusheimerz ; Temporary to permanent loss of, negative, anxiety inducing, thoughts, memories that keeps one from moving forward and being creative


kusheimerz ; progressive mental regeneration, of the brain; preventing or treating, senility dementia or alzheimers by using certain strains of 100% natural herbal kush




"Cannabis makes an excellent natural herbal supplement for loved ones who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other related conditions.

It can also help elderly loved ones more efficiently deal with the effects of aging, including insomnia and anxiety. Because of its calming properties, patients can benefit from cannabis as it can help them stay more calm and comfortable in their final years"




hey, does your mom have 'alzheimers'?


No she's got "kusheimerz"


Then she ait!!


by artigs

31 May 2018



busheimerz n; memory loss caused by over doing the booz, while chasing the tush and the babes, waking up with a horrible hangover, no memory of anything you did, good or bad, or how you even got home that night


The residual negative side effects from a nasty busheimerz spell is percieved by most those who eventually grow out of it, as not worth it any longer bec even though some of your friends may assure you that you had lots of fun, and you were the life of the party, maybe even got laid, but since you cant remember any of it, its as if that day never even happened, until you notice your bank statement and your totaled car




Dude, ill never do that to myself again




Do what?




Whatever I did last night, I cant remember shiit




dude you got , Busheimerz!!!!……


by artigs

17 Jun 2018




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gotrumka v(go-trum-ka); to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first, cheif tweet, sing



gotrumka; rise early in order to hear the first, ‘kick ass’,  Trumpet-tweet storm, sting






gotrumka was inspired by the award winning, untranslatable, Swedish word, ‘gokotta’ which means,

‘to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first bird sing’





1.    chieftain, magnate




 KA; Kick Ass








ka (plural kas)


  1. A spiritual part of the soul in Egyptian mythology, which survived after death.


To serve or help;












  1. yes
  2. certainly, absolutely
  3. naturally, of course
  4. let's [+first-person plural imperative]




Min Nan


Ka; to raise; to increase; to add; plus







"You know, i actually got bored of doing the gokotta, getting up so early just to hear a bird sing, now i cant wait to get up for a 'gotrumka' "

Honey, what are doing up so early, I didnt know you were into gokotta!!??

Gokotta??!! I wouldnt even get up early in the morning to hear my own bird sing....But id get up for a gotrumka!! I cant wait to hear the Cheiftan's jarring, trumpet tweet storms as they kick ass!! It's awesome!!!" 

by artigs

19 Jun 2018


Image result for early morning golf cartoon






gokoepka!; to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first club swing


gokoepka! get up early, go outside and appreciate the fact that you can still swing something




‘gokoepka’ is dedicated to the 2018 pga us open champion Brooks Koepka and was also made from blending the Swedish word, 'gokotta' + golf champ, 'Koepka' 







Last name: Born. This ancient name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is one of the earliest topographical surnames existing today. The derivation is from the Old English pre 7th Century "burna, burne", spring, stream, which was originally used as a topographic name for someone who lived beside a stream


you up for a "gokoepka"?


"Ya lets hear our own swings before their first bogey stings.."


by artigs

19 Jun 2018


intalksicate v; to dope with stupefying talk

when small talk becomes bolder, a bit braver, with more self, mutually vulnerable,  disclosure, the intelligent, and extremely interesting, exquisite conversation becomes practically impossible to walk away from

intalksicate; lying in bed talking about each others dreams, fears, thoughts, and goals



Honey why do you love me?

Because you intalksicate me


by artigs

22 Jun 2018

duck feniro!

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duck feniro!; (euphemism) exclamation for expressing defiance or rejection of someone despicable, especially a foul mouth, ignorfamous liberal


duck feniro! expressing defiance against one who stoops to an all new low IQ, which causes a reputation to go down sewer south, all because of ones own Ebenezer screwed, bad black bark, nasty, foul mouth


 duck feniro! term of, ‘end-smearment’ for any monstrous, swamp(fen) dwelling wolf, disguised as a Raging, Bullheewood actor; one who would bite the hand that feeds him


duck feniro; you better duck dirty old granpa!!



