10 Sep 2017



 Image result for gorilla foreplay cartoon

apemanasan v(apeman-asan); to hit and run on a, hun (short for honey); irregular, lazy lover, chumpansy, monkey-ass, foreplay

Asturian and Spanish

asan, asar, to roast


asan; fish


asan; male donkey ass


to pester, to plague 



 asan, asa; plague ; An ornamental staff held by a ruling monarch as a symbol of power


chumpansy; the bitch in the relationship;

 chump; (opposite of Trump) a blockhead; a loser. Or The thick end, especially of a piece of wood or of a joint of meat.

 pansy; Someone who has the intelligence of a chimpanzee and makes stupid decisions


apemanasan; gorilla-arfware, foreplay; by a man who barely bothers to, shower or take his clothes off before intercourse, and after a quick, whambam, thankyou mam climax, rolls over, and goes to sleep



 arf; Representing the sound of a dog's bark.

 arf; Sometimes has the same connotations of sexual innuendo as woof.



when you have just raped, destroyed, dissed, BxR'd or had multiple counts of unprotected sex, this is your war cry afterwards. Urban dictionary

Gorilla arf-ware; tactical sexual weapon that backfires





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21 Jun 2017


appsent-minded adj; absent minded, because of excessive multitasking between apps on phone, pc and other gadgets, causing ‘stimulation overload’, which further pushes the brain into overdrive making one to not only forget how to talk and focus but no longer able to enjoy the more simple organic activities in life such as visiting friends in person or just calling them to talk instead of text

appsent-minded; to pretend to pay attention to someone while holding a hand phone, texting or waiting for a text,  rather than e.g, holding her hand, looking into her eyes, sincerely listening and hearing what she is trying to communicate to you

appsent-minded; consumate multitasker, which really only amounts to just, ‘splitting one’s own brain’ into what researchers have called, “spotlights”, making the brain frantically switch back and forth, focusing only a few seconds on  each activity, thus being less productive

appsent-minded; multitasker, considered to be very bad because they are less productive and skills like filtering out irrelivent information declines



waz up my main man??

Ahh, not much, why did you want to meet and why are you talking so strange?

Well, I thought we should meet cause its been so long(about 6 months) since ive used my vocal cords, almost forgot how to talk, kinda forgot what my best friend and business partner looked like, and im multitasking so much, im becoming, “appsent-minded”, im actually seeing the spotlights in my splitted brain, like a fire-pinball game… We’re not accomplishing much because were relying more on machines than our own brain power which is making us less productive, dumb  and numb to the world around us…

So what else is on your mind?


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by lyle

26 Feb 2017



Image result for empathy

awinr n(a winner); Not just 'a winner', but an exemplary ‘inner winner’,  awinr in another class

The most ‘unique’ awe inspiring, well liked kind of self made winner, in business, family, and in all aspects of life

‘awinr’; aka, ‘inner winner’, is a master of psychological tactics in business and life using the most powerful performing enhancer of all, his ‘inner winning mind’; with supreme levels of confidence, commitment and self discipline and an innate ability to put himself into any state of mind desired within seconds, can maintain concentration and focus coping with stress and tention, all while being able to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

But what makes awinr most unique is his love for family, he never forgets his friends and where he came from, has empathy for those less fortunate, and is constanty, mentally aware of his surroundings as ‘awinr’ always sees it coming.













Man that guy is really successful, and he's such a great guy too! how does he do it!!?

He's a 'awinr', no one quite like him"









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07 Feb 2017


Image result for mr jump the gun cartoon

bahlwerg v,n; to leave a ball game early and miss an amazing comback usually because of a lack of faith in one's team

bahlwerg; to blame someone else for having to leave an event too early, especially blaming the youngest of kin

bahlwerg; to jump the gun and miss the fun




1. An exclamation of disgust: yuck





indicates astonishment, resignation and despise; usually used after noticing or hearing something you don't like or you don't know what to think about, to avoid commenting or giving an answer to a question.



1. indicates disdain or unbelief

Word Origin and History for bah

exclamation of contempt, 1817, perhaps c.1600, probably from French bah, Old French ba, expressing surprise, scorn, dismay. Perhaps simply a natural exclamation in such situations; cf. Greek babai!, an exclamation of surprise.


WERG; short for;  We R Going






awful, terrible






Alright ive had enough, werg!! werg!!! were out of here, we have no chance to comeback


But daddy it aint over til its over, don’t do another “bahlwerg” on me again!! jumpin the gun and missin the fun!!??

