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20 Sep 2020



Hoop dancing! Nakotah LaRance--Native American Actors

Amorican (amor-I-can); Of Amor, ‘loving’, American who can turn reservations of, love, into, ‘amor’, complete, restoration, through,

‘loregiveness’; the powerful, lore, of, ‘Letting Go, Loving and Forgiveness’, for everyone, to pass on, removes, indignation, while adding, peace, and reconciliation, for,   

‘amor’, loving, state, of person, living in, ‘amor’, loving nation, leading to, ‘amor’. loving world which is just a relatively fleeting weigh station, a last, detention left to mention, before moving on to many final, frontiers, of out of this world, dimensions.    

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Amorican; any American who can still have lots of Amor, love, for self, and for country, is an, Amorican, standing, respectfully, in the middle of a sacred, 3 corner, Tree Of Life, triangle, representing, the mind body and spirit, of people, with the combination of polarities having the potential of providing the key to a new doorway opening, of thought, and emotion, a balance, of love, power, and wisdom that sets in motion the notion that no matter ones devotion, or life strife-commotion, an Amorican, can never forget those who lost their lives to be free.

And so with the union of the one and two, which equals an interlocking, Volknut, triangle of 3, representing, reincarnation, a talisman against evil and the 9 points, interlinking the triangles, is symbolic of the interconnectedness of 3 realms, of Heaven, Earth and Hell, and the

‘knot of those fallen in battle’, their transition from life, to death and back again, like the souls massacred at, Wounded Knee, descendants, who fell, are still here today, contributing to the restoration of America, the ‘Amorican’ way; with love and forgiveness, sprinkled with prayers, and a little tenderness, is an Amorican, Indian’s, circle of courage kind of play.


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Within the triangle, is a, totem pole, a steeple (all seeing eye), and an American flag, representing a diverse group of,

uwoduhi (Cherokee word for ‘beautiful’) people;


The first group; a ‘tran’(transcending tribal-Amorican, clan of 800, native Indian languages and their descendants)

The second group (American Flag) a ‘tran’ (of all the other settlers from around the world which now comprise all of the remaining non-native, Americans).. together, transcending,


living side by side, like a harmonic, Bonnie and Clyde, a dynamic, ‘duo-wuhi’(uwoduhi x 2), with twice the energy and ‘beauty’, is ‘huwi’(hui), truly are,

and ‘How’, we can chime in a higher, positive, vibrational, state, more, ‘sound’,

spreading sense and goodness like a meteor shower of bright, Leonid, shooting stars…

…. we make leaps, and bounds, by way of a more balanced, charged, corpora, of higher vs lower, lighter, vs darker, thoughts and, “sounds”.   



As an “Amorican”, I can understand that we are not perfect, and have lots of issues, are in deep turmoil, clogged down, with crappy, foul words, that are corroding our youth’s brain, like dead weeds, vs the fewer, higher vibrating, words, that we really need, for better thoughts and better deeds, so to positively gain, but a negative asymmetric imbalance has lowered our country’s vibrational frequency, and on top of that, we’re experiencing a deficit of real world, heroes since ground zero, and so we still bleed, stuck in a dirty, swampy chaotic, atmosphere, of greed and mud.

Although it may look and sound like a work in, ‘progmess’, 

I can still have love, as an Amorican, simply because we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, desperately trying to correct a hyper-sphere vibration that has been out of whack for quite some time, washing out all the white house crud, with the intention of starting a, ‘chima’ wave, ‘chimate clange’, a better, climate of higher, vibrating words, that also, ‘chime’.

As an Amorican, I can have love for this, as well as having love for, freedom, liberty, and the right to fight for justice, the pursuit of happiness and eventual, world bliss, and can have love for the freedom of being able to create, and to choose, love over hate,

I can have love even at times when I feel I can’t cope, because I haven’t forgotten the love I have for my,

Amorican Indian brethren, knowing what they went through, so I can have love for hope, and

I can have love for their ability, to see things more positively than it appears, even after enduring a genocide hell, Trail of Tears, that lasted, 500 years, stripped of spirit, and way of life, through all the tragedies and,

 ‘manifest destiny’ strife,

I can have love for how the native, Amorican Indians, can forgive the trespasses of the past (and present)also forgiving all the treaties that were broken, and not only do they put it in the past, they open their culture for all who feel compelled to join them, year by year, like a, peace-pipe, wind, chime, of love, pow-wow, open invitation, symbolizing; “You are always welcome here”.              

