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17 Feb 2020


Image result for sexy plum cartoon

plomty adj; plenty of mamasitas, thank you!

PLOM; Plenty Of Mamasitas

TY; Thank You!

TY; Think Young

ty; suffix forming nouns denoting quality or condition such as beautyroyalty.

Well what do think??

Plomty bro!!!! Plenty of Mamasitas, thank You, now Think Young and make use of a CLEVER TONGUE!! 

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17 Feb 2020


menty adj; mamasitas empty, mountain of men, plenty; to describe a place that is way too full of men, not enough women can cause any 'sane' man to go mental 

Lets get outta here, its way too menty!!

Ya if we dont leave now its MENTY MENTAL!!!

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17 Feb 2020


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gintal; ‘going mintal’, or gone mintal! Opposite meaning of ‘going mental’; mintaly, crazy; extremely excited about a financial gain



ginta; peopla


minta (plural minták)

1.    sample (also in the statistical sense)specimen

2.    patterndesign (a specific arrangement of shapes)

3.    modelparagon




minta;; water

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16 Feb 2020


spantrosed from

'IHOP'; International House Of Pancakes


Image result for ihop high   cartoon

High-OP n/v; a ‘high-op’, highest priority, IHop-run, operation, after getting stoned early in the am; jones-ing a full out, pancakes attack while making sure to secure the cold milk before ordering/extracting, any of the tasty flap jacks

After ordering a, grandslam beakfast including the stack of hot buttered flap jacks at ihop

Me; What??? !!! Youre Outta milk??!! Impossible!! Just wait, Ill go across the street and buy some milk at mcdonalds, be right back, keep the pancakes hot!..... Im on a High-OP!!


At Mcdonalds

How can I help you?

Well, im on a high-op! I was at IHop over there, ordered my pancakes and milk, but they ran out of milk!! So all i need is 4 milks to go please?

Alright sir, and would you like any pancackes with that milk??

 You gotta be kidding me...????

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04 Feb 2020


feariended v; when an old friend contacts you, the fear of calling them, 'feariend' or ‘feariending’, ends


feariend; fear of getting back in touch with old friends

Guess who called me?


Scott Mason!!!

No way, awesome!!...... that means you've been feariended!!! 

But it was only in a dream i had!!!



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04 Feb 2020


feariend n; the fear of getting back in touch with old friends or relatives, afraid that they may have passed away, or finding out something else negative





A feariend is an unreasonable but real ‘fear’ that can easily be remedied by just attempting to reach out to the people you are afraid to call

But feariending can get more difficult to end as time goes by   

I wonder whatever happened to our friend Scott? Have you tried calling huim?

No, have you?

I guess were both 'feariending'

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04 Feb 2020


frochendettur n(froc-hen-dettur)

 to give a ‘frock’; extremely expensive ‘drachenfutter’, piece offering gift, ie;  an elegant garment(frock), and or a ‘tur’, trip or excursion, usually given to a wife who means everything to the husband




detur> let it be given

d?tur; third-person singular present passive subjunctive of d?; I give I offer, I surrender


Danish/ French(fr ‘tour’)

tur; trip, excursion



tur; luck


tur; everything

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04 Feb 2020


Spantrosed from

Das ‘drachenfutter’

Image result for love making dragon

frachendutter v(frack-hen-dutter); ‘fracking dragon’, ‘piece offering’, where the ‘duty’ is to ‘frac’(fulfilling one who may have ‘cracked’) when one is late to get back, in order to release any angry fumes, and to prevent a nasty attack

  frachendutter n;  a more, intimate, kind of, ‘drachenfutter’



frack (V) to fill a crack with high pressure fluid resulting in the release of natural gas.

      Frac; euphemism for words of copulation


dutter; duty + dutten + lover= dutter


Lower Sorbian


1.                  past passive participle of du?;  to blow, producing an air current




dutten; from middle dutch to rage, be out of ones mind, be unconscious > ‘doze’ 



das drachenfutter

The literal translation of Drachenfutter is 'dragon fodder'. What is the meaning of Drachenfutter? It refers to a gift, either physical or in the form of a favour, which men give to their wives or girlfriends to say sorry for staying out late.Jun 9, 2014




Husband; Honey sorry im late, how about a ‘frachendutter’!!



Wife; Bring it on!!


2 hours later…..



Wife; honey!!! you’re so fracking good to me!!!


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