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18 Feb 2018

'FaceWordZ a Glossauricon of words pumping and pulsating through the veins in all languages '

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Palpitating bodies, rhythmically, resonating, throbbing together with


better words, vibrating with oxytocin, zigzagging through our viens, creating master brains which overall decreases the amount of all the insanes










Glossauricon;  glossary, thesaurus and lexicon(where your new word is 







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Glossauricon;  glossary, thesaurus and lexicon(where your new word is kept for all languages to use)


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16 Feb 2018

capa cee-tee

Image result for report suspicious behavior cartoon

Image result for report suspicious behavior cartoon

capa-ceetee v(capa-see-tee); to ‘cap’ a ‘caper’ (stop or prevent a caper before it reaches cap-asscity, and happens) capa, ‘c’(see) and TEE ‘tell’, Everyone, Everywhere


CAPA CAPA CEE TEE; Put Your Thinkin Cap On, Cee and Tell, Everyone eveywhere 



‘capa ct’ means to keep a careful eye, catch, cues to ‘c’ (if u see anything disturbing, tell everyone, everywhere) Report suspicious activity


CAPA; Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA, also called Corrective Action / Preventive Action, or simply Corrective Action) 



cee; carefully, catch cues to see


tee; tell, everyone, everywhere


why don’t people report suspicious activity until it is too late to prevent an attack?


1 first, they look, they see, they ponder the strange unsually behavior, they just store it in the brain, and forget about saying anything until its too late, and when something happens they usually love to get in front of a camera to tell all they know


2 fear, too scared, being labeled a snitch


3 or they take the attitude,‘its not my fault or responsibility, that’s what we pay the cops for








cápa (plural cápák)


1.    shark






  1. Alternative spelling of see


cee (plural cees)


  1. The name of the Latin-script letter C/c.
    • Hast thou [] suck'd Philosophy, ate cues, drank cees




cue (plural cues)

An action or event that is a signal for somebody to do something

yo dont boil over to cap-asscity...


ya, if i do, you better show some cajones and capa ceetee in my butt before its too late!! 


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16 Feb 2018


Image result for maimed in america cartoon


maimous; famous from causing mayhem, or mass-murder shooting masacres; claim to maim, fame, the new, Amaimrican passtime


maimous; Maimed in Amaimica; maim to fame



maim (third-person singular simple present maims, present participle maiming, simple past and past participle maimed)


To wound seriously; to cause permanent loss of function of a limb or part of the bod


CIA agent #1

"The desire to be 'maimous' in this country is just out of gun control!! Its getting worse everyday!!

CIA agent #2

Just keep the guns away from Schummer and Pelosi, whatever we do, thats our main objective, theyve just about reached cap-asscity, and together they can explode like shotgun cannon, in our own house, a much higher priority than Korea or Iran..   


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15 Feb 2018


Image result for # 1 mass shooting country cartoon

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cap-asscity n; The Divided States of Amaimrica

Maimed in America; a Mass-shooting hysteria, desire to be, ‘maimous’(mass-shooting, maim,fame); A country with more mass shootings than any other country in the world because of reaching a certain capacity


any place, or country that has reached its capacity to handle its own civilians due to a variety of factors such as, gun control failure, easy access to guns everywhere, millennials not marrying until much later, a widespread chronic gap between people's expectations for themselves and their actual achievement, suppressing oxytocin, taking more anti depressants, no face to face human interaction, mixed with alcohol and other drugs which creates a copycat phenomena; a fanatical, psychotic desire to be ‘maimous’; fame from mass murdering noteriety  


cap-asscity n; of a certain, very dangerous capacity where one is compelled to just start ‘ busting caps’ (shooting people)



(CNN)When it comes to gun massacres, the United States is tragically exceptional: There are more public mass shootings in the United States than in any other country in the world, according to a study published recently.

the number of mass shootings in the U.S. has skyrocketed



Home on the Range with Mamous and Andy

Andy; 'hey billybob whats u doing der with dat 'gamera'(gun/camera)? R u going to a shootin?

Ya, you can call me, 'Maimous', on my way to a shootin range to be famous... that hotel over-yonder looks to be in good of the world ma, thank God Im livin in cap-asscity USA! Ive reached cap-asscity, im gonna be maimous!!


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11 Feb 2018


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bombardon me; a bomshell pardon 

what to say after after bumping into a bombshell


bombardon me; what a bomshell says after burping, or after making any other unintentional miss-hap  

bombshell; slang, extremely sexy, a 'dish', a hot, rad, honey babe 






patron at Bomshells sports bar in Dallas bumps into a bombshell waitress


"bombardon me! Butt, I think im seeing double, double D's!??"


"youre not seeing double sir, this isnt, Hooters, its Bombshells what youre seeing are booters;bombshells with 'booty hooters'!


by artigs

05 Feb 2018




Image result for poor makeshift shoes cartoon


shoerns n(‘shorns’ but can also be pronounced ‘show-erns’! )


extremely worn, and ‘torn to shreds’; make shift ‘shoews’ dwindled down to looking more like sandals, revealing dangerously sharp-cheezy smelling nail daggers called ‘taggers’(long sharp dagger like toes nails) a foul smelling force that causes most anyone to immediately shear out in the opposite direction, but also, obviously ‘shows’ the unfortunate one wearing them isnt ‘earning’ much


show-ern v; a show of concern for those who don’t earn; the idea that we really cant understand someone unless we walked in their shoes; any, ‘show’ that reminds us to be grateful for what we got and what we ‘earn’, so that we can show a little concern for those who don’t earn


shoews; shaws(shoes with jaws) worn without socks



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by artigs

05 Feb 2018


Image result for shoes worn out jaws


shoews (‘shows’, sho-ews); shaws, worn without socks, so that the toes show


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by artigs

05 Feb 2018


Image result for shoes that look like jaws cartoon


shaws; extremely worn and torn, especially shoes that look like, ‘jaws’


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by artigs