Norwegian Bokmål


fe, n


a blockhead, fool, a fairy





fen; swamp, contaminating run off


marsh, mud, mire, slough




fen n (genitive fens, plural fen)


1. bog, quagmire




fena f


1. bitch, she-dog (female dog)



fen pl (normally plural, singular fan)


1. (dated, fandom slang) fans; a plural form used by enthusiasts of science fiction, fantasy, and anime, partly from whimsy and partly to distinguish themselves from fans of sport, etc.




niro; dark, black


blark; a dark, bad, black bark




Asi/ Cebuano


iro; dog


an ablutophobic person


a despicable person


dog meat; the flesh and other edible parts derived from dogs













1. I become angry, I fly into a rage






iro (used in a reduplicated form as iroiro)


1. maggot



Hey man you hear about the newest ignorfamous blark attacks against Trump!!??


Yes, I certainly have, and All i gotta say is DUCK FENIRO!!!!


by artigs

06 Jul 2018


Image result for russian collusion LOL cartoon


lolcusion (LOL-ku-shun); a Russion concussion;

so far from, 'collusion' it’s, laughable

a Laugh Out Loudable, ‘collusion conclusion’ = an illusion, delusion, obstruction, confusion, any more discussion, is Russian to concussion






 LOL; Laugh Out Loud








From Old Portuguese cuu, from Latin culus (“ass”).








cu m (plural cus)


1. (vulgar, slang, anatomy) ass, arse, booty, rear, behind, butt, buttocks


2. (vulgar, slang, anatomy) anus




Lower Sorbian




1. to want, wish




sion, shun; to avoid, persistently








 LOL; Laugh Out Loud






Etymology 1[edit]


From Old Portuguese cuu, from Latin culus (“ass”).




·         IPA(key): [ku]




cu m (plural cus)


1.    (vulgar, slang, anatomy) ass, arse, booty, rear, behind, butt, buttocks


2.    (vulgar, slang, anatomy) anus




Lower Sorbian




k??? impf (perfective zek???)


1.    to want, wish



sion, shun; to avoid, persistently


what is it today with the collusion theory?

lolcusion!!!! If you dont Laugh Out Loud about it, youll get a Russion Concussion


by artigs

15 Jul 2018




Image result for tweets with balls cartoon


Treet n; Trump tweet

Treet; Extra Testical tweet; extremely balsey

most Americans who follow them consider to be a treat

Tre; 3

ET; Extra Testical





Are you getting up early for a gotrumka??




Ya, I cant wait for his Treets!!!


by artigs

18 Jul 2018



Related image


mennis n; mosquito tennis; via electrocution, the object of the game is to zap as many blood sucking mosquitos as humanly possible by using a battery charged, electrified mennis racquet








what are you doing ?




im playing 'mennis', zapping and murdering as many menacing mosquitos as i can before they murder me


Its the only kind of 'buzz kill' i really love


So whats the score


Love 40! I loved killing 40 of those little suckers


by artigs

04 Aug 2018


Related imageRelated image


indollfins n(in-doll-fins); All the opiate endorphins released in the body at the same time from being face to face with a fine smiling baby doll face


indollfinize v; to cause a smile and release of all opiate endorphins at the same time in someone else via a deliberate face to face manuever  





what can i get you?

Nothing,  ive already seen youre sweet smiling face, theres nothing else i need....


Ya,  fine indonesian doll faces like you not only boosts indollfin levels higher than anywhere else in the world, you give a guy like me "porpoise"... 


by artigs

11 Aug 2018




Related image


sloke adj;  sleepy or, slow but , ‘woke’ (extremely tuned in, and with it, ‘wide a woke’)


sploke v; moving at the ‘speed of sloke’(sploke) a balance between the speed of Sounds, and Lightheartedness, makes such, sloke ‘speed’ just right


sloke n; cool swagger; extraordinary man or woman, not just any bloke or plain folk


‘Wide a woke’ 24/7, slokes are also masterful listeners, with a self leveling, mentally well-balanced, awareness, sensible, rational and able to keep a cool level head in any crisis 


But most important a sloke employs a sweet life, spirit and has the utmost respect for all people  

 As ‘speed limiters’, slokes maintain an optimal, listening, and speaking pace which can spread laughter, or calmness throughout any establishment or place    


To be, ‘sloke’ is actually a gift one is blessed with

Slokes are shinning lores and the most pleasant kinds of people to talk to because their easy going, slower-motion, swagger allows visibility of things that normally happen too fast for people to conveniently examine (similar to how a film video technique uses slowmotion) so the time spent with a sloke is always filled with pleasurable, positive vibrations  






As amazing, deep feeling, listeners, naturally, slokes are, ‘empaths’, the most intuitive and caring kind of people ever, and so they are quite popular, the best kind of friends any one can have 




woke (not comparable)


  1. (dialect, African American Vernacular or slang) Awake: conscious and not asleep.
  2. (US, Canada, slang) Alert and aware of what is going on, especially in social justice contexts



lore; a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

"the jinns of Arabian lore"


mythology, myths, legends





Hey that Perfect Union Pizza bar tender located in the Highland Park Village in Dallas is so cool!! 


