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21 Apr 2018


Image result for bud-alcohol level cartoon

bud-alcohol; blood alcohol level/ratio where theres a higher amount of bud in the blood than alcohol









2018 Colorado Cannabis Festival


'Cross Town Reehfer Brown' traffic Officer says to Patron;

"Hows it going this evening, sir?


"Just keepin it, 'bud-alcohol', sir, high on the bud, low on the 'hol' is all...


Cross Town Reehfer Brown;

"Cross Town Reehfer Brown, like that sound!!!"


Patron; that's whats up!!!



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by artigs

18 Apr 2018

blud coolahol


Image result for weed in blood cartoon

blud coolahol n;

‘bud in the blood’, no trace of alcohol; keeping, ‘cool’ is where its at   


blud coolahol; keeping it just, ‘bud’ in the blood






  1. where




blud; bud(sativa etc) in the blood
















yo, yo bro, whats your poizen?




Yo man just watchin my, ‘blud coolahol’, stayin cool is all, keeping the ‘bud in the blood’, as snoop-dog is my judge, no trace of alcohol

That’s whats up!!  



man!! you be trippin!!! drink this malt liquor sukah!



I dun told you blud !!! My blud be cool!!!..... ahol!!!


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by artigs

17 Apr 2018



Image result for hillary clinton loss

troma (tromatized); ‘Trump coma’; when elitists passionately avoid reality 


triggered by a traumatic loss to a winner so despised or hated, it causes, a ‘tromatic’ stupor, reality black out, where the trater (Trump hater) makes absolutely no sense at all


However, if lucky, the trater eventually starts to come out of the troma, going through a kind of metamorphosis called, ‘meenow-morphortrump-osis, a cathartic, trumpsformation and ascension back to reality, and a higher, 4th dimention, our natural, spiritual place


Fortunately, coming out of a self induced tromatic, head injury troma can actually wipe out the 'weight' of a traters 'hate' which leaves more brain capacity room for increased intelligence   


Before eventually coming out of a, troma, the liberal trater goes through a sort of hibernation, purgatory, healing process that not only makes them smarter, and more sensible when they come out of it, it also decreases the swelling in their brain





troma; weight





troma; celluloid


celluloid; a fake person, ‘app’sentminded, always stuck to the phone, hobbits, lesbians and geeks= democrats until they come out of the 'troma'



A typical, ‘Trater’(before and during a Troma);


 “Trump is a mean, cold, bully ice-hole!




After coming out of a Troma…


Doctor asks; So is Trump still a mean cold bully ice hole?!


Trater; Yaa, he certainly is, but he’s our mean, bully, ice-hole!! Just the right man to protect our land, from the real evil ice-holes of the world… With such “Trump-mend-US” power, he’s helping US to unite our states, ‘for Americans’..not ‘of America’


Doctor doctor!!! the trater’s IQ has soard off the charts, he’s brilliant!!


Doctor; He’s not a, ‘trater’ any longer, hes, a ‘trainer’, on the Trump train, the ‘troma’ helped make his new choice a no-brainer …


What if the Trater fails to come out of a Troma?


Im afraid that would be the pitts, if its a guy the Trater would turn into a, ‘retarr’, if it’s a girl


Shed be a, ‘tarter’, forever stuck together, like tarrbaby bras, in the Bra-lea tarpits!!!   




‘enjoy your troma, ‘be it that comas heal… beeatch!”


“Call me when you come out of the Troma..”


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17 Apr 2018


Image result for enema tweet cartoon


twenema n; moving tweets; tweets that make you ‘move’; drinking coffee while reading a moving tweet


twenema; a series of prolonged, jarrng tweets that eventually work like getting a coffee enema up the butt, tweets that may keep a nation, up all night thinking, but its simple truth, acts like a jet stream fluid injected into a system’s rectum that causes evacuation of unwanted swampy waste and toxins.




From Late Latin enema, from Ancient Greek ?νεμα (énema, “injection”), from ?ν?ημι (ení?mi, “I inject, send in, put in”), from (en, “in”) + ?ημι (hí?mi, “I send”).






Can you believe all the political turmoil going on??


Yep, it makes sense, it was certainly a dirtier house!! No pain, no gain, Washington got its first enema, thanks to Trump and his ‘twenema’, house cleaning, campaign   


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17 Apr 2018




stwamina; trumpmendus, tweeting stamina; the ability to stay up all night to tweet an opinion


Not available

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17 Apr 2018



Image result for tremendous trump cartoon

trumpmendus(Trump + mend + US); a tremendous, emphatic,win-win, usually one that involves momentum towards mending a broken or corrupt system

trumpmendus; a win that pays off, one that helps put a country and all its people back on the global map, fair and competitive again


trumpmendus; a tremendous, humongous, slap in the pompous and pampered's faces; the supercilious, elitist, liberal left, Hollywood traters still going through a 'troma'(Trump Coma)



Now its clear, with proof positive, progress, to see that Trumps win was not just tremendous

ya, youre right, it's Trumpmendus!!!


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17 Apr 2018


Image result for smoking bud is wiser than drinking beer

Image result for cannabis infused beer

Budswiser; smoking bud is wiser than drinking alcohol

budswiser v; smoking bud, while drinking a bud, with a bud, reduces the amount of, 'alcohol' in the buddies  

budswiser v; to smoke bud before going to a bar in order to refrain from having no more than one or 2 beers


Yo bro you up for a budswiser!?


Of course!! if u got the bud, i got the beer! 

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08 Apr 2018


Image result for a boob shock cartoon

              ROOTHIES; grandmothers who love eating good food at Hooters

roothies; euphemisism for 'grandma hooters'; noting proudly, in support of still having them





ruth; Something which causes regret or sorrow; a pitiful sight. [13th-17th c.]




Not available

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