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05 Aug 2020


fithyalleck spantrosed from ithyphallic


This Is What Happens To Your Body After Giving Up Alcohol For A ...

fithy-alleck n; a filthy, fifth, drunk, smart aleck who  thinks between the legs.  Excessive drinking, like consuming a, ‘fifth’ of alcohol, may give a guy, an ithyphallic, rise, but it also begets a filthy, rude and obnoxious Mr Hyde; the smart aleck who wakes up in bed all alone, can only remember, the poor little, ithyphallic rise between his thighs, still, unhappy, and, fully grown  

fithyalleck v; allowing the head between the legs to think because the, ‘fithy’, smart aleck had a fifth, of way too much to drink  

fithy; one who is filthy drunk

f’d in the head

FITH; Fear In The Heart

FITH; Fever In The Head

Fire in the hole

The term fifth, however comes from when bottles were 4/5 of a quart, which is the same as 1/5 of a gallon.

Not available

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02 Aug 2020



Full Sturgeon Moon on SVA Portfolios

‘sturjay’ v; to stur, with love; release and renew, by positively, harnessing the power from a sturgeon moon, esp, whilst, loving your fate, the("amour fatty' way) enjoying your jay

Sturjay;What the, “Sturgeon’, General”, would say, on a day like today, August 3rd,2020.. Or any other full moons..


“Generally, to amp up your magic, when you watch me, while i give you a, ‘full moon’, I know what you're thinkin, so don’t think too soon, try to feel more, then think good things, good words, and good deeds, harness thine energy, with positive thoughts, stay in, “Trueble”, toke your weed, if that’s what you need, but always remember, if your actions and your words are, “true”, generally, you will stay out of, “trouble”, but, if, “trouble happens to find you,(and the score reads, 1 for true-ble, 1 for trouble) if you just stay in, ‘trueble’, on the double, mastering your own house, like a, super, duper, cool, ‘butler’, staying true to the power of 3, will knock out that bull, and trueble, will win, the House, with a score of 2 to 1, so now whose havin fun? As no matter what, as long as you try, youll always be ready at the top of the hill, liminally, between, the pearly, gates, with heavens on both sides, like a, ‘Blyde’, bonnie and clyde, couple, doin the hustle or as a single, glider, guy, named, ‘Clyde’, either way, enjoin the ride, making lasting impressions, ‘smiling’, doin,

fly byes, while saying our, ‘hellos and goodbyes’ .……  turns, the 'crappy highs' into 'happy cries'!


To sturjay, is by using our own ability to release and renew, . Cannabis can foster access to the medicinal powers of the Moon helping us to step out of our rational mind and into the liminal where rituals and magic take place. ….. 


Animal Planet in cooperation with WWF-Ukraine


Kiev - Animal Planet, in partnership with WWF and Ukrainian charity Happy Paw, launches a new project intended to help endangered species and homeless animals in Ukraine. The project called “Sturgeon calls for help” will unite people who are interested in nature and care about the future of the unique fauna of the country.
Sturgeons are among the oldest fish on the planet. They have been around for more than 250 million years and outlived the dinosaurs, but today they are among the most endangered species on the planet. Illegal fishing, principally for their caviar, is a serious threat to sturgeons, together with loss of habitat. Today five of the six species that are still found in Ukraine are under threat of extinction. Human intervention has destroyed most of the spawning sites along the major rivers of the country, making the sturgeon particularly vulnerable as they reproduce only once every few years.
The project 
"Sturgeon calls for help" will support the implementation of an action plan for conserving Danube sturgeons that was adopted by the Council of Europe. The project actions aim to raise awareness and engage civil society with the conservation of the still viable sturgeon populations and animal protection in general. Interesting facts, TV shows, quizzes and interactive games will educate people how to protect the endangered wild species and how to co-exist with wildlife in general.
"It is remarkable that the sturgeon are a symbol of the campaign - these unique species outlived the dinosaurs, but now face extinction. People are the problem – and people are the solution. It requires a conscious attitude to both consumption and trade", said Nataliia Gozak, WWF-Ukraine expert.
The project 
"Sturgeon calls for help" is a continuation in Ukraine of a global partnership between Discovery Communications and WWF. "Animal Planet is a channel that does not only talk about animals. It pays attention to the relationships between the world of fauna and man. It teaches how to understand pets, respect the wild nature and empathize with its inhabitants. I am sure that fans of the channel cannot remain indifferent to the destinies of animals - only people can help, and the campaign invites them to active participation in protecting the nature of Ukraine and the whole planet", says Anna Pak, Managing Director of Discovery Networks in North-Eastern Europe.
Various campaigns and initiatives can be accessed on the project webpage, WWF-Ukraine’s website, Happy Paw or Animal Planet’s channels to follow or participate. Volunteers can take care of animals in the nearest animal shelter, get involved in different activities for animal protection and nature conservation. More about the initiatives can be found on the project website (in Ukrainian):  


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31 Jul 2020

godom somorrah

Sharefaith: Church Websites, Church Graphics, Sunday School, VBS ...

godom somorrah (got em some more ah!!)  if the demorats win, it’ll take us all the way back to ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, doomed to destruction, a last Christmas, within a year, everyone unemployed, living in a gody, dirty outhouse, nothing left to cheer, a thick fog would cover the earth, and like slicing up, every, man, woman, and child into mincemeat, they’ll be no more births, it’ll be the end of life as we know it, not only the Republicans, but the entire world, would blow it

Lower Serbian

gódy pl (plural only)

1.                  Christmas

2.                  (euphemisticunemployment


Inari Sami


1.                   fog


somo m (plural somos)

1.                   (obsolete) summitpeak


orra; (now Scotland) Of people: idleunemployeddisreputable. [from 16th c.]


rah; expression of surprise

rah; n expression of frustration or anger

1.                   it fell (off)

2.                   it tumbledflopped

3.                   it strikedpunchedstruck

4.                   it rained (combined with shi (“rain”))

Ra shi.