Ya he's, 'sloke', he can bar tend with both eyes clothes, and makes you come back for more, he aint no typical bloke!!

Ya and then top it off with great pizza, and great folk, you got a 'Perfect Union' !!

by artigs

15 Aug 2018


Related image


Image result for dimply cartoon


dimply n;simply dope’

or simply 'delish', devine, or simply devilish/dangerous; something or someone great or excellent but, can be hazardous to your heart



The word, ‘dimply’ is, much cooler and quicker than saying, ‘simply beautiful’


Can be, ‘simply beautiful’, but with a ‘buyer beware’, ‘proceed with caution’, ‘dimply’ warning label added


Someone, 'dimply' is usually initially greeted by a 'thumbs up' indicating satisfaction or approval and then a thumb to index finger, (thimdex), a circular, 'ok' sign can be used assuming all goes well, if on the other hand all goes to hell, first comes a frown, followed by a dim, 'thumbs way down' 



dim; to become darker



dim; thumb


serbo creation/slovene

dim; smoke



dim; dimunitive; small, youth



dim; dimply!!!


Image result for thumbs up cartoon





Wow!! Shes dimply!


Simply dont do it bro!!

 Dont let those cute little dimples fool you bro, shell eat you alive!!


Just what Im looking for bra, ill give her a dimply thimdex, ok anyway!!




Image result for thumb to index cartoon














by artigs

17 Aug 2018



Related image



doodledoo n;

Really cute dog or pet animal; or a guy who is really smart but trying too hard to impress.




Oh come here doodledoo! Or he was a good boss but such a doodledoo.

by artigs

31 Aug 2018


Image result for doppia vu cartoon

by artigs

02 Sep 2018

doppiya vu!

Related image

doppiya vu (expressing admiration for someone or something twice as awesome)!!, double ‘dope’, double ‘delish’, double the fun

doppiya vu; good enough to eat; a double dope love or lover together, a 'double u', 


The phrase ‘doppiya vu’ is flavored with Italian, ‘doppia vu’, the Hindu word Piya, with Navajo, and Cebuano  'iya' along with the English slang ‘dope’(awesome) x2 






doppia vu; double, dua, twice, two, extra








In the language of Hindi / Bengali, it means beloved, lover, love










1. Second-person singular durative form of aya


aya; to eat






1. hers


2. his


3. its



wow doppiya vu, we r gonna have double fun!!!!

Ya this place is off the chart!!

by artigs

13 Sep 2018



Related image


Freve!; Friday eve, the evening before Friday, the most anticipated day of the week, starting to feel the ‘free’ before friday


Freve; have a fantastic dreamy weekend, keep living the dream


Haitian Creole

reve; dream


Middle English

reve; A subordinate or deputy of God.













Hey you know what day it is? 

Ya, its Thursday!


Its Freve!!! You call it Thursday i call it Freve!!!!! And that means tomorrow ill be 'friksy'; 

free to be freaky with someone frisky on Friday, thats why we call it freaky friday!....................................... 'Ill be her freak, to hold her tight, ill be her freak, every day and every night..... freve!!!!!




by artigs

15 Sep 2018



Related image


rife; ‘ride life’; one dream, one ‘rife’; a scooby doobie do, 'tha'ts rife!', dont let life ride you kind of life

rife; the ‘ride of your life’

rife 101; ride life, don’t let life ride you, as a life well, ‘lide’, is like a life lived in a zoo

‘rife’ eliminates strife

‘rife’s ‘fier’ power can be used in many ways from

burning out the rif rafs, to lighting reefers etc

rife; right to light a reefer



Not available

by artigs

23 Sep 2018

Amor fatties

Related image


Amor fatties; love your fate’ and your ‘fatty’ for this will keep you from going batty


From the idea that its easier to accept the mind set, of Nietzsche’s, ‘Amor fati’ ( Latin, ‘love your fate’), which keeps one from going batty, as long as you love it whilst enjoying an occasional, ‘fatty’, as many believe that weed and hashish is very similar to Nietzsche (who apparently also used opium) because cannibus doesn’t create an escape from reality it actually makes one more aware of their surroundings than if one were sober, giving the effect that just makes you say, ‘yes’ I know about the chaos! so frikin what!!? All that matters is my happy, healthy spirit, along with sustenance and some cool countenance


“A bit of hash is justified under extreme stress. That's what Nieszche said.
Of course he was always under extreme stress. I don't know how much he smoked. I'd be curious to find out which works he wrote on a high”




Amor fati (lit. "love of fate") is a Latin phrase that may be translated as "love of fate" or "love of one's fate". It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary, in that they are among the facts of one's life and existence, so they are always necessarily there whether one likes them or not. Moreover, amor fati is characterized by an acceptance of the events or situations that occur in one's life.[1]











So whats your secret? You never seem to let it get to you..