If they can still, have love like that, living, harmoniously, in America, somehow making the best from what they lost, from the love of forgiving transgressions of the past,

then how can anyone not want to be an, Amorican, one who can still have love for, ‘America’, native American, and, ‘Americans’, chiming together, like chimates, moving forward, not living in the past, but in the now, spreading higher vibrating words, like the good chiming vibrations, of a, Choctaw-Apache, pow-wow, for good thoughts and good deeds, with love that last, is how we proceed to succeed.

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17 Sep 2020


twubie n; a ‘twitter newbie’, no longer a ‘twirgin’.




twubie told,

before I was a twubie… I was a lonely  twirgin…….never had any kind of twexual, disquisition, twexcursion……..

But now i twill…. And not only, it twont be twithout twearing my Leposi, pocket full of twosis, covid, swalon, twask.. 

 I twomis to tweligiously twear, twondoms!

you don’t even have to ask,

but I must twinsit, that you keep a swafe, swocial, twistance,

and to, twease, at all twimes, twear your twask,,,,unless you twant twump to twin again, twicking your, twother, twucking, twass, twice!, then twust me, you twont be needing a twask, youll be needing a Cuomo-sapien-twentilator, twevice, but by that twime, twife as you know it, twill end, rather twickly, as you twasp for your, last, breath of twair……..

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12 Sep 2020


"envienlennon" was spantrosed from ‘nine eleven’

 Funny Lennons Pictures - Freaking NewsLennon and Harrison in Heaven by LittleD3 on DeviantArt

envienlennon n; remembering to come together, sending our love to all the beautiful souls we’ve missed since, ‘nine eleven’, but envying them, as we’re stuck down here, quarantined, and they’re in peace, with no need for religion, because they're in heaven, hanging out with,

John Lennon   



envien; to send

envien; sending love, to someone, with envy, wishing you were with them

 John Winston Ono Lennon MBE (born John Winston Lennon, 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) was an English singer, songwriter, and peace activist who gained worldwide fame as the founder, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles.



 Officer John Lennon was killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks while attempting to rescue the victims trapped in the World Trade Center.

 John Joseph Lennon, Jr. S-28


John Lennon Sr. recounts the story as a tribute to his son, John "Jay" Lennon of Howell, one of 37 Port Authority police officers lost in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

The elder Lennon said his granddaughter, Katie Lennon, 12, one of Mr. Lennon's four children, was watching a survivor of the tragedy being interviewed on television when the individual said he and many other people owed their lives to an "Officer Lennon" who led them out of the smoke-filled building to safety. Lennon Sr. said the survivor then added that when he turned to thank him, his son was already heading back into the building to attempt to rescue others.

From 1993 until early this year, Mr. Lennon, 44, had been a member of the Port Authority's Emergency Service and Rescue Unit. In 1993, he had the grim role of pulling the dead from the rubble of the World Trade Center following the terrorist bombing there. Mr. Lennon received three excellent police duty citations for his heroics.

"There were 117 miles of corridors in the World Trade Center," his father said. "The emergency services unit knew every inch."

Mr. Lennon could have retired two years ago with 20 years of service, his father said, but enjoyed his career too much to quit. Officer Lennon was in Jersey City, where he was assigned as a court liaison, when he learned of the terrorist attack and joined in the rescue response.

"As a police officer, Jay was very conscientious, very caring," said Sgt. Ed Spinelli of Millstone Township, a former partner on the rescue unit. "This guy never had a complaint against him, and I don't think he ever went sick. He had a perfect record and a lot of commendations for rescues."

Mr. Lennon's father recalled that his son was leery of heights and would ask him to repair roofing problems for him. "One day I open the Daily News and there he is rappelling off the Brooklyn Bridge to grab and save a potential suicide victim," he fondly recalled.

Mr. Lennon was raised in Brooklyn and starred as a basketball player at Nazareth High School. He graduated from St. Francis College there. He and his father teamed up to coach baseball in the Howell Central Little League for 12 years. He also coached baseball and basketball at St. Veronica's School in the township for two years.

In addition to his father and daughter, Mr. Lennon is survived by his mother, Lucille; his wife, Patricia Poole Lennon; another daughter, Melissa, 20; sons John III, 18, and Christopher, 10; a brother, James; a sister, Nancy Lennon Frain; and other relatives.

