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02 Nov 2018

Ask me if I caravan

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Ask me if I caravan!; (rhetorical phrase) for millions of fair minded people who didn’t buy into the ridiculous, “caravan of immigrants” card

"Ask me if i caravan" can be used when you want someone, especially liberal lobbits, to stop annoying you


“Ask me if I caravan” can also be used as a response to sum up just about anything that is completely ludicrice or just as a GOP / Trump supporter interjection, and reminder of vilification for a president who was hired to protect a country, our homeland



"On the theory that you can judge a president by his critics, Donald Trump must be hitting the bull’s-eye with his warnings about the ­migrants vowing to smash through our border. We know this because the usual suspects — the New York Times and CNN, among ­others — are accusing Trump of making much ado about next to ­nothing."






What do you think about  those poor migrants!!!

Ask me if i caravan!!!

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by artigs

24 Oct 2018



racepist  n, adj (also, racepisst, race-pissed);

still pissed from losing the last race, especially referring to Liberals losing against the Right.


A racepist now calls any good person who supports Trump a "racist and rapist" eventhough they are not racist and have never even thought about raping someone



PIST; Post Idiot Stomachers Truss (truss---To take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce) upon.

PIST Percentage of Idiots Satisfying Themselves





can you believe how ‘racepist’ the liberals have become?




The Lobbits are just leaving their Legacy Of Bluetality because they were so badly Trump humped, dumped and stumped,…






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by artigs

22 Oct 2018


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Trex n; ‘Trumpranasaurus hex’ or ‘trumpetrexed’(wiped out and exposed like a bad disease)


A Trex is not only a powerful ‘shield’ used against any witch, ‘hex’, it’s 3(tre)x more powerful than all the witches and their hexes combined at the same time.



Each time a hex is thrown at someone righteous, the negative energy of the hex is then, Trexed, not only melting it to smitherines but making the victim 3 times more powerful/popular.


 A Trex is impervious to any witches’ hex because Devine Providence always overpowers anything else





We’ve already seen how all the witches of the world after unleashing their most lethal, prolonged, so called, ‘hexes’ to bind Trump for over 2 years has only made Trump stronger.



"Hey what do you think about the witches trying to hex Kavanaugh now!!


From the movie ,“ Bitches of WestDicks”!!


You mean Witches of Eastwick??! 


 No, "Bitches of WestDicks"!! where all the, Liberal Lobbit racepist, witches and dicks of the world tried their best to hex and bind, but instead were trexed, melted to smitherines, after bending over, kissing their own behinds?


Ya!! that was a great one!!































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16 Oct 2018



Tranye n,v; double dragon energy; ‘love hug’,

of a higher vibrating energy, generated between redemancy, light master, warriors

a powerful love, ‘embrasser’ where there’s no trace of any race, religion, region or political party, that can argue with the feeling of such love


Tr-an-ye= Trump & Kanye + love= double dragon energy hug



embrasser; to set a blaze, hug, embrace, to 


kindle; to start a fire, light a torch, to arrouse or inspire with passion, to begin to grow, take hold 



The true definition of power is the ability to manage and direct intense, consolidated light for purposes of creation, communication, or direct manifestation. It is the Mastery of Light. Dragons are Light Masters.






Dragon; as a Radiant Light

Whales and Dragons are from a matrix beyond human thinking.
Yet, when we intuitively feel from the heart... here they are; the Gate Keepers of our next journeys.
These Masters of Peace and Light will show us how to direct Energy for Creation.


"MACROVERSAL Council"   through   Rainey Marie Highley


“The dragon vehicle/body was considered a new “form-kind” because it was made partially of light body (similar to 4D “spirits” but made of glowing, radiant light similar to your sun) and partially of matter. This design enabled dragons to experience touch and relationship, but most importantly, the appropriate use of power. Power is feared and often misunderstood by humans, most specifically because power has been terribly misused and humans have fallen victim to its abuse. The true definition of power is the ability to manage and direct intense, consolidated light for purposes of creation, communication, or direct manifestation. It is the Mastery of Light. Dragons are Light Masters.”


