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14 Nov 2019

Scratch N' Schiff

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Scratch N’ Schiff n; a demoncrat's, quid pro quo; ie "ill scratch yours, you scratch mine"

Scratch N’ Schiff n; a hasty snack, a bite to eat, just a brief period of exertion, then scratched and Schiffed out, losing, ‘big time’; a double dribble, quibble, in the heat, until the next diversion




A Scratch N Schiff represents

scrat cratch fever n; when a shifty Schiff, incompetent left wing boob, is scratched by a pelosi goblin, it equals; a snatch made in a demoncrat's, heaven

aka "Mr and Miss-Demeaners, sittin in a,  High-crimes, Adam’s family, ‘trea’, k-i-s-s-i-n-g,...first comes, swampy, fudgy, sludge, then comes the disparaged marriage, then comes an impeachy keen, baby boy, named, ‘Treason’ with no rhyme nor reason, all wrapped up in some, demonic, 'Pelosemary’s baby', carriage  




the name Scratch likely comes from Middle English scrat, the name of a demon or goblin, derived from Old Norse skratte.




scrat; A wiff of a ripe loud crotch in serious need of a scrub




cratch (plural cratches)


1. (obsolete) A grated crib or manger


snatch; to nibble, snort, chatter, to sob, pant, long for, no matter

Middle English sna(c)che (verb) ‘suddenly snap at’, (noun) ‘a snare’; perhaps related to snack.














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13 Nov 2019

A crock of Schiff

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A crock of Schiff n; a phrase describing, a piss poor democracy's bunch of, 'shifty, shifts', doing, 'Schiffty' business that eventually only ends up, ‘sinking’ their own, 'Schiff'


A crock of Schiff

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The contrast between Adam Schiff’s parody rendition of Trump’s telephone conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine on July 25, 2019 as a "classic organized crime shakedown", and the actual nature of the phone call, is so stark it needs to be emphasized. The call wasn't about asking a foreign power to "make up dirt" on a political opponent to influence an election, but in part was asking a favor to reopen the investigation on Mykola Zlochevsky that had been shut down when Joe Biden got the prosecutor Shokin fired and "solid" Lutsenko replaced him. But instead of nailing Zlochevsky, within 10 months "Burisma announced that Mr. Lutsenko and the courts had "fully closed" all "legal proceedings and pending criminal allegations" against Mr. Zlochevsky and his companies." The "bad guy" got off scot free. It doesn't add up and smells like corruption, and Trump is asking Zelensky to assist.



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13 Nov 2019



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Ahcrocricy n(A-croc-ricy); the ‘democracy’ of


a ‘crock of Schiffs’;


aka; the Adam's family; a bunch of silly, shifty, shifts, doing 'schiffty' business that only ‘sinks’  ‘schips’, draining themselves down their own dirty, swampy, 'schiff-hole'  




Ahcroc-riceyn(a-croc-ricey);  democratic, dicey, race of, ‘mixing business with displeasures'; a croc of complete nonsense




Ahcroc-ricey; a Democratic Party who defended slavery, started the Civil War, fought against every civil rights act in US history, got filthy rich, but left the country deep in debt while creating the dirtiest croc of schiffhole, swamp things, a White House has ever had, is, ‘Ahcroc-ricey’, disguised as democracy










1.     skew, oblique, slanted, crooked








schif (masculine schifen, neuter schiift, comparative méi schif, superlative am schiifsten)


1.    skew, oblique, slanted, crooked






SCHIFF; School for Children with Hindered Intelligence, Held in a Freak Factory




SCHIFF; Severe Closed Head Injury of a Frosted Flake’s Final Frenzy






Schiffen; to urinate








(of a person or their manner) appearing deceitful or evasive.


"a shifty, fast-talking lawyer"


ricey; ridiculously, dicey






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03 Nov 2019

lin byeden

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lin byeden! n (LIN BYE-DEN, euphemism for, 'good riddance')  

a crushing, final blow, farewell for someone badly beaten even before a game is over




lin byeden!!  Go or don’t go joe, you’ve been Trumped, it’s over, now youre, ‘nutton’, time to get busy doing what your ancestors did best, go bust a nut, knit a shirt, or make a button!!!!



lin; leave/leavin, to cease from, desist, lose, yield up




byeden(Biden); 'bye then'






“leavin”? Ok, good bye then!”


lin byeden; literally,


 “leaving now!?  good-byeden! Get out of town! time to go into Hiden’(high-den),


no more Osama, no more Obama, Baghdadi, or Bin Laden!


no need to hang around any longer, no more wasting time….. no more biden time, all is fine”



Joe Biden has offered two starkly different and contradictory accounts of his role in the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden.