Amor fatties!!!! It does get to me but i love it because it already happened. You either get bitter or better, its your choice, keep the crud or kill it with bud, for id say BudsWiser than having any alcohol or beer 

by artigs

01 Oct 2018

oma farti

Image result for oma fahrt


oma farti; to love your fate(amor fati) but if something stinks, take initiative, either get rid of it, or get out of it


If something stinks or doest feel right and you find yourself, ‘far’ from the ‘ti’ (the good luck plant,water, or far from the ‘t’as in the game of life) you must take initiative and run away from the place that causes you problems, get back in your game, for example if you find yourself far from home, stuck in the middle of a dry barren desert, unless youre a camel, you must ‘oma farti’ out of there, either find an oasis real quick or find a way out of the desert, unless you want  to die(you can still ‘love the fate’ of it, the experience of being stuck without water in the desert, but use your inititive to oma farti out of there first so you can live to tell about your adventure, outside of a hurst, don’t just lay down and quit, saying ‘oh well, amor fati, I guess that’s it  










1. To run, race, flee, escape, move quickly, run away






1. to die








farti (present fartas, past fartis, future fartos, conditional fartus, volitive fartu)


1. to fare


2. to feel







2 oma farti also means to love how you ‘feel and fare’ with fine ‘art’ so that we shall not die of reality





Etymology oma (“own, self”) +‎ aloite (“initiative”) +‎ -inen (“-ed”)


oma-aloitteinen (

1. spontaneous (done by one's own free choice)

2. unprompted (without prompting, out of one's own initiative)

3. self-imposed (voluntarily imposed upon oneself)


OMA; One Man/woman Army

OMA; On My Ass (its my responsibility, its my ass, its my life) so be ready to move, take oma action etc



OMA ;‘Opening Minds through Arts’,


 in order to feel and fare well with the fine arts




that’s it, oma farti!! My mission in the Saudi desert is complete


howd you decide that it was time to go?


The camels started looking sexy


by artigs

01 Oct 2018

oma wohlfahrti

Related image


oma wohlfahrti; An, Amor fati, uber prosperous, jagoan(champion); Master of Art and Truth "prosperity over politics"

When ‘oma farti’, the love of how you feel and fare, Opening Minds with Arti, is done consistently with heart, cherishing, and endeavoring yourself to get off your ‘but’s’, determined to do something that takes guts, extremely well (Old High German, wola, wohl) with speed and flare, comes to a full circle, into fruition, creating an extremely prosperous, high vibrational, ‘weal’ of fortune for yourself and many others, making it the ride of your life, the most fantastic journey one could ever have, a kind of amor fati jagoan, best fit to handle the worst of life’s strife, while never negleting to take great care of loved ones, especially the mother, and that kind of person makes the best most preferred kind of friend, partner, husband, wife or lover

Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and Tiger Woods are examples of oma wohlfahrti jagoans, but to be oma wohlfahrti doesn’t mean you must be a billion aire, it could be on a much smaller scale of weal as long as the person does something that inspires many and they continue to Amor fati, with or without the fattie,






1.(obsolete) Wealth, riches. [10th-19th c.]

2.(now literary) Welfare, prosperity. [from 10th c.]

3.Specifically, the general happiness of a community, country etc. (often with qualifying word). [from 15th c.]



wohlfahrt; prosperity

wohlfahrti; extremely prosperous, well ridden, journey



Fahrt f (genitive Fahrt, plural Fahrten)

1.                ride

2.                journey




Note to grandma

Lieve OMA, ‘dear grandma’, you know I luv you but your gas is so extremely gross and lethal, I know you cant smell it but thats because your gas is so strong you knock yourself out, so I had to leave, oma farti, before your gas got me, don’t worry ill collect the mushrooms for you but will have to fed ex them….dont take too many this time and don’t go to Disneyland or six flags wearing a catholic nuns habit so you don’t have to wait in line, theyre catching on to your trick. You can go to the horse races but leave the horses alone, don’t try to ride  or milk them, just sit and watch them race if thats possible. And don’t get naked, its not the 70’s anymore…..  Love your grandson




by artigs

04 Oct 2018

Drutty Profusser Syndrome

Related image

Drutty Profusser Syndrome;

