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04 Jul 2020

Hofurt Jofuly

Hofurt Jofuly spantrosed from Fourth of July


Hofurt Jofuly n (HOF-URT-JOF-ULY); a joyful fourth, in July, celebrating with a spectacular, ‘Jar Of Fireflies’

A ‘Hofurt Jofuly’, is another way to spend Independence Day, with an explosion-less, display, of nature’s fireworks, held inside a dark room of ‘joy sparking’, lightning bugs, where the hunt of catching them, in a jar, can be much more exciting and fun than getting in a car, going to a bar, then waiting under the stars just for a few minutes of a spectacularly loud and smokey cloud of boring explosions in the sky which can actually, disrupt the very short, 3 week life span and mating season of a poor, harmless, firefly, insects that don’t bite, sting, pinch, or carry a big corona diseased, riot shtick, and are just heaven sent, content, never even thinking of hurting anyone, or tearing down any monument, they just create the magic of cold light, in a twinkling midsummer’s night, and so anyone partaking in a Hofurt Jofuly celebration, also supports them in their plight.


HOF-URT JOFULY; literally means,

HOF; ‘Hey Old Friends/and

Heroes Of the Future/

Hall Of Famers, let’s get

Happy On the Fourth, doing it inside,

where, we can also celebrate our Independence and pray for the framers, and for all those who have died  

All it takes is an,

‘URT’, so good, ‘Ultimate Room Trip,  

JOF of faith, just a simple, ‘JOF’, ‘Jar Of Fireflies’, along with trusting in,

‘ULY’(the, ‘Universe, Loving. You’) and to just be a regular ‘jo’, without the usual show of ego, while celebrating a, Hofurt Jofuly, fourth of July, safely inside, with your friendly, jar of fireflies.

 Remembering to be, ‘jo-fully’ aware of all the

HOF-‘URT’, Urban Terror, explosive, fireworks, danger, lurking outside, especially during this tumultuously, unprecedented, year, better to play it safe, celebrating a, ‘joyful fourth’ rather than risking a purge like night, fourth of July.

 Being ‘jo-fully’ aware of all the great, ‘jo’ skua’ like, seabird predators, rebel rousers, chasing other seabirds to steal their, ‘catches’, begs the question,

“Do we really need to see people blowing things up in the sky? Remember,

a ‘Jar Of Fireflies’, requires no matches!

Can we finally choose to be independent from being dependent, on a fireworks display, in order to celebrate, an, Independence Day? Or are there too many people addicted to the money made from the industry of a fireworks display day, along with the troubled obsessive compulsive out of work liberals who need the independence day fireworks excuse to, wreak their havoc, disguised as play?,. …. And for all those, I would simply, say,

‘Have a Happy Dependence, of fireworks, Day, display!

For I choose, the more joyful fourth of a ‘Hofurt Jofuly’, celebrating  Independence from, the typical fire-works sky, by spending the 4th of July with my fireflies, but on the 5th of July, I say goodbye to my Jofuly, fireflies, by setting them free, so that they can enjoy the last 2 weeks of their peaceful, mating spree, the way it’s meant to be, but then they die, sacrificing their lives so that their new born, baby fireflies can continue to light up the sky.   


 Note> ‘fourth of July’ = 4 syllables,

            Hofurt Jofuly   = 5 syllables, but both have the same 12 letters, which represents a mysterious, magical, Hofurt Jofuly, heaven sent message to anyone who lets their unharmed, fireflies free on the 5th, the day, after the 4th of July, which

creates an eco-ordered, blessing, free pass into paradise bliss, not only guaranteeing a longer, happier, more fortunate life while on Earth, but also a fantastic, after-life, rebirth, where the soul ascends, directly up into the brightest shinning realm of light above; the 5th dimension, one of the highest vibrating, perfect, hyper-spheres, of pure love.  

 So be very careful and gentle when collecting, your fireflies, as they will not survive if anyone handles them wearing corona masks or gloves, ring a bell,’Trump’?, you bet it frickin does.