It rained.





1.                   blood




1.                   to go out, to leave


ra; will, future tense


Inari Sami

It has approximately 300 speakers, the majority of whom are middle-aged or older and live in the municipality of Inari. According to the Sami Parliament of Finland, 269 persons used Inari Sami as their first language. It is the only Sami language that is spoken exclusively in Finland.

Language family: Uralic > Sami > Eastern > Inari ...

Recognised minority language in: Finland

Ethnicity: Inari Sami people

Native speakers: 400 (2018 census)

What would it look like if the Dems took the house??

It would be a, 'godom somorrah', good harm, sad, moron, Butti-gig, re-Pete, Of Bill and Hillary, Biden their time, on Epstein Island, livin it up, partying, puttin on the ritz......... until the meteor hits!

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31 Jul 2020


blobarr or blobarred v; is a kind of, bewildering, bombardment of interruption, by way of asking questions in a, ‘blowhard’, 'bloviating', manner, and then, ‘barring’ the recipient to complete a response, by talking over them because they are afraid the answers will make too much sense, defusing, their, angry, ‘gotcha questioning’, rhetoric; sound bites, intended to make them look, better   

blobarring is usually used by, immature people who make no sense, and easily get angry at reason, projecting, hypocrisy, by loudly accusing others of wrongdoing that they themselves are guilty of and so, they, ‘blobarr’ people because they can’t handle, hearing the truth.  






1.     a person who blusters and boasts in an unpleasant way.





1.     talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

“What did you think about the medieval judicial, “blobarring”, inquisition of the honorable, Bill Barr?

He was blobarrded so bad he couldn’t get a word in, edgewise, I think it was just Biblical!”

>“Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

>Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

“Nadler is always trying to hit a target he just can’t hit, so he might as well just quit while he’s still behind, the only way he’s sure to hit a target is by shopping at a Target, and he can do that blind,  …… he refuses to go to Walmart because he’s against any ‘walls’, but there are plenty of other targets located in a variety of malls!”

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30 Jul 2020


spike-liever(spike-leever); a confirmation biased believer; a very immature, credulous, culture creature, who would ‘spike-lieve’(believe) everything they, read or hear, from, others, rumors, on the internet, and tv, inclined to just accept without testing, especially if it supports their particular ideology, political leanings or narratives 

spike-lieve v; to believe things(aka via, confirmation bias) one wants to believe because it aligns with one’s personal, motivation, identity, ideology/political beliefs, and so does not look any further to find out if the rumor or news is really true or not  

spike; A sharp peak in a graph.

liever; lief (comparative liefer or lieversuperlative liefest or lievest)


Hey, did you hear about the newest corona virus spike?!!


No, what happened?!


Apparently, it’s the biggest SPIKE ever!!! In fact, the spike got so big, they say, ‘Spike Lee’, has it now!

Oh my!!, ya, I can believe it, it’s getting bad!!


Don’t be such a ‘spike-leiver’, man!! I’m only joking!! 

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30 Jul 2020

bungle up fancier

"bungle up fancier" spantrosed from "peaceful burning"


Flag burning is a form of peaceful protest sanctioned by the 1st ...

bungle up fancier n; euphemism for, a ‘peaceful burning enthusiast”

A bungle up fancier, is from the ‘moxie of morons’, usually, performed by, far-left, anarchists; an antifa, fancier’s, most passionate hobby, which is to bungle up a peaceful protest by burning things, and then act as if the burning either, never happened, or by reveling in the fact that it did happen, but taking no responsibility for it.


‘bungle up fancier’; a ‘peaceful burning’, is reminiscent of George Carlin’s take on the ‘oxymoronic’ phrase, ‘civil war’




fancier; Someone crazy about something can be called a fancier

So what are you doing these days, still spittin on bugs!!??

No, I burn bugs! and now Im a 'bungle up fancier', so I burn buildings now too!. Before, if I bungled up a job, I would get fired, but now, I  get fired up, bungle things up, set things on fire, never get fired, and keep on doin it until i retire!! 

You're retarded!!

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29 Jul 2020


'asilreblism' spantrosed from 'liberalism'


asilreblism n; an asylum of ‘SILLY’(Squeamously, Intrapitiful, Liberal-Lesions of, Yucky-Yahoos),sick,



asses, at the,

Block-head level, who cause chaos, under the guise of, ‘liberalism’


asil; a popular asylum of SILLY people

reblism; Rebel-rousing, Exasperating- Extremist, at the Block-head Level; a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically found in a, far left, rebel-rousing, ‘demo-rat’, movement 

REBL; Rebel-rousing, Exasperating-Extremists, at the Block-head, Level

lism; a far left, contentious movement


lis; contentionstrifequarrel

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29 Jul 2020


SILLY(acronym); Squeamous, Intrapitiful, Liberal, Lesions of Yucky Yahoos (aka ‘SILLY’) is the abnormal growth of the ‘squeamously’ liberal, ‘demorats’, famous for making people, ‘squeamish’, like diseased, yucky-yahoo, lesions, lying on the surface of the Earth.


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