A Total Mother Fusser!

 a ‘drinking buddy’, ’druddy’ who turns, slutty and nutty

drinking way too much, which turns ‘her’ into a slutty buddy(sluddy) but when her buddy turns her down because he probably wasn’t drunk enough, the sluddy, continues to drink more alcohol, and takes more drugs which makes her, a drutty pro-fusser; a nutty, slutty, drunken-drinking drug buddy, topped with a liberal political smearing vengeance against, President Donald J Trump   


“I believe women lie just as often as men do. I believe the standard “presumed innocent” must always trump the slogan “Believe Women” if we intend to live in a free and fair society”


Ford also signed a letter along with other health professionals demanding that President Donald Trump stop his controversial family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.



Ford still can’t recall basic details of what she says was the most traumatic event in her life. Not where the “assault” took place — she’s not sure whose house it was, or even what street it was on. Nor when — she’s not even sure of the year, let alone the day and month.


Ford is not certain how old she was or what grade she was in when she says an older student violently molested her. (But she doesn’t plead inebriation: She described having just “one beer” at the party.)




she still pushed forward with her bombshell charge, contacting The Washington Post tip line and Democratic lawmakers, while hiring a Democratic activist lawyer. Ford is also a Democrat, as well as an anti-Trump marcher, raising questions about the motive and timing of the allegations along with their veracity.

Yet Democrats have already tried and convicted Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Without hard evidence,

without substantiation, some even go beyond Ford’s claims to call him an out-and-out “rapist,” “sexual predator,” even a “child predator.”





A drug slut. A sleazy women that does stuff for drugs. UB


drut; a backward turd

drut; drunken nut

drut; a Democrat’s Rut



Not available

by artigs

04 Oct 2018




Image result for drinking buddies cartoon

druddy n; a drinking buddy; male or female


Not available

by artigs

04 Oct 2018



Related image


sluddy; slutty, sleezy drinking buddy; mud and slush 


Not available

by artigs

04 Oct 2018




Related image


drutty n; dreaded, nutty drinking buddy,


when a, ‘druddy’(drinking buddy) or ‘sluddy’(slutty,sleezy drinking buddy) goes completely nutty







A drug slut. A sleazy women that does stuff for drugs. UB


drut; a backward turd

drut; drunken nut

drut; a Democrat’s Rut



by artigs

05 Oct 2018


Related image


Drut n; a Democrat rut; a party of shafted victims, wired to the wire, about to expire


drut v; a democrate’s shaft; any attempt to thrwart the opposition from power, even if it means treating people cruelly and unfairly









drut; shaft, penis


drut; a wire


shaft (third-person singular simple present shafts, present participle shafting, simple past and past participle shafted)


1.    (transitive, slang) To ‘f- over’; to cause harm to, especially through deceit or treachery.



A deadline or critical endpoint.

A pickpocket who targets women.

Any of the system of wires used to operate the puppets in a puppet show



rut; rote (present tense roter, past tense rota or rotet, past participle rota or rotet)


1.    to untidy, to make a mess


2.    (slang) to fool around (engage in casual or flirtatious sexual act




dang! id be so embeerassed to be a democrat right now

Ya Dems are definitely in a 'Drut' is what


by artigs

05 Oct 2018

Truming out


truming out; like ‘coming out’, but as in, coming out of a dark troma(trump hating coma) finally seeing the lustrum, ‘light’ from being pulled out by a powerful magnate of reason, a wake up call, and retreat out of a ‘troma-tratering-trek of treason, against the one you now want to openly support;  the winning side, ie “Trump”, which is reputed to be a much worse transition than ‘coming out’ as a homosexual, the backlash from democrap Trump haters(traters) is even more brutal




lustrum (s) (noun); lustrums, lustra (pl)


1. The historical ceremony of purification or ritual cleansing of the Roman population typically done every five years following a census: The description of the lustrum was accurately recorded in the ancient texts that were discovered in the ruined temple.
2. Etymology: from Latin, "purification"; probably ultimately from an Indo-European word meaning "light, bright".


by artigs

05 Oct 2018

hump trater

hump trater; Trump hating stock broker, CEO, or anyone who reeps the benefits of a winning, volatile, record breaking, stock market, getting over the ‘hump’ persay, finally getting laid because of trump

a Trump hater’s newly revived sex life, ‘Laid in America’ all because of a record breaking stock market caused by President Donald J Trump

hump-trader; Trump hating stock broker, now reaping the rewards of a record breaking, NASDEQ stock market which means, finally getting laid    

8 trillion dollars!!!