The 4 and 5 syllables together = ‘45’ representing the 45th president of the United States, Donald J Trump the brightest uber, charismatic firefly of truth, in the entire, hyper-sphere, human race, which is why he stirs so much controversy, because of where his heart is, reminiscent of the same plight of another historic world shaker, Desqartes, in a world of ignorance, evil, chaos, and disgrace, a highly visual, firefly, light show that is transfixing people from nations across the globe in a very Trumpmendus, fire-flying beacon way, flashing the highest, most positive, powerfully attracting, frequency that put him in the position he is in today, competing against a world of many lower frequency, dull, fire flies, like Hilary and jeepy slow(‘jeepy’> sleepy, creepy, ‘joe’ who happens to be very slow, and although he may be a nice guy, that sort of lightning bug is not nearly enough to correct an out of whack hyper-sphere, so his kind of fire power, just won’t fly)



“Here’s our, Hofurt Jofuly opportunity to give our precious fireflies a break from all the fireworks and explosions that destroy them…… celebrating a Hofurt Jofuly is perfect for those who are stuck at home and can’t or don’t want to travel, They could go out in their backyard or walk down the road on a dark night to their neighborhood park, set up a chair,  the perfect excuse to stay way from paranoid ‘crickens’, corona virus, mask wearing chickens who give you that cold snobby, trump hating glare. So get them out of your head and hair by socially distancing yourself away from them, while soulfully, getting closer, connecting to your local firefly friends, who also don’t buy the russian  collusion concussions and corona virus lies’ that seems to never end…….


urt; ultimate, room trip

urt; herbal, natural, no chemicals or alcohol

URT; Urban Terror

South African slang meaning to get high or smoke marijuana.


(Noun) Tranquil, lazy, spiritual, laidback, tropical, Komodo dragon, ostrich, bird person.
(Verb) The act of urting is to enjoy one's space, in a urt 

A passion and energy driven term, normally 
delivered excitingly rough or kinky also giving it all you've got.

Can be used for non sexual things


URT Universal Ramming Tool (sub-she 



ford; A location where a stream is shallow and the bottom has good footing, making it possible to cross from one side to the other with no bridge, by walking, riding, or driving


Jo-fuly; your sweetheart ‘Jo’, is Father Universe Loving You love your fireflies

jof; journey of faith

jof; jar of fireflies

jof; joint operational force

ULY; Universe Loves You


jo (plural jos)

  1. (ScotlandDarlingsweetheart



  1. to hitstrikepunch
  2. (music) to play




  1. hi

Ey! - Jo! - Hey! - Hi!

  1. bye

Later! - Jo! - Later! - Bye!

  1. you to



jo m (uncountable)

  1. ego (the self)


jo m (definite singular joenindefinite plural joerdefinite plural joene)

  1. skua, seabird of family Stercorariidae.


the great skua

skua (plural skuas)

1.    Any of various predatory seabirds of the family Stercorariidae that often chase other seabirds to steal their catches.

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04 Jul 2020


Blog - Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project

canninabus; aka; a Colordo/Canadian/Dutch oven, canninabus, ride, where one, actually, ‘can’-in-a ‘bus’, or in any 'traveling mobile, legally smoke, their, ‘we can breathe’, weed, inside.

The thick, smoke filled, canninabus, cannabis, tradition, is of a kinder-fine art, where with the bus/mobile windows all closed, no one worries about a measly bogart, as a bus full of, canine, snoop-dog, smokin, ‘passing-ers’, can each take, many generous hits of deep breaths, like a, powwow, lone toke, all you can, breathe, Amsterdam, kush-fest, inhaling the 2nd hand smoke, like cooler, kinder, folk, while listening to, ‘cypress hill and tone-loc’, all hitting it at the same time, in the bus, getting extra, double dutch stoned, without any fuss, is what sets the Colorado/Canadian-Dutch oven, canninabus ride, so far apart, from the boring, USA bus rides and American pastime, of smelling nasty, Dutch oven farts, where grant it, no one actually dies, but it may explain the pandemic of brain damage that causes the murderous, mass shootings, fake news, and all the teenagers who are compelled to bang their mom’s, warm apple, pies.    


Hey, how can you explain the fact that American teenagers bang their moms warm apple pies, but teenagers in weed smoking countries like Amsterdam have yet to follow the same passtime?