You look sick and I miss Ted, lets beat the traffic and get you off to bed

Ok dad but if they comeback and win its on you and Ted, so how bout you go ahead instead cause im a loyal fan, im not a jump the gun, bahlwerg, teddy goober!! so I think i'll just wait until the game is over and then ill take an uber  !!!







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18 Jan 2017



bathers-klite n; premeditated excuse, before being asked out on a date

a deliberate hint, to turn a date down with a lame excuse

bathers-klite v; a scramble to avoid an obvious jabberwocky


klite; a polite, 'klutsen', plight; a get away from a rambling kluts


klutsen; to scramble or get away









So whats up with you this weekend?

Oh, aah, a lot, i gotta shave my doggy's butt tonight"















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19 Feb 2017


Image result for bless a burp cartoon

belshu!; to bless a belcher for not letting it go out the other end; something to say instead of awkward silence after someone belches! Because we bless people for "snotpaneously"

(spontaneously sneezing) out their germs on us so why not bless a belcher

belch; emit gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth.






Thank you!!

oh no thank you for not letting it out the other end





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31 Aug 2017



A 'bi-trumpissan' vs 'bi-pratisan' Party  

kicking ass  Image result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoonImage result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoon

 =   kissing your ass         =respect               

bi-trumpissan; the stronger party winners, who turn the 'pissing contest' into a 'kissing conquest', bi-kicking-ass

pissing contest; a contest or rivalry in which the main concern of the parties involved is the conspicuous demonstration of superiority.


Victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy.

An act or instance of overcoming an obstacle.

the winning of favor, affection, love, etc

the act or art of gaining a person's compliance, love, etc, by seduction or force of personality 

a person, whose compliance, love, etc, has been won over by seduction or force of personality

Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French conqueste, from Vulgar Latin conqu?sta (unattested), from Latin conqu?s?ta, feminine past participle of conqu?rere to seek out, procure; see conquer

trump; beat (someone or something) by saying or doing something better

a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage

early 16th century: alteration of triumph, once used in card games in the same sense.


Image result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoonImage result for obama kissing trump's ass cartoon


bi-pratisan; AKA bi-asskissin = your, "little beatch bender"

dependent, most irritating, least intimidating, bi-kissing ass, party

a pusillanimous, sub-par-sittin, presidential, ass-kissin puppetry administration; displaying only mastering the art of political lip service, while wandering about golf courses, as the most, ‘asstute’, prat talking, arrogant speaker, a party has even seen  

PRA; President, Royal Asskisser   


PRA: ‘Puppet Reared, Asskissenger’


tis; it 'tis' what it is, and what it is, is, a ‘trifle’, ass-kissin party 


bi-pratisan; a ‘rat-pissin’ (allowing to be pissed upon by enemy rats) party, legacy no better than ‘parsittin’(sitting, goffer, golfer)




bi-pratisan; a dark, dull, insignificant, tar-pissin party (first African American to take a pissing contest)bent-over chicken style, ‘bi-ass-kissin’

‘Pratsident of the United States; Little beach bender(eg of the United States or any country with a prat for a president) 


prat; A buttock, or the buttocks; a person's bottom. [from 16th c



A fool.




1. used with op) focused, bent, fixated


2. (obsolete) proud, haughty, arrogant


A pride, arrogance




prat; Speech, talk




prat; hope for




From Proto-Indo-European *preh?- (to bend).


From Middle English prat, from Old English præt, prætt (trick, prank, craft, art, wile), from Proto-Germanic *prattuz (boastful talk, deceit), from Proto-Indo-European *brodno- (to wander about). Cognate with Saterland Frisian prat, Dutch pret (fun, pleasure, gaity), obsolete Dutch prat (cunning, strategem, scheme, a prideful display, arrogance), Low German prot, Norwegian prette (trick), Icelandic prettur (a trick). Related to pretty.





 Obama; Origins. Luo word Obama means "to bend".

Obama is also a Japanese surname literally meaning "little beach".

 The Luo dialect, Dholuo (pronounced [d?ólúô]) or Nilotic Kavirondo (pejorative colonial term), is the eponymous dialect of the Luo group of Nilotic languages, spoken by about 6 million Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania, who occupy parts of the eastern shore of Lake Victoria and areas to the south.











hip hip PRAy!! hip hip PRAy!!! Keep on Trumpissan all the way!!

You mean hip hip hurray!!??

Ya, but PRAy, like, 'pray' as in pray that we never have a  PRATisan, little beatch-bending party, ever again!  