A memorial Mass will be held at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow at St. Veronica's Roman Catholic Church, 4215 Route 9 North in Howell. A candlelight vigil will be held at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Howell Municipal Complex on Preventorium Road.

A memorial fund has been established for the Lennon children. Donations may be sent to: Peter W. Kenny Esq., P.O. Box 580, Red Bank, N.J. 07701.

Profile by Tom Hester published in THE STAR-LEDGER.

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12 Sep 2020


‘INON-eonnee’ spantrosed from “nine one/one”(911)


INON-eonnee n; Its, Now, Or Never, forever, born free, protected by the knights of nee, for without art and humor, the key to creativity, we would never be….

… so while life is short, and time flies fast…

.. you better enjoy every moment while it lasts


INON; Its, Now, Or Never

eonnee; forever, born free, protected by the knights of nee


née f

1.  feminine singular of the past participle of naître ("to be born")


The Knights Who Say "Ni!", also called the Knights of Ni, are a band of knights encountered by King Arthur and his followers in the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They demonstrate their power by shouting "Ni!" (pronounced "nee"), terrifying the party, whom they refuse to allow passage through their forest unless appeased through the gift of a shrubbery.

roup of amazing knights who protect, defend, and say all that is Ni. As seen in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".

Née (lit. " born"), a woman's family name at birth before the adoption of another surname usually after marriage. The male equivalent "né" is used to indicate what a man was originally known as before the adoption of different name.

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10 Sep 2020


Go ahead, SpongeBob, rot my kids' brains |

nodeatager n(nod-ee-tayjer) euphemism for the, 'pre-pubescent', ager, between, a 'toddler and teenager;  giving a 'nod', of approval, for a tager's, good behavior.

nodeatager n; a voracious, armor plated, "Nodothesaurus", dyno-soaring, word devouring, young learner; post, ‘bronge’(sponge+brain)age,

like a tertiary, ‘DEA’, ‘home schooled, give the kid a 'nod', ‘leapdoma’( a leaps and bounds, from first sounds, home issued, diploma), a degree, higher than toddler but lower than teenager, with a post baby, larger body, soma, already walking, but tending towards, ‘nodding and eating’, over talking, still searching for their, ‘nodus’ operandi, so the parent allows the, 'nodeatager, the freedom to untie their own complicated knots, so that they can discover their best, ‘node’, to success, by going through all the do's and do nots.  

And with the right, 'NOD', Nector Of Devotion, from the parent, encouraging and guiding, early on, builds the tager's ‘NODEA’(Non-Linear, Differentiated, Equations and Applications) brain ‘capacity’, like a ‘computer who wore tennis shoes’, digesting and discerning a myriad of new information, still incredibly sensitive to external stimuli and wired to learn, like a sponge B, but also starting to actively make sense of all they’ve absorbed, eating and digesting, large amounts of sustenance-knowledge,like a voracious, modern day,word devouring, Jurassic, Nodosaurus, dinosaur, called, Nodothesaurus, in sponge ‘b’, NODE(New, Oxford, Dictionary, of English).

tager n; the time before becoming a teenager 


NODEA; sounds like, ‘naughty’, but, ‘nodea’, is actually a developing mind, like a ‘computer who wore tennis shoes’, trying to solve, a broad range of, Non-Linear, Differentiated, Equations and Applications; learning things with a high degree of flexibility and freedom  


bronge n; a ‘sponge brain’, aka sponge ‘b’, the most absorbent OG under the sea, one who is not square, lives in the coolest lair, wears the best clothes, pants down, is a brave, not yellow, hanging out with the coolest of friends, kind of fellow, not a no neck, square clown


nodus operandi; a way of solving difficult problems


nodus; a problem, difficulty, or complication.


leapdoma; a 'leaps and bounds', from first sounds, diploma, earned at home, at one's, ‘doma’, see ‘nodeatager’



"leaps and bounds; Rapidly, or in fast progress, as in The corn is growing by leaps and bounds, or School enrollment is increasing by leaps and bounds. This term is a redundancy, since leap and bound both mean “spring” or “jump,” but the two words have been paired since Shakespeare's time and are still so used.



doma; home or domain



doma f (4th declension)

1.                  thought

sakopot domas ? to collect one's thoughts

2.                  idea

3.                  opinion

sabiedrisk? doma ? public opinion

p?c man?m dom?m ? in my opinion

4.                  view

dyno-soar; a high flying, dyno-soaring, learning manuever, usually performed by a, sponge B, nodeatager  


child's brain is incredibly sensitive to external stimuli as it wires itself in response to his or her environment. This plasticity means children are like sponges soaking up their environmental cues and experiences --- for better or worse

 In short, we could explain the two types in the following way: Linear Learning is often a highly directed, controlled and program-centred approach. ... Non-linear learning, on the other hand, is much more flexible in nature. Learners learn by exposure to different topics over time with a high degree of freedom.


