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16 Jan 2020



bahasat; a ‘baha’( meaning, ‘valuable’in Persian and Azberaijani)


sahabat> friend, ‘teman’ :)


is your, Bahasa(language/culture/helper) ‘teacher friend’, of the highest value(‘baha’), ‘friend’ one can depend, regarded to be your special, ‘sahabat’ because they actually help you a lot, not asking for anything in return which is a gift because, bahasat friends, ‘learn’, a more solid kind of friendship, that must be earned




bahasat; sahabat friends equally exchanging valuable, ‘baha’ lessons about each others Bahasa and culture, without costing each other a dime, but if only one bahasat friend, shares their time and money, teaching the other Bahasa and culture, your bahasat friend may be in pretend, turning out to be just another, ‘sahabat’, money hungry vulture, in the end






Baha; valuable





Hey what do you think of Vino?




He’s the real deal ‘bahasat’, unconditional friend…. Like a brother you can depend to the end





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15 Jan 2020


Image result for dyno climbing moves cartoon


dynopepiah n; The practice of manifesting dreams into reality, via subconscious, self-hypfocused, ‘dyno’ power, dreaming



Most successful people use some form of ‘dynopepiah’  before falling asleep via fantasizing about their dream life


 dynopepiah was created by spantrosing the existing word;  ‘hypnopedia’ which means to teach or learn via subconscious means


  dynopepiah requires that prior to falling asleep, for one to focus on visualizing reaching goals, seeing oneself doing things that will help manifest dreams into reality




Focusing on making successful, ‘dyno’ like, ‘climbing, flying, moves’, dynamic, jumping maneuvers to reach, ‘tasks and goals’, ‘holds’ that cannot otherwise be reached, so that by seeing, focusing and dreaming the actual completion of attaining the goals, via bold dyno moves, sets a biological footprint in your nervous system as a final destination and eventual manifestation






Practicing, dynopepiah, helps one to wake up refreshed, with more, get up and go, pep and fire insight, inspiring to ‘dyno climb’ even higher, since whatever we focus on will always expand, it’s like having a magic, hypfocused, pocus, wand in hand,


(as long as one doesn’t give up the dynopepiah) that can manifest, any out of this world, fly you to the moon, final frontier, ‘focused dream mission’, into a fantastic, fruition    






dyno; dyno (plural dynos)


(climbing) A dynamic climbing move or jump to reach a hold that cannot otherwise be reached.


a rapid move across a rock face in order to reach a hold.






pep; energy


Chinook Jargon


piah; fire






Greek form of Egyptian Djhwty (reconstructed as Djehuti), which is of uncertain meaning. In Egyptian mythology Thoth was the god of the moon, science, magic, speech and writing. He was often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis.


iah; the moon in Egyptian Mythology






Not available

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15 Jan 2020




 Image result for tweets that can get you fired cartoon

twired adj; ‘fired’ because of a, ‘tweet’


twire; to fire an employee because a tweet



tweets that can get you ‘twired’


Profanity, vulgarity. ...


Political views. ...


Foot in the mouth. ...


Off the record material. ...


Personal rants.

Or any tweet that pushes a bosses wrong button












Bro, careful! last time you twunked(tweeted while drunk), you got 'twired' because of it!

Ya, i know, but the 'twuth' shall set you, twee! And it's soo, 'twinvigorating'!!!! 


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15 Jan 2020


Image result for belated tweet delete cartoon

beleted adj; belatedly, deleted, ie; a belated tweet, delete; to delete, misleading or derogatory remarks, apologizing after the damage has already been done



Tell the opposition leader the nasty tweet has been 'beleted'

I'll tell him... just hope he survives the cancer he already got from the nasty tweet! 


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14 Jan 2020


Image result for smelly room cartoon

raubumau; ‘nose blindness’, or ‘sensory adaptation’ to one’s own room; when a nose adapts to smells, it’s gotten so used to the odors, other people may think the room stinks like a high school boys’ locker room or an oversize, smelly sneaker


The ‘raubumau’ phenomena is so robust, it’s why people go on vacation and come back and say, ‘Oh, it’s so musty in here


raubumau (raububerfall, cleaning raid) ; (originating in Indonesia)an 'SOS' Severe Odor Smelly distress!

raubumau;  literally; ‘smelly room(rau; ‘ruma bau’)it's time!! momma(bu), I want( Aku 'mau')you to take away(rauben)the smell, clean it(bersih itu)now!”



rau; ruma + bau(room, stinks) 

raub; ruma bau, bu, bole bersih ruma, itu bau 

translate> the house/room smells, momma mia!, clean the room, it smells




rauben; take away

raububerfall; raid


u-mau; udah, I want


UMAU; Urgent Maid Aid Unit









Oh my gosh!! Raubumau!!! If I can smell the stench of my own pig sty room, and how!!, most likely means, it’s way past time to clean it, it’s time for an, Urgent Maid Aid Unit, raububerfall, cleaning raid, now!!!

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10 Jan 2020


Image result for  shock seeing a pocong cartoon


bocong;(bule + pocong; 'po-chong') a word, originating in Jakarta Indonesia, that describes a situation, when native Indonesians experience the sudden appearance of strangers/expats, aka 'bule', they get so shocked, it’s as if they’ve seen a ghost(pocong)which can render the Indonesian, gobsmacked, speechless, unable to think, or comprehend, even if the, bule tries to communicate using perfect bahasa   




‘bocong’ Translation in Bahasa


ketika orang Indonesia asli mengalami kemunculan orang asing / ekspat secara tiba-tiba, mereka menjadi sangat terkejut, seolah-olah mereka telah melihat hantu (pocong) yang dapat membuat orang Indonesia, terkesima, tidak dapat berkata-kata, tidak dapat berpikir, atau memahami, bahkan jika bule mencoba berkomunikasi menggunakan bahasa yang sempurna



Bule in Indonesia asks an Indonesian a simple question in perfect Bahasa Indonesian

“Hello, selamat sore! Apa kabar? Apakah Andah tahu dimana saya bias mendapatkan nasi goreng disini?” translation> Hello, good afternoon! Do you know where I can get some nasi goreng around here?

Indonesian's response

Apa si!!?? pusing!! gimanasi?? pakai Bahasa Indonesia aja??

translation> what the heck, Im so dizzy!! Can you just use Bahasa Indonesa?

Bule; Oh my astaga!!! bocong terus!!!



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10 Jan 2020



acknomplish v; to ‘acknowledge’ all you’ve ‘accomplished’, in or order to help fuel your, motivation to move forward, dreaming on to what you truly believe, can be achieved.

And then nominate yourself an achievement award, and celebrate because you didn’t quit, you believed

This will associate, fun, excitement, and positivity with your accomplishments so you can enjoy the ride, like a, happy, ‘drimo liver’, relaxed in the back of the, 'Cadillac', instead of being the, stressed out, ‘limo driver’, on the verge of, a 'heart attack', racing on to the next destination, way too fast, risking, energy and creativity, burnout out, a journey, pace that won’t last   


In a bar somewhere in Texas, USA

Why is that guy so happy, what is he celebrating?

He's, 'acknomplishing' the fact that he has survived another year in Texas without getting shot by some gun toting nut case


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07 Jan 2020



tasba n; tas, tebal banget, tari‘rockin the taspa sanggat!!... rockin the taspa barang besar!! "Bad Ass' bag of goods, oh my astaga, nice to finally meet you, tasba, apa kabar! 

tasba; a ‘bad ass bag’ of goodies, opposite of being ‘short changed’, a great deal, a healthy heap or pile of anything good


tasba; surprised by getting something more than what was expected; way more than enough, such as a big tip, or big portion of anything, including love hugs and kisses



tasba; jumlah tip serius di luar biasa





‘basta’ which means, ‘way enough’ in Italian Polish, Portugese, and Spanish was spantrosed to create the new word, ‘tasba’




TASBA; The Amount Seriously Beyond Average  






tass; a heap, a pile>tumpukan, tumpukan


An Oriental silk fabric, with gold or silver thread.








tas; bag






1.    tas; heap, pile


2.    (colloquial, dialectal) thing




Cremean Tatar/Tatarta?;


tas;stone; rock




tas; gem, stone


ta?mak (third-person singular simple present ta?ar)


1.  (intransitive) to overflow, run over, to spill over


2.  (intransitive) to boil over


3.  (intransitive) to gush, effervesce








Borrowed from Egyptian b?,


ba; (Egyptian mythology) A being's soul or personality, represented as a bird-headed figure, which survives after death but must be sustained with offerings of food.


Haitian Creole


ba; give




ba; plural of bo; cow






Honey im home!!




Tasba, tasba!!! Wow, you got a lot more than I expected!




Ya, tasba tasba thick as shiba! rockin the tasba!! I wanted to surprise you, tonight you are my masta, happy anniversary baby! Got you on my mind……that’s why I came home fasta with a nice, tebal banget, tasba and bottle of wine………sorry if im too much tonight,  maybe a frikin, ‘basta’…. But I know you like rockin the tasba!!!




Mantul!! mantap betul!! But Just don’t drink too much bb, is all! I don’t like to get ‘muntal’ at all, remember that’s when you fall??




Oh ya ‘muntal’ means mantap dulu, tapi ada  ‘muntah’ betul….  I don’t like to muntal at all like a bego fool, … but mantul is cool…




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