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02 Jun 2018


Noun: word comes from the Legacy of the 45th president of the United States of America Donald J Trump.a rare earth element that is eaten as a snack or daily supplement that tastes sweet and gives good people a winning advantage. Instills calm peaceful kind and good feelings in reasonable people who are inherently good. Enables countries and their citizens no matter race or religion or location basic freedoms and rights. has been know to denuclearized nation's and put a stop to terrorist groups, warring and bad behavior.  Can cause bigger pay checks, tax cuts deregulation rise stock indexes wealth ,prosperity, employment, economic growth, wise business dealings, and even evil regime overthrows.

Actively Prevents all kinds of illegal activities.  Instills virtue honor valour patriotism and respect for the USA.

Caution: if consumed, looked at held touched or thought about causes hysteria in Democrats and inhibits their attempts to control and manipulate and persuade the general public.  Will Trump a Dem suddenly.  Causes Addictive behavior to fake news media personnel and democratic supporters. If you become a Trumpoholic don't worry.  Trumpoholism has no adverse affects.

Can cause post election what happened disorder (especially those who colluded with Russia and conspired to rig an election).

First known cases were discovereon November 8, 2016 when Donald J Trump defeated Hilary Rodem Clinton.

There is no cure for post election what happened disorder. 

When you eat Trumpadem you can negotiate a win win deal. Trumpadem makes you want help make America great again.


by 066ddt

08 Jun 2018


E=MT2: Trump's Formula.Energy (E)equal(=)

Masses (M)times The speed of Trump(T),

W Factor 500.

500 Times faster than the speed of light.

Donald J Trump's formula for the theory of relativity

where T(speed of Trump) replaces the speed of light(C)

as the constant in Einstein's formula for theory of


E=MT2 proves the theory of Trumpativity.

by 066ddt

12 Jun 2018


T: Trump's Constant.  Speed of Trump. a Constant like the speed of light.  Warp factor 500.  500 times the speed of light.

E=MT2 Energy equals Masses times The speed of Trump Squared.

by 066ddt