Accidental Gap



An accidental gap(AG) is a potential word, one that adheres to the

morphological rules of a language. And experts say that we are only using 1/10th of

the possible AG's available to us. But it's extremely difficult to just come up with the AG's in our head.

Imagine gazing up at a midnight Jupiter's Orbit to witness the yearly November night show of the "Leonids", a prolific and spectacular yearly meteor shower. Now imagine a majority of those, little, bright,showering Leonid meteors to be alien outer space supernova words called, "leonogisms" just as our own arsenal of promising, newly coined rookie words down here on Earth are called, "neologisms". >note: the word, "leonogism" was created by spantrosing the word, "neologism".

The leonogisms represent a universal corpora lexicon, a galactic treasure trove of premium, potential words, ready and waiting to be assigned here on planet Earth. But we must first consider all of those presumed, "leonogisms" to be just accidents waiting to happen or, "accidental gaps"(AG), like lost in space, undefined word orphans, until they prove themselves here on Earth, "Word!"

If the alien accidental gaps are given proper definitions and end up filling expressive gaps here on Earth, then they have a chance of eventually becoming neologisms; new words next in line to be accepted into a lexicon. And any AG who can accomplish the difficult mission of becoming a popular neologism at least deserves the respective title of a former, bona fide, "leonogism"; distant galactic relatives to neologisms, not just "accidental gaps". But considering all the strange, "unknown origin", "bastard sappy" words that somehow accidentally "slip" into a dictionary (accidental "slaps" slip + sap) you can never predict what word will make it. So if you do find an AG you believe in, then all you can do is give it the best home (definition) possible. Then it's up to the world to decide if the AG is worthy enough to be accepted into a lexicon.

Many of the morphologically stable outer-space AG discoveries can be extremely appealing; witty, new found "sounds" and collocations yet to be heard by today's discerning, contemporary, trendsetting ear. But just coming up with the AG's in your head is almost impossible.

There seems to be an incredible amount of word space out there, so much in fact that there is no need for all the homonymy and borrowing that goes on. Actually there are probably way more potential gaps or words in lexicon space than we really need.

Accidental gaps (AG) can be discovered simply by "transposing" letters in words and then the "morphological structure" of the AG with the assistance of search engines helps in the discovery of the expressive gaps.