DEA m (plural DEA)

1.                  Initialism of diplôme d'études approfondies

A tertiary degree higher than a masters but lower than a doctorate


1.                  nod (astronomy, botany, computer science, music, medicinenode



1.                  (networking) A computer or other device attached to a network.



The knot, intrigue, or plot of a dramatic work

NODE; New Oxford Dictionary of English


tager; tag name for a child before becoming a, ‘teen’ager…  


tager; to fasten a device on a child in order to keep track of where they are because at that age the child can be quite vulnerable, an easy target for, predators






so hows your, 'pre-pubescent' son doing?

I prefer, 'nodeatager', over the word, "pre-pubescent", preshaver, to describe the age between a toddler and a teenager, the, 'pre-pubescent', 'pubic hair', tag is not too swag, doesnt really work for me......Its like if I asked you...  "So, hows your 'pre-titlescent' daughter doing, is she ready to take a trip to titsberg yet ?

Ok, I get your point!





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08 Sep 2020



"lucivarohs" spantrosed from "chivalrous" 

Lucy (2014) - IMDb

lucivarohs adj; aka; ‘she-valrous’(female equivalence of, ‘chivalrous’); very considerate soul, and bright as, ‘luci’, constantly pushing the limits of her own brain power capacity(well over 10%)

lucivarohs; a helpful, team player, or one who exemplifies, university, honor student, qualities, ie, one who can be, lucivarohs, by helping a new teacher acclimate to a class, without any fear of being shunned by her peers for doing so

A lucivarohs usually becomes very successful at whatever she does, making a lot of ‘varo’ dough, then giving back to the world, like a ‘luci’-varohs, in the sky, with diamonds

Luci is an English feminine given name variant of Lucy and an Italian surname derived from the Latin personal name Lucius (from Latin Lux, genitive Lucis, meaning "light").




varo m (plural varos)

1.                 (Mexican slangmoney



1.                   spirit

2.                   soullife


roh; ruh; soul, spirit

oh; Expression of wonderamazement, or awe

oh;Expression of understandingaffirmationrecognition, or realization


chivalrous adj; Having quality of chivalry, such as courtesy, honor, bravery, gallantry, etc.



From Old French chevalerie, from chevalier (knight), from Latin caballus (horse). Earliest documented use: 1374.



Why is she so helpful towards the teacher, is she some kind of 'brown noser'?

No, she's some kind of, 'renown 'bro', sir!!'!, she's everybodys bro, and no one messes with lucivarohs, unless you want to be comotose!!! She's the woooman! 

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31 Aug 2020


kenarkelpeesrat spantrosed from the award winning Dutch word, kraenkelsesparatt

kenarkelpeesrat(ken-arkel-pees-rat) ; word used to prevent, a ‘counter-productive reaction’, to perceived slights and insults, in a situation where someone is, ‘easily offended’ you would say,

“kenarkelpeesrat!”; don’t be too quick toKrænkelsesparat’ (take offense); think before you act

kenarkel>knowing, ’ken’, when to, ‘ark’ up, the emotions inside;

peesrat>to consider the peaceful(pees) route before we, ‘kraenkelsesparat’, ‘ready to take offense’, too soon, giving into a rat, which can turn one into a rat, from making a big, misguided, judgment, mistake

kenarkel-peesrat; think before coveting, something or someone too soon



Ken; to know

Middle English -Belizean Creole



pees; peace




dude!  ‘kenarkel-peesrat!’,!!….. don’t let them push your sensitivity buttons!!, you always take things the wrong way… you’ll be sorry!

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31 Aug 2020




aroofable adj; an inaccessible, untouchable, out of your league, double, adorable, ‘arduable’(figuratively, so hot your, 'arduable'babe, is on the roof, as, ‘aroofable’) until, the aroofable knocks on your, 'adorable', then shes, arduable, and attainable, as long as you let her in


Whats wrong?

Oh nothing just dreaming of my arduable

Go get her, call her up, where is she?

I cant, shes out of my league.... she's a aroofable..

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