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02 Sep 2019



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sekenolt, those who love deeply, never grows old,

they may die of old age, their bodies may decay, but they will segue into a higher dimension, forever young


Hey whats your secret?

sekenolt!! Love every second of your life, and youll never grow old!!


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21 Aug 2019


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Sowakaki v; the most inexpensive form of transportation, 'walking' or riding a bike which can get one from point A to point B sometimes even faster than automobiles, or motorcycles, depending on the traffic.  


A Sowakaki is a kind of Kawasaki, just without the gas or motor and has a maximum horsepower speed similar to that of someone walking fast or how a sow(pig) runs at top speed or top bycycle speed.





Dude why are you riding that Sowakaki tri-cycle??!!


Just Sowakaki man!!! Youll get there faster!!


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20 Aug 2019


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tarbander n; any weed bartender, usually at locations that ban the smoking of dangerous, tar filled, cigarettes, ie the famous Bulldog bars in Amsterdam


tarbander; anyone who rolls a joint that contains 100% weed, without adding any tobacco tar  




Tar is the common name for the resinous, partially combusted particulate matter produced by the burning of tobacco and other plant material in the act of smoking. Tar is toxic and damages the smoker's lungs over time through various biochemical and mechanical processes.[1] Tar also damages the mouth by rotting and blackening teeth, damaging gums, and desensitizing taste buds. Tar includes the majority of mutagenic and carcinogenic agents in tobacco smoke. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), for example, are genotoxic via epoxidation.


Lung cancer


One of the most known diseases caused by smoking is lung cancer. A few carcinogens commonly found in tar include benzene, acrylamide and acrylonitrile. Smoking exposes delicate cells inside the lungs directly to these compounds. This causes mutations in the DNA of the cells, which leads to cancer. According to the World Health Organization's report, "Tobacco Smoke and Involuntary Smoking", 90 percent of all cases of lung cancer are attributable to smoking.[6]







physics) a band; a group of energy levels

a tie, a connection, a relation; from a person to another person or to a place






intransitive, slang) To have a hard-on, to get a hard-on.




At BullDogs bar, Amsterdam


sir  "excuse me can i have a cigarette?"


tarbander  "yes you, "can-sir"(cancer), its your choice.....but we dont sell cigs in here and you have to smoke them outside this establishment"



tarbander     "Im sorry mam, smoking cigarettes is banned, its not allowed in here, but we do have a wide variety of healthy weed to smoke"


mam       "oh, ok, then i guess ill have the kush.... So how long have you been a tarbander?"


tarbander    "Ever since i quit smoking cigs, drinking alcohol, then fled from the most dangerous, gun filled country in the world, USA, and moved to the most fun, safe and healthy country of Amsterdam.... mam "


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12 Aug 2019


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to be so extremely stoned, having a blast in the same café for days, you actually forget to see, 'Rembrandt' while in Amsterdam


Note; Actually, Rembrandt never went anywhere outside of Amsterdam, for good reason because he didn't have to, he could get anything he wanted there. 




At Bulldogs, Amsterdam






tarbander(weed/hash bartender, banning anything containing, 'tar');


What can I get you sir?


How about some amnesia Haze?


Ok, but after smoking this, you won’t remember to visit, ‘Rembrandt’ or any other Museums…… it’s called a,


 “Remembercandt!!”, Netherlands…….. it happens all the time!


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25 Jul 2019

Stoney Tark

Image result for Tony stark stoned cartoon


Stoney Tark n; extremely skillful, creative, witty and gitty from being stoned, ie, 'Mcgiver' on weed; superhero stoned




A Stoney Tark is also known as, ‘orniman’; the 'Ironman man of magical hands', attractive, arable, and very plowable













From Proto-Finnic *tarkka. Cognate to Finnish tarkka and Votic tarkka (smart, skillful; a shaman).




tark (genitive targa, partitive tarka)


  1. smart person
  2. shaman, sorcerer








tark; precise



WoW!! Thats frikin, 'Stoney Tark' cool dude!!! !!!How'd you create that!!?


I dont drink alcohol, only take herbs from Jagan, the Universe.....  the world is still dumb and numb from consuming the man made legalized poison called, alcohol while criminalizing what God created, medicinal, healthy herbs


Ja!! Gan dude!!!   


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11 Jul 2019


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wajab!; literally, “You don’t have to say a thing, the answer is written all over your face”


wajab; I don’t have to ask you, I can see it in your blush, it’s written all over your face


wajab; ada ‘jawab’ dari ‘wajah’, jadi tidak harus tanya






 Bahasa Indonesia

jawab; answer

wajah; face




aj-waj; aj waj


1.     oy vey; oh dear


wajab , wajabi Translation


Roman Urdu Urdu Meaning in English
wajab , wajabi >>>> allowable


Honey you wanta ??? …… Aahhh! wajab!!!! You don’t have to say a thing I can see it in your blush!!!…… love you!…. need you!….. oh babe….. I wanta kiss you all over, and over again……… till the night closes in!!!!!

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11 Jul 2019

bucking fitches!


bucking fitches!; buck the fitches, do the dishes, make the riches 



to buck all the bad, unsavory, polecats off your back, while bucking all the fine, fit, filthy 'riches', in the sack, and making the money, will keep them coming back 




fitch; polecat; euphemism for f…ing bitch




dishes; delightful, delicious, dolls




waz up bra?

just bucking the fitches.....doin the dishes, makin the riches!


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26 Jun 2019

itil itil I can!

itil itil I can! a humorous reply, used in indonesia, to answer the common question, 'can you speak Bahasa Indonesia? 
 The contraction of it+will= it'll, sounds like, 'itil' which means 'clitoris'in Bahasa
Note: when an expat asks an indonesian the same question, "can you speak English?"  Many Indonesians will reply by saying " little little, I can"
A very effective play on words that's extremely funny to most but should be used with caution as its rated R
Bahasa Indonesia
itil; clitoris
Haitian Creole
itil; useful
ITIL; Intensive Therapeutic Interactive loving


Expat; Hello, can you speak English?
Sexy Indo babe; "oh no, little little I can!", can you speak Bahasa?
Expat; itil itil I can!
indo babe; wow!! heehee, you gila crazy ya!??
Expat; oh, don't worry, itil be ok.... Im from Itily


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