Because unlike a nonsensical, reefer madness culture like usa(except for Colorado) in a legal, canninabus, culture it makes people not only have a healthier, munchie like appetite, it also makes them stoney tark smarter,  for example after taking a canninabus tour/ride, theyd first spread the apple pie generously across their girlfriend's, clean, naughty body, which enables them to eat and bang their sweety pies, the way it should be 


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02 Jul 2020


Related image

kusheimerz n(kush-high-merz);to forget the place where you put the kush because of ingesting the kush in the first place


kusheimerz ; Temporary to permanent loss of, negative, anxiety inducing, thoughts, memories that keeps one from moving forward and being creative


kusheimerz ; progressive mental regeneration, of the brain; preventing or treating, senility dementia or alzheimers by using certain strains of 100% natural herbal kush




"Cannabis makes an excellent natural herbal supplement for loved ones who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other related conditions.

It can also help elderly loved ones more efficiently deal with the effects of aging, including insomnia and anxiety. Because of its calming properties, patients can benefit from cannabis as it can help them stay more calm and comfortable in their final years"







hey, does your mom have 'alzheimers'?


No she's got "kusheimerz"


Then she ait!!


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29 Jun 2020


Spantrosed from dysgraphia


pydrahgsia n; a, ‘Put You Down’(PYD), RAHGSIA, affliction/mental problem, reputed to be the worst, most, debilitating, disorders of them all

pyd-rahgsia, is a, ‘Positive Youth Development’, inhibitor, usually found in extremely insecure, jealous, hateful, bully like, people who act all, ‘hoo-‘rah-rah!!, as if they have a, PHD in bla, bla, bla!!, but all they got is a, ‘PYD’, the affliction called, pyd-rahgsia!

pydrahgsia; can also be a, self-inflicted, Putting ‘Yourself’ Down, disorder; one with very little self-confidence


RAHG; Regulatory-Ad-‘Hog’-Group; an ad lib, down and dirty bunch of, ‘snobby, mean, hogs’, who impede progress, wasting everyone’s time  

rahg; a snobby, hog  

rah (Britain, informal) A person (especially a student) with a posh accent who looks down on those who are "common".

SIA; Student, Intentionally, Asinine


PYD; Putting You Down, PUTS YOUTH DOWN= Putting Yourself Down

‘PYD’ by itself means, Positive Youth Development, Or

Partners for Youths with Disabilities, but with the suffix, ‘rahgsia’ added to PYD= ‘pyd-rahgsia’, one afflicted with, ‘Putting Youngsters Down’, inhibiting, positive, PYD


PYD; Person You Detest

PYD; Park Your Derriere’;

dysgraphia; a writing disorder



Why is that person so rude, negative and big on himself?! Does he have some kind of PHD or something??

Much worse!! He’s got a, PYD!!!..... in a severe case of, 'pyd-rahgsia'!!!

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26 Jun 2020

hearsing gnomes


Grave digger | Etsy

hearsing gnomes n; thousands of very short, gnome-mobile, hearse drivers’, prepared to pick up all the predicted, 2nd wave, corona fatalities from, ‘nursing homes’, the latest, Cuomosapien, corona merchandising, stock pile plan  



“Mr Cuomosapien, why did you hire only midget hearse drivers, for your, new, “hearsing gnome”, project, isn’t that racist?


“Well, my cuomosapien better half and I prefer to call them, ‘gnomes’, because I give the poor little, out of work fellas, free hats and gnome-mobile-homes…. And it’s not about being racist, it’s economics, with gnome drivers, it’s only costing us half!

ReporterBut the Corona death rate has gone way down lately, arent you jumping the gun???!!


CuomoDon’t get short with me!! What are you.. a gnome??! You can never be too prepared, plus now we finally have a place to put all the unused, ventilators, ive stock piled!!!.... in the back of the hearses! And my Cuomosapien brother says, it’s brilliant, and he really loves me a lot(and so does Biden, even though he’s still in hidin), so I don’t care what you saypien to me, good Biden!!   


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26 Jun 2020



Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Rear Ends - Pawversity

cuomosapians n; dog meets other dog’s butt, meetings of the behinds; a feel good, 'Brothers ‘Smother’, pandemic, variety show, of liberally, cuomosomed, journalists, pushing liberal, talking points; a shtick reported to make anyone sick.  

“How about another cup of coffee?”

“Naaa, I think we need to get outta here, there are way too many, cuomosapiens, it's like a CNN fest!”

What's that?