Not available

by artigs

07 Oct 2018



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avenattirny v; having a teer (a cry) is what a democrat does each time Trump punches one of their many evil acts in the face, which not only stops their diabolical scheme, it reveals how low dems can go which just further pumps up a stronger USA Trump team





Look at the poor liberals ‘avenattirny’crying like babies !


You know what im doin now?


Havin a celebration, beerny!!  


by artigs

07 Oct 2018

Avenattirny Outlaw

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Avenattirny Outlaw n; low-life, 3rd rate, porn star attorney that takes a disgraceful debacle to the lowest level


A deep-state, rooted, ‘low life’, pot hole, swallow whole, ‘attorney’, among the lowest kind of stink hole lawyers money/democrats can buy,the type of  “ligal”, (liberal legal) representation scumbags aquire when all else fails and the low-life try to claw their way out of an, avenatti, rock bottom, sinkhole, like rats in a pit   







1.    (geology, caving) pit cave, pit (natural cave with predominantly vertical shafts)


Synonyms: gouffre,

(geology) sinkhole (US), swallow hole (UK)


by artigs

07 Oct 2018


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Avenaughttiest v; is the most classless ‘act’ an attorney can perform on a most innocent class act






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07 Oct 2018










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gerdelpuasete n; Superduper, saber-delegate; Trump trained, ‘strainge’, RNC, extremely intelligent and sexy


gerdelpuasete v; to girdle out the roots of bad superdelegate ‘plants’ with newer sexy, super, saber, smart, RNC delegates;


gerdelpuasete n; An epoch return of flower power, always in season with reason, sharp and thorny enough to girdle out the treason


strainge; new strain of 'strange'; Trump Train strange, cant just hop into the sack with strainge like gerdelpuasetes





1.    (botany) flower

2.    progeny, child

3.    young (of fish, etc)



1.    (intransitive) to blossom

2.    (intransitive) to emerge, issue




Old Irish[edit]






1.    sharp

2.    keen, intense












  1. pretty





supe (plural supes)

  1. (dated, slang, theater) A extra or walk-on.




  1. First-person singular (yo) preterite indicative form of saber.





saber (first-person singular present , past participle sabut)

1.    to know (a fact), to have knowledge

2.    to know how to








puas; satisfied





Norwegian Bokmål

sete n (definite singular setet, indefinite plural seter, definite plural seta or setene)

1.    a seat

2.    (anatomy) buttocks

3.    (geology) kame terrace; lateral terrace

4.    a saddle (on a bicycle)











what happened to all the superdelegates?


Replaced by the ‘gerdelpuasetes’ special super duper, saber delegates, able to 'girdle' out all the rotten swamp harriers..  

gerdelpuasetes be drainin out the swamp mess!! 

cant just hop into the sack with 'gerdelpuasete' strainge....



by artigs

07 Oct 2018


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Kan-avahug n; Kavanaugh victory beer hug, a salute in support of the new Supreme Court Judge



Ancient chinese surname given only to a select few who possessed great wisdom, knowledge, and foresight.
Chosen one. One who knows.


AVA; Alliance of Valient Arms

AVA; Against Violence and Abuse

AVA; Awareness Values and Actions


AVA; Accelerating Voltage Alteration



Anyone who disagrees with Trumps Supreme Court Judge, ‘kanavahug’!! as far as im concerned


by artigs

07 Oct 2018


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embeerassing adj; embarrassing, acts from harassing asses all because someone drank beer decades ago


embeerassing; drinking so much beer that causes one to do embarrassing things


embeerassing; just about every weekend throughout a 4 year college education including spring break 


embeerassing; Profusser Blasey Ford’s attempt to stop Trump



You sure you want more beer, you know how embeerassing you get!

by artigs

07 Oct 2018



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flaim n; an old flame whose clacky aim is to defame and maim using a story about some guy a long time ago left her in the dumps without a hump but the real reason is that she’ll do or say anything in order to stop the conservative, president Donald J Trump

 flaim; freaking lame

laim; a lame, ugly lie






1.                black


2.                (figuratively) poor, miserable, unfortunate


3.                (figuratively) wicked, bad


Maroon Spirit Language

lai; lie


Old French

Lai; ugly

clack; “to make a noise, clap, twitter















So what do you think of the Nutty Profusser??

