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21 Aug 2017

tootal erips of the bun


 tootal erips of the bun; ‘asstrocomical’ alignment of a, black hole and Uranis, during a full moon which unleashes a big bang explosion while landing right ontop of someone’s sleeping face

tootal erips of the bun ; unexpected, toot or fart in the face; A RIPP(Rest In Peace Prank) rip on the face of someone trying to rest or sleep in peace



tutol erips of the bun; a homeschooling tutoring, tut-tut, tool, used to wake up the student where mom sits on the student's face and farts    

col-assal erips; a cabbage gas fart on the face so smelly(stronger than sniffing glue), it could cause a black out or even a grandma to have a heartattack

colassal erips; a Dutch oven prank gone wrong, gas so toxic, it usually takes about 30 seconds to kill someone

colassal; a colossal, cabbage and rotten egg, ass gas that explodes out, extremely rancid and toxic fumes from the deepest parts of a colon   



tut-tut; an expression of disapproval


tut; car horn, or honk


tut; death








David Ross experiences his first tootal erips, Dancing With Stars 












so did you learn at homeschool with mom today?

ya, i guess you could say i got 'tutored' by mom. I learned i should set my alarm next time

why is that? 

Because my mom sat on my face and ripped a rather jarring fart to wake me up

So your first subject was science and you experienced your first, 'tutol erips of the bun', it could have been worse, a colassal erips from a dad can be lethal









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09 Aug 2017



Image result for drunk bowling

drowling v; drinking while bowling; drunk while bowling

drowl; drunk + bowl








hey you up for some drowling?

No i'd rather bowl you always beat me when we drowl





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by truble

04 Aug 2017


Image result for cell phone socializing

socellize v;(so-cell-ize)social interaction via cell phone or having a conversing texting online; a habit known to corrupt a language, and destroy social skills, e.g making it hard for people to hold actual conversations face to face, along with the loss of affection in a relationship, losing face to face intimacy

Caution: "socellizing allows people to hide behind screens and to not truly express themselves for who they are, and avoiding uncomfortable and undesired situations by addressing them through text messages is detrimental"

As quoted by Bernard Guerney, founder of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, “you grow some when you face things, and I think you lose something when you have to resort to tricky things and not confront people about things that are intimately important” (Psych Central).

In addition, social skills and face to face interactions are damaged through impersonal communication because the individual is unable to express body language, tone, voice, touch and facial expressions through text message




2 friends at a party

Look at those people, they're all "socellizing", not one of them has looked up to see anything or anyone else for that manor, lets face it, we live in a 'socell' society today, people rarely talk to each other face to face anymore

Ya bro and hate to tell you, this is also a socell designated party, so whatever you do, don't fraternize, only socellize

Exuse me YOU TWO, NO FRATERNIZING, This is strictly a socell party

But we're friends!!?? cant we...

Sorry, rules are rules...






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by truble

01 Aug 2017

drimo liver

Image result for enjoying the ride cartoon "Drimo Drimo!!! Dream on! Dream on!!! BUT dont forget to 'live on',     I know you guys are 'tired' down there but you're actually the 'tires' for this ride! And that's what a Cuban 'army' is 'for', so give it all you got my mighty-kongs! For it's all in the forearmy, not in the schlong!"

drimo liver n(a mantra) 'dream on, in a possitive way, keep 'dreaming' and 'living' until your dreams come true, drive your dream home but dont forget to enjoy the sweet emotions of life along the way( especially used against discouraging naysayers who say, 'dream on dude', no can do)

drimo liver n ; (as a way to live, or someone who lives in such a way, 'liver') an ability to let your sub-conscience or intuition drive you in your dream, or let your, dream, whatever it may be, 'drive' 'you', so that you may sit back, enjoy the ride and scenic view(enjoying the process) instead of rushing to a certain goal, and missing out on the roses or free cuban cigars


drimo liver ; denotes(in a person) how we can take the wheel of our own destiny and drive our own lives forward with confidence while enjoying every bit of the sweet life

Drimo livers are usually world travelers who have a wide variety of experiences and perspectives that have culminated into a fine tuned, intuition that drives a higher self; one who understands the interconnection of everything that exists in space and time, able to generate worldly perceptions and transcendant experiences, and then to combine all those senses, to discern a higher awareness and purpose

 dream on; usually used in a negative or discouraging manner, especially in spoken English, as an ironic comment on the unlikely or impractical nature of a plan or aspiration.


drim; dream

drimo; dream on

DRI; Dedicated Responsible Individual

DRI; Destination Routing Indicator

DRI; Detection, Recognition, Identification

DRI; Dynamic Response Index

DRI; Drilling Rate Index



MO; more of


 drimo! drimo! drimo!














Yo bro you seem to really be able to enjoy your life, no matter what,  now youre helping your mom for 3 years with no help  from your brothers ?? how do you handle it??

First, Trust, in God and yourself, focus on the ball, then be a 'drimo liver', dream on and LIV, dont miss out on the smaller, finer things in life cause God can take you away any day!!













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by truble

23 Jul 2017

Perry Comb-over

Image result for perry comb-over cartoonImage result for perry comb-over cartoon

Perry Comb-over n; an obvious comb-over artist; a very outdated style

Perry Comb-over n; one who cant get over the fact that they are going bald, so they try to comb over their thinning hair to hide the balding areas

Perry Comb-over v; figurative, to 'comb over' the truth because of not being able to handle the truth




Hey Perry Comb-over!! What time you combing over??

Man, just shave dat sht!! Get over it dont comb over it



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23 Jul 2017

what time you, 'combing over'?

Image result for the comb over cartoon Perry Comb-over

"What time you, combing over?" ; A rhetorical question, used against one who has the audacity to make a negative comment about someone elses hair/style when they themselves have serious physical flaws, especially a very obnoxious, receeding, thin haired, comb-over artist with a rather large protruding santa belly to boot


 comb-over; hair that is combed over a bald spot in an attempt to cover it.






The great all knowing and powerful, but extremely jealous older brother with serious comb over issues, says to his brother 

  "Hey knucklehead, your shaved head hairstyle is way off, i think you need to do this and that with it etc.....

The modest brother who takes care of mom responds with..

"Ahh OK, Thanks for that brother, huh by the way, 'what time you 'combing over', Perry Comb-over?

The great all knowing, powerful, but extremely jealous brother with serious comb over issues, doesn't say a word

End of Story, game comb-over!!!








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23 Jul 2017

gobart with a gokart

Image result for bart on a go kart cartoon

gobart, with a gokart; phrase used when one wants the person holding the joint to keep it no need to pass it back

gobart, with a gokart ; a 'green' light permission phrase from someone to another, to go ahead and finish off anything, e.g, a joint, food etc..




No, no, it's ok, im already gawn, so gobart with a gokart!

Wow, thanks im gonna ride this gokart all the way home until its gawn and im gawn



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23 Jul 2017


Image result for bart simpson smoking a joint cartoon

gobart v; word to remind one to put the joint back in the mouth to take a hit



Hey gobart gobart!! Put it in your mouth

oh ya thanks, i almost 'holdie gawned' it!!

Ok now dont bogart, pass dat shttt

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