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20 Jan 2018




 The following words contributed by fwz to help celebrate spreading ‘happiness through kindness’….


Starting, Sunday, January 21


National Hugging Day 2018 in United States of America…. 

                                     "Don’t be “coytoxin!!!"


Image result for don't be shy cartoon




coytoxin; Being too shy, or coy, keeping your, talks in”, reduces the powerfully healthy hormone, oxytocin, which increases the dangerous stress hormone, cortisol, and that builds up to a deadly toxin, not good for you, or for us all




"Don’t be "coy-toxin!" Release the Oxytocin, give a hug, get rid of the cortison bug!!"


‘Coytoxin’ in a word, reminds one not to be ‘coy, or too shy for too long


Make sure to give a hug, a smile or at least a happy high 5, release the powerful, magical, medicinal, love hormone, oxytocin to stay happy and healthy while being alive


The stress hormone, cortisol, is public health enemy number one. Scientists have known for years that elevated cortisol levels: interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease...














Not available

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by artigs

18 Jan 2018

Under Seeds

Image result for fall out over hawaii false missile alert cartoon
Image result for under siege hawaiian false missile fallout

Under Seeds; "Under the Influence of Seeds" a staranoia-stevia-seagalia(star stoned paranoia) episode caused by the most potent strain of Hawaiin sensimalia hybrid Kush seed there is; kush, Ak57, Green Beret-b-banner, Missle Launcher, so extreme it's like a metamorphosis of, Bruce Bannercannoid turns into,  'Steven Seagal' avenger star

Effect: a psychospasmatic, Sudden Impact reaction, and feeling of being Above the Law,  a desire to cause an uneccessary massive fall out, (ie, fall out over hawaiis false missle alert) 

starts from someone etremely stoned, cranked, 'under seed' while watching the film, “Under-Seige” several times a day for several days during an AMC Steven Segal movie marathon, Plus the fact that NK’s Nuclear Program wargames is having the desired effect of scaring the absolute crap out of some already wacked out Americans, add to that a variety of anti-depressants mixed with alcohol so  he just flips, warning, and convincing friends that theyre really ‘under siege’, spreading panic, mass hysteria by telling of an impending missle already launched and directed to hit Hawaii in about 20 min, explaining how it could incinerate one million people in a half a second which causes families to hide underground in sewers and charter boats to deserted islands   

Under Seeds; to be completely wacked to a mind altered paranoia state

Under Seeds; name of the most potent mindboggling psycotropic strain known to mankind in HAwaii


SEEDS means "Marijuana seeds"





Billy and Skooter at the control panels in Hawaii while watching the last quarter of Under-Seige, the penta'gone' scene…

Hey Billy

Ya Skooter?

Billy(B); You thinkin what Im thinkin?

Skooter(Sk); Ya, billy we better find a place to hide, and warn people cause that missle is headed right die-rected to hit us big here in Hawaii.

B; Yep, and you're directed to hit us big, headed right here, right now bra! Gimmi dat!

SK; What??!

B; Don’t bogart, Gary Abusy!!!

Sk; Look whose talkin Holdie Gone!! Youre holdin it in your left hand and you don’t even know youre, William 'Holden' it!, Until its gone!. Now da doob’s  fires out!!

B; Ok, Gone jeelgud!! Tone it down lone toke!! Jommy Lee Tones!! Wristopher Cockin!! Speakin of fire!!? We better hide!!

Sk Billy did you already send out the, Ballistic Missle Alert that we are'Under Siege' ??

Yep but, I cant move i cant hide i cant even see

Billy, thats because we aint,  "Under Siege" .......

We, "Under Seeds!!!!"






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17 Jan 2018


Image result for trump superior genetics cartoon

genetrumptics n(gene'-trump-ticks); superior trump genetics, with heart; race horse like genes of a blessed, winner so powerful, it ticks off anyone with bad genetics


genetrumptics; genetics of one with extremely, high energy, above average exercise capacity, and a sustenance, dream diet of a teenage boy with an overall cleaner lifestyle that trumps unhealthy habits, especially one with the benefit of never smoking, drinking or succumbing to excessive stinking thinking which is the worst things one can do for health, and can also explain why one with genetrumptics doesnt need as much sleep, and can potentially live up to 200 years of more winning in remarkably, smooth and glorious, pulchritudinous, stealth  


(genetics) A theoretical unit of heredity of living organisms ; a gene may take several values and in principle predetermines a precise trait of an organism's form (phenotype), such as hair color



gene; Something that bothers; a nuisance.


