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08 Feb 2019


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cutorney(cu-tor-ney) n;

a cutorney is when you meet someone so, ‘cute’, she leaves you, ‘torney’; you’re torn to leave her, and when you get home, all you can do is tute your own horn cause she left you so dang, horney !!!!



torney; height, high


tor; bull, towering warrior

torn; like a torn heart

ney; A type of endblown flute. 

horney; blow off steam, blow your own ‘ney’ horn


This new word, cutorney is dedicated to, ‘Courtney’ bartender at Papadeuxs Duncanville Texas






ney day ney day!

Theyll be another cutorney day!! Im calling off today...

We can call it, ‘happy cutorney day’!!!

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31 Jan 2019

belestial seeing

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belestial seeing n(a polite phrase); a blessing to have met such a beautiful, celestial being


belestial seeing n; to see a miracle that makes everything all right and beautiful again

belestial seeing v; a beautiful, angelic, encounter



belestial seeing n; an encounter with an angel aura;  a reincarnated, enlightened human

belestial seeing; to meet someone who is vibrationally close to you


bele; beautiful woman well-dressed; reigning beauty," 1620s, from French belle , from Old French bele , from Latin bella , fem. of bellus "beautiful, fair" (see bene-).




1.                  in/into him/her/it



Isthmus Zapotec



1.                  flame


Isthmus Zapotec, also known as Juchitán Zapotec, is a Zapotecan language spoken in Tehuantepec and Juchitán de Zaragoza, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Guevea de Humboldt Zapotec, a different language, is sometimes referred to as "Northern Isthmus Zapotec." Wikipedia


The phrase,"belestial seeing" is dedicated to "Celeste", a Bartender at Hooters, Dallas Texas(the biggest hooters in the world)

Dude!!! i just had a 'belestial seeing'

whats that!!??

A modern day miracle performed by a celestial being

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25 Jan 2019


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stagaraw n;

extremely voluptuous female, especially one who suddenly walks by, stopping onlooker conversations

A stagaraw is known to bring out the ‘raw’ animal, nature in any ‘stag’(guy)

To hear someone say “stagaraw” is definitely a compliment to any lady and is much cooler than saying the usual, boring, “hey good lookin! etc….



Stagaraw was created By John R Bluitt

automobile service specialist at Freedom Dodge, Duncanville Texas






Jay; So Jim, what i suggest u do next time, is u can just,… ahh


(Suddenly, a ‘stagaraw’ walks right between Jay and Jim)


Jim; Stagaraw!!

Jay; Stagaraw!!


The stagaraw girl stops and says, “excuse me boys, but what does, ‘stagaraw’ mean?”


Jim; Pardon, but, you’re so fine you stopped our conversation and you just bring out the raw in a stag!



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11 Jan 2019


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walka-walla v; idiomatic phrase; walk the talk

Walka-Walla n; one who walks their talk and able to forgive the wrong doings of others


This word is dedicated to the Kwak-wala language of Canada and North America, currently endangered with only 200 speakers left



Why do you like Trump so much?


Walka-walla, walka walla!! Because he walks his talk, Trump aint no,

 ‘roll over-Betovent!!’”


Walka-walla! Build the wall, walka walla! watch the crime rate fall!!!


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27 Dec 2018

ghutto ghutto

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goo-toh’); litterally,

"your, 'ghetto' is in the, 'gutter', putto!’

putto; Latin for chubby, white little, naked child, usually winged

ghutto n(can be pronounced like, ‘gut’, ‘gut-oh’ or like, ‘putto’, ‘goo’-toh’); derogatory, when the ‘ghetto’ is, ‘in the gutter’


‘ghutto’ is much worse than anything, negative about the word, ‘ghetto’; when, a person ‘ghetto’ crosses the line and upsets other peoples’ guts because their ‘ghetto’ is in the ‘gutter’, or the person described as, ‘ghetto’, is stuck in a rut, and so acts like an ignoramus, mad, putto, mut,  

ghutto n; one who may look and sound, ‘ghetto’ but acts like a foul, mouth, ‘ghetto- gutter’, ‘ghutto’ fool, who ‘aint cool’; a pathetic little, ghetto, putto boy or girl with no common sense, no rhythm, no ryhm nor righteous soul, its as if they were suddenly sucked way down into some kinda, shallow, ‘ghut’, stinking, rabbit hole  


