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03 Oct 2021


bilksem spantrosed from 'bliksem'(Afrikaans) bilksem meaning; literally; "damn it! they bilked me!" or the bastard bilked me!

dude the bliksem bilked you!! bilksem!!!! I got frickin bilked by a bliksem!!!

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30 Aug 2021


Berdych(bird itch)Roddick(raw dick) VS Vasselin(vaseline) Benoit Paire(benoit pair or 'balls') meaning; the most pornographic sounding doubles match ever

Did you hear what the announcer just said? ya he said, "Berdych Roddick Vasselin Benoit Paire" Sounds more like an orgy than a tennis match!!

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23 Aug 2021


cubelah > spantrosed from 'bauchle' cubelah is the opposite of bauchle which means to 'mess things up', a cubelah on the contrary is absolutely 'cubular', beautifully tubular, supported by the power of 6(or the power of 2 # '3's) to get a beautiful unique dream endorsed by an A-team, like Cuban and his 'bela'(beautiful) Shark Tank posse dream team ELAH > Enterprise, Licensing, Agreement, Hurray! Etymology of 'Ela'> the place in Isreal where David defeated Goliath

Dang bro! Congrats! you got a cubelah!!! Ya!!! now this cinder-fella's, finally got a cubelah, figting chance!!

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05 Aug 2021


Pronounced as (jay-ki-shen) A an internal, master martial artist;Jackie Chan of the spirit, seen in ones eyes One who incorporates the 3 jewels jing(essence) Qi (energyand shen(spirit/soul) basically a well balanced human being with Shen as the manifestation of the higher nature of human beings and presides over the emotions as an all-encompassing awareness of truth. Shen is expressed as wisdom, love, compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance

Hey do you think he can handle all that stress?? Of course hes a J Qi Shen master!!!!

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27 Jul 2021


The nickname of Texas as the result of the mass immigration of Californians to Texas.

Many are afraid that Texafornia will flip to a blue state in a future election.

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by skydan5

22 Jul 2021


parscrotinate v (par-scrow-tin-ate); to hold back from going beyond just par, usually because of fear of failure parscrotinate; a duffer’s prolonged delay of hitting or making ballsier shots, or one who puts off making bolder, more aggressive decisions in life or for whatever is pursued duffer; an inexperienced person, especially a brand new novice mediocre golfer

Example use I used to shank my balls all the time, I was a constant parscrotinator, couldn’t control the anger and fear So how were you able to keep from parscrotinating, to now being able to hit ballsier shots that have taken you above and beyond par excellence??!! Im a tapscorinater now!! don’t shank my balls anymore! Now before each crucial shot I wash em n shake em, like they were a sack of magic beans, then I make em, like making a wish, I visualize the result of getting it in the hole..... shake n make baby!! Shake n make!! ......You gotta know when to hold em, know when to wash em, know when to shake them, when the heel shankin’s done........and you always count your money, period! Word came from procrastinate v; to delay an action Related image

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07 Jul 2021


one who can 'tap' into their own 'innate', wont procrastinate, or "parscrotinate", hesitating doing what makes them great

whats wrong!!?? Im thinking about it too much!! Then be a tapscorinater!! Just do it!! just tap it in give it a little tap taparoo!! Mr Magoo!

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20 Mar 2021

Pelovid 20

Man Suffering Anxiety Attack Vector Illustration Stock Vector (Royalty  Free) 114073102

Pelovid 20; Aka The 'Nasty Pelovid' 20, 20 x more dangerous and painful than the covid, from having to listen to Very Ignorant Democrats(VIDs) ie; Pelosi and all her VIDS, aka Nancy's VIDS

Unfortunately for people who must listen to these Very Ignorant Dems for even a short period of time, it can be a horrible  hair raisin event where one is turned into, a vicious vindictive person who experiences sudden outbursts or tantrums to the point where they will pull out their own hair


Following coronavirus restrictions and wearing masks is of vital importance during the pandemic. Unless you’re a member of the Democratic elite and these protocols are inconvenient — then it’s all about you and your needs.


The notion that Pelosi allegedly relied on a salon stylist to apprise her of coronavirus restrictions is worrying on a few levels: For one, it speaks to either ignorance or deliberate obtuseness as to the rules in her own district, it skirts the question “Why didn’t a staff member look them up?” and smacks of elitism and entitlement.

smacks of elitism and entitlement.

That’s a hair-raising combination.


Did you hear about the newest strain???

No what is it?

Its called the Pelovid 20........ and this one is real, and nasty!

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