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28 Nov 2021


The new word, 'binjagan' was spantrosed from the existing Indonesian word, 'bajingan'- which means 'bastard'-----------------------------binjagan n; literally, “my perfect little son(‘bin’, Arabic) or daughter, from the Universe(jagan, Sanskrit, the Mother of all Languages)”, not at all an evil little, ‘bajingan’(bastard)----------------binjagan; although, not being born to a mother and a father, a legally married husband and wife, is still very capable of making something of himself/herself, having a perfectly normal and wonderful life The real, ‘bastards’, born with sin, would be the ones who disregarded the baby like throwing away garbage, in a trash ‘bin’(English word for ‘trash can’).

Hey did you know that in the United Staes almost half the births that occur annually are considered Illegitimate?---------------Really!?? I knew there were a lot of bastards in this country but i didnt think it would be that much.--------------- Thats because all those illegitimate children were born as 'binjagans', perfect children from the Universe(God) the only illegitimate ones are the bastards that choose to be evil assholes"

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26 Nov 2021


The new word, ‘bolacrige’ was spantrosed from, ‘bricolage’, an existing, French word, borrowed by the English language bolacrige n; any bricolage, hand-made, ‘game’, invented and engineered in one’s crib bola; ball game crige; crib + GE = Crib Game Evolution

Lyle, "yo, Butler! Lets go hang gliding off Choctaw ridge!!?? Butler, "If we do that, we might as well just jump off the Tallahassi bridge! You know aint no good ever comes from Choctaw ridge!!?.. Na..ill pass on the ridge, but Im up for trying the newest, Aarondynamically built, ‘bolacrige’ Lyle, Ya, youre right, those bolacrige games are really cool,,, Aarron must of gone to some kind of, Mcgiver-Stoney Tark, bricolage, school!

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14 Nov 2021

Without A Buckerzerg

Without A Buckerzerg; a phrase, representing, all the app and coming, ‘without a buck, Zuckerbergs’, still waiting for Mark Zuckerberg to call

I may be just another, Withiout A Buckerzerg, but this horse aint finished buckin yet!

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09 Nov 2021


dellingerents; deliverance + belligerent + parents Having love for the parents, even through all their belligerents, is like a kind of deliverance, except that Burt Reynolds was able to escape.. Theres no escape from delligerents Aka “pooh-back time” (like ‘payback’ but concerning the mom who had to change your shorts, and put up with all your sh** first) Time in one’s life when the oxytocin hormone of love starts to really kick in….. recalling parents loving you in your own deliverance, keeps you hopelessly devoted to them, even throughout all their belligerence

How do you handle taking care of the parents through all their belligerents? > Its called delligerents!! theres no escape!!

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09 Nov 2021


momority; the highest, ‘priority’, next to god, is ‘mom’, as is a mom’s priority to her children

momor; spanish word, a mix of the words ''MI AMOR'' Yoruba ori; head, top leader ori; gold Dude!! you were in paradise being treated like a king and a rock star, now youre just another rock on the block, why in the hell would you come back to usa?? Its called "Momority"... whats your priority??

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09 Nov 2021


snunoche spantrosed from 'nonesuch' snunoche; literally, “no chance, I be gone! buenos noche, “snu-snu-Amazon”!! snus snu; meaning, “Death by sex” when the female is considerably larger than the male.

From the 2001 episode "Amazon Women in the Mood" of the American animated television show Futurama, in which a race of giant Amazonian women kill men with sex, which they call "snu-snu." Endless sex forced on a man by a variety of women usually resulting in the death of the man. From Futurama episode in which the main characters are condemned to "Death by Snu-snu!" by a alien matriarchal society, ignorant of the earthling male's view of this as a most fitting death. -"W-what happened to these people?" he asked looking at skeleton's with crushed pelvis bones. --"They were condemned to die by snu-snu!" -"YAY! Snu-snu!! snu snu (uncountable) 1. (slang, humorous) Sexual intercourse with a tall/muscular woman. norwegan snu (imperative snu, present tense snur, passive snus, simple past snudde, past participle snudd, present participle snuende) snu; to turn (around snu tilbake - to turn back NOCHE; No Chance, Buenos Noche Noch, short for panocha...female genitalia Old Spanish noch f (plural noches) 1. Apocopic form of noche (“night”) That tall chick was checking you out bro!! Snunoche, snunoche bro!!!

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09 Nov 2021


rascebbl n; to raise the bar in a scrabble game by attempting to define the, non-existing words discovered, called, ‘accidental gaps’(potential words) ideally, so that the new words created, can fill the expressive gaps, in most all languages. rascebbl; scrabble, with new legs see check out spantrose rascebbl can be played by any language.

Hey how bout a game of scrabble?? Sorry, ive been taken by rascebbl!!

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01 Nov 2021


roopercussion; a positive, clutch win, consequence, with a roop!; especially with any game, ie where a team plays without its starting quarterback, the usual, expected, repercussions of such a game would be poor(ie that the team would lose), but a ‘roopercussion’, is when the team ends up winning, with a loud proclaiming kangaroop!

Wow!! I thought we were doomed without the star quarterback! Ya, the repercussion ended up being a super duper, roopercussion, kangaroop!!

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