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13 Jun 2019

ducking fynamite

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ducking fynamite; a phrase that means, prepare to duck or get struck, if messing with someone's, "fynamite", girls so fine, theyre dynamite and devious which can be dangerous
ducking fynamite;proceed with extreme caution and prepare to duck  
FYNA-MITE; For Your Necessary Action, 
you, 'MITE' want to 'duck', or get struck hard by her dynamite
If a fynamite chick approaches a guy, and she makes the first move on him, being all nice and flirtatious, is cause for concern because chances are, a jealous husband, boyfriend or ex, is right behind you, ready to attack, 'so you 'mite' want to duck' , means 'look out' its too good to be true




Hey Donald, watch out!! shes ducking fynamite!! Shes so fynamite!! im afraid for you!!
Donald; no worries i already blasted the sexy fynamite away with my ice cold glare, its too bad though, she really had a nice pair!

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by truble

04 Jun 2019


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fynamite; dynamite fine; someone so uber fine, theyre dynamite


Note; fynamites can be Foxy/Fun, Yummy, Nymphs(very friendly and harmless), but, can also be very dangerous, like an ‘amite’ red ant, so proceed with caution


FYNA; Foxy, Yummy, Nymph, Action

nymph young girl, especially one who is attractivebeautiful or graceful





Etymology. "Amite" may be derived from either the Choctaw word for "red ant", signifying "thrift", or from the French amitié, meaning "friendship".

Yo that chick is so foxy fine, shes dynamite! 

Ya, we better duck, take cover quick, fynamite chicks like that are known to suddenly explode

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31 May 2019

swaeomi camel

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swaeomi camel n(see swaeomi); Sexiest Woman Alive Ever, with magical, mesmerizing omi kissing lips and spit so powerful, the spell can  make any man her slave



Boss;  Tell me one reason why you missed 7 days of work this time, and it better be good Simpson!!!!


You gotta believe me boss! I was kidnapped and held captive in the Sahara desert, It was terrible.  Boss I swear i was mesmerized and tortured by a ‘Swaeomi Camel’ the Sexiest Woman Alive Ever, 'omi' name aint, Homer Simpson!.


You were terribly torchered huh???!! but I don’t see any wounds?


Sir im psychologically scarred, for life!

As soon as she got me in her harem tent she said,

welcome to "camel lot!!" Lawrence of Alabia!!! and started spitting on me like some mad camel in heat, her saliva put me under her spell, she started tearing my shirt off, and I tore hers off, we kept tearing each others clothes off until all was torn off, there was so much tearing going on between us, it was terrible, and tortuously, torturous!! And then like 2 tigers, for 7 days and nights, i made great love to her which saved my life! Fortunately she finally ran out of spit and was too tired to get up and put out the torch fire, so she ordered me to blow and spit it out before she released me… was almost impossible to put out that torch fire, I never blew and spit on something so long and hard in my life, it was 'torch'erous! 


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31 May 2019



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unputonable n; someone who is unable to be ‘put on’( ex ‘youre putting me on’ means youre joking, or not serious, deceiving me etc) An unputonable person is one who cant be fooled.


put on n; a deception, a hoax



Hey why didn’t you come to the shin dig last night, I told you it was packed with a lot of sexy tang!


Because I know there wasn’t any tang there, you were just ‘putting me on’!

When are you going to realize that im ‘unputonable’ bro??!!, Its imposible to put me on, even if somehow you were able to actually put a sexy, naked chick on my bed to surprise me for my bday before I got home, you still wouldn’t be able to put me on?


Oh ya, how’s that?


Because you wouldn’t have to put me on, Id put myself on her, after locking the door of course. And then hopefully, like really good books, we’d be, unputdownable, unstoppable for 2 days…..


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31 May 2019


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swaeomi n(sway-omee)!

sweet swami, awesomesauce!

  Anything that’s way more than just ‘awesome’

 swaeomi can be used as a noun or adjective to describe anything on our planet that is extremely awesome, or for extremely awesome individuals who have open minds  


SWAE; Snow, Water, Air, Earth

SWAE; Smoke Weed After Exams

SWA; Something We Accomplish

  OMI; Open Minded Individuals


swami; In Sanskrit, swami means “one who knows.”



From Hebrew ???????‎ (no'omí, literally “my pleasantness)



1. diminutive of the female given name Naomi.


Urban dictionary

swa; abbreviation, ‘sweet as’ or ‘Sweet white Ass’,

SWA; Sexiest Woman Alive


A friend, buddy. Very popular word in the Netherlands.

incredibly cool, perhaps even unbelievably so 

Cool, swank, smooth. Used in combination with ginchy to mean "super cool".

used to describe when something is extremely awesomecool, or indescribable.



good lookin' lady

shes a sweet omi


a star

omi is the ending to a nickname that describes a cute, happy, and cheerful person, often a friend. 

epitomi of kiss kiss.



A absolutely stunning person, who is kind, funny, and caring. An Omi is one the most tubular people you will ever meet. They are loyal to their friends and family in all situations. They’re smart, and artistic with buckets of friends, and speaking of buckets, buckets of confidence. The name Omi means strong willed. And originates From Japan and south east Asia.






om (plural oms)

1. (Hinduism, Buddhism) A sacred, mystical syllable used in prayer and meditation.


om; on


om; such that something rotates or revolves (either of its own accord or by external influence)





dang bra, you’re my ‘swaeomie’ homie!!! Not only do you always know the answer to everything, like some awesome, magical swami! You listen to all my crazy ideas and stories, with an open mind!!.. But I really wish you were a hot chick!




Because then you could be my, ‘Swaomi Camel’ And that would be sick!


Ahhh, ya, mr swaeomi, I think you spent way too much time in camel-lot, working in the Saudi desert has fried your brain bro ….


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29 May 2019


An item that is normally worn but is unable to be put on 

The mask broke therefore it is unputonable.

28 May 2019


bluck n; blessings disguised as ‘luck’

not to be confused with a ‘blessing in disguise’ which means when something seemingly unfortunate or bad happens but then turns out to be something good



bro you’re so lucky!!


I prefer to call it, blucky! Blessed, disguised as being lucky! The bluck starts here bro, stop passing the bluck, theres much more going on than just 'luck'

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by truble

24 Apr 2019


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splimp v; to splurge and skimp; ability to balance splurging and skimping; to make your money stretch as far as possible without sacrificing, ‘quality’.

splurge; to spend freely

skimp; to economize, spend less



The Splimptons

friend; 'So why did your 3 lovely daughters decide to stay with you instead of your ex wife after the divorse?

Tomer Splimpton;Probably because not only my daughters and i have more fun together and the Dog loves me more too, but most important is that i know how to 'splimp', i lead a splimple life, unfortunately their mother's only urge is to 'splurge'.

In fact, before the divorce, at one point, it got so bad that when someone stole our credit card, i decided not to cancel the card because i realized, the crook who stole it, was using it less than my wife!



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