If i was David Bowie Id write a song called,  flaim!!!! Frickin lame....


by artigs

07 Oct 2018




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Lobbits n;

leftist agitators,” "lesbi-hobbits”; .Left overs, a fusion of Hillary and Bernie, hobbit and lesbian lobbyist merged as one where their bit, is to bite, and their, Line Of Business is to pick a fight, Leaving a Legacy Of Bluetality('Blue Wave', casualties from the Liberals Own Brutality)

Lobbits are also known as,


"The last of the, Ho-'me too'-Cans' 


Top Liberal Lobbying Clients, 2018 ...




LOB; a country bumpkin, clown

LOB; Liberal Opp Business

LOB; Load Of Bullocks

LOB; Limited Operating Base

LOB; Low Order Bites

LOB; Left Out Bored

LOB Legacy Of Brutality(Bluetality)



“fat lesbians and ugly frumpy college hobbit women with problem glasses that would likely yell at you for taking up too much space on a train”.


“The right attracts people who are generally happy with themselves and want the world to quit holding them back. The left attracts people who are terribly unhappy with themselves and want the government to fix it”.


“progressives are usually, unkept, feminists (the ugly ones), overweight, and overall just disgusting looking individuals”



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Hey, What ever you do, dont tell a Lobbit to have a "Trumpmendus" day.... they will trumplode on you and then they’ll fake news accuse you of discrimination, telling everybody you hate gays..etc !!!

So Just say, “I hate to be “pretrumptuous”, but in this day and age’ lobbits don’t ever seem to be able to have a nice day,..... so drive each other safely, lay in your stains, and have a nice gay, dont worry everting gon be ait! But i gotta go now, cause i hear you Lobbits bite!!



by artigs

16 Oct 2018



Tranye n,v; double dragon energy; ‘love hug’,

of a higher vibrating energy, generated between redemancy, light master, warriors

a powerful love, ‘embrasser’ where there’s no trace of any race, religion, region or political party, that can argue with the feeling of such love


Tr-an-ye= Trump & Kanye + love= double dragon energy hug



embrasser; to set a blaze, hug, embrace, to 


kindle; to start a fire, light a torch, to arrouse or inspire with passion, to begin to grow, take hold 



The true definition of power is the ability to manage and direct intense, consolidated light for purposes of creation, communication, or direct manifestation. It is the Mastery of Light. Dragons are Light Masters.






Dragon; as a Radiant Light

Whales and Dragons are from a matrix beyond human thinking.
Yet, when we intuitively feel from the heart... here they are; the Gate Keepers of our next journeys.
These Masters of Peace and Light will show us how to direct Energy for Creation.


"MACROVERSAL Council"   through   Rainey Marie Highley


“The dragon vehicle/body was considered a new “form-kind” because it was made partially of light body (similar to 4D “spirits” but made of glowing, radiant light similar to your sun) and partially of matter. This design enabled dragons to experience touch and relationship, but most importantly, the appropriate use of power. Power is feared and often misunderstood by humans, most specifically because power has been terribly misused and humans have fallen victim to its abuse. The true definition of power is the ability to manage and direct intense, consolidated light for purposes of creation, communication, or direct manifestation. It is the Mastery of Light. Dragons are Light Masters.”


“Do not fear the reptilian part of you, because you are all receptacles of light, for light, and in light. You are part of the dragon family. The time has come to reclaim the Mastery of Light that was once yours. Shine your Light, dear humans. The Macroverse has been waiting for your return. It is time to remember your Dragon Family”.


“May the brightest light of All That Is shine from within your gentle intuition in a state of peaceful compassion to the individual light essences unified together now remembering the empowering and enlightening being of oneness of which we are all connected.”





‘A Tranye, double dragon love-hug’ will cure any naysaying humbug!!”

by artigs

22 Oct 2018


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Trex n; ‘Trumpranasaurus hex’ or ‘trumpetrexed’(wiped out and exposed like a bad disease)


A Trex is not only a powerful ‘shield’ used against any witch, ‘hex’, it’s 3(tre)x more powerful than all the witches and their hexes combined at the same time.



Each time a hex is thrown at someone righteous, the negative energy of the hex is then, Trexed, not only melting it to smitherines but making the victim 3 times more powerful/popular.