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28 Aug 2017


Image result for trump taking a piss cartoonImage result for trump taking a piss cartoon

bi-trumpissan adj; Independent, most intimidating and powerful biconic party of one, leader of the pee world; president with the best chance to help end the, ‘pissin-brata’, perpetual political pissing contests that waste time and money 


bi-conic; bionic, independent partisan-icon, the real live super-man leader that so many people are afraid and jealous of

bi-trumpissan; what a country gets when electing an independent President who is not beholden to either party or any rules of engagement


bi-trumpissan; A party where the bigger person; Trump, with or without dems support, forges ahead a unifying language that goes way beyond policy debates, and pissing competitions

bi-trumpissan; a president’s relentless effort to reach out to, and govern a swamp of Trump hating partisanship, brats (the real bully) who continue to neglect, with noses up, to do the job they are paid to do which is to serve the American people, while encouraging both parties to set aside their differences and collaborate on policy challenges from health care to immigration 


 bi-trumpissan; party leadership, that can drastically reduce the wasteful practice of party politician, ‘pissing contests’ aka GOPee-Pee-ers

 bi-trumpissan; Trump leadership (at its worst, rocking a swampy pirate ship that pisses off hard lined progressives, repubes and democraps, e.g Mit romney and Maxine Waters, witch hunters who were not only already pissed off at the get go but are also constantly, ‘taking a piss’ on the President of the, “United” States of America, but never phasing the Donald J Trump drive

bi-trumpissan; a savior and blessing, independent party of one; the first ever, non-politician, no puppet strings attached, president, best fit to lead by example

bi-trumpissan; a party that will make sure both sides start pissing in the right direction, in order for all Americans to ‘win’ because it will take someone like, Trump to finally incinerate (end by firing) the usual, bipartisan, ‘compee-trition’(the attrition from pissing competitions) bickering that’s been pissing away American’s hard earn money into the ‘wind’…..

But of course, the hard, left, Trump haters and fake news media who fail miserably every time to destroy him would still try to, negatively spin sound bites of a good thing, like Trump finally, ‘breaking’ the government’s practice of throwing money into the ‘wind’ by accusing Trump of, ‘breaking wind’, wasting gas, eroding the ozone layer and causing a global warming catastrophe that will end the world as we know it. But then maybe the vexing left will finally really leave the building(the white house) for good, complaining about inheriting Trumps ‘wind’, whereas, the righteous, right’s reaction, would obviously be to stay and celebrate inheriting the ‘win’.    


"True love for our people requires us to find common ground, to advance the common good, and to cooperate on behalf of every American child who deserves a brighter future."……..


….we can only get there together, We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God."  DONALD J TRUMP


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16 Jul 2017


Image result for blowgart

Image result for sexy birthday girl blowing out candles cartoon

blowgart; What to say to a sexy girl on her birthday while she blows her candles out

blowgart;  When a sexy girl is slow to share a joint or bong with someone, so instead of saying 'dont bogart' you say. 'dont blowgart'                                        

blowgart v; to bogart a blow job, usually seen in adult film threesome scenes








hey bambi, dont blowgart!!

Ok, thumper, heehee, youre right, sharing times a happy time!

 Related image





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15 Mar 2017


Image result for blue cool red hot designs Image result for blue hot designs cartoon

Bluecifer; the new red hot blue; anyone, or anything fantastically, ‘cool and hot’, a perfect synergistic balance of anything, design, color, products, personalities, looks etc  e.g a ‘red hot design made, ‘bluecifer’, much better with just the right amount of ‘blue’



Dude that shirt is beyond red-hot, its ‘bluecifer’!!

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12 Dec 2016


Image result for black eye cartoon

bluli n; black and blue eye from a 'tormentor'

bluly n; any mark or sign of physical abuse on a person




blu; shy, unassuming

blu; blue



  1. black; blackish (any dark color)






'hey, is that a 'bluli' i see?'

 'no i ran into a tree' 

'Really??, i may have been born on a Tuesday, but it wasn't last Tuesday. my dear'






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01 May 2017


Image result for kidnapping kids cartoonImage result for kidnapping kids cartoon

Image result for safe kids from kidnapping cartoon

bonetrak; aksi penyelamatan terhadap penculikan anak-anak

bonetrak; rescue action against child abduction

BO; Brain Overload

BO; Beyond Ourselves

Old English

bon; to shine

old French

bon; good


bone; straight

old norse

bone; advantageous,convenient,friendly

trak; (pronounced as : “track”; the direction and progress of someone or something)

TRAK ; Technology to Recover Abducted  


See, bro have the man kidnap a child..

