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17 Oct 2019


Shminkerton; like a dedicated Pinkerton but only concerning shminking skills,

 Shminkertons are master shminkers, sminkin it in all the time ....


Shminkertons evolved into master thinkers because of all their conquested shminkers...shminkers be sminkin it in all, erections, sminkin to the east, shminkin to the west, shminkin it hard ball is the thing only shminkertons know best.,,

But youre a damn policeman mr shminkerton! How could you!!??

Policemen need to shmink too!!!

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17 Oct 2019

tomb bleedur

Image result for tomb bleeder cartoon

Tomb bleedur n;

someone who hasn’t slept or eaten, in days; putting oneself in a very dangerous position, looking pale and paranoid, to a guilt, somehow enduring a comatose, about to be mummified in a tomb, kind of state


English/Indonesian slang 

bleedur; literally, 'belum tidur' not yet slept, but enduring bleeding to sleep or death 


tomb; a large vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead





Tomb bleedur, 

tomb it may concern...


"Yo bro, “Tomb bleedur!!” man! Youre lookin like a ghost, get some sleep!!!"


"Sleep is for the dead!!!"


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15 Oct 2019


Image result for on tilt

betillter n ; one who belittles to a tilt; an extreme belittler who constantly puts down someone else's play, until they're on tilt



The definition of “belittle” can be easily surmised from the two words that it is made up of, “be” and “little.” Said another way, belittling is language or behavior that literally makes someone feel small, unimportant, inferior or minimized. While it’s easy to understand what belittling is, it is harder to identify it as a verbal and emotional abuse tactic because unlike shouting and yelling, belittling usually happens in private and becomes a pattern of abuse over time. 




How about playing at this table?

naaa, that guys a professional betillter, and I don't wanta go on tilt

how can you tell hes a betillter?

Because I can already hear the, 'belittling tilt', in the belittler's voice, he's definitely an, 'Adolf Belittler', a seasoned betillter!! 



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15 Oct 2019

Adolf Belittler

Image result for Adolf Belittler cartoon

Adolf Belittler n; master belittler, aka 'betillter' ; a belittler to those deserving to be belittled, or just an extremely cruel and abusive belittler

Adolf Belitler; one who is constantly 'lit'(stoned)

An Adolf Belittler can be one who is bad or good. They can abuse their abusive belittling power, or can use it to knock someone into a higher level playing field in order to finally win


betillter n(be-tillt-er); one who belittles to a tilt; an extreme belittler who constantly puts down someone else's play, until they tilt




Why are you being such an Adolf Belittler!!!

Because I want you to get so pissed off youll finally win a game!!!


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09 Oct 2019



Image result for angry bird weed cartoonImage result for angry at weed dealers cartoon

marajuani(mara-ju-ani);literally, 'Im angry, you bird brain butthole, the weed sucks! 

marajuani; the feeling one gets when paying good money for bad or even fake weed, like a dumb dodo bird who wants to kick his own ass for being duped into buying bad dope 

marajuani is a word that can be  used for the person who sold you the bad weed, if they have the audacity to even ask you how the weed is 

so hows the weed/

marajuani!!! dont ever call me again!!

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09 Oct 2019


Image result for mom smoking weed cartoon

rajmauina(raj-mau-ina); there is no higher reign for one who can enjoy a joint with their mother; or just to have a joint alone in memory of mom, missing mom while she reigns in heaven

rajmauina; spiritual parents, intelligent enough not to have believed in a governments evil reefer madness propoganda that marijuana is a dangerous drug that makes people crazy


From Hindi ??? (r?j) / ???(r?j), from Sanskrit ????? (r?jyá, royalty, kingship, sovereignty, empire).

raj; Reign; rule.

raj (uncountable)


Indonesian./ Ternate

mau; want



  1. to want, to desire
  2. (auxiliary) will





  1. (stative) always, perpetual
  2. (stative) to continue

Rapa Nui

mau; supreme


mau; much


German/ Portuguese

mau; evil, bad


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dude youre moms so cool, youre so lucky!!

ya, rajmauina for sure!!

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08 Oct 2019


Image result for sex slave cartoon

sekappeteaser; cewe cari kasep(handsome) cowo, tangkap, dan simpan untuk sek slave

translation> a girl looking for a handsome ( 'kasep', Sundanese) guy to catch, in order to save him as her sex slave.

sekapp; women using apps in order to sekappetease men into their lair


Why is miss nejjy always busy?>>Kenapa nejjy selalu sibuk?

Because shes a closet sekappeteaser !! >>Karena dia sekappeteaser lemari !!

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07 Oct 2019


Image result for love thy neighbor with marijuana cartoon

maujirana; to love thy neigbor sharing a joint


neibor 1  maujirana?

nrigbor 2  mau dong!!!