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07 Mar 2018

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Palpitating bodies, rhythmically, resonating, throbbing together with


better words, vibrating oxytocin, zigzagging through our viens, transcending master brains which is like bustin a cap in the amount of all the mass shooting insanes



















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06 Mar 2018


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Image result for mass shooting heroes cartoon

visudante n; a visualante, real, dante super hero, one who either prevents a mass shooting caper via a (‘capa cee-tee’, ‘see and tell’; visus; ‘the power of sight’) or one who sacrifices their own life to save another during a mass shooting




visudante; one who has survived a mass shooting, or lost family or friends, stripped of everything but refuses to give up, and then fights on with even more determination to help fully conquer the mass shooting copycat dilemma/phenomena


visudante;one who tries to help save lives during a mass shooting








1.    (transitive) To give, to transfer the possession/holding of something to someone else.


2.    (transitive) To yield, to bear, to give, to produce, to return.




1.    giving


2.    offering, rendering

yielding, conceding


"While accidental gunshots get national coverage, few people have any idea how often concealed handgun permit holders stopping mass killings."


"The lack of news coverage allows left wing media outlets, such as Mother Jones which should know better, to falsely claim: "In not a single case was [a mass public shooting] stopped by a civilian using a gun."




Examples of visudante heroes

Let’s look at some of the recent cases that should have gotten some national attention.


-- New Holland, South Carolina: Earlier this month a man started firing a gun and threatened to shoot into a “crowded fire station parking lot full of children and firefighters.”  Fortunately, two volunteer firemen at the scene drew their permitted concealed handguns to stop the attack.  They forced the gunman to put down his rifle without them having to fire a shot.


-- Chicago, Illinois:  More than three weeks ago, on a Friday night, an Uber driver stopped a man who opened fire into a group of people on a Logan Square busy sidewalk.  According to Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn, the Uber driver, who had a permitted concealed handgun, “was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others.”


-- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: In March, NBC Channel 10 described how “Police say a man likely saved the lives of several people when he shot and killed a gunman inside a West Philadelphia barbershop.”  As luck would have it a concealed handgun permit holder was walking by the barbershop when the attack started. 


-- Chicago, Illinois:  Last year, gang members were angered when a woman removed a cup of liquor that one of the gang members had placed on top of her car.  The gang members opened fire on four people who had just left a party.  But luckily one of the four was in the military and who had a permitted concealed handgun.  That permit holder was able to wound one of the gang members and allow his friends to escape.


-- In Darby, Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia in July 2014, a convicted felon, Richard Plotts, opened fire in a hospital, killing a caseworker.  Fortunately, a psychiatrist, Lee Silverman, had his own gun and returned fire, hitting Plotts three times and critically wounding him.  After Plotts was killed, he still had 39 bullets on him, bullets that he could have used to shoot many other people.


Other recent cases involve permit holders stopping shootings in malls, churches, stores, down city streets, and outside courthouses.  Permit holders have stopped knife attacks as well as attacks with guns and bombs.  They have saved police officers lives in these attacks, such as a case in Early, Texas.


There are probably many more cases, but nobody knows for sure as many news stories probably don’t mention when a permit holder has stopped an attack.  Even when dramatic cases get news coverage there is often only one story mentioning a permit holder stopped the attack. The website for the Crime Prevention Research Center, where I serve as president, has a list of cases.


Between stopping attempted mass shootings or scaring off potential attackers, there is a reason why, with a couple of exceptions, all the mass public shootings in the U.S. keep occurring where general citizens can’t use guns for protection.


Of course, the unwillingness of the media to give cases where mass killings have been stopped news coverage is only part of the story.  Defensive gun use stories of any type don’t get news coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. 


Local news coverage is better, but even that often doesn’t do a very good job.  Earlier this month a permit holder saved a police officer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who was being savagely beaten by a burglar who taken away the officer’s baton.  Even there it wasn’t until the third day of local media coverage that one of the local TV stations briefly mentioned the heroic permit holder in a single paragraph. 


The gun debate would be dramatically different if the national media carried even some of these dramatic stories.  Covering these cases would not only give these heroes the recognition they deserve, it would also give potential killers second thoughts before they attack.




John R. Lott, Jr. is a columnist for He is an economist and was formerly chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission. Lott is also a leading expert on guns and op-eds on that issue are done in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Research Center. He is the author of nine books including "More Guns, Less Crime." His latest book is "The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies (August 1, 2016). Follow him on Twitter@johnrlottjr.