‘Letsmaa’…‘bonetrak’ to safe the child..!!

Call the police please, bro…?!

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28 Feb 2017

bongle doob


Image result for lazy pothead cartoon

bongle doob; aka, ‘dopnophile’, a person who is enthusiastic about anything to do with weed, bongs, doobs and fast food

a bongle doob is also enthusiastic about technology but is too lazy too keep up with the latest trends

bongle; any device, apparatus or thing related to weed, bongs and doobies; to smoke too many bong hits that one bungles an entire day

doob; to smoke a doobie in front of the boobtube


bungle; carry out (a task) clumsily or incompetently, leading to failure or an unsatisfactory outcome. a mistake or failure, typically one resulting from mismanagement or confusion


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02 Apr 2017


Image result for i may like shop but im not buying your bull

buljezen n,v; love that doesn’t put up with bullshit;  angry with someone you love which means you  actually love them

buljezen; love from one who has the courage to keep a lover in check by setting boundries incredibly well

buljezen is the kind of love one is attracted to in a person not only because of their sharp wit but the strength they have to reign in on poor behavior, keeping one morally in check which in turn makes a person stronger and better

buljezen is love from friends who call you out on stuff if they feel it’s bullshit and that’s more attractive and appealing than having friends who just ‘yes’ you to death



jezen; anger

JE; Just Energy, Joint Effort

Zen; a wisdom tradition, derived from the Chinese word chan and Sanskrit dhyana, which means meditation, and the root meaning in Sanskrit is to see to observe, to look; to not deny the anger but to handle it properly




Im sorry I got angry with you last night honey!

Its ok babe, buljezen, i deserved it, you don’t put up with my bull which is actually pretty cool and another reason why I love you




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10 Apr 2017


Related image

buylylu n;(buy-lie-loo) money can buy fake, materialistic ‘love and affection’; unrequited love; one sided, love not recipricated or returned in kind

buylylu v; to buy love and affection; an attempt to attract someone with money or favors; usually from a man trying to keep a woman attracted to him

buylylu; aka; Nice Guy Manipulation; for a guy to buy love and affection known to lure some women for only short periods of time

buylylu; the idea that some women will allow men to do anything for them, giving money doing favors but it wont make them change how they feel about the man, and wont make the man more attractive because money cannot buy attraction

buy; to pay for, using money or favors


ly; to suffer


lu; vagina


He She

Old French

lu; wolf


lu; animal


lu; bone


lu; fox


lu; flame


lue; syphilis


lu; luo; I wash, i cleanse, purge, i expiate, i pay, i suffer, i satisfy, to cut off, seperate, free




Note: A great relationship requires, great communication skills and shared value of self worth among many other things




Did you hear what happened to pongky?


He asked his buylylu lover if she would still love him if he didnt give her money

What did she say?

She said sure she would still love him but she would miss him too

LOL!! buylylu dong!!, luv that only last until the money is gone



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29 Nov 2016

bye uolls


bye uolls! n, used in parting during a conversation to confirm all is 'OK', express good wishes, and to give 'blessings'

literally; " 'ok, 'olls korrect', so goodbye to you all, with 'blessings' "

And then you can blow most peoples mind by telling them the origin of "OK", Ever wonder why we say, "OK'?


'OK' is ...
A deliberate, humorous corruption of all correct, dating from the 1830s, recognized as one of several possible origins for the term OK
'i think we've covered it all, so 'bye uolls'??
'ya, bye uolls!!"




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13 Feb 2017


Image result for messy chocolate cartoon

cakau n,v('choc' 'au') naughty or disorderly with chocolate



Caka; to be content, to shine

Caka, untuk menjadi konten, untuk bersinar


chosen one ... derived from Arabic origins ... form of Chakir

Arin language

au; you




au; I, me, my.


Dutch, finnish

au; ouch!


ou; An exclamation of awe and surprise; wow.


au; I, me


au; bright and cheerful





Oh my astaga!!!?? cakau cakau!!??

ya daddy, cakau! cakau! heehee!!




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15 Sep 2017


 Image result for exhausted from traffic jam cartoon


camet adj; capek + macet(pronounced; cha, met), to be totally exhausted(capek) from traffic(macet)

camet(euphemism); "charmed to have met you, im sure" ; like, as nice as being stuck in the middle of a Jakarta traffic jam

a sarcastic or fececious way to say how dreadful or exhausting some new experience was, e.g a meeting with someone not so pleasant

A : Let's go for a drink later.

