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20 Mar 2021

Pelovid 20

Man Suffering Anxiety Attack Vector Illustration Stock Vector (Royalty  Free) 114073102

Pelovid 20; Aka The 'Nasty Pelovid' 20, 20 x more dangerous and painful than the covid, from having to listen to Very Ignorant Democrats(VIDs) ie; Pelosi and all her VIDS, aka Nancy's VIDS

Unfortunately for people who must listen to these Very Ignorant Dems for even a short period of time, it can be a horrible  hair raisin event where one is turned into, a vicious vindictive person who experiences sudden outbursts or tantrums to the point where they will pull out their own hair


Following coronavirus restrictions and wearing masks is of vital importance during the pandemic. Unless you’re a member of the Democratic elite and these protocols are inconvenient — then it’s all about you and your needs.


The notion that Pelosi allegedly relied on a salon stylist to apprise her of coronavirus restrictions is worrying on a few levels: For one, it speaks to either ignorance or deliberate obtuseness as to the rules in her own district, it skirts the question “Why didn’t a staff member look them up?” and smacks of elitism and entitlement.

smacks of elitism and entitlement.

That’s a hair-raising combination.


Did you hear about the newest strain???

No what is it?

Its called the Pelovid 20........ and this one is real, and nasty!

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01 Mar 2021

frikin cricken

Wear A Mask ???? In YOUR ???? CAR ALONE! / Hugo Talks #lockdown - YouTube

frikin cricken; a corona virus chicken, wearing a mask alone in the car; real dumb


Hey, did you get the corona vaccine yet?

Ya, i did. Why?!


Oh, just asking...........Frikin Cricken!!!

What did you say??

I just said, Frikin Biden is really kickin... ass..ya?




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28 Oct 2020



I had to share this ! - Imgflip

Sheliden; aka; “Schiff Sheliden away”

Schiff-Shumer-Harris-Pelosi, aligned with Biden, aka, the “Sheliden Adventure”,

schiff sheliden away; a phrase that describes a post seashell party of, sea-Dem-donkey, friends, lost at sea, without a compass or a map, an adventure that turns into a, shell-shocked, 2 party division between, the Harnburners and the Bunkers, both empty party shells, full of crap.

The Harnburners representing a pissed off, hell raising, Barnburning, Harris and Pelosi faction,

The Bunkers consisting of Schiff, Shumer and Biden, already practically in traction,

the 2 sides hunkering down in perpetual absence, disappearing without a trace, beyond the horizon, hiding in a secrete, Biden, Bunker-ship, d-basement place,

where they all consume magic mushrooms, to try making sense of their losing face, fate, and for the sake of their nation, but instead, end up engulfed in a monsoon of, pallucinations, political pals, having a paranoia, of misfits in hallucinations,

Schumer and Biden’s, final taco fest, with a pie in the face, prognostication;

a shroomerous, last tango goodbye with, ‘Parris’, a hell of a fight with, ‘Pelosi-Harris’, both sides bunkering down,

for the final, round starting with a Belowsi; a saving face, faco, test, between Biden and Pelosi,

so that the Harnburners and Bunkers, could at least say one side of their party, walked away with a win,

But, as soon as they let the pie throwing, in the face, "pieden, adventure", party begin,

the Bunkers, found it was just no match, as fighting against the Harnburner’s, piss n vinegar fury, a pocket full of pelosi, is like a one punch, radical, Hellosi, scratch,

so to their chagrin, knowing very well, the quagmire they were in, without their 3rd wheel, deck hand, Schiff head, navigator, who they needed in order to seal the win, the one responsible for losing the compass and map, had already jumped ship, without being able to swim, is when

the Bunkers realized that even though how badly they got Trumped, were actually quite delighted, tickled pink, even sporting a grin, from the thought of knowing that their, Schiff would never, ever, be coming in.  



Dude, its,'sheliden time!', we are schiff sheliden away!!!!', its time to jump this ship and join the Dali Lama!

Why is that? 

Because we are not only way off course, the sheliden adventure ship we are on was built by frickin, Obama!