In Wiradhuri language 'gene' or 'geen' means 'heart'

The Wiradjuri people Wiradjuri southern dialect pronunciation [wira?j?u?raj]) are a group of indigenous Australian Aboriginal people that were united by a common language, strong ties of kinship and survived as skilled hunter–fisher–gatherers in family groups or clans scattered throughout central New South Wales.



     (literary) Having great physical beauty.


Urban dictionary


stealth; remarkable, exquisite, glorious, awesome, smooth, bodacious, fine, tremendous, pulchritudinous    



So how can Trump beat all those professional politicians, without much sleep and then get the people of the United States to vote for him to be President?

Its called 'genetrumpicks'

But CNN says he's got heart disease??!!

Ya thats what they hope, its more like "dart his-ease", he will easily dart, like a missle, any signs of that with ease, just wait and see... 

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17 Jan 2018

rigally sclewed


rigally sclewed(rig-ally-sclewd) 'ripped off and given the boot by a more powerful,  rigged, legal system that fights against you, an evolved, ‘whoever has the biggest stick wins’, that is now, whoever has the highest paid lawyer, wins, with the advantage that no matter how much you use a lawyer, it won't snap into pieces as nobody seems to really care whether you actually did anything wrong 

Unfortunately, if you don't happen to be the wealthy sort, the system is stacked against you and you will be ‘ex-sclew-dead’, rigally!



rigally; royally ripped off by a rigged legal system




sclewed; one way street to being properly and royally screwed by an American justice, so called legal system that doesn't care less about principles 


So your elderly mother who  clearly got robbed, cheated out of many thousands by Lifestyle lift/aka Fresh Image, Chase Bank and Clear Choice and the attorneys cant do anything!!??

Nope! She's 'rigally sclewed', ex-sclewdead!! And even if she died it wouldnt be enough for her to win because the big guns control the attorneys bro....

What a 4th world country we live in!

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15 Jan 2018





haltch(hawtch); to half watch something, ie; to do something else more interesting or more important while watching tv etc..  


haltchers; aka, ‘unreachables’; millennials and gen xers who don’t watch any traditional tv anymore which incites a creative wake up call for advertisers to adapt to the changes in the world of tv

haltcher; a gamer who plays games on one half of the screen while watching something on tv


Almost half of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a new study by Omnicom Media Group agency Hearts & Science.


It's pretty scary," says Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn, referring to the group as "unreachable" by marketers. "We are not reaching young audiences effectively, just over-indexing on older viewers on TV."








Hey did you see that tv show, its only the most popular tv show ever?


Sorry, Im a haltcher, I never watch tv, at most just half watch some cable shows etc..

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15 Jan 2018



pretrumptuous; powerful, righteous, presumption that is so consistantly right it doesnt seem proper, usually from one who takes the x-factors of momentum and winning into account


pretrumptive; a presumptive winning streak; the presumptive winner; usually the one who is doing the presuming is most brazen, ends up trumping them all, infuriating even further the opposition 






P"resident Trump has the right to be ‘pretrumptuous’ because more than often, when it really counts, he’s right; a ‘pretrumptive’ force (most often, presuming right (correctly) the presumptive winner, in one word, ‘pre-trumptive’) one to be reckoned with unlike never before


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15 Jan 2018


Image result for silliness finesse


silnesse(sil-ness); silliness finesse; using the right degree of silliness mixed with seriousness



"A playful state of mind helps create options instead of pressing harder on tactics already tried.


The play mindset, Diana says, stimulates creativity and connection, which are essential qualities for high-performing businesses. Emerging science shows that people who are in good mood are far more likely to develop innovative or creative thoughts and solve  "





Just like, Adriano Panatta, the great Italian Tennis player, has great court finesse, a great teacher, in the classroom has a masterful ability to balance silliness and seriousness with great finesse, and that is, silnesse 


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15 Jan 2018


sillence(sill-ence); silliness, silenced  









whats wrong teacher??

Oh, nothing class, im just enjoying the sound of "sillence"

You mean silence!!??

Nope, 'sill-ence'


What's sillence?

Well, it's a sound, so good to a teacher, its the sound of silence in a room full of, dangerous, dynamite, silliness! ...

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