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05 Dec 2016


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rimtym-teon; to get rimmed, eat major crow, and then congratulate, apologize and suck up to the same person one tried to destroy 

RIMtym; Revenge In Motion, big 'tym';  after a barrage of vicious 'teon' attacks


An ass kissing, crow eating period of humiliation from anyone having been proven wrong after taking a strong position against an opponent that simply had more 'tym'(character)



v, rimtym-teon; to make positive use of a victory eg, to invite and gather supposed enemies closer to heart, proceed to mend fences, and continue to win the hearts and minds of those who doubted, scorned  and bashed thee

In "tym"

The one who truly and completely embody's all the characteristics seen in the powerfully packed, Sanskrit and Ancient Greek word, 'tym' is a fighter who never quits and shows greater;

'breath of life', 'heart and soul', 'spirit', 'courage', 'mind', 'temper', 'will', 'anger', 'wrath' and 'fire' power, will most certainly defeat or 'smoke' any vicious 'teon' attack, opponents void of character, tym after tym, is the one who truly has the greatest chance to really win, 'big tym' 






rim; to beat someone badly
rim; smell, odor
tym;  Ancient Greek θ?μ?ς ‎(th?mósbreath, life, soul, heart, spirit, courage, mind, temper, will, anger, wrath”        fire

Old English

  1. to accuse

teon; to hurt, damage, insult
teon; a peon attack that shrinks and shrivels

Anglo-Saxon Meaning:

The name Teon is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Teon is: Harms.

teon; a puny, peon, 'teon' attack that shrinks and shrivels

  1. A lowly person, a peasant or serf, a labourer who is obliged to do menial work
  2. (figuratively) A low-ranking person.




















 "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. He has been wrong – very wrong – every step of the way….......

"Are we still on for dinner Donald?"


oh its on!!!....rimtym-teon baby!!!

"Yo bro, its cool, rimtym-teon!, sorry bout your loss!! you got smoked, you got rimmed, 'big league' and you are the one that tried to break my flow??!! No need for me to hate cause you took the blow and ruined your own show. But look here now whose eating the crow ??!! look at you beg.......  hey ! don't touch that last frog leg!"  

"ok, thanks for my last meal Donald, now  revel in your victory and savor it like the cat that catches a mouse and then bat me around with your paws for awhile, until I die, i deserve it....for now I'll say you're the apple of my eye... and you've certainly proved a powerful message to the world that you are not hostage to the darkest parts of your character, turns out you're my guy, the one i tried desperately to 'mitch', so can you please for-give me a job and make me your main minion suck up bitch?! "


























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