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15 Sep 2018



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rife; ‘ride life’; one dream, one ‘rife’; a scooby doobie do, 'tha'ts rife!', dont let life ride you kind of life

rife; the ‘ride of your life’

rife 101; ride life, don’t let life ride you, as a life well, ‘lide’, is like a life lived in a zoo

‘rife’ eliminates strife

‘rife’s ‘fier’ power can be used in many ways from

burning out the rif rafs, to lighting reefers etc

rife; right to light a reefer



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13 Sep 2018



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Freve!; Friday eve, the evening before Friday, the most anticipated day of the week, starting to feel the ‘free’ before friday


Freve; have a fantastic dreamy weekend, keep living the dream


Haitian Creole

reve; dream


Middle English

reve; A subordinate or deputy of God.













Hey you know what day it is? 

Ya, its Thursday!


Its Freve!!! You call it Thursday i call it Freve!!!!! And that means tomorrow ill be 'friksy'; 

free to be freaky with someone frisky on Friday, thats why we call it freaky friday!....................................... 'Ill be her freak, to hold her tight, ill be her freak, every day and every night..... freve!!!!!




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02 Sep 2018

doppiya vu!

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doppiya vu (expressing admiration for someone or something twice as awesome)!!, double ‘dope’, double ‘delish’, double the fun

doppiya vu; good enough to eat; a double dope love or lover together, a 'double u', 


The phrase ‘doppiya vu’ is flavored with Italian, ‘doppia vu’, the Hindu word Piya, with Navajo, and Cebuano  'iya' along with the English slang ‘dope’(awesome) x2 






doppia vu; double, dua, twice, two, extra








In the language of Hindi / Bengali, it means beloved, lover, love










1. Second-person singular durative form of aya


aya; to eat






1. hers


2. his


3. its



wow doppiya vu, we r gonna have double fun!!!!

Ya this place is off the chart!!

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31 Aug 2018


A very awkward situation. 

”I’m so glad her dad didn’t catch me sneaking in their house. That would have been a real woobiee.“

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17 Aug 2018



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doodledoo n;

Really cute dog or pet animal; or a guy who is really smart but trying too hard to impress.




Oh come here doodledoo! Or he was a good boss but such a doodledoo.

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15 Aug 2018


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dimply n;simply dope’

or simply 'delish', devine, or simply devilish/dangerous; something or someone great or excellent but, can be hazardous to your heart



The word, ‘dimply’ is, much cooler and quicker than saying, ‘simply beautiful’


Can be, ‘simply beautiful’, but with a ‘buyer beware’, ‘proceed with caution’, ‘dimply’ warning label added


Someone, 'dimply' is usually initially greeted by a 'thumbs up' indicating satisfaction or approval and then a thumb to index finger, (thimdex), a circular, 'ok' sign can be used assuming all goes well, if on the other hand all goes to hell, first comes a frown, followed by a dim, 'thumbs way down' 



dim; to become darker



dim; thumb


serbo creation/slovene

dim; smoke



dim; dimunitive; small, youth



dim; dimply!!!


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Wow!! Shes dimply!


Simply dont do it bro!!

 Dont let those cute little dimples fool you bro, shell eat you alive!!


Just what Im looking for bra, ill give her a dimply thimdex, ok anyway!!




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11 Aug 2018




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sloke adj;  sleepy or, slow but , ‘woke’ (extremely tuned in, and with it, ‘wide a woke’)


sploke v; moving at the ‘speed of sloke’(sploke) a balance between the speed of Sounds, and Lightheartedness, makes such, sloke ‘speed’ just right


sloke n; cool swagger; extraordinary man or woman, not just any bloke or plain folk


‘Wide a woke’ 24/7, slokes are also masterful listeners, with a self leveling, mentally well-balanced, awareness, sensible, rational and able to keep a cool level head in any crisis 


But most important a sloke employs a sweet life, spirit and has the utmost respect for all people  

 As ‘speed limiters’, slokes maintain an optimal, listening, and speaking pace which can spread laughter, or calmness throughout any establishment or place    


To be, ‘sloke’ is actually a gift one is blessed with

Slokes are shinning lores and the most pleasant kinds of people to talk to because their easy going, slower-motion, swagger allows visibility of things that normally happen too fast for people to conveniently examine (similar to how a film video technique uses slowmotion) so the time spent with a sloke is always filled with pleasurable, positive vibrations  






As amazing, deep feeling, listeners, naturally, slokes are, ‘empaths’, the most intuitive and caring kind of people ever, and so they are quite popular, the best kind of friends any one can have 




woke (not comparable)


  1. (dialect, African American Vernacular or slang) Awake: conscious and not asleep.
  2. (US, Canada, slang) Alert and aware of what is going on, especially in social justice contexts



lore; a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

"the jinns of Arabian lore"


mythology, myths, legends





Hey that Perfect Union Pizza bar tender located in the Highland Park Village in Dallas is so cool!! 


Ya he's, 'sloke', he can bar tend with both eyes clothes, and makes you come back for more, he aint no typical bloke!!

Ya and then top it off with great pizza, and great folk, you got a 'Perfect Union' !!

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by artigs

04 Aug 2018


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indollfins n(in-doll-fins); All the opiate endorphins released in the body at the same time from being face to face with a fine smiling baby doll face


indollfinize v; to cause a smile and release of all opiate endorphins at the same time in someone else via a deliberate face to face manuever  





what can i get you?

Nothing,  ive already seen youre sweet smiling face, theres nothing else i need....


Ya,  fine indonesian doll faces like you not only boosts indollfin levels higher than anywhere else in the world, you give a guy like me "porpoise"... 


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