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10 Oct 2017


Image result for shity little car


merdil n; piece of shit little car




French merde, Latin merda.


merd; dung, shit


kerdil; midget, dwarf






Honey did you order uber yet?

Yes i did, but I hope its not a merdil! 

Is it?? 

I dont know yet, sometimes i cant tell by looking at the application order. I dont care if its small but if its a piece of shit mobile merdil that is horribly gokil!!!

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07 Oct 2017

tushi shie

Image result for romantic sushi bar cartoon


tushi shie! n(pronounced 'two-she-shiiiieeee!')  sushi for two; A romantic sushi date






Hey look there’s Ardian!!!


Oh my astaga!!! He’s having sushi with, Cinta Laura!!???




Itu tushi shiiiiieee !!!


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by truble

03 Oct 2017


Image result for not drunk yet but already dumb cartoon


moblok adj;(mo-block) belum mabok, tapi sudah goblok  

moblok; not drunk yet but already stupid


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by truble

29 Sep 2017



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josak (jo-sok); happily dancing, like Don Juan, Cleopatra or Cassanova would, while cooking, making tea or just a cup of jo(java), singing and swaying, listening to music while cooking a dish, especially preparing entres for sweethearts


josak; singing and or dancing while cooking, known to enhance the flavor of any dish, like the secrete of fruit, it lies under the skin; deep into the pulp, a sensual, culinary fire of desire will keep them coming back for more


Mauritian Creole




pleasure; happiness






jo (plural jos)


1. (Scotland) Darling, sweetheart




jo; (music) to play






jo; Used to express surprise, amazement, or confusion.






ak; used to indicate various feelings: joy, excitement, fear, distress; oh! ah!








1.    (figuratively) clean


2.    (figuratively) honest


3.    (figuratively) comfortable



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18 Sep 2017


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megater n;(mega-tear) shaking and sweating from sheer terror (ter-roar, tearing, roaring) any life threatening fear or pain so great as to overwhelm the mind, causing dreadful, mega, “terror” or megater


megater n; mega terror attacks, and the eminent, disabling, or trembling fear it causes e.g, major, chaotic, ‘cyber-attacks’ that are relatively simple, but can take down airplanes


mega; extremely large



ter; thrice,  three times








From Old Turkic ter, from Proto-Turkic *d?r (sweat).




ter; to give birth to








1.    devastated, ruined


2.    disabled




ter; sky




ter; bull




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17 Sep 2017


Image result for hear the beautiful fragrance cartoon

kangi n; potent senses, (especially smell, aka the memory sense ) that trigger other senses which conjure a longing or love for that something or someone


kangi can be a song that reminds of a fragrance, or vice-versa which triggers memories and yearning of special events and people


kangi v;wangi(nice fragrance), kangen(yearn for); struck by a smell, fragrance, or sound that reminds of a certain event or darling; the olfactory bulb triggering a, re-awakened yearning for something or someone missed  


 kangi; is of the idea that smells, tastes, and sounds, can be potent reminders to us, good or bad as even the bad experiences that we got through is something that we can be thankful for, even cherish and love because we learned from it and grew to be a better person





kan; song




Kan; woman




Kan ear


Tok Pisin


Kan; Female genitalia




gi; day


Old Saxon


gi; you



  oh my astaga!!!!

whats wrong, you look like youre gonna cry?

kangi man , kangi, its a happy cry i just smelt something that reminded me of being in jail

how can that memory make you happy?

Because thankfully i didnt get raped even though i dropped the soap


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15 Sep 2017

nakep bura

Image result for peeing in public cartoon



nakep bura n; situation when someone is caught with their pants down while urinating, exposing the ‘bura’; spitting snake 



nakep; ‘naked’ with a ‘p’(pee)


nake;(chiefly Scotland) to make naked, bare, expose

Come, be ready, nake your swords --Chaucer


From Middle English naken (“to nake”), from Old English nacian (“to bare, strip, make naked”), from Proto-Germanic *nakw?n? (“to make naked”), from Proto-Indo-European *nog?- (“to make naked”). Cognate with Old Norse n?kkva (“to bare, expose”). More at naked





naken; Naked, bare, nude, or to draw near, to approach, to be imminent


 Norwegian Nynorsk, Swedish


naken; nude, naked, bare








1.    (anatomy) penis








1.               to spit (said of snakes)




bura; (rain) shower, drizzle




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