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Article : April 1st 2017


Article : April 2nd 2014

The short of it,

It's time to face the words, discover, learn, create, share, and

support our worlds languages.......

The long of it,

It all started almost 20 years ago.

Traveling across Asia, working within a wide variety of ethnic cultures around the world as an English practitioner(EFL teacher, editor, facilitator etc..) I couldn't help but notice all the other languages that surrounded me. Interacting daily with people who spoke foreign languages, a mix of mono and bi-lingual communique, led me to try something new in order to familiarize myself with their language.

What I discovered was that in every language I encountered, if the letters in a word are transposed, 3 outcomes would occur; either another, "existing word" is found, a potential word called, "accidental gap", or a, "systemic gap" is discovered.

An "accidental gap"(AG) is a potential word and a, "systemic gap"(SG) does not adhere to the morphological rules of a particular language.

It's based on a linguistic phenomena; the transposing of letters in words, but I took it to another level above and beyond spoonerisms and anagrams.

Once I realized how vast the word space is out there, and that we're only using 1/10th of it, I was, "bafulously", compelled; an extraordinary, fabulous, real discovery that continues to baffle!

So I'd transpose words in my head everywhere with any language as a way to interact and learn about what's behind the words. And then I thought, why not extract and use all those beautiful, euphonic accidental gaps instead of just letting them go to waste in lexicon space?

All it took then was figuring out how to unlock the door to all those word gaps, and how to discover the expressive gaps in a language. And that's how I came up with the, "veridation","spantrose" process, which includes a, "defining moments" step called, "webstirs"; an instant Google search for the meaning and etymology of each part of your new word. I found this process stirs the imagination so that an 'expressive gap' can be realized. The usual word creation approach involves the discovery of an, expressive gap first, and then to create the word to fill the expressive gap by using conventional word creation techniques. But usually by the time you stumble across an obvious expressive gap in a language, many times you find that someone else had already coined a word to fill it.

I never realized how many expressive gaps there were out there until I started entering existing words into the spantrose word generator. Each country where I lived and worked, I found the exact same positive word creation potential. Even spantrosing words in languages such as, Arabic and Chinese can work because many of their words are transliterated using the English alphabet.

When I saw how by changing the positions of letters in just one word can generate so many thousands of potential new words, and then the potential words would take me to places I would have never imagined, I just had to share this idea with the world somehow. But I also thought it could be a great opportunity to create awareness in regards to our world's suffering languages. Most people are probably not aware that we are losing around 2 to 4 languages, and all their beautiful words within them, every month.

So I figured it was about time for an, "about face", a new way to create, getting the words out, connecting people and languages like never before....


Master IT programmer, designer:
Dikobagda Anggara, Indonesia

A special thanks to:
IT technical Advisor, Wahyuhuda Muhammad, Indonesia
And to Mr Lyle Sabo, language consultant/advisor/USA


To encourage language diversity, unity, preservation, and the pursuit of knowledge through word creation and "net-wording".


I'm a Cherokee/Irish lad born in Denver, migrated to Texas, and ended up "sanded" on the Beaches of Southern California, Manhattan Beach to be exact. But because of Spielberg's blockbuster "Jaws" and the 15 foot wave that almost killed me, once upon a time, I never braved the surf again, and to tell you the truth, couldn't even pull off saying, "dude" right!

After a BA in Communications, from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I had a stint with stunts and acting, doubled and dabbled in Hollywood, killed at the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, and wrote, "Jonny Quest" stories for Hanna-Barbera. And then all of a sudden, the 94 Northridge Earth Quake hit while I was living in, "Tarzana", California. Sprinkle that with a major car accident in "Torrance", I finally got the picture. Infinite Intelligence was telling me something, so I jumped ship, and am still traveling the world spantrosing words in each language I encounter.

My drive comes from a natural desire to express, entertain and learn through the creation of new words as well as the inspiration gained by noticing the diverse group of beautiful languages that surrounds me daily. I also believe its time for the world to start creating and spreading more positive words for all languages to use as Ive seen so many beautiful words and etymology forgotten and so many negative and hurtful words on the rise.

I happen to be an avid spantrose word creator myself. Once I enter an existing word into the spantrose box, it's hard for me to stop because each page of results from one word contains so many great finds, I'm compelled to push, "generate more" to instantly see the next page of euphonic discoveries. And every time I, choose a word to create, I always learn something new and interesting through the, "webstir" process.

Face it, it's time to get the words out, so jump into tronspase and spantrose a word or two!!!!


Butler & Facewordz team

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