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27 May 2020


trasck; translucent, ‘anti’-Altered State of Consciousness, corona virus, ‘mask’; an invisible(figurative) mask that allows, all light(UV-rays) and reasoning through, but blocks out all the CV-BS/trash, that intentionally causes, an otherwise, normal, person, to slip into, an altered state of consciousness or awareness

An invisible facial, ‘trasck’, mask, is like wearing a full body, bullet proof, vest, that was specifically designed to prevent the corona virus, ‘Dempanic’, BS, orchestrated by the Elites who have been trying to bring down Trump ever since the day he was elected president of the United states, with the full intention of giving rise to a financial collapse that will cause him to lose the next election




At CVS pharmacy

Cricken(corona virus chicken)employee:

Excuse me, ‘mister’! where’s your mask? You must wear a mask before entering CVS!


Oh ya, I am wearing a trasck!

CVS employee

Trasck?? Whats that?


It’s the newest, translucent, corona virus mask technology, you can’t see it, it’s a clear, invisible, spray on, but its more effective than a regular mask cause it prevents all the corona virus BS from getting into your brain  

CVS cricken employee;

How can I get one?

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15 May 2020


Eatcher n; An Exemplary, most memorable, fun and creative, teacher who will also, ‘Eat your lunch’ should you choose not to do the work or be the class bully


What an ‘Eatcher teacher’ ‘is’, is much more important than what he/she teaches.

An Eatcher, is an Exemplary educator who not only makes learning relevant, connecting and treating people like real human beings, no matter what level a student is, but also engages, parents, the whole community members, and local organizations to empower students to do real work that matters







Hey whose your teacher this year?

Mr Lars!!

Mr Lars???!! Youre so lucky! He's an 'Eatcher"!

What's an Eatcher??

A teacher who will Eat your lunch if you dont do the work...... but Eatchers are the best!!!!

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28 Apr 2020


Remember when Jackie Chan had a condom commercial? - GIF - Imgur

bondomste n;

(exclamation/respectful greeting, ‘bondom-stey’);namaste” to a, ‘full body, corona virus, condom’, AKA, “bondom”

bondomste; (figuratively)as a full body(translucent/

imaginary) condom,  not for any virus protection, but as a, deterrent against all the Corona-Virus-BS(CVBS)going around


Example; if one encounters a ‘cricken’, a corona virus, paranoid, chicken, one who is practically wearing a full body, ‘con-dumb”(bondumb), it means the dumb dumb, actually believes the corona virus ‘con’ game

Mr Bondom

'Yo, bondumbste!!(translation> 'namastey away from me! you paranoid, corona virus chicken(cricken)!'

Mr Bondumb('bondumb' wearing cricken) 

'ya, bondomste to you as well!(translation> 'ya be safe, wear your bondom'..... but why arent you wearing your bondom now sir'?....

Mr Bondom;

'I am wearing a bondom, you just cant see it, its translucent...' 


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27 Apr 2020

Kushangst Redemption

kushangst redemption; The grotty, cbd, cannabis that one was duped to buy, not only causes severe angst, but a desire for immediate redemption, jonesing for the real, kush high



More-Gan Weedman in,

the 'Kushangst Redemtion'

“Get busy livin or get busy dyin….. just make sure you test-try the kush first, before buyin…”

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26 Apr 2020


Dempanic n; false and fear-based, narratives, spread by swampy, bureaucratic, big government Dems, via supposed, catastrophes and pandemics with the intent to cause chaos and the masses to panic, unnecessarily


The coronavirus, fear-mongering, ‘Dempanic’ by the deep state will go down in history as one of the biggest frauds to manipulate economies, suppress dissent and push mandated medicines.”


Washington Post

“All of this is a reminder that media and government must be watched like hawks and held to account. On everything. They ridiculed Mr. Trump for reminding us that the coronavirus was like the flu, and we should wash our hands. You see, he wasn’t being enough of an alarmist for the fear-and-control-addicted swamp. Controlling you and your family is of paramount importance to the bureaucratic establishment. Maintaining perspective with facts is imperative; a panicked and fear-driven citizenry is more inclined to give big government even more control.

And that’s exactly what they’re hoping for.”

Tammy Bruce, president of Independent Women’s Voice, author and Fox News contributor, is a radio talk-show host.

Hey why arent you wearing a mask, arent you afraid of the pandemic?

No, Im not a 'cricken'(corona virus chicken) because its just another 'Dempanic'..... but apparently they fooled you!!

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25 Apr 2020


Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Trump derangement syndrome

laitorventer n; like a sudden, lightning bolt shock to a nervous system, a venting Democrat aka

(venterhater) will require a ventilator to help them come to grips with breathing in their loss, again, and this will be the solution for, how we make use of all the unused ventilators the Cuomo-sapians have already stockpiled    


lait; lightning


lait; ugly, ugliness, horrific, awful, terrible

laiter; later to be laid to rest, a horrible outcome






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23 Apr 2020


chridget n; one chromosome short of being a midget; an extremely short person



wow, was that a midget??!!

Id say just a chromosome least a, chridget!!

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23 Apr 2020


crick n; corona chicken, prick

crick; chricken + prick 





Its one thing to be a cricken, but to encounter a 'crick', a corona virus chicken prick will ruin anyones day!!