“Do not fear the reptilian part of you, because you are all receptacles of light, for light, and in light. You are part of the dragon family. The time has come to reclaim the Mastery of Light that was once yours. Shine your Light, dear humans. The Macroverse has been waiting for your return. It is time to remember your Dragon Family”.


“May the brightest light of All That Is shine from within your gentle intuition in a state of peaceful compassion to the individual light essences unified together now remembering the empowering and enlightening being of oneness of which we are all connected.”





‘A Tranye, double dragon love-hug’ will cure any naysaying humbug!!”

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by artigs

07 Oct 2018




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Lobbits n;

leftist agitators,” "lesbi-obbits”; .Left overs, a fusion of Hillary and Bernie, hobbit and lesbian lobbyist merged as one where their bit, is to bite, and their, Line Of Business is to pick a fight, Leaving a Legacy Of Bluetality('Blue Wave', casualties from the Liberals Own Brutality)

Lobbits are also known as,


"The last of the, Ho-'me too'-Cans' 


Top Liberal Lobbying Clients, 2018 ...




LOB; a country bumpkin, clown

LOB; Liberal Opp Business

LOB; Load Of Bullocks

LOB; Limited Operating Base

LOB; Low Order Bites

LOB; Left Out Bored

LOB Legacy Of Brutality(Bluetality)



“fat lesbians and ugly frumpy college hobbit women with problem glasses that would likely yell at you for taking up too much space on a train”.


“The right attracts people who are generally happy with themselves and want the world to quit holding them back. The left attracts people who are terribly unhappy with themselves and want the government to fix it”.


“progressives are usually, unkept, feminists (the ugly ones), overweight, and overall just disgusting looking individuals”



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Hey, What ever you do, dont tell a Lobbit to have a "Trumpmendus" day.... they will trumplode on you and then they’ll fake news accuse you of discrimination, telling everybody you hate gays..etc !!!

So Just say, “I hate to be “pretrumptuous”, but in this day and age’ lobbits don’t ever seem to be able to have a nice day,..... so drive each other safely, lay in your stains, and have a nice gay, dont worry everting gon be ait! But i gotta go now, cause i hear you Lobbits bite!!



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07 Oct 2018



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flaim n; an old flame whose clacky aim is to defame and maim using a story about some guy a long time ago left her in the dumps without a hump but the real reason is that she’ll do or say anything in order to stop the conservative, president Donald J Trump

 flaim; freaking lame

laim; a lame, ugly lie






1.                black


2.                (figuratively) poor, miserable, unfortunate


3.                (figuratively) wicked, bad


Maroon Spirit Language

lai; lie


Old French

Lai; ugly

clack; “to make a noise, clap, twitter















So what do you think of the Nutty Profusser??

If i was David Bowie Id write a song called,  flaim!!!! Frickin lame....


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by artigs

07 Oct 2018


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embeerassing adj; embarrassing, acts from harassing asses all because someone drank beer decades ago


embeerassing; drinking so much beer that causes one to do embarrassing things


embeerassing; just about every weekend throughout a 4 year college education including spring break 


embeerassing; Profusser Blasey Ford’s attempt to stop Trump



You sure you want more beer, you know how embeerassing you get!

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07 Oct 2018


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Kan-avahug n; Kavanaugh victory beer hug, a salute in support of the new Supreme Court Judge



Ancient chinese surname given only to a select few who possessed great wisdom, knowledge, and foresight.
Chosen one. One who knows.


AVA; Alliance of Valient Arms

AVA; Against Violence and Abuse

AVA; Awareness Values and Actions


AVA; Accelerating Voltage Alteration



Anyone who disagrees with Trumps Supreme Court Judge, ‘kanavahug’!! as far as im concerned


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by artigs