Oh momma!!

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25 Sep 2020


Related image

kusheimerz n(kush-high-merz); to forget the place where you put the kush because of ingesting the kush in the first place


kusheimerz ; Temporary to permanent loss of, negative, anxiety inducing, thoughts, memories that keeps one from moving forward and being creative


kusheimerz ; progressive mental regeneration, of the brain; preventing or treating, senility dementia or alzheimers by using certain strains of 100% natural herbal kush




"Cannabis makes an excellent natural herbal supplement for loved ones who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other related conditions.

It can also help elderly loved ones more efficiently deal with the effects of aging, including insomnia and anxiety. Because of its calming properties, patients can benefit from cannabis as it can help them stay more calm and comfortable in their final years"


hey, does your mom have 'alzheimers'?


No she's got "kusheimerz"


Then she ait!!

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by truble

24 Sep 2020


MCT: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 – Anderson Valley Advertiser

Remembercandt; to be so extremely stoned, having a blast in the same café for days, you actually forget to see, 'Rembrandt' while in Amsterdam

Remembercandt; extremely stoned, yet extraordinarily, honed 


Note; Actually, Rembrandt never went anywhere outside of Amsterdam, for good reason because he didn't have to, he could get anything he wanted there. Why go anywhere else.



At Bulldogs, Amsterdam






tarbander(weed/hash bartender, banning anything containing, 'tar');


What can I get you sir?


How about some amnesia Haze?


Ok, but after smoking this, you won’t remember to visit, ‘Rembrandt’ or any other Museums, in fact you wont be going anywhere outside Amsterdam, just like what happened to Rembrandt…… it’s called a,


 “Remembercandt!!”Netherlands…….. it happens all the time!


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24 Sep 2020



"gloquaminence" spantrosed from "magniloquence"


gloquaminence n; aka, a, 'glow off'; a magnificent, cool, quality of terseness; the eloquence’ of one who emits, a balanced, ebb and flow, of positive thoughts and ideas, using very few words, is one with a very high, resodance, glow, or gloquaminence, the antonym to magniloquence     


gloquaminent adj; the magnificent, eloquence found in, one’s, terseness; a laconic, ‘glow-off’, opposite, a pompous, magniloquent, blowhard, ‘show off’


gloquaminent; one believed to be precious, having a rare quality in character that people find most trust worthy, the highest vibrating, empath, kind of person, or friend, one could ever find


magniloquence; a long winded, low vibrating, requisition from a show-off





(astronomy) A situation in which the directions of two celestial bodies (or a celestial body and the Sun) form a right-angle from the perspective of the observer.





glo; to believe


1.                to stare

2.                to glare

3.                to gogglegapegawpgawk



Glo; to stare,  glare, to gogglegapegawpgawk


quam; by what or which way?


Qua; quality and a significant quantity of quality


Qua; by virtue of

qua; corners of turns, and bends, the periods, and terms of rounds, between people, strangers, family and friends  






Quam; in what way


Qua; in the capacity of being here, in the now, in the know; a lot of quality

Hello your ‘gloquaminence’!!! You know your, high vibrating, magnificently, glowing, eloquence of presence, is simply divine, providence!!!

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24 Sep 2020



resodance v; to increase the 'resonance' in a 'residence'.

resodancing n; resonating, residents, steeped in a dance of unconditional love, the highest emotional vibration in evidence; part of a, ‘chima’ wave,

Chimate clange, of higher, vibrating words, that chime in, beautiful acts of, benevolence.

resodance n; a shared sense of energy, rhythm, flow, and coherence, starting from 2 people(residents), in an, in-sync, ‘resonating’, consonance,

 “on the same wavelength”, setting, a higher, vibration frequency; a resodance, tone, of togetherness, and a balanced flow of relationships, causing a ripple effect, chiming, climate, wave, towards a more connected, global, community, of resodance  

When a frequency is created by any other object in the neighborhood or ‘residence’ of the original object, the original object responds to that frequency by re-sounding or “resonating” with an empathetic, communal, connection. But if you take out the, ‘EM’(EMitting of resodance) in Empathetic, we are left with, ‘pathetic’; a communal, residence,

lacking harmony, or 'dissonance'.