B : Sorry mate! Camet. I feel so tired after being stucked in traffic jam in Jakarta.

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28 Feb 2017


Image result for cereology cartoon

cerealogy n(cearal-ogy); the science of cereals; the breakfast of champions , e.g from understanding how cereal gets soggy, trying to get it not too crunchy, not too soggy but just right, to determine the best cereal to eat while watching your favorite cartoons


cerealogy; the science of e-juice breakfast vaping, meant to help you take the best parts of the morning with you, make everyday a Sunday morning by waking up to an amazing homemade breakfast with no spoon needed






Hey bro how bout skippin skoo and having some breakfast of champs!!??

Ya, ‘cerealogy’!! My favorite subject! Where to??

Where else but "Vaporized", Duncanville Texas, the best rocking  vap spot in town!!






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25 Feb 2017


Image result for bar scene cartoon

coctaihes n (coc-tai-hees) ; when a girl 'cockteases' a guy into buying her a drink and then she leaves him right after getting the cocktail

coctaihes; a man’s uncontrollable urge or desire to aquiesse to a girl’s flirtatious request for a drink, eventhough knowing its inadvisable as most often she’s  only interested in the drink, and the conquest







Girl flirting at bar; Hello, I saw you looking n flirtin with me a minute ago, whats up?

Guy; Ya, I saw ‘you’ flirting with ‘me’first, so what can I do you fur?

Girl: Well, Im sitting over there with my friends why don’t you send me on over a drink and then…… ?

Ok, but first you must choose your favorite one of the 3 drink options below.

1"coctaihes”; I'll buy you one drink and we never see each other again(good deal for you but not me)   

  1. 2  “olobiver”;  more than one drink for ‘you and I’, but you gotta give me your number first and we must go on a proper date sometime (the best deal for you and I) but sorry must confirm it's your real # first, rules are rules.

3  “snogo-slyter”; drinks for you and your friends with no obligations(the best deal for you and friends, but not a sure thing for me)

 Guy; So, which one do you prefer?

girl; Ill take #3 the ‘snogo-slyter’ option

Ok, how many do you want?

     Im with 2 friends

     Ok, 3 snogo-slyters coming up! Ill send them right over

Girl; You’re such a sweety!!

5 minutes later the waiter serves three snogo-slyters to the 3 girls

Waiter; Here you go, 3 snogo-slyters from the gentleman over there.

Girl: What’s in a snogo-slyter”??

Shaved Ice (snow) mixed with water, and a slice of lemon

Bartender; that was classic guy! theyll never coctaihes you again thats for sure

Guy; ya, i may have been born on a tuesday, but it wasnt last tuesday.. Taxi!!!








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24 Aug 2017


Image result for trumpy the tiger cartoon

contretrumpsany unexpected, dispute, unfortunate hitch or event that is swiftly diffused or trumped

contretrumps; tiger toothed retaliation, a master counterpunch secret weapon, whereby the one who can ‘speak from the heart’, turns the disaster or any hardship, ‘dole’ into many more ‘dolors’, of pain, striking an even harder, ‘contrecoup’ brain bruising punch, thrown right back into the face of the aggressor  


A ‘tiger's tooth’ believed to have mystical powers. The teeth were used to help someone gather courage and even cause fear among those around them. There was the belief in Africa that if one traveled with a tiger's teeth in their pocket they'd have more power or fortune in their journey

contrecoup (pluralcontrecoups)


1.(pathology) A bruising of the brain caused by a blow, appearing on the opposite side to that on which the blow was struck.


 If Cruz ended the contretemps technically ahead in the abstract realm of argumentation, he was decidedly less so in the realm of the human and intuition. Speaking from the heart doesn’t appear to come naturally to Cruz the way it does to Trump, even if it makes Cruz less susceptible to gaffes played off as bombast.



Thats it!! Have you seen the news? I think Trumps history this time.

You know how many times ive heard about all the contretemps that everyone says will take him down??!! Just wait a minute for the contretrump!!

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01 Mar 2017


Image result for later hottie cartoon


cuhoty; cool + cute  +‘cu’ see you + hoty(pronounced, ‘qoo hotty!’), meaning “cool! See you hottie!”

cuhoty; for anything or anyone, dope, cool or bitchin hot

cu; see you

cuhoty is used when saying goodbye and

at the end of an email or text message to a friend



cu; buttocks




see you at the party



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17 May 2017