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22 Jun 2018

duck feniro!



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duck feniro!; (euphemism) exclamation for expressing defiance or rejection of someone despicable, especially a foul mouth, ignorfamous liberal


duck feniro! expressing defiance against one who stoops to an all new low IQ, which causes a reputation to go down sewer south, all because of ones own Ebenezer screwed, bad black bark, nasty, foul mouth


 duck feniro! term of, ‘end-smearment’ for any monstrous, swamp(fen) dwelling wolf, disguised as a Raging, Bullheewood actor; one who would bite the hand that feeds him



Norwegian Bokmål


fe, n


a blockhead, fool, a fairy





fen; swamp, contaminating run off


marsh, mud, mire, slough




fen n (genitive fens, plural fen)


1. bog, quagmire




fena f


1. bitch, she-dog (female dog)



fen pl (normally plural, singular fan)


1. (dated, fandom slang) fans; a plural form used by enthusiasts of science fiction, fantasy, and anime, partly from whimsy and partly to distinguish themselves from fans of sport, etc.




niro; dark, black


blark; a dark, bad, black bark




Asi/ Cebuano


iro; dog


an ablutophobic person


a despicable person


dog meat; the flesh and other edible parts derived from dogs













1. I become angry, I fly into a rage






iro (used in a reduplicated form as iroiro)


1. maggot



Hey man you hear about the newest ignorfamous attacks against Trump!!??


Yes, I certainly have, and All i gotta say is DUCK FENIRO!!!!


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by artigs

19 Jun 2018



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intalksicate v; to dope with stupefying talk

when small talk becomes bolder, a bit braver, with more self, mutually vulnerable,  disclosure, the intelligent, and extremely interesting, exquisite conversation becomes practically impossible to walk away from

intalksicate; lying in bed talking about each others dreams, fears, thoughts, and goals



Honey why do you love me?

Because you intalksicate me


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by artigs

19 Jun 2018


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gokoepka!; to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first club swing


gokoepka! get up early, go outside and appreciate the fact that you can still swing something




‘gokoepka’ is dedicated to the 2018 pga us open champion Brooks Koepka and was also made from blending the Swedish word, 'gokotta' + golf champ, 'Koepka' 


you up for a "gokoepka"?


"Ya lets hear our own swings before their first bogey stings.."





Last name: Born. This ancient name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is one of the earliest topographical surnames existing today. The derivation is from the Old English pre 7th Century "burna, burne", spring, stream, which was originally used as a topographic name for someone who lived beside a stream


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by artigs

17 Jun 2018




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gotrumka v(go-trum-ka); to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first, cheif tweet, sing



gotrumka; rise early in order to hear the first, ‘kick ass’,  Trumpet-tweet storm, sting






gotrumka was inspired by the award winning, untranslatable, Swedish word, ‘gokotta’ which means,

‘to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first bird sing’





1.    chieftain, magnate




 KA; Kick Ass








ka (plural kas)


  1. A spiritual part of the soul in Egyptian mythology, which survived after death.


To serve or help;












  1. yes
  2. certainly, absolutely
  3. naturally, of course
  4. let's [+first-person plural imperative]




Min Nan


Ka; to raise; to increase; to add; plus







"You know, i actually got bored of doing the gokotta, getting up so early just to hear a bird sing, now i cant wait to get up for a 'gotrumka' "

Honey, what are doing up so early, I didnt know you were into gokotta!!??

Gokotta??!! I wouldnt even get up early in the morning to hear my own bird sing....But id get up for a gotrumka!! I cant wait to hear the Cheiftan's jarring, trumpet tweet storms as they kick ass!! It's awesome!!!" 

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by artigs

13 Jun 2018


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koolquacious; kool loquacity; ‘kool school loquaciousness'; to gain, learn, or be inspired by ones loquacity

koolquacious; kool-schooled; a kool-aid of thirst quenching words



kool (comparative kooler, superlative koolest)


1.    (slang) Alternative spelling of cool




To look; to pay attention to with one’s eyes.






kool f (plural kolen, diminutive kooltje n)


1. coal








kool; school





i really dig Trump's talk

ya, hes definitely koolquacious! 


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by truble

13 Jun 2018


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coolquauis (‘cool-kwah-you-iz’);

cool, loquacity, with great ears; an awesome listener and quality speaker

coolquauis n; very easy to talk to; a perfect balance of effective speech and active listening



coolquauis n; cool speak, from quality,whole hearted, listening,


undivided attention that gets one where one is coming from


the fine art of listening transcends the quality of speaking


without genuine listening, speaking no longer heals







Coolquauis brother!!! You haven’t said much yet but you sure can listen!!

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by truble

12 Jun 2018


T: Trump's Constant.  Speed of Trump. a Constant like the speed of light.  Warp factor 500.  500 times the speed of light.

E=MT2 Energy equals Masses times The speed of Trump Squared.

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by 066ddt

08 Jun 2018


E=MT2: Trump's Formula.Energy (E)equal(=)

Masses (M)times The speed of Trump(T),

W Factor 500.

500 Times faster than the speed of light.

Donald J Trump's formula for the theory of relativity

where T(speed of Trump) replaces the speed of light(C)

as the constant in Einstein's formula for theory of


E=MT2 proves the theory of Trumpativity.

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by 066ddt