GHUTTO; Go Home U, Totally Toked-out, Ovary

GHUTTO; God Help U, Too Toked-out, Ovaries

GHUTTO; God Help Us, Too-many, Totally Toked-out, Ovaries






ghut; pit, shallow hole


ghut; From Chinese






1.    Used with a stem to form the past participle of regular -ere verbs.

2.    Used to form adjectives from nouns, in the sense of having the object represented by the noun-ed

punta (“point, tip”) + ‎-uto → ‎puntuto (“pointy, sharp”)

barba (“beard”) + ‎-uto → ‎barbuto (“bearded”)

naso (“nose”) + ‎-uto → ‎nasuto (“big nosed”)

occhiali (“glasses”) + ‎-uto → ‎occhialuto (“spectacled”)

pancia (“belly”) + ‎-uto → ‎panciuto (“(pot)bellied”)




uto; hitter, beater


putto (Italian: [?putto]; plural putti [?putti])[1] is a figure in a work of art depicted as a chubby male child, usually naked and sometimes winged.






puto m (plural putos)

1.    (colloquial, derogatory, Portugal) small kid

Havia lá um puto a fazer o que não devia.

There was a kid doing things he shouldn't.

2.    (vulgar, Brazil) a jerk; an unlikableobnoxious person

Synonym: quengo

Aquele cara ali é um puto.

That dude over there isn't worth anything.

3.    (vulgar, Rio Grande do Sul) a fag; a gayhomosexual

4.    (vulgar, Portugal, Brazil) a small quantity of money




inner) city life 

at least with ghetto dwellers and non dwellers, there’s respect, which is what ‘ghutto’ lacks




Bro dat ghetto’s gone crazy, kujo, ‘ghuttos!!’

 Youre right, her ghetto’s definitely in the gutter, gone loco putto, mucho, ghutto ghutto, !!


just another love…… TTO!!!

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25 Dec 2018

near fought


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NEAR FOUGHT; (as a reminder phrase),

To ‘have no fear’, by recalling all the battles you survived, year by year, and now youre still here!?

Who was always near with everything fought?.

(Infinite Intelligence/God)

Saying 2 words?

(“Fear Not”)

So we can live our lives without getting too distraught

In fact you can count on(trust) Infinite Intelligence to always be near, year by year, day by day, 24/7, or until you wake up in heaven,

And tis a lifetime guarantee of protection for anything fought, because, guess what phrase is written throughout the Bible at least 365 times?

That’s right,


its actually 366, to compensate for the leap year

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20 Dec 2018


.. "For man doesn’t live on bed alone”..

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bootyruntome n(booty-run-to-me, buti-run2me); like the repetition, in Deuteronomy, without the vermouth, a kind of, reiteration, instant replay, of a more, contemporary, "logical" truth (seen from a variety of different perspectives) practically irrefutable because of the, 'experience', as full proof.

And this, along with praying daily, taking care of mom and self, will get the ‘buti’('riches', not just the booty 'witches') to come to you

Note: bootyruntome, is not to be confused with blatent, lascivious, deviation,'dueherontome' "booty calls", 'of one night stands


A "miss-translation"

another way to ask someone if they are interested in you in one word>bootyruntome= (booty-r-u-n-to-me?)

Not a booty call but a "buti" run, where the booty(treasure.goodness) calls(comes to) you..


"If I do my best at taking care of me, and my, bu (mom) i will fare thee well, Ill not only be blessed with an abundance of food, water, and shelter, along with the finest kind of magical, ‘ti’, it'll also get the ‘booty’ to run to me, as well, and all the happiness I caused from it will overwhelm any indescretions, which will also keep me from going to hell"



booty; treasure of all kinds, not just material, or superficial babes 





buti; to be, to exist, to become



buti; goodness, kindness

 ti (plural tis)

  1. The good luck plantCordyline fruticosa, an evergreen shrub.




frolic or play



"If you take care of yourself and your bu, and you know how to play, the buti will come to you day by day.... take care of the bu today, u b getting the sugar cane buti bushel to run to you tomorrow, and then youll get your play”


“Oh butiruntome…

buti, or not tubi, that is the question..

Yo, bro I don’t know whats come over you but I know what’’s come over me, you just gotta be honest with u and the bu, and that’s called, “bootyruntome” that’s the direction..


“buti r u n to me??, becz U B it(for me), U already know, Im into U, But what I want to know is

R U N to me?

Well, Im in, ‘your’ room, aint I?

Fair enough!!!  ….

bootyruntome!! bootyruntome!! She came to me!! oh Lord thank you, and thanks for Deuteronomy, I finally understand how to get the booty to run to me!!!


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19 Dec 2018



palpabrawl adj; the 'palpable' tension right before things start to turn into a heated, nasty, 'brawl', be it physical or verbal

palpable; a feeling or atmosphere so intense as to seem almost tangible 

palpebra; the eye-lid 



"The general vibe of tension inside Vic’s Place that night, with raised voices and flashing palpebra, was “palpabrawl”, the fight that started with just looks and words quickly turned into a rather large brawl" 

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