Having a resodance, is central to the divine, as well as human wellness, based on a system of energy centers that effect wellbeing.

Resodance is the consonance in a, residence, in which two or more frequencies combine to create harmony, resonance occurs when the wavelengths are exactly the same; that is, when two wavelengths of similar frequencies come together as one. This merging into a single amplified wave is described in physics as rhythmic entrainment: sound waves that emanate from vibrating bodies merge into single, amplified waves when they are vibrating at similar frequencies and thus result in resonance. Whereas resonant waves are defined as having attained a state of, rest/peace/joy>love


dissodance; the dissonance, or lack of, resodance, in a residence 



reso; to pray




To raise

resa c

1.                 travel, a journey

lycklig resa!

bon voyage! good journey!

2.                 trip


1.                 to erect, to cause to stand up

2.                 to erect a tent

3.                 (reflexive) to sit up, to stand up

4.                 to reopen a case in court



reso; to return


resa f (plural rese)

1.                 (militarysurrender

Synonym: capitolare

resa incondizionata ? unconditional surrender

2.                 return

Synonym: restituzione

resa dei conti ? (please add an English translation of this usage example)

3.                 (economicsyieldproductivity

Synonym: rendimento

4.                 reckoning


reso past participle of



1.                 (transitive) to give back, to return

Synonym: restituire

2.                 (transitive) to yield (a return etc)

3.                 (transitive) to render

4.                 (transitive) to send or make

5.                 (intransitive) to be profitable








1.                 (anatomyeye


why do I love this place so much?

Because youre in the presence of, resodance, people resodating....


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24 Sep 2020

chimate clange


chimate clange; A trumpet blaring, high-brating, sound off, declaration, ‘clang’, for the world to ring in a more positive, chiming, climate of new words, towards a more, ‘Peace upon, Earth, the angels sang!” 

the conscious intent of helping the planet to come into balance at a higher vibrational, ‘climate’, by way of, blaring out, like a ‘chima’ wave trumpet, heard around the globe, chiming a clangere, surplus of more, positively constructed, functional words for the world to use.  

Chimate Clange; a, ‘chima’ wave, ‘chimate clange’, climate of better, higher vibrating, more positive, words, that, ‘chime’.  

A distinction of higher, vibrating relevance, of resonating, residents, in, ‘resodance’, where semantics, Trumps science’s evidence.

The conscious effort to create positive new words, like the newly created , ‘weett’ (new-word), ‘gloquaminence’, spantrosed from its negative existing, antonym, ‘magniloquence’ of which there are at least, 150 negative synonyms, vs not even 10 positive antonyms of its opposite ….  


chimate; an emotional, chiming climate, positive vibration, ‘chima’ wave


chimate clange; A Sign of the  

 Times, for the World to chime, …

chimate; climate of words that chime

chimate; a prime-chiming, chi-friend, or darling, mate, a magical match, made in a, wind chimed, charming, heaven   



“Being in a higher vibration is going to become more and more important to you and the rest of the world as we experience greater awareness of the polarities between the lower and higher vibrations. We will begin to perceive greater separation between the "dark" and the "light" almost as if we live in two worlds at once. We will need to consciously choose between the dark and the light or the higher and the lower vibrations”


We have far more words in our vocabulary that express negative rather than positive emotions.

Studies of 37 different languages turned up seven words that have very similar meanings. They are joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt.

"Seven words, and only one positive,"


chime; a musical instrument making a sound when its truck


The sound of such an instrument or device


To make the sound of a chime

To cause to sound in harmony; to play a tune, as upon a set of bells; to move or strike in harmony.

 To agree; to correspond

The other lab's results chimed with mine, so I knew we were on the right track with the research.



Chima; wave






clangere (literary, rare)

1.                 to blare, to soundespecially referring to war trumpets




1.                 to clang

2.                 (transitive) to sound out (a signal, etc., of a trumpet)



To clean/clear/cleanse through vibrations. sound

Not available

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