 A Trex is impervious to any witches’ hex because Devine Providence always overpowers anything else





We’ve already seen how all the witches of the world after unleashing their most lethal, prolonged, so called, ‘hexes’ to bind Trump for over 2 years has only made Trump stronger.



"Hey what do you think about the witches trying to hex Kavanaugh now!!


From the movie ,“ Bitches of WestDicks”!!


You mean Witches of Eastwick??! 


 No, "Bitches of WestDicks"!! where all the, Liberal Lobbit racepist, witches and dicks of the world tried their best to hex and bind, but instead were trexed, melted to smitherines, after bending over, kissing their own behinds?


Ya!! that was a great one!!































by artigs

24 Oct 2018



racepist  n, adj (also, racepisst, race-pissed);

still pissed from losing the last race, especially referring to Liberals losing against the Right.


A racepist now calls any good person who supports Trump a "racist and rapist" eventhough they are not racist and have never even thought about raping someone



PIST; Post Idiot Stomachers Truss (truss---To take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce) upon.

PIST Percentage of Idiots Satisfying Themselves





can you believe how ‘racepist’ the liberals have become?




The Lobbits are just leaving their Legacy Of Bluetality because they were so badly Trump humped, dumped and stumped,…






by artigs

02 Nov 2018

Ask me if I caravan

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Ask me if I caravan!; (rhetorical phrase) for millions of fair minded people who didn’t buy into the ridiculous, “caravan of immigrants” card

"Ask me if i caravan" can be used when you want someone, especially liberal lobbits, to stop annoying you


“Ask me if I caravan” can also be used as a response to sum up just about anything that is completely ludicrice or just as a GOP / Trump supporter interjection, and reminder of vilification for a president who was hired to protect a country, our homeland



"On the theory that you can judge a president by his critics, Donald Trump must be hitting the bull’s-eye with his warnings about the ­migrants vowing to smash through our border. We know this because the usual suspects — the New York Times and CNN, among ­others — are accusing Trump of making much ado about next to ­nothing."






What do you think about  those poor migrants!!!

Ask me if i caravan!!!

by artigs

04 Dec 2018



ruef dat! v(roof-dat)


‘put the ‘rude and fat, up on the ruef(roof)!..

In other words,

‘don’t let anyones’ negative ‘rue’, get ‘into’ your head,

Just ruef dat stuff out, put it up on the roof, and let Infinite Intelligence handle it instead



ruefdat adj;rude/fat’ (usually one who is being paid to service you, such as a ruefdat waiter, or teacher etc) but doesnt smile and comes across extremely rude, so like someones hot, toxic, asphalt-shingles, you just put dat crud up on the ruef (roof)  


Just by saying, ‘ruef-dat!’ can keep one from responding too hastily with unpleasant words or negative thoughts that are hard to take back, ‘ruining’ a high vibrating day just like DAT!!…


Feel for one who is in a painful rue, just don’t let the rue get to you, don’t let the ‘rue’ ‘in’ …….


Obviously, a 'ruefdat', person is full of some sort of personal, agonizing, rue, a kind of roughened leather, edgy, chagrin of boo-hoo, gu'rue' of turmoil, pain and regret, but we have no idea..


So by ‘feeling’ compassion for their ‘rue’(ruefing it) whatever it may be, instead of getting angry, taking the ‘rue in’,

you take deep breaths, for about 20 seconds, say a quick prayer for that person, and then just like, DAT, you’re a, 

Dopamean Transporter Machine, with total trust in the Universe (God)as your, ‘fear not’ secret, its a weapon that’s always been near 24/7, each and every day of the year, until you wake up in heaven, so without the fear, you can think more clear. It also begs the question, ‘do you think that’s why God wrote ‘fear not’ throuought the Bible 365 times? (actually 366 times, adding one for leap year) to show we are really covered, hes got our backs, so have no fear?.. really!!         


This not only prevents a day from being ruined, the positive highbration youve’ve emited will warm and inspire that rueful heart enough to pay a bit of it forward for many other broken spirits to do their part, and so on..

So the, road of higher vibration, in compassion, you cleverly chose to duly employ, overall will help turn a topsy-turvy evil world back around to its original spiritual place;

pure light, love and joy, humanity’s key to ascention, up up and way into a higher, more beautiful, dimention…        


ruef; ‘feel’ for the ‘rue’

   rue (uncountable)

1.    (archaic or dialectal) Sorrow; repentance; regret.

2.    (archaic or dialectal) Pity; compassion.





1.    (cardinal) twenty