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02 Mar 2018


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visualante n; see (‘capa cee tee’)

a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertakes a wide awake, visually, vigil, enforcement in their community especially to prevent mass shooting incidents

A visualante is not to be confused with 'vigiliante' which means one who takes the law into their own hands without legal authority

A visualante does not take the law into his own hands rather he takes his own carerful attention to assist the law by using a capa cee tee approach which is before a situation or person reaches a certain capacity, 'cee and tell'  , see by 'carefully catching cues, then tell everyone everywhere 









visu    (colloquial, dialectal) careful, precise






1.    The action of looking.


2.    The power of sight.


vis (plural vires)


1.    Force; energy; might; power.


1.    wise, knowledgeable


2.    certain, not to be doubted


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02 Mar 2018

Capa Capa Cee Tee

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Capa Capa Cee-Tee; A sort of, ‘Coat of Arms’ forority (visually, vigil), ‘visualante’ club(for guys and gals) signifying honor and chivalry; a crime preventing drive marshalling an expedition to fully conquer the mass shooting copycat dilemma/phenomena




Capa Capa Cee Tee; a ‘visualante’; a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertakes a wide awake, visually vigil, enforcement in their community especially to prevent mass shooting incidents


Motto; do something that matters, pay close attention to borderline, ‘mass-shooting, mad-hatters’, aspire to see and tell, report the suspicious behavior or, do nothing and see your country go to hell


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16 Feb 2018

capa cee-tee

Image result for report suspicious behavior cartoon

Image result for report suspicious behavior cartoon

capa-ceetee v(capa-see-tee); to ‘cap’ a ‘caper’ (stop or prevent a caper before it reaches cap-asscity, and something bad happens) capa, ‘c’(see) and TEE ‘tell’, Everyone, Everywhere if you see something or someone suspicious before they reach a dangerous capacity 


CAPA CAPA CEE TEE; Put Your Thinkin Cap On, Cee and Tell, Everyone eveywhere 



‘capa ct’ means to keep a careful eye, catch, cues to ‘c’ (if u see anything disturbing, tell everyone, everywhere) Report suspicious activity


CAPA; Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA, also called Corrective Action / Preventive Action, or simply Corrective Action) 



cee; carefully, catch cues to see


tee; tell, everyone, everywhere


why don’t people report suspicious activity until it is too late to prevent an attack?


1 first, they look, they see, they ponder the strange unsually behavior, they just store it in the brain, and forget about saying anything until its too late, and when something happens they usually love to get in front of a camera to tell all they know


2 fear, too scared, being labeled a snitch


3 or they take the attitude,‘its not my fault or responsibility, that’s what we pay the cops for








cápa (plural cápák)


1.    shark






  1. Alternative spelling of see


cee (plural cees)


  1. The name of the Latin-script letter C/c.
    • Hast thou [] suck'd Philosophy, ate cues, drank cees




cue (plural cues)

An action or event that is a signal for somebody to do something

yo dont boil over to cap-asscity...


ya, if i do, you better show some cajones and capa ceetee in my butt before its too late!! 


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16 Feb 2018


Image result for maimed in america cartoon


maimous; famous from causing mayhem, or mass-murder shooting masacres; claim to maim, fame, the new, Amaimrican passtime


maimous; Maimed in Amaimica; maim to fame



maim (third-person singular simple present maims, present participle maiming, simple past and past participle maimed)


To wound seriously; to cause permanent loss of function of a limb or part of the bod


CIA agent #1

"The desire to be 'maimous' in this country is just out of gun control!! Its getting worse everyday!!

CIA agent #2

Just keep the guns away from Schummer and Pelosi, whatever we do, thats our main objective, theyve just about reached cap-asscity, and together they can explode like shotgun cannon, in our own house, a much higher priority than Korea or Iran..   


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15 Feb 2018


Image result for # 1 mass shooting country cartoon

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cap-asscity n; The Divided States of Amaimrica

Maimed in America; a Mass-shooting hysteria, desire to be, ‘maimous’(mass-shooting, maim,fame); A country with more mass shootings than any other country in the world because of reaching a certain capacity


any place, or country that has reached its capacity to handle its own civilians due to a variety of factors such as, gun control failure, easy access to guns everywhere, millennials not marrying until much later, a widespread chronic gap between people's expectations for themselves and their actual achievement, suppressing oxytocin, taking more anti depressants, no face to face human interaction, mixed with alcohol and other drugs which creates a copycat phenomena; a fanatical, psychotic desire to be ‘maimous’; fame from mass murdering noteriety  


cap-asscity n; of a certain, very dangerous capacity where one is compelled to just start ‘ busting caps’ (shooting people)



(CNN)When it comes to gun massacres, the United States is tragically exceptional: There are more public mass shootings in the United States than in any other country in the world, according to a study published recently.

the number of mass shootings in the U.S. has skyrocketed



Home on the Range with Mamous and Andy

Andy; 'hey billybob whats u doing der with dat 'gamera'(gun/camera)? R u going to a shootin?

Ya, you can call me, 'Maimous', on my way to a shootin range to be famous... that hotel over-yonder looks to be in good of the world ma, thank God Im livin in cap-asscity USA! Ive reached cap-asscity, im gonna be maimous!!


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11 Feb 2018


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bombardon me; a bomshell pardon 

what to say after after bumping into a bombshell


bombardon me; what a bomshell says after burping, or after making any other unintentional miss-hap  

bombshell; slang, extremely sexy, a 'dish', a hot, rad, honey babe 






patron at Bomshells sports bar in Dallas bumps into a bombshell waitress


"bombardon me! Butt, I think im seeing double, double D's!??"


"youre not seeing double sir, this isnt, Hooters, its Bombshells what youre seeing are booters;bombshells with 'booty hooters'!


by artigs