According to Urban dictionary, at CNN, the Clown News Network, the Clowns are real, but the news is fake! 

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25 Jun 2020







spantrosed from 'dyslexia'


 slydexia n; dexterously, 'sly', with high IQ’s and talent reaching 10x the average; like Sly Stalone, one with slydexia is capable of changing the world, is very unique, extremely creative and unpredictable, but with the slight, learning, ‘new order’(not disorder) of having, ‘dyslexia’; optimally acquires knowledge/skills utilizing a variety of means/strategies along with the appropriate pace of, selective reading.

Typically readers’, IQ and reading not only track together, but also influence each other over time. But in children with dyslexia, IQ and reading are not linked over time and do not influence one another. This explains why a dyslexic can be both bright and not read well.

Sly; extremely smart, full of wisdom

slyd; A word that means 'cool', 'awesome', 'wizard', 'wicked', and 'sick'. Also used as an exclamationPronouncedslide Urban Dict.

dex; (physics and astrophysics) An order or factor of ten


1. Skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.

dexi;  dang sexy!


“Hey, You know that student can’t read well, hes got dyslexia!”

“Oh ya!!? What a lucky kid!! I prefer to call it, slydexia, because chances are, he’ll be the next, Sly Stalone, Spielberg or George Washington, creating monumental things!!


Well I got 'dyscalculia'(bad at math) which makes me,


Whats that??

Ya, I may be bad at math but im awesomely, good with words and im ‘cool and classy!!

The name Yakul means "Awesome" and is of Hindi origin.


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21 Jun 2020

cubeatins rath


cubeatins rath > spantrosed from the letters in,

"I cant breath/u can’t breath"


Dedicated to ICE CUBE and the GEORGE FLOYD movement

25+ Best Looking For Ice Cube Rapper Cartoon Drawing

cubeatins rath n; phrase,  meaning;

"If you can't breath, I can't breath; we all can't breath!"

cubeatins rath; as a mantra, 'keep an ice, 'cubed', cool head, while at junctions of cross roads, ahead'


"See! You Be At Intersections, now, and how!??"....

cubeatins rath n;  within the ancient,'cube', principle, the changes and fluctuations, ie; beating someone in public while they are already(cubitans)'lying down', hurt, and cuffed, comes with an eventual, Indian, warrior like, consequence and condemnation; a retaliation curse that is, Biblically, cubed, 3 times as worse. And in an, 'ice cold, world', a cube, like, 'turning a cheek', always, "stays cool', and is, brave, meek, but never, "weak".

Going down a 'cubeatins rath'....

‘cubeatins rath’ is a phrase, denoting the various realms of brutality and misconduct, especially enforcers of the law who use excessive force, many times, killing someone, unnecessarily, because they think they are, above the law; untouchable heroes, protected by the immunity of a chiefs, fortified, rampart, and it’s biased rules, which minimalizes the liability of the department's, most dangerous, crazy fools, and there are always some very bad apples, in any most righteous Sunday school.

 While the cube is obviously physically-different than a cross, symbolically they are identical. Take a (2D) cross and fold it into a 3D object. What do you get? A cube.

As a 'cross', its a, 'forgive us Jesus', Red,

as a, 'cube', its a, 'keep a cool' ,ice cube, 'Blue', head.




“A cube is an ancient symbol often associated with, rational mind of a man. It is a symbol of completeness, solidity, and durability. However, the stability entails changes and fluctuations. Throughout human history we have witnessed major social, economic and political changes and transformations.





1.  lying down

cube;  3 x the power

Old Irish

cubus m 

1. conscience


 cub; crazy hero, crazy fool

ráth m or f

1. earthen rampart surrounding a chief's residence, fortrath

rath is a Sindarin word meaning "street (in a city)"

wrath; extreme anger

cubitum; elbo

cubit; pinch










I can't believe, theyre letting me film their, blatent, brutality, against a guy whose already, handcuffed, hurt and down, it's like their above the law in some unfair, cowboy, circus town!

Ya, its called, 'cubeatins rath'!, those who come from, 'hate', will beat you till u cant breath, but what theyre really doin, is sealing in their own, fate, where the aftermath is sure to stur up an even greater, 'wrath', like an Apache cochice, cubed, times the power of 3, eventually exposing and scalping those, 'rotten apples', like you'll never believe! 



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