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22 Mar 2019


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crewbee adj; ‘crazy groovie’, to be in such a ‘fine state’ in your life; when things are going so great, your only concern is deciding, who your new, ‘crew will be’

your, ‘crew’, as in ‘boat crew’, your personal newbie crewbee, honey bee, boat team assisting you, as you sail around exotic indo islands




Hows is going??


Crewwwwwbeee!!!! The only conceren I have is who my new crew will be


Have you decided?


Well, I do know itill be the usual sexy tanchicks, ms ping and pong orchestrating the crewbee interviews and bongs, as they choose their favorite little clean up crewbee helpers, with thongs.

But crewbee assured, they will all be of age

They will all be, ‘Naughty Adults, acting like Kids’…..

They shall be called, ‘NA-KIDS>’ Naughty Adults acting like Kids…… the new rage !



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by artigs

21 Mar 2019

throatein pairathy

throatein pairathy n; when a pair, or  'a couple' share each other’s love juices, they hover, float and tolerate 

throatein pairathy is much healthier than both a protein shake and proton cancer therapy put together, as a high amount of, oxytocin love hormones are also generated between the pair of lovers


throatein; fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid, citric acid, enzymes, protein, zinc and more = nutrients found in the human semen; sexual protein; aka giving one a ‘deep throatein shake’

 pairathy; therapy involving the combination of 2 people loving each other



from Proto-Indo-European; (to swell, become stiff”).


thro (comparative more throsuperlative most thro)

1.                   (obsoleteEagerearnestvehement.

2.                   (obsoleteBold.




to hover, float, tolerate



1.                   to give birth


You mean you havent been to the doctor in 30 years!!??


Yep, as soon as i started 'living', in indonesia, it was all organic thraotein pairathy, a smokin life with tanchicks and B-17.

Before starting the throatein pairathy, I would ask the "tanchicks"...


'Im sorry but would you happen to "B-17" years of age, at least??


Im 21!


My underwear is 21


heehee, youre funny mister





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19 Mar 2019


Trumpics n; trump of the tropics; any south American leader and its people  who share the same  pro-trumpanomic, capitalist views as well as the same, ‘disdain for fake news’






Welcome to the Trumpics!!!!....How can anyone argue with the facts about the state of our economy especially when, Trumpics leaders in countries like, Brazil are popping up all over the Tropics in support for Trump??


You cant! But of course the, fake news will always keep trying to, fake it up for everyone, as much as they can! as usual!


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17 Mar 2019


Related image

trepene v; trippin with terpenes



trepene v; trippin with terpenes while trepen




trepar (first-person singular present trepopast participle trepat)

1.                 to drill


Galician spanish

trepen,  trepar

to trample, to tread

1.                   to climb

2.                   to mount


trep; what turns the mind

psychotropic (adj.)

1956, from psycho- + Greek -tropos "turning," from trepein "to turn" (from PIE root *trep- "to turn"). Hence, what "turns" the mind.




hey u be trippin!?

No, I be trepene, trippin from terpenes, you da one be trippin!...... turpentine


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16 Mar 2019


One who knows how to work well with “wood”

She’s not that hot but she definitely knows how to work my wood, she’s a straight up carpoonter

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15 Mar 2019

I be terpene!


Image result for terpenes cartoon

I be terpene!!(slang, phrase) 100% organic, no trippin, cbd


I be terpene can be used in response to when someone accuses you of tripping..


“you be trippin!”


Your response; “no, ‘I be terpene!’, you be trippin, dinking, prozak and Chantix, make you hurtin and flippin…thats no fine wine! you been drinkin turpentine!!


Although less research has been invested towards the study of terpenes in cannabis as opposed to the major cannabinoids found in the plant, terpenes are also responsible for many of the physiological and psychoactive effects that cannabis is widely known for. Below, we have listed some of the major terpene isolates that are found in cannabis along with a handful of their associated “Entourage Effects.”

? Limonene? (Lim o kneen): In Sativa cannabis strains, limonene is a major terpene responsible for both flavor and effects. Found in other sources, such as citrus fruits, this terpene aids in the absorption of other terpenes through the mucous membranes and epidermis (Bhatia & Singh, 1999). In concentrated form, limonene is used to help with both anxiety and depression (Goes, et al., 2013).

Alpha-Pinene? (Alpha Pine knee nnn): Largely responsible for the odor associated with cannabis strains, a-pinene is also found naturally in pine trees, turpentine and other coniferous plants. The most abundant of all terpene varieties, a-pinene acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and bronchodilator (Esiyok et a., 2004).

? Linalool? (Lin A lool): One of the more interesting terpenes found in cannabis, linalool is noted for its floral scent that is similar to spring flowers, but with spicy notes on the front end. Linalool has become an extremely popular terpene due to its sedative properties and its ability to act as an effective anxiety and stress reliever. This terpene has also been shown to have both analgesic (pain relief) and antiepileptic properties (Esiyok et a., 2004).

Myrcene? (Meer Seen): The most prevalent of all terpenes, myrcene is found in a wide variety of cannabis strains. In fact, the concentration of myrcene in a cannabis plant determines whether that strain is considered an Indica or Sativa, clearly greatly affecting the effects of each unique strain. Cannabis strains that contain a myrcene concentration of 0.5 percent or less produce an energizing effect, while strains containing over 0.5 percent produce a more sedative effect. In addition to being a major terpene in cannabis plants, myrcene is found in hops, lemongrass, citrus fruits and thyme, making this terpene one of the most popular in uses related to aromatherapy.

Terpinolene? (Ter Pin o lean): Studies have shown that, when inhaled, terpinolene produces a sedative effect on the user (Ito & Ito, 2013). In addition to this psychoactive result, this terpene has been shown to exhibit potential anticancer and antioxidant effects (Lv, et al., 2015) leading some researchersto believe that this terpene could become a valuable medicinal tool in the near future.

Geraniol? (Ger ayn e ol): A terpene that is also found in geraniums, geraniol gives off a rosy scent that has made it an extremely popular extract to use in perfumes. In addition to smelling nice, geraniol has been shown to repel mosquitos (Regnault-Roger, et al., 2012) and presents a potentially protective effect against neuropathy, a type of degenerative disease that affects the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord (Prasad, 2014).

There is so much to learn about terpenes, but we hope this can help you to understand the science behind the magic of terpenes and your favorite cannabis strains!

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15 Mar 2019

roll-over betovent

Image result for conducting beethoven

rollover Beto-vent n; just another, 'flash in the hands', ‘crazy hand movement’; self defeating, out of control gesturing that distracts a speaker’s message


rollover-betovent v; The act of spewing, or venting out nonsense, trying way too hard, 'talking-hard', via willdly waiving arms, hands and fingers around while speaking, similar to a philharmonic conducter


roll-over beto-venting n; continuous geticulation of the arms and hands while speaking; extremely distracting and annoying bodily gestures


Rollover Beto-ventor n; an angry democrat/socialist who prefers venting over inventing




So what do you think of Beto??



I don’t know I was too distracted by all his, roll-over betoventing…I really wanted to give him a fly swatter!!


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14 Mar 2019


Endure(ing) the process


Things may be hard now, but when you Enhoss all things are greater.

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