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23 May 2017


Dohnson; A pariah, a persona non grata, a great unmentionable

Dohnson; the biggest Dick(Johnson) head there is; to be the top 10 performer, in any game or field of profession, but fail with at least 3 drug tests in a 5 year period, including 2 for cocaine while carrying on liasons with the wife of a fellow colleague

Dohnson; Dumb, Deceitful, Drugy, Dickhead + Johnson= Double Dickhead Johnson

Johnson; penis


Hey did you see that, she smiled at me!!?

Don’t be a Charles Dohnson bro, do you know she married to your colleague Charles?!

Oh I didn’t know that!! Thanks for the heads up butt!!


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by truble

23 May 2017

Dayson J

Dayson 'J' , n; the new drink of choice, especially for golfers, the first, get serious, non alcoholic, junipier, juiced up ‘jocktail’( for all professional jocks) aka,  ‘Jaynipper’, ‘jaycktail’, any drink packed with powerful, mind and body boosting, herbs and fruit juices(preferably organic),  Or just an herbal ‘J’(joint) if over 18, and dont 'toke and drive' to always be mindfull to ‘drive safely’ on a golf course or on the road

Dayson J; non alcoholic, liquid marijuana 'jaynniper-jaycktail' drink

A healthier alternative to a golfers typical, bloody mary, Irish coffe, beer or shot of whiskey etc before stepping on to the tee; a shift in the mind set  in reference to golf and alcolhol having a happy relationship since 15th century Scotland, where the number ‘18’of holes in a course started because it took 18 shots to polish off a 5th of Scotch Whisky, so the game was finished when the scotch ran out, which is why most golf courses have a bar conveniently located right after the 18th hole


Juniper was a symbol of the Canaanites' fertility goddess Ashera or Astarte in Syria. In the Bible's Old Testament, a juniper with an angelic presence sheltered the prophet Elijah from Queen Jezebel's pursuit. ... It is for its culinary, medicinal and ritual properties that juniper is best known.

‘J’‘joint’; marijuana is now widely known to help with all kinds of ailments such as cancer etc etc...

This entry is specially dedicated to pro golfer Jason Day and his mother’s great comeback recovery from lung cancer

Have a nice Dayson J!




Bartender: what can i get you today

pro golfer: well ive tried it the other way, and i dont think it helps my play,

so I think its about time for a 'Dayson J' !



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by truble

17 May 2017


dailing; ailing(having an extra, excruciating, katzenjammer from excessive amounts of alcohol and lack of sleep) on a work day; a desperate attempt to act normal which not only impairs the ability to work, it raises the stress level  causing one to break into a cold wet beaded-face sweat along with uncontrollable shakes

dail; to ail from drinking


Hey are you dailing again today? Its starting to become a daly thing with you.

No im not gonna do another dail, but i am gonna bail


I cant function properly at work and i feel its gonna be a lucky day at the races tonight

Why do i feel another Don Jaily coming on???





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by lyle

14 May 2017

Jailito's Way

Image result for jailbird golfer cartoon

‘Jailitos way’(staring Don Jaily) n;  a walking,‘cocktail of disaster’; a drinker with a life played out like a bad country song ; able to drink the equivalent of at least a fifth of Jack, daily, for a year which obviously makes one not only go many more times to the ‘Jon Daily’ more than the average person, but also increases the negative consequences; e.g., more AA visits, divorces, gambling debts, drug use and health problems

Note; a don jailito is like a cross between a cat with nine lives and a Corleon, they’ll never give up 






Hold on there Don Jaily, youre starting to make this a habit, youve had one too many for too too long, youre starting to look like the movie star don jailito in jailitos way....and you know how that turned out..




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by truble

14 May 2017


dislexid n;  anything involving a situation where the penalty doesn’t really fit the crime anymore, usually because of an antiquated rule that should be changed; a messed up, confusing or unfair rule or person, e.g.,  situation where some joe schmuck can watch a golf tournement on tv and then is empowered like an official to call the shots of the game


Dude do you hear what happened to the pro golfer Lexi Thompson who should have won the tournement but was stripped of the title because of some boobficial(viewer offiating from a 'boobtube' ,tv)?

Ya i did, definitely a dislexid rule, can you imagine someone watching wimbledon and calling in to say John Macenros passing shot was out and so he loses the game??  

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by truble

11 May 2017

Don Jaily

Image result for waking up wearing an orange jump suit behind bars cartoon

Don Jaily v,n; to drink until passing out, waking up ailing, and donning a strange, soiled orange jumpsuit, then it finally dawns on you, you’re ailing in jail 

Don Jaily; one who drinks and drives on a golf course 


Hey dont do a Don Jaily on me bro, lets go!

Just one more drink

Have fun ailin in jail!

Hey dont bail!

Dont worry i wont, you gotta find someone else dumb enough to bail you out this time... im outta here


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by truble

10 May 2017

Dyslexi Thompson

Dyslexi Thompson n, v; to make a small, seemingly insignificant mistake, but be penalized like it was the crime of the century  

A ‘Dyslexi Thompson’is a phrase that can be used to remind one not to make any small mistakes(especially golf errors like signing wrong score cards, and returning balls to the wrong spot ) as such penalties can cost one a trophie






Teacher: make sure to watch your mistakes, dont be a Dyslexi Thompson, and ruin your entire grade because of stupid errors!!


student: Ok Mr Dislexid!!


Teacher: What did you say?


student: i said "I missed my taxi!!!".......So i might as well stay and do the essay, esay aso...


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by truble

09 May 2017


ratscoinapter!; used to express annoyance because of creative hesitation; e.g., to think of a new idea about anything, especially coining new words and app ideas but because of hesitating too long to actually legally retain the idea, you find someone else had already officially created it via some form of publication

ratscoinapter n; one who is terrible at setting goals and fulfilling them but is a master of ideas, hesitation and being a coward

ratscoinapter; to have a creative idea, kept in secret(usually for a long period of time) and for one not to share the idea with anyone, not even closest friends or family, for fear of someone else stealing the idea, but then to one day discover someone else had the same light bulb go off in their brain, but the only difference is that they went out and executed the idea

ratscoinapter; a bolted, wide awake, blood pumping, panic that courses through the veins when one finds out their idea or invention had already been taken, usually causing the hesitater to, go ballistic, throwing and punching things, yelling and screaming out expletives, aching with regret, envy, and a prolonged bout with insomnia 





There are countless stories of people(artists) experiencing ratscoinapter mostly because of the fear of failure and shame. So to combat this self destructive instinct an artist can keep some kind of inspirational quote close to them, something powerful enough to keep you going, such as the quote below by Goeth   


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events ensues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”



I cant beleive it!! Someone already created my idea!!

Ratscoinapter bro!! You cant hesitate when you think of new ideas, or new words, you gotta coin it right away by publishing it, not "apter" someone else does

Ya youre 'appsolutely' right!! ratscoinapter!! big time, i had 12 years to execute my idea but failed to do so, so its all me on me.. never again!! 





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