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18 May 2018



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kushups v; pick you up puffs;exercising the right to use an Uplifting Power Source, 'kush' in order to enhance mental and physical performance

1 drag of kush  = 1 kushup


kushups can provide an uplifting sense of focus and determination, releasing a euphoric endorphin rush while calming the central nervous system for optimal training



kush; miracle plant from GOD, 100% natural

UPS; Uplifting Power Source



'how many kushups can you do?'


'depends on the kush!'


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16 May 2018


Image result for smart but kinky cartoon


sminky adj; extremely smart and sweet but secretly kinky


sminki ; smart in ‘ki’, life force philosophies; a breathing and circulation master, but secretely, can be a horny dog, bastard






smink; make-up, to smooth over or cover with foundation or 'ink'



schmike or schminken; make-up, to paint ones face



chi; life force(Chinese philosophy)  






'you know, i see you under your smink, i know what youre schminken!!'


'Oh ya, so what do you think im schminken?!'


'I think youre, 'sminky', youre very smart and sweet... But secretly, you be kinky.."


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14 May 2018


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“evil morty torcher”


smevilous, adj; secretely smart, dangerously, devious  




'We are sure lucky to have the Toughest craziest dough making nut representing US...!!'

'Ya, but isn't he 'devious' ??!!

He's one step sharper and smarter than, devious, he's 'smevious', he's got the chops to deviate for US against evil; our only chance to outwit all the 'smevilous', deviously evil, people in the world is to be smevious 


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14 May 2018



Image result for outwitting evil

smevious; smarter than devious, able to expose the schemes of evil enemies

-able to deviate from a, ‘supposed, straight way’ in order to outwit evil, and go the ‘right way’


smevious; deviously smarter in order to deafeat or smear the ‘smevilous’ souls of the world, one step ahead, keeping the power, maintaining the peace 




Skilled at recognizing, ‘smevilous’, underhanded tactics, via learning from doing, living in the trenches, having to play the game; to do or use whatever it takes to protect a cause, no matter how, cunning or underhanded the tactic






God’s Word reminds us that we should be ‘smeviously’ on gaurd at all times to protect us against the ‘smevilous’




“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).


“Satan is the real foe we face. And he’s not just some guy in a red suit, pitchfork in hand. Don’t be fooled. He’s far more deceptive.


He wants you to fail; he wants you to quit; he wants to render you completely ineffective. His main goal is to steal, kill, and destroy.


He seeks to gain ground today in as many lives as he can, and in every corner of our world, for he knows his time is limited.


But we don’t have to let him win.”



'How does smevious outwit and smear the smevilous?'

'Because a smevious person who outwirs and smears the smevilous is always one step ahead, then backed by divine providence of course'

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12 May 2018


Image result for smart alec cartoon

Image result for smack in the face

smaleck v(sm-aleck);smack a smart alec’s face! (figuratively) 


smaleck; can be used directly after a smart alec's last remark as if to smack the smart alec's face


-proverbial ‘smack in the face’, especially for smart alecs.


smalec n; short for, 'smart alec' 



Aleck is a nickname for the male given name Alexander. The phrase "smart aleck" is possibly derived from the name of Aleck Hoag, a 19th-century con man and thief.




smartaleck (pluralsmart alecks)


1.    One who is given to obnoxious or insolenthumor; a wise guy.


2.    One who is pretentious about their own cleverness or knowledge; a know-it-all.


3.    One who is obnoxiouslyself-assured; a show off.





'why are you such a smalec!! always making fun of others more successful than you!!??'

'Because im jealous and blue, thats what we do, and if i quit doing that what else could i do??! '



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10 May 2018



Image result for cheesed off

fraudencheesed; to get enjoyment from seeing fraudulent people get, ‘bloody well cheesed off’



fraudencheesed; enjoyment of seeing righteous winners defeating self-righteous losers




cheesed; stop (what one is doing), run off," 1812, thieves' slang, of uncertain origin. Meaning "to smile" is from 1930 (see cheese (n.1)). For meaning "to annoy," see cheesed.


Not available

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10 May 2018

Ms Libeall

Image result for female slime ball cartoon

Ms libeall(miss-lib-be-all); female ‘slime ball’; extreme, liberal leftist, so blue that she becomes green with 'evilny'(evil, malicious, envy)


Ms Libeall; fibber-maggie, know it all, slime ball

beal (third-person singular simple presentbeals, present participlebealing, simple past and past participlebealed)


1.    (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) To gather matter; swell; come to a head, as a pimple; fester; suppurate.







‘she ‘be all, actin like ‘miss libeall’, up in yo face….. actin all high n mighty, like, she knows it all, puttin you in yo place!!


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02 May 2018



Image result for dna serial killer

Note: this is not the reservoir dogs guy from the movie, he's a real killer who was recently danakhilled 

danakhil(dan-akhil); 100% proof positive, evidence; busted

A danakhil can be ‘the missing ‘link’ in a chain’ of unsolved cases as well as

‘the final nail in the coffin’ 

Like the powerful divergence of a triple junction, tectonic plate, ‘Danakil’ eruption, located at the hottest place on earth in africa;  a danakhil(noun or verb), combines ‘DNA’ and ‘link’ and can be used in exaltation when a case is finally solved; a ‘win’ or ‘kill’, if you will in the name of justice, via using an advanced, DNA linking technology that transcends the crime solving business, to an exact science.




The danakhil can bust reservoir dog like criminals who got away with murder many years ago when crime busting technology wasn’t so advanced.




DANAKHIL can also be used to clear suspects and exonerate persons mistakenly accused or convicted of crimes




dan; to give, or to give or get ‘dna’ used towards solving a case




akil; intelligent, reason


akhil; complete, 100% proof positive












“one who uses reason.”



the Sanskrit word akhila is "complete", "whole".[








NCIS crime officer and his boss






‘I got the DAN boss!!!’






‘you gotta be kidding me!!!?? You got the dan?!!! If we got the ‘dan’ very soon we’ll have, ‘akhila’!!!….




Yep, that be another, ‘danakhil’ under our belt boss!!



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