After initially saying that he opposed the operation and told President Barack Obama not to do it, the 2020 Democratic front-runner changed his account to say he hedged in front of other officials but privately told Obama to go ahead.






Earlier in the book, Gates said of Biden: “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”






From Middle English linnen, from Old English linnan (“to cease from, desist, lose, yield up”), from Proto-Germanic *linnan? (“to turn, move aside, avoid”), from Proto-Indo-European *ley- (“to elude, avoid, shrink from”). Cognate with Danish linne (“to stop, rest”), dialectal Swedish linna (“to pause, rest”), Icelandic linna (“to stop, rest”).




lin (third-person singular simple present lins, present participle linning, simple past linned or lan, past participle linned or lun)


1.    (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To desist (from something), stop. quotations ?


2.    (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) To cease; leave off.





Trump in Oval office


(startled by seeing Joe Biden outside his Oval office window)


“Lin Byeden!! Lin Byeden!! We thought you were already gone, back to Hiden? What do you want now Biden?




Biden; where’s my son Hunter?




Trump; hes on the run you son of gun, but Hunter changed his name to ‘Bunter’, so now he’s Hiden ! , However,  youre not, Hiden which means your back to being, ‘Biden’, and that’s a bother, so do yourself a favor, go find your son Bunter, be a good father!




Biden; Why don’t you just go…fff…find yourself!!




Trump; I’m already very, very fond of myself, and so is the rest of usa, thank you very much!!




Biden; I said go ‘find’ yourself!!!  




Trump; I know what you said!!... I already found myself brother………. I found myself winning again, right back here in the White house, heard you fondled yourself too,..oops.. I mean, ‘found yourself’, too, heard it’s an, ‘Anthony Weiner’ favorite, a Cuban cabana, time share,’ ‘thruple friendly’, dog house, complete with petting zoo!!??....


well good for you Biden, you may be going way down town like a circus clown, but at least youre not giving up like Bin Laden..


Ok, But now, seriously, youre still outside my window….its getting weird


,…… are you gonna mow my lawn Biden, or do I have to call security to force you back into Hiden??!!…


“lin byeden!!!




Ive never mown a lawn in my life, so Ill just, ‘button up” and go back to “Hiden”…




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01 Nov 2019


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impeachuhated adj; infatuated with impeaching a president only because the sore losers, still can’t get over they lost, totally, 'fixhated’, on a soviet style impeachment, elimination and total destruction’ of one they, ‘hate’, rather than being more,‘fix-‘aided’, on solving real problems that keeps the country great         






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25 Oct 2019


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quipie v (quipee); to engage in the inter-coursing of witty, quippy words, for a very short period of time


quippy (comparative quippier, superlative quippiest)


  1. Joky; inclined to or characterised by quipping.







how about a quipie??




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24 Oct 2019


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iquiped(e-quipt) n; ‘Chief of quips’ someone intelligent; full of quick witty quips


iquiped; an ability to follow and answer intelligently even while attention is diverted or while being put on the spot


iquiped; an intelligent, quick, ‘quip witted’ person usually sleeps well


iquiped; a really hot cute thing who has ‘everytang’ goin on aka, “a fully loaded, “dea-tailed”, babe



IQUIP stands for Intelligent & Quick Information Processing








iqui-iqui; a place to sleep.




Aymara (IPA: [aj?ma.?a] ( listen); also Aymar aru) is an Aymaran language spoken by the Aymara people of the Andes. It is one of only a handful of Native American languages with over one million speakers. Aymara, along with Spanish, is an official language of Bolivia.




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17 Oct 2019


Shminkerton n; like a dedicated Pinkerton was at catching outlaws back in the Old West, Shminkertons, in the 'New Quest' are only concerned with catching and racking up their 'shminks' which is what they do best


shmink v; to copulate

shmink v; obliertate, annihlate, inseminate, the female vortex

Why are Shminkertons master shminkers??

Because theyre shminkin it in all the time ...Shminkertons evolved into master thinkers because of all their conquested shminkers...shminkertons be shminkin it in all, erections, shminkin to the east, shminkin to the west, shminkin it hard ball is the thing only shminkertons know best.,,

But youre a damn policeman mr shminkerton! How could you!!??

Policemen need to shmink too!!!......... we get our 40 shminks like you get your 40 winks!!

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