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11 Dec 2019


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Zakira; singa ratu, ringa, satu; ‘lion queen’; one who will always be ‘remembered’ because she is ‘simply’ the most, ‘sweet’, ‘kind’, ‘beautiful’, ‘guelis’, inside and out sweet heart, in the world 




The most brave little, lion queen, ‘Zakira girl’ on the planet, can usually be found roaming the streets of Jakarta(Batawi)Indonesia close to her, family den and if one is lucky enough to encounter her sweet soul, will not only be, richly rewarded, and blessed forever, Zakira, will also be your singa ratu, ringa satu, circle of light, best new friend






The meaning of the name “Zakira” is: “Remembering”. Categories: Arabic Names, Muslim Names. Used in: Arabic speaking countries.




A name common in muslims: meaning, One who remembers/worships, remembrance



1.                 lion






 ra; King



ra; Sun God


 RA; Really Amazing


 Zaki is a Quranic name for boys that means “righteous”, “pure from sin”, “pious”, “blessed”.




zak (countable and uncountable, plural zaks)


1.                  (South Africa, slang) Money.









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09 Dec 2019

duchi chulu


Image result for clean yourself first cartoon

duchi chulu; a Bahasa  Indonesian phrase meaning ‘cuci dulu’(clean/shower, first)


 duchi; cuci dulu(clean yourself first:)especially for  couples before they make life force love

chulu; you love you

awesome to an extent further than shogry




chulun; someone who refuses to duchi which is not only dirty, not cool or Gucci, its chulun






du (imperative du, present dur or duer, past duede, past participle duet)


1.                   be good


2.                   be fit




Dutch/ Ido/Kalasha/ Kurdish/novial/






From Latin duo, from Proto-Indo-European *dwóh?.




1. two (2)








  1. man



North Frisian/ Old Irish










  1. (Föhr-Amrum) to do
  2. (Föhr-Amrum) to give




Northern Sami


du; don


white hmong




  1. smooth










  1. bird






chi (usually uncountable, plural chis)


  1. (philosophy) A life force in traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, medicine, etc, related (but not limited) to breath and circulation.


He took several deep breaths, finding his chi as Butler had taught him.




Chi; you/my


Chu; you


Lu; love you








The word culun is used in Indonesian, Filipino meaning look ridiculously,out of date.




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05 Dec 2019


Image result for designated driver cartoon


gohboblin v(go-bob-lin); to go, ‘boblin’, is to, ‘not go home’ with any drunk driving ‘hobgoblin’, even if it’s a friend


gohboblin n; a Gentleman Of Honor, ‘BOB’, ‘Battery, Operated ‘Better’ friend’(batteries included)




"If you spread the word to every, goofy, drunken, hobnobin, goblin, that you’re Going Home with a ‘gohboblin’, your, ‘designated driver’, and true, ‘Guest Of Honor’, all those drunk driving hobgoblins won’t even bother




GOH; Going Home

Guest Of Honor

Gentlemen Of Honor

Girls Of Honor

Get Out of Here




bob m (plural bobs, diminutive bobje n)


1.                   designated driver


BOB; Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder > translation "Consciously Non-Drunk Driver"' “deliberately sober driver'



boblin; to leave or get a ride with a ‘bob’, ‘anyone sober’


GOH; Guest/Guy or Girl Of Honor


BOB; Battery Operated Boy/Babe-friend designated drive-her/him


Better Off Best-friend



BOB (plural BOBs)


BOB; Bird Or Bloke


BOB; Babe On Board


Best On Board


Brains Over Brawn


Bucketful Of Brains




lin; leaving; to leave








The Bob campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving; drivers with high blood alcohol content are at increased risk of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular deaths. Alongside the general information that is offered during the campaign, there is an increased police surveillance, especially during the weeks running up to Christmas and New Year's Eve. Most of all, the campaign focuses on a designated driver approach.










Hey, why are you going home with him!!?? I thought we were best of friends, with benefits!!!??


Because youre a drunken, hobnobin, hobgoblin, and hes a responsible ‘gohboblin’, a true Gentleman Of Honor, ‘BOB’, ‘Battery, Operated ‘Better’ friend’, his batteries are included, he can last all night to the end! Your batteries are ‘nut’ included, and so benefits, excluded, which means, youre nut getting anything tonight my hobgoblin, drunk driving, friend!!!   


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03 Dec 2019



danshosam v; to show some "dan" respect or love for all, especially towards speakers of other languages which usually generates happy, "sandosham" vibrations all around

the act of ‘giving’(dan) something to someone, such as, money or "dansho", a japanese word meaning, "friendly chat" which makes both the person receiving as well as the person giving, "sandosham"’,  a Karela India word meaning, "happy"




danshosam v; literally, ‘show some ‘dan’(love) via giving, showing some dan respect for other languages

danshosam adj; to be happy because of someones elses kindness towards you

 sam; bring together; come together


Kerala(a language from India)


sandosham; happy










1. to give, to grant, to provide with








1.  friendly chat


2. : literary fragment


3.  male paramour


4. male prostitute


From Japanese (dan)




dan (plural dans)


1. A rank of black belt in martial arts


Hyponym: shodan


2. Someone who has achieved a level of black belt


Hyponym: shodan



In Bahrain, an American(Cherokee/Scottish) expat on holiday at a 7/11, buys a candy bar and milk and decides to give a 5 dollar tip to the Kerala Indian cashier/clerk




Expat; where are you from?




Karela clerk; Im from Kerala, India




Expat; Really? Well then, ‘danshosam’ bro!!! keep the change!!




Karela; Wow!!! Thank you so much for that!!!!  But you meant to say, "sandosham", right?




Expat; Since ‘dan’ means ‘to give’ and ‘dansho’ in Japan means ‘friendly chat’, and "sam" means bring together, I created a new word, ‘danshosam’(to give in order to make people sandosham, ‘happy’) Im just trying to show some ‘dan’ man! Just spreading some danshosam bro!!!


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28 Nov 2019


Image result for flying hand phones cartoon


flone n; a ‘phone’ that has, ‘flown the coop’; either misplaced, for the time being, lost, never to return, or is just acting up so bad, it’s as if, a flone, ‘arrow’ had pierced through its heart, smashing the glass, rendering it almost inoperable  




flone (plural flones)


1. (now chiefly Britain dialectal) An arrow.








Beth calls her brother:




Lyle!!???, mom called, she said, ‘flone’ home!




So Lyle quickly gets up, leaves the restaurant and flies home!





"mom! Im home, whats up??, I flew home like you said!?





"No, I didnt say, ‘fly’ home, I said, ‘I found your, ‘flone’!’, the phone that you said, ‘flew the coop’, which means, you didn’t have to fly home son, you could have finished your soup!! 


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28 Nov 2019


Image result for A world of travel cartoon


awot n;  one who is a thousand times smarter than one of 'little wit’ is one, well travelled, combined with much more wisdom and true-grit. 


awot n; a lot of wit; a lot of 'watt'(electricity);about a thousand watts


AWOT ; “A World Of Travel” = wisdom/wit from a world of experience, PLUS true grit



true grit



Being a gritty person means that the one tends to stick to their goals despite numerous issues, problems, setbacks and failures. The person has firmness of mind and unyielding courage. The synonyms of true grit are: fortitude. determination







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22 Nov 2019


Image result for wittless half wits cartoon


witle n; of, ‘little wit’; 2 witles =  not even a half wit




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14 Nov 2019

Scratch N' Schiff

Image result for Scratch and Schiff


Scratch N’ Schiff n; a demoncrat's, quid pro quo; ie "ill scratch yours, you scratch mine"

Scratch N’ Schiff n; a hasty snack, a bite to eat, just a brief period of exertion, then scratched and Schiffed out, losing, ‘big time’; a double dribble, quibble, in the heat, until the next diversion




A Scratch N Schiff represents

scrat cratch fever n; when a shifty Schiff, incompetent left wing boob, is scratched by a pelosi goblin, it equals; a snatch made in a demoncrat's, heaven

aka "Mr and Miss-Demeaners, sittin in a,  High-crimes, Adam’s family, ‘trea’, k-i-s-s-i-n-g,...first comes, swampy, fudgy, sludge, then comes the disparaged marriage, then comes an impeachy keen, baby boy, named, ‘Treason’ with no rhyme nor reason, all wrapped up in some, demonic, 'Pelosemary’s baby', carriage  




the name Scratch likely comes from Middle English scrat, the name of a demon or goblin, derived from Old Norse skratte.




scrat; A wiff of a ripe loud crotch in serious need of a scrub




cratch (plural cratches)


1. (obsolete) A grated crib or manger


snatch; to nibble, snort, chatter, to sob, pant, long for, no matter

Middle English sna(c)che (verb) ‘suddenly snap at’, (noun) ‘a snare’; perhaps related to snack.














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