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18 Jul 2018



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mennis n; mosquito tennis; via electrocution, the object of the game is to zap as many blood sucking mosquitos as humanly possible by using a battery charged, electrified mennis racquet








what are you doing ?




im playing 'mennis', zapping and murdering as many menacing mosquitos as i can before they murder me


Its the only kind of 'buzz kill' i really love


So whats the score


Love 40! I loved killing 40 of those little suckers


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15 Jul 2018




Image result for tweets with balls cartoon


Treet n; Trump tweet

Treet; Extra Testical tweet; extremely balsey

most Americans who follow them consider to be a treat

Tre; 3

ET; Extra Testical





Are you getting up early for a gotrumka??




Ya, I cant wait for his Treets!!!


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by artigs

06 Jul 2018


Image result for russian collusion LOL cartoon


lolcusion (LOL-ku-shun); a Russion concussion;

so far from, 'collusion' it’s, laughable

a Laugh Out Loudable, ‘collusion conclusion’ = an illusion, delusion, obstruction, confusion, any more discussion, is Russian to concussion






 LOL; Laugh Out Loud








From Old Portuguese cuu, from Latin culus (“ass”).








cu m (plural cus)


1. (vulgar, slang, anatomy) ass, arse, booty, rear, behind, butt, buttocks


2. (vulgar, slang, anatomy) anus




Lower Sorbian




1. to want, wish




sion, shun; to avoid, persistently








 LOL; Laugh Out Loud






Etymology 1[edit]


From Old Portuguese cuu, from Latin culus (“ass”).




·         IPA(key): [ku]




cu m (plural cus)


1.    (vulgar, slang, anatomy) ass, arse, booty, rear, behind, butt, buttocks


2.    (vulgar, slang, anatomy) anus




Lower Sorbian




k??? impf (perfective zek???)


1.    to want, wish



sion, shun; to avoid, persistently


what is it today with the collusion theory?

lolcusion!!!! If you dont Laugh Out Loud about it, youll get a Russion Concussion


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30 Jun 2018

The delete

Image result for trump defeats elites cartoon


deletes n; elites, defeated and deleted


The delete n; fat cat elites, reduced to undersized cabinet post, egg heads



delete; deterioration and destruction of 'dem elites'


The ‘delete’ represents the defeat and retreat of the elite; Trump’s Presidency marking the defeat of the elites as well as the global eroding of elitism  


de-lete; of dirty sludge





liete (“silt, sludge”).





1. undersized, dwarfish, short




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29 Jun 2018


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Troid n; Trump-roid; ‘Trump You Up Roids’

Troids; steroids on Trump


 Troid; a fight with Trump as being, no contest; AKA a losing battle


A Trump-roid(Troid), is like Winning, on steroids, but its all natural, more potent and effective than any steroid, and comes from 100% pure determination and fight


Troid; Trump priming roid; any sweet-gale tweet, rallies, speeches or anything Trumpesque, will pump you up like steroids on Trump








From Old Irish troit (“fight, battle, quarrel”).




troid f (genitive singular troda, nominative plural troideanna)


1. a fight




troid (past throid, future troididh, verbal noun trod, past participle troidte)


1. quarrel, squabble, row, fight (usually verbally)


2. chide, reprove, scold



"Going into battle against the most powerful man on Earth is a 'Troid' one should definitely avoid"

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22 Jun 2018

duck feniro!

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duck feniro!; (euphemism) exclamation for expressing defiance or rejection of someone despicable, especially a foul mouth, ignorfamous liberal


duck feniro! expressing defiance against one who stoops to an all new low IQ, which causes a reputation to go down sewer south, all because of ones own Ebenezer screwed, bad black bark, nasty, foul mouth


 duck feniro! term of, ‘end-smearment’ for any monstrous, swamp(fen) dwelling wolf, disguised as a Raging, Bullheewood actor; one who would bite the hand that feeds him


duck feniro; you better duck dirty old granpa!!



Norwegian Bokmål


fe, n


a blockhead, fool, a fairy





fen; swamp, contaminating run off


marsh, mud, mire, slough




fen n (genitive fens, plural fen)


1. bog, quagmire




fena f


1. bitch, she-dog (female dog)



fen pl (normally plural, singular fan)


1. (dated, fandom slang) fans; a plural form used by enthusiasts of science fiction, fantasy, and anime, partly from whimsy and partly to distinguish themselves from fans of sport, etc.




niro; dark, black


blark; a dark, bad, black bark




Asi/ Cebuano


iro; dog


an ablutophobic person


a despicable person


dog meat; the flesh and other edible parts derived from dogs













1. I become angry, I fly into a rage






iro (used in a reduplicated form as iroiro)


1. maggot



Hey man you hear about the newest ignorfamous blark attacks against Trump!!??


Yes, I certainly have, and All i gotta say is DUCK FENIRO!!!!


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19 Jun 2018



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intalksicate v; to dope with stupefying talk

when small talk becomes bolder, a bit braver, with more self, mutually vulnerable,  disclosure, the intelligent, and extremely interesting, exquisite conversation becomes practically impossible to walk away from

intalksicate; lying in bed talking about each others dreams, fears, thoughts, and goals



Honey why do you love me?

Because you intalksicate me


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by artigs

19 Jun 2018


Image result for early morning golf cartoon






gokoepka!; to rise early in the morning in order to hear the first club swing


gokoepka! get up early, go outside and appreciate the fact that you can still swing something




‘gokoepka’ is dedicated to the 2018 pga us open champion Brooks Koepka and was also made from blending the Swedish word, 'gokotta' + golf champ, 'Koepka' 


you up for a "gokoepka"?


"Ya lets hear our own swings before their first bogey stings.."





Last name: Born. This ancient name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is one of the earliest topographical surnames existing today. The derivation is from the Old English pre 7th Century "burna, burne", spring, stream, which was originally used as a topographic name